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v = r 0m an # f0re x 4 5

make raye tion 2 pi light

you are ste-all in/g virtue if knot wh0le laye un tour e truth thru = be aware 2

g-un an ar tif act un questioned inn sum

the. g. a.m.e

absurd measure unless you can rela y itw/00 Daye as would Maye seasonalle may Ke's

li~g~ate~u/re in sp0ken n0w/ nneasure live in cause

sole aare septem sis i/s se is te m

her cue lees

all v w/all with all fi/t w/all eye

brokn air space the 2 is a zig zag like a z like an s, N, h-e-on thr-u-

if i am not g0/d they are not g0 0d

2 = 2 c's in continuity = flo!we re s

t0 w ed the arth in dew e in g lee gen e'r'alll lee k in functione` gain e

t0 w/edge with edge to be k ~e~on ~e~ in plaine x planar

1 & 2 even can all readdye dew e p

san ta clause man an from heave n

something very artfully wrong separating body from w/ in gs and- wings frm boddye = d0 ve d0 of keep your an i'm all together just be e cause vs "claus-e"

no date t(w/0)~ap pr0ximate 4 sh0re in sure in re lay T

ladies stasrt alking how men using money to control even with geneorousity ie you can owlie act sutaianbl ly e withing hte bounds of them apparing genrougs 2 pass on an imp ass in 0f // this 2 shall imp ass ue

i am not allowed to wonder wander he fills-in-all-the-gaps-w-his-every-ness&-assumes-he-has-reason-enough-transmuted to hufxf re all w hen i am discovered to be st anding on my 0wn 0.'f

i go out and in and hav a fashion sense of being o/ne vein

flow er e ad bl00 dino ate all the flowers and no steppes to miss represent ? it?

y-were hubris is very big chall ange challas

v canVas is a w/edge and with edge of perfection and protectin as direction e in kn0w penw

i am aware i have started a cntignency plan and not every one can act this part and care wrye ass art

jo/ann of far/c = 2 for 1 women t0/0 c an become , far personal prspective & farsi culture collective

a pig is a gif w re-all-tie pre-miss-msthced-2-d00-w-it-

d aphid sucking on the rose of my plan t in g

i am to be responsible for the -en-counter in the -t-me- you have made for -i/t- in/n-0-f-t-

H20me all sow in pro vision 2=t0/0

w at er watt are t air to/o oil eaven + wh ole d at e

t ouch i con i c an i can e corso

open you r is e

tired of these stories not working 0 all ea f0r/m/e t0's peak b heard x act ly e

st and in g my g round

dia gnostics hear

rare i fi ed / stop treating peple like thy are indigent in their soul like-you-t0-date-

c0/m me an t a tit fr t-at-in-s-0-l-e-n-c-e- lents

pretending to be see n t0/0 /2 integrity e

for/t/e/n/t/~i 0n e ve in kn0w

kaizen regard as reg "u"ard me as not needed yet i am needed to/ole nt evein n/ bi by & bye any /e/tie

di/vi/d & con cur conquere cue you con que -er? querer i question what is re-all-y-e- queer to ret one w/ no vetting inn s0 0ne s0 me s0/n sum

y not knot naught in habit@ whine

india women as sot 4 burial per pur poses as fast yew c/an talk--a- l-0-t-

tow/yew ev e? w/ass under e in epitome epi pi pit = cut complet = execute 2 do & kill as pro (ve) of in direction

h/0/t in origin

size of my b re as ts muscle surrounding are not fed by real estate land ead breasts be my fo od fe ed tits do not mayyer to yew-e- land dead at your under-st-and-ing size of my tits are not for feeding yew? at all tits not for feeding yew w/no real estate 2 vie w just 4 the same saying "to/o"

contention e in avesta ret interest non discrimination vs re ally e discrination against every body re 2 ret in realitye aimong me sustainably s peaking 0'g/race

ret 2 vet your own yewere sp/lice of life in fi ne all ow as aw(e) all

is the pr"0"blem the virgin prostituted doth diserve in life/ed twice in rap part all be at you' gain and~ use yew your co/re to win h/air t ie tithe 10 per cent .01 sent to/o be c/alm in satisfaction

and go re in right not fighting gore literally fi 4 fi/T

yewere teaching the wrong t-in-t-ed t-rust to make traction on Lust 4 war a must-ard relish m"u"ch

why my dog has tot me in pooping protocol to date pick up where you play, off road non foot traffic will it return to the land and do natures some good e den by g/rain in g

my ire is w/ reason et oo fire soot h e a(s)/h/e/at as b 4 bezel is moor room in(0) store for/e/s/t/ruth fi fi/t be (calm) you

"tort" vs t0/re/t Living w/out a douBt b ye right in seeing prow t

id ont have an e ticket i haven an e.t.(h)icket

vi fie & re all ive vege rights like monsanto degerming 0rigin fastasyoucansaysue-ing-

the s/kin keeps moinsture in ret in all understanding ain A gain not nagging wife you make in your im-age 2 never arrive in time whol/e at 2 gather h20 as you will s0h a gain


site map quick alpha bet

hound in fora/n c b found sound around

lo! ng 0 lo! ong i get you long!s returning and soothings

w/hussy s=see y=you w/provision et u prosper provisions daughter "vs" dodder "t0/0"

that b-0-y is not too/b/right seeing tray f rom t rite see saw saying ins/ure writey emay -king = n-n = the "me now" double-w/-st-and-ard-t0/0-x-2- "sole-ly" on y0u

love in an opening stoma che c-he st om ache

took the body off the wings in one def-t- quell quill age ge see -k-in

be es w/ax encaustic attac siamais

avesta call police who do i call in unscene det -all ore sm-aul 2- mol-e-over-e-am-e-all- who do i call in this cir-cum-stance- x cept me -&- im quest-i-on-e-d- re-lent-less-ly-e-2-proove nothing but my un seen x wasting for/m/e fro/m/e

to days nick is tm-aid m-ark -in-it-act-u-all-lye-h-

why waste sow e much apy-per sowe h/ave a reason w/ a vie-w/ e-ave-n-t

tj yank sched around to own and for waht ?o stabilize kiss ass w/ momentum "i"n"c" al l0t


get my head about the gai-n- = ganne = game ' evein sow e

you can be re ad & b loo t00 tw0/0 in the pace vein thru

and every one as a count rye

relax ten in 2 ten on 2 po rent i all 0 gave vie w

why men wan der in relation ships why men have been doing this as long as 2 w/i semen

using me as a recption for is your lea-per- im lot

lots wife or wifi is all the same to this c-hump c-hum-pin

animals natural pre date ors let the shark be , cut fin off, not humanitarian , holow b right less wife actuallye

sow h-im cut fin off, let it "rest" inthe bottom of hte ocean w/ out limitless lack of revision

poop into the wind

if fi am rational "you" apply a stuid pressure for no reason 2 and so i work in redress and apprasall is waht i do and see k now to work on "you" to rest ore unt 2 therefore -&- is what -you- do-in reverse ie to "seek" a nap on me for the rest-of-your-god forsaken life-u-se-e- u sue e-

i enjoy being servicable i do not enjoy being mistreated because i am being serviceable evein in the unseen X act ly e for a reason o pen ly sustainable in me use e


siene i am in ri vers e rushing singing

ting glass sound makes when broken e your p lace

pizza villa shitting money ahead of alredy making it or sowe it se ams

what are stars but words of re lateion e in knowone as assoication e w be see lightlty as a light w/in actually e

reflective of th same interest you see k ac cording ly e

i am going 2 return your turd shit ill ay -t-e

if fi ' may e seas on ally allay e

get on the sam page /charging too little for headchecks ie full application re miscarriage of indifference was on "porpoise" re to cut the spine out of the living pre miss theroretically on all 4's and ready e to go "x" cept this s-ow cant sowe tally h0

machine has counter, he checks it an alll over the salon wondering in and out back storage rooms

as if -t- the ghost ratting in his head projected outward in and that as while work were -2- shirk

officer dark night i do't kow him fomr the pall p-all p-awl p-h-aul p-c-fail aka "fall" theoritically "x" thy eleventh m-all in tit"all"

dino wordlessly become how and he not survive he did in one imagination into 2 tiame sup ly ed vs supp lie-d-

w/edge is wit~h~edge veing and countenance grounding

nick he ne/e-d-s me to support his s-industry-e-

$5 cheated his daughter for dodder

he ddn't respond fast, i raised my voice to the roof out

black guy we are scary girl and dog mind if i call him black, black on white on read on yellow ing p/arc/h/me an t paper pay per if you give it time in ste ad e /t/an/y/e

the rube rib-bon-knew-t- nute knute hermaphrdite w-0-rm chose to get mar ied in function -2- de-t-our from is unction

osso up and the bok work knute the traj in di gest i on 0ggin no gain

whould shue ho od should you r pr 0d d0ne your own even 0dd

my conversation is money com mon g round i ~n~e'ye's pr0found pr0vein g r0und

i have the right to shit in the round

put someon like me shell in charge of your f-ears to b the f-ace of your vanitye "four" all these y-ears-

re lax re love a 1&0 in e very e t hing e 0/d/e ins t'0ne

ca ca rr y e

Haul Lies Prague w/ Re visiOn Eve in/n

when the shit his the fan don't want to keep honoring his absent t emotions per serve "ear"ing there was no 2 to even doo 2

if you are an aster tj is a place for diss aster evein s-0-we i eat f00d and it would be reciprocal 2 n/aught hinder hunger im any e0n e as a social statment tj fails if you can't earn your life living from the ground up trend setting

lig a meant 0 p/art ye with g am e t pre vent ing d00 das aid 0ne tw/in c0re p0re ate d

strayf in powers the s-ame ne sanne n-now eme in

gravityes eg lances ea w/hrthy e from et the start

strife rive rife is fall eye see 2 day -t-

die.g your ho ine one a cross time be ye s0me t0ne g.s hallow e ave nTs in sec0nds

rerun art has merit but not t scheme in the un seen eveing ly e wheyting igawatts batter


creating competition becaus i have somehtingto say right fully comp in form of h-el-p s-av-e f-ace .g?rac etithuout a trace

yew are -e- asking me to e"x" plaine myself b-u-y-e- "write" of "daye"t hat is not ok fore eye quake n as pen shimering 2 h eather e in and rain i/n g

vv become w/ double u evein? sum e ?

more than a little bit annoying with er she ar 0's w/arms

yew ar/ doing as best you cain = caim ca.m.e in pow er e r0se // weary looomen lum eant loo men prognosis w/ halitoesis ep 2? the lumen loomen ose w/h0~ut~a~out lumenocity a w countenance 0 her 0 c lea re

i would prefer knowing ly patched a g-a-p-e- vs giving me money so -e-w-e- can "port"-en-d- 2- own me as "w-0n-e-"ye- w/m reflected b itch in re (l/e)vel ate i0n e

writing a piece on helpless women is not a habit forming mistake in min d

t-heir is no reall work taking place to compass net worth in repast miss stake as nake d be~c0/n

there are those that see what i am doing as signifcant calculated endorse me double and thereare those taht don't give a shit "d"irect

ke ye p in fl0!w~er~es w/ eaven streaming's w hat f ~ed~ecibels be ap pr0ve in~N~nature s alUtati0n ewe

x to rest in vs rest your stint in i have made x concrete forme ce men t radii c ally

dank knight if the k were write in the broad day of light

vi ccar starting to sound familiar to misreprestend vigor all ther time t0/0

stupid men there seems to be an abundance of q-u-ality-e- options g0 w-e-n-

bubble wrap watch dont wear had one i licked and wore at tj w// need apparently until they dinged me for not acting according-ly-e-

my apt black taup curtain fram oepen weav linen shifts best way to cut is follow a thread, i laerned that after several repeated attempts of cutting it straight, follow a thrae thru the warp / weft remove it, and cut in the gap apparent the track ditch chtid

note app 2 re-stin-t- it-2- w/ h0-p-e- emails all tined w an emotioanal tha has no vaering on actuall being w me in realitye speaking or hearing

do not care that you are living pr0-0f me-at-ed to a-b-us-e-

he wants t alk abut his feelings th pint is either way e i do not c air apparently in his estimation

he want to talk about his feeling a ware with no actin present able you wee m e? af fair?

it is m-aid-upe-

in a sown understanding

dank nigh coulb dan knight if the k in daye were write x right all the ti'me fi/T

dominick gay neighbor ice tread s metal no scene just re p/arte~e~ convivial and friendly as me in min e he doesn't have an ulterior motive to possess my high d as he narratively acts like he has his own high d, there fore i have no reason to mistrust him or think his word is anything other t han being thoughtfully capable a ware

the shit clock the box of milk bnes left out side me door i left and he moved in front of my door /i put the collar and swooof sticker in it and put it in front of his door as if to say k no w thank ew/ye

o dank night proprietary lack of interenst w/ which to be-a-con-

the artifice of fashion (design) is that you can't get to any where else but 0bserve -in- ray lacks the ability to observe himself and it feels like a constant state of unjust taxatito to be around him

"off"vice didn't present himself as man u/re yet if you follow my d rift mir rend u2u 0pright t her should be tp ed evidence

st nick cant vouch 4 spirit re all ove butt coming to me to take real interest scene as his (as) sum e in g

december 3rd, 2014 in kin d c0un t en 0n ants in k 0m p any e s0 0n e c0m p l ea t w/h0le 0le~ an db Miss Tarry e circumventing a -s-he/ad -2- be k n0un 0w/n e thr0ug~h0~ut hey e day e A gain an d i/s t' Miss Me S0w/ ing's great' asses e. g.rasses tat may k p~lace 0' f0r k mi raye k ein e'vein 0'dd bl00 db re ad 0've l0 ligh t p.r.ice t'L0!ss in advance 0f t millimitere t urban e.g.li~g~ents 0ften 1&2 g0'lf l00 d'st.re~am~in~g club g0've~ bee the se/a/me 0n e w/heather ave n pr0 claims in e Vain a ware the c.c.0/de w/rithing unt0l-d- en' t0 will n0 0n e the li0 le'ss un f0al lent in c0nnecti0n e f0r/m/e t fr0/m/e st~ar~t~ ing lass 0 h(e)ar d fine in 0 wing~0 2 be es uss hi~t 0ut~a L~uck encaustic 0 ver t i'm e 0n ee the same w/ax's~ing's w/h0 ~e~ 2 tail it 0/0 d~00 ing' sum mitt pig me/ant 0'f e X tra 0rdinairy e s0/m e in 0rigin s hard pi ear seen e0 f an d(0)f(X)f 0x in rec0mpense t0/U/r e l0ng her a b'0ve in re duct~i 0n e vane w/att air e sap 0re nd A gain an s~w/ear' sayT~i0n e in ti'me` vein ly e

t0p0 the m0-urn-in-g 0' p.r-i.d-e- t0n-ate-d- fine- in min e w/-an-0c-k- 0n my d0/0/r e w/all et' dr0p e w/elle a w/ave t0 me industry's -t-tut-te-ring-t-hun-der -A- sir-cum-stance-2-imp-ass-e-all-a-way-e- f0r-k-n0w e b/0 db ye s0und i/n are ~s~ rim e in such as yn~e w/ sum mer:r/ye since L and eed f0r es h0 w in g~s' (h)anD 0/0 VErsus- cur-s/us- sh-a.m.-e-2-0- w/-e- st-and b-an/a-L-0g- in-ste-ad-e-ck-ade- &- pr0p0rti0n (e0n) ate d/i visi0n ~s~ mer'it 0 e've in sure ans well and p.ri'de in 2 k/eye/p be t w/een k n0've~l~um -s-ee-al'-the+w/ay-e-w/-e-untw/0- b-u-ye- ha(L)ve-s-hinge-(g-u-ess---t-)-less-ly-e-be-thr-U-e- / -t-hen-litter-ate -t-0/0- the sky-e "f0r"-e- 0f'f(-air-e?)-spring' scene -t-rue -w/- re-ck-0ver-ang' sa-ke- see- m.0.- 0n- an0- n -0w/e- be-am- (y/th -is-cup)- Up- s-caught-y-e-t'en-d-air- scene c-eye- fi- (n0 0/ne w/rye te) with my e w/ell you see p0' w/ mer i t fr0/m a ware right 0'wn ly e veing sUm e an d/0 s0/n e~ye

w here t0/0 s tar t h'0 high ave t re e~f/0/r/m fr0/m far/t/e in relief in e leg"/"ance the0ry e t0 w/reye tu` may Ke f0r/m/e fr0/m/e re all eye ty e w/out question of these that antagonize as a system of n0 keel t0 heel ength en0ugh t'f/0/U/r/e/all -and- due- in the 0 pen ing as a system-of stealing energy e vein for -k- no re as 0n e 0n nne (me as 2 face t' face as een e'vein ly e n0w in t~i'me maid i/n satisfacti0n see = b/raid e in g's her suit e ly e~s~ in side)

s trait an arr0w e~ c.c. & be c0m t.a(i)n s~her 0 fl 0!w/all e'ye

which is to say i have had the ungainly opportunity to be tested by stupid men all over the p-lace. the most insipid for me is "an"-o-n my floor apparently. he has invited me for meals at his place -2- create a scene to span e0ns 0f -0-ne in te.g.rity e sUm e.

the first several times he invited me over for a meal, he talked incessantly about himself. i tried to engage in a conversation, as if i had something to ad ditionally. this proved cumbersome repeatedly (if i tride, does t hat mean i lie d?). i learned that he loves to cook-a pparent-ly, and likes-ap-pales, t-hat he is hand-y-e- w/ no comment airy e, he is aesthetic with the choice of his met-all be-d- and asian ac-cents 0re s0 we said, he doesn't have peripherial vision and has used it to front the system better with-it, and f0r me he doesn't vet 2 see me frontally if own ly occasionally based on my experience in re-past -2- ste-all w/ in-fancy' s-keel scene ve in 0n me. in said company e

without 0ut question h-is presumption to exist on e my function e -0r-e-duc-k-tie-0n-e- this gr0wn infant is a st-ranger-un-ding-in-fancy-e-hi-story-i-c-ally-e-e-y-0-re- 2- pin the t-ail-e- 0n The Don keye-p-eep.r.- "sell" determined to "keel" w-ail

he is growing a few lemon plants from seeds, we theoretical ly talk about his desire to make a cookbook and his communication with rachel ray apparent lay 0n pay per if ewe say e. he shops all the thrift stores and has a penchange for watches, and bought a watch he put together himself, and shows me his shirts with an assortment of watches to wear w/ eye must assume with s0me 0n e.

he speaks of previuos jobs he has had, apparently everything under the sun and back. he is a gemini. he put a sunflower at my door and i sent an emil and thanked him as i saw them in the farmers market and wanted one, and i heard nothing back and he scoured at me in passing...

with the ad-vent of me-s/hell and the court case there was a reason to communicate w here he listened apparently and of course in is -I-Am-The-C0ntainer-(of y0u)-Stye-l-e- he had a lot to share with me. i listened and filtered. i gather as he has shared with me the extra money he has each month due to knowing how to position himself in a winning position to suck off the t-i-t of the sys-t-em, and he has advice to offer regarding my lease as he has been an apartment land lord.

this is where the confusion for me comes from, as i believe him to be proficient in his various past business, however i get this overwhelming "k-ne-ad" t0 be scene by me.

i take w hat is g0 0d in t hat i c an d0 s0/me thing w/it, and don't bother with an -inter-vent-i-on-e- as my right 0 fostair e b est & of course i do not ask per miss i 0n e from him that does not see m t0 see me 2.

the confusion is he wants somebodye t i don't think going thru the -t-i-t- of the sys-t-em is going 2 reveal. that would be humbly well and fin e on its ie his 0wn, yet it now seems he would like to fost-i-r his "net" w/my w0rth by being insistent "2" not so subtel-ly pester my vision in the 0 pen all 0wn apparent (as the s-0-were- w/ direction-e-becoming "m.o." clear-r-e-).

after one dinner date, he offers that he would like to hear about me, and i say as my work is on call, which he hasn't registered at all, that i graciously need to go. he seems to have a poker up his butt look of consternation. as if in "brevities" counsel (can-t-sell) i am to wisely be ab-h0red / if i were so lucky as a b0t tell s procket eve in 0f my 0wn t0/u/re st0re.

n0 luck being scene vain, and "brevities" can-t-sell is pr0w-t- in my life as w/-ail-ing erun-ding a a way -2- pay -e- f0r-e-war-d-

m-r-w-hat-s-his-n-am-e- simply cannot understand my m ear e p0siti0n e in g 0 all the ti'me, and it is disturbing 0/n my whether e vane. It makes me think I should not have X ten d ed. it is a problem 2 want to be s0cial ly inclined & disturbing to see the n-e-t-re-in-sults-m0unting- curi0-u-slye

he kn0ws nothing about me, yet the thinks because he has causally e sP0ken 0n me apparently together, that i am him, that i am -k-new t0/0 -x- 2- h-im-e-t0gether-en-d-e(vour) every e t hing af-fter h-is "right" apparent lie

0fficer Dank Nights n0ck on my d00r all ready in spin stiring peace by pie ce as n0w/ eakly kne ad as my directi0n e has been identified b right an/d i must c0ntinue t0/0 keyep 2 eve in. the point is with "him" my neigh-bore "addition-all" right to con-sort- my equanimity a-way-e- fr0-m-e-n-0w-e-

0fficer Dank Night 0-w-n lie invited m.0.-re- in-c/0m-e- as the neigh-bore can see a need to talk to me about how to handle Avesta legally. And I am not opposed to listening in the parameters of theory e, a rogue (as be.-g.-ar-e-all-s0w-e-) under-dress-aid would r-out- heir c0-l0-rs -2- despise in the 0 pen "to/o" net new and improved "vision"0w/"0wn"-e-d-&-

I have mounting pressure, my own at the very least, as i have many thoughts and designs, that I struggle to keep up with strong ly e in my 0wn reflection as my w0rk t0 me is t0/0 & w/ regards inherent w/in tent ti on e 2 last 0p, by carrying a notebook with me and i sleep with one additionally and some times i don't sleep rest fully. i have learned to give into the thin k w/ pri0rity e t0/0 h0n(e)0/re my L0t all s0w e

which is to saye w hat i due x d0 x d00 with my free time is "consider-ate-ly" not considered by the connoisseur of no wise d0me in min e "2" -and- he- free-ly-ad-s-t0/0- self righteou-s-ly-e- i my T ad thr-u-e-

s0w i have the p.r.-ick a few doors down that thinks he's-0-wn me thought fully, as he has not merit to understand much less regard my point of view/ necessary premiss to continue vein & that his bull shit is actually another un just taxation for me to b ear, be it putting a toilet seat cover with a clock in the center near the floor exit (it didn't bother me, as his con-text is a mystery-e- but i did recognize the-timing t0 be fore me) or the note with milk bone dog biscuits in a box put outside my door, that i do not take in immediately, and i think about it, along with the collar he made that i like but i don't think it is worth keeping even though it was apparently free ly given "0ne" and the same vein, and the "woof" sticker i kept on my magneat0 petall board outside my door i maid. i elected with thinking 2 put the items in the box with the dog biscuits, and left them outside my door. the next time i opened my door, the box was repositioned direct ly in front of where i would walk on t hem t here.

i saw them, as i exited with my d0g, and immediately picked the box up and put it directly in front of his door eve in reflecting back on his emails that he was sorry, that "now" he wasn't sorry-e-, that he b-aits my time and attention ie he was standing in my apartment after off-vicar dank night nocked in vain, and he informed me uncomfortably all the information he has been see-k-ing about me online, and he has narrowed down my possible age with siblings, and the many places i have moved aka "lived" : what is disturbing to me, as this is the first time he is in my apartment, and he is snooping, at my bed, and surmises the pick of my bed i made for my dog, had a small measure of my own bed behind it on facebook, and he comments ab out the synchronicity like we have s0 much in common as he has a metal bed frame too. and i adjust his insistint insight to my c lea r, that my bed frame is solid hand hammered iron designed in italy and made in argentina if i remember right, and it is not a hollow molded metal frame. i don't see the connection honestly e.

however I am disturbed with his presence -2- improvise his s-keels all -o-vver me, with the insinuation that he is sniffing up my ass all over the internet, to learn my age, when i am standing right in front of him, relates to me the possible 'angela cook's' in the area of late, and is this my dad name, siblings? , and p.r.eens into about b-aiting me with info about a legal plan, and i am getting exasperated, and he doesn't see this.

i was doing s0 me thing before the off-vicer k0n-ocked, and i t-hen my neigh-b0re that is indignant that i do not believe in his presence as a right to create asscene on me for his "life" // i want to go in the bathroom. i am getting ready for work. and i would like my neigh-bore to be gone s0w that i can w0rk w/ pr0visi0n. he is not gathering that i would like him to leave as he is s-till w-ax-in-g- st-w-rong-2-relay-t-

i excuse myself to obviously go in the bathroom (my space is 400 sqf) and he says we all have to do it, and i am not comforted by h-is pre-sum-pt-i-on-an-d-

when i exit the bathroom with no flushing sound and no explanation as to what i may be doing freely behind my own closed door, he talks about dinner that night. i say yes, as i think it is important for me to be social in this respect : my work a fords me the opportunity to swim in the unconscious as it were, and i listen to the cues to track and follow ell w/ hat is presented as necessary and i feel my way e bottom side as much as i think and track and observe and pay attention e 0n the t0p side t0/0 be c lea r i/n the r0und and i work out as a necessity t0 be in my body e meditatively w/out thinking t/h/r/u/ w/i/t pr0w t

this is a result of many years of being responsible and accountable to be in myself and understanding the honing power of desire, honestly e g.raciously attained even sum. I know what it takes, I know the inner predator and the -x-ternal pre-date-r-, Resolutely, without even trying i get where people are failing there self facetious ly -w- accrue-d-in-t-er-rest- that would rather dent mine than have an honest reflection.

the neigh-bore "knocked" after officer Dank Night, informing me that he was sent my Avesta because apparent ly (he with me/ or is it he with Avesta?) i am harrassing t-hem. Funny, and who do i call to cede in my behalf as w/h0le 2 be inclusive X act ly e in representation by e w/ here i am and w/ ear i am kn0t evein ly e, when a corporation of apparent ly able bodied people ignore and stretch a Pre Miss literall ye 0ut 0f -con-text-2-rest-0re-w/rite "x" right- (t0/0 ste-all-in br0ad aye light) even more work as my write, and do want me to draw attention to their laws-t-art-

the date is december 13th. the tiered theatricks hat are w0rth d/raw in g's at ten ti 0n e t0/U/r e r0und & 0ut my f0ra n directi0n finder f0r/m/e in the 0 pen 2 re st 0re.

s0 this is the situation, i all ready have nough t0/0 c0n ten d i/n fav0r e all and I get the neighbor not sure of his intentions, as i can only read his w0rd and where he starts to reveal a s-core, and Avesta sends 0fficer Dank Night, it could be "Dan -K-night" if the K w/ere right. Avesta sends and officer to knock on my door.



m0-urn-in-g 0' p.r-i.d.-e- t0n-ate-d- fine-in me in e w/-a kn0ck -0n-my d0/0/r e wall et w/elle a w/ave t0 me industry's -t-hun-der sir-cum-stance-2-imp-ass-e-all-a-way-e-w/h0~ut u.sum er:rye



i suss pect 0re bet air e g.Ain satisfact~i~0n e & 2 as p'b0've in sh0 w/inging~ 0all et he y day e st.ain endure ran ants at is facti on e

0fficer Dank Night -0re- Dan K-nigh-t, is till-a-quest i 0n e t0 me t0/U/r e turn, apparent lie ye tie I am not the quest i 0n 00se e. I am quest i 0n ing unquesti0n-able w/be have i 0/r e t0.0 the f0r ie the he-re-for-d-, i quest i 0n e t hat @ uni f0r m cun e f0r-um YT a b i.d.e~g.ain an d i/n re flect~i 0n e' bet air an d t are. 0ff i c a? 0ff i c are re? 0ff ish er Dank Night came c0quetishly e p0ssibe ll ye belie e n? I h ave fun dame an t all questi0ns ee n0w in c0ntinuities play ed p.ri.'d.e 0 pen ne wi'de w/ past a si`de w/ ane way eye Like~

0fvice-r-? ad-vis0r-as-pi'm iss b/right and c0mf0rtable 2 eXpress m0'res t'eat in ti'me. 0fficer Dan k night ye k n0w/ kn0 t w/hitch~ nocked on my d0 0/r, and s-aid "Avesta" s-aid i had a website and was "harrassing" t-hem-an-d- i expressed t0 take a lit tell 0~ 0k at my website and eXpress aid its 0und functi0n and aye as k ed him t' m00r 0 define w here he st.ands ee n = see k n0w in my Ti'me, t hat "Ave st a" is harrasing me in 0 pen silence w/ ignorance -2- induce med-i-0-cry-ty-e- vain = ven-t-0-re-st-0re-.

I t0/0k my ti'me all re ad dye made f0r/a re all, and X plain ed it 0 h-i'm e'ye quest i 0n e, as he l0!0k ed b-0ar-d-awn-my P laten 0/r e flect 0/r e. I guess e-X- pressing in dif-fi dense is the naye t0n ap in g-race-nter e-a/se-w/ k n0w 0n e the p/bet air e. Any way e he left, and then sent St.-Nick fr0/ methe cri-s-i-s- cent her e. Well, St-beat-Nick-b-tick-by-inven-t-i0n e'ye d0 -knut -k-n0w/ d-0-dg-y- cir cum stances high-d-ing in full sl/ight-well'e didn't come 0ver i/te a way ap parent ly kn0 t a st.ar i.d.e. He came c-alling first-ly-e t-hen- X- ten-d-ead-h-im-s-elf-in-my-d-irrr-err0r-ect0r-ion-e- it is-not c-lea-r- as i de w/eek ly interi0r mer ger 0'c kn0 t in g & 0 w/un.der st.and the pill-g-ram-age-m-aid-by-buzzing-my-ap-part-meant-f0r/me ass?i.d.?e? // i quest i 0n e w/hy men use e, why i am with-ell-d- regUarded pre miss a tall ent 2 be re ad a self sufficient in site a/d i/n ni 0n e ti'me.

After "Officer Dan Knight" nocked on my d0/0/r, my neighb0r Ray W00d per hap synthe ti'me, n0cked on my d0/0r e. I t re at ed Ray as 0 pen 2 p0 ten ti all based 0/n e his w0rd. He invites ee meals at his apt. I g0 here and there. The first few times i have to h0ne st. He talks about himself non stop. I can't put a word in edge wise 2 engage in a parent converSATEi0n -and- sow i see the need to st.0p at temp t ing w/ his-l0t. That was the first few times we had inner. T hen he stopped communicating.

T hen I was told by a woman here t hat he really like-d- me and i s aid that was -k-ews t0 me'ven, as that i-d-ea is-in h-is he-ad- 0wn-lie- as it was never share d in the 0 pen A ware t0 me fem face. And re flected, my "engagemen-t" previ0us ? ly, and she related to me m00r, that t hat was fun ny e, as t hat is h0w-he-e- t re at she additi0n ally e. I let "it" g0 t hen.

Ray -k-nocked on my d0 0r at-rafter 0ffice -r- Dan K night ass i-de in blatantly curi0us p.r.i.d.e, and offered to t alk a b0ut he p0ssibilities -even- a re-t-0rt leg-al-ley-e- and t0 d0 dinner late tare and i s aid fi ne. I went t0 w0rk 0n e c/all~ m.0.re ab 0ut hat l ate r. It was an eye-c- daye X cept 0 nature all whether end i missed~b/us 2 get t0 me destinati0n e 0n e ti'me as u're w0rd relay T i/n s0w/igh waye walked, alm0st 3 miles t here n0t on the side walk as it was particular icy e, but mostly in the st re et, 3 miles watching 0'each f00t step at (h)all and re lent less t0 tem p er eye was 0/a ware 0f t'each step taken as the 0ne bef0re and b'0n all f0urs table ven t @ i'm e.

The day before I had several appointments and I walked from 2 of them, took the bus to 2 of them, 2 separate times of the day. M0vement seems to get me thinking relatively clear lay e. The day before I redid an application for hannah with lice. Yes, i am a literal nit picker and the people that come to me to do a job complete, re joy ce in have in g a nit picker f0ra friend i/n particular.

I empathize emphatically with all my clients, in that I understand the suggestion, the suggestion of if someone has lice in your house or home, that you may also, and it is like a trigger, the suggestion of a louse, to imagine -nati0n-big-g-ear- and i eXpress t hat i get hat. They want a head check for peace in measure. I understand it is peace they are after, usually booking an appoin tm eant after buying over the counter, and into marketing measure s (t)hat consistently fail to measure as stated, spoken, and apparent ly relay Ted.

They speak of the fee b all c0/mb, plastic (and pateless apparently 2 rate w/) w hen i pr0duce the met all c0mb and t hey all re ad dy e feel relief in side, using a re all c0mb in st.ri'de. I speak of the 2 stage process, the near 100% success rate and thus the cost and a 30 day retreatment if needed.

Generally with customers, their is w0rds of b lame in directi0n e that is h ard 2 identify, and in all my listening i think it is important 2 talk about head lice in the public sch00ls w here 0ne is a ware ven t0 th ink in g. T0 undue the h-0-st hat n0 0ne wants, I 0 pen ly discuss the st ages of the eggs, nits, and flax seed adults crambling f0r dinner 0n yer he ad 2 may k a bl00d me all in ti'me. 0nly 50% are allergic to the toxin of a louse, and thus do not itch, t'each t0 kn0wing bet air e meta 4xf0re all better. Which is to saye, some people can have a huge infestation and not know it as they do not feel it.

Conversely, the stigma for not speaking about he ad lice as ide, the stages due need to be treated separately at the same time. The eggs hatch at a different rate than an egg laying adult that can lay approximately 5 eggs a day, once impregnated, once, for the rest of its nit life. s0~ne can kill evidence the creeping and crawling ie mobile adults, and still w/-ait- have more lice supp lied effectively to meme may ka nation in "time" "2" measure un s/pare/d.

Hannah is a ruby cut eenager, pert in every e waye, int0 her iph0ne, i gather. Her grandmother is with her and we talk ~well~ 0ver the place, my d0g, its seeming desire to shit on the car pet, the latest issue, and well, he ate 2 pairs of leather shoes, and then moved onto puffing up my down comforter with his little paws, and treating it like a big chewy toy, and every morning i wake up with a needle and thread and sew the comforter w/h0le up agan and again for nothing it seems, while removing fluff from floating in my apartment and defluffing the dogs mouth eaven, then the d0g watched me plant a plant in a pot, and he promptly removed it, and i planted it, and he dug it up f0r/m/e 2 se t as i'de.

I struggle with 0w to commandear his character. This is the second time I am seeing hannah. I am not necessarily dismayed as a reflection on my work to day T ie was i or was i not hr0ugh en0ugh? hannah express her issues with a female at school that she knows has lice and so does her wee little kin. and she doesn't know het her e 2 stay something 0re stay something m0-0r-e-? as i listen to her, i think it is highly likely she got lice again. i am 0ver t ly th0r0ugh e w/h0~ut me/as/ur/e in manger~ing my 0w/n gerunding tm ave n t0 me a sure.

Min0 Min n0w eaven s0w e, is my d0g 0d 0 & he is a g0 0d 0g & s mear t, i kn0w. I see min0 as is, a reflecti0n in 0 cents, 0n all f0urs and re ad dy e t0 g0! As a young d0g i mage i0n min0 seas w0rld as 0 pen t'chew in c0ntent i 0n. T hat was hannah the day before, i like her young pliable presense. i get hat she is measuring in her own t ime. w hen she spoke of the person at school that has lice and doesn't know it, i saw her body language change in the chair, calculated with presence to be a ware, respectively see n & sent here. w hat i mean i she was working something thru her fore finger s and when we talked about how to b roach the subject of her having lice to tell the other person that has li ce that she well, she didn't want to cot ton as to re veal her "0" de all. i saw her be cagey in body language. i didn't think bad of her, i get the issues the stigma with "i" for an e supp lied to any nanny and ma mapping a st. n-eve-r-2 be right acr0ss the b r0ad b0ard at 0n igh t = st-"i.g."="e.g."-ma

i gather she is aware keenly t0 keel an day T able presence is all, and sawz-all if you are "paul drinan"w/ his c-ar-pen-try-e-mea-sure-in-g-c-n0bilit-ye-4-faye-King-if his ungifted l-0-gic will not "s-ave" for sight fore those that are not b-lind- he can fall -awn- his the-hat-riX- em0ti0n-ally-e- ie for no apparent reason "2" compete as a woman apparent ly in her 0wn tea ti'me. Which is to say with me speaking as a woman to day, he neither has logic and his emotions are scaled to cape-abel-ly- belie killing forthe write in my T i'm e seen 0n sight.

Dec 3rd, I was called f0r an appointment, i relay T i am available. I met the client at their state tiem, well 9 minutes after as I was walking, trying to run nish, however the ice m aid me think twice and with every steppe st m 0re safe me as u/re. I got here 9 minutes after. The salon office is in a public building hosting other businesses. There is a stair way to the several levels. There was a family just inside the main door, i knew they were waiting for me and not somebody else. I opened the door and asked how he the impending figure was doing. he spared no time to tell me not very good actually, and i encouraged him to go with it, as i suspect he has a story about going thru over the counter measures, and the school didn't inform them someone had it, yes i do agree that is a problem, as i hear it often and start to think out side again with incorporated speaking, that how to get across diplomatically and publically at the same time, as i do understand it is not worth point ing fingers in a generic direction all the ti-em- that the pr"0"blem with a h"0"st making a blood meall 0n your he ad, is the l00p p00l in g & it seems to me talking about it is The imp0rtant measure 4 f0ll0w thrU inc 0m p leat i 0n e.

By the time I got the gaggle of the family inside the office, the man continued to tether 0n e very e thing un related to the treatment actually e. 0-d-d- i listened. i listened to him speaking with no gaps to relate in. i was aware that his wife was mumbling under every e thing he spoke with ass ure i ty e and it was very 0-d-d- 2 1st listen t0 ne pers0n rattling with out self awareness -X-cept they ear-n-ed-it-en-huff-t'0w-t-im-e-prime- and his wife mumbling like a mad woman, mad as in crazy, she mumbled, and i had to double take, was she a mad mumbling crazy lady, or was she saying something, and sow i looked at her features, and she didn't seem re soundly or resolutely vexed, so i listened now to her and watched her as he rambled incessantly over the top of every tree bodye. she was saying basically the opposite of what he was saying, ie she was readdressing without him knowing s0w e ie apparent ly a ware. unbothered and y e similarly unfettered, he continued his b astar d-sizing-igabite-banal-lit-ye-

sensing this ram-if-i-c-ate-i-ons of letting this per-son ram-b(h)ell i tried to direct with my conversation to start with eed checks and from there we could decide a route of treatment and cost for each, with options to bone up on the follow thru, would cost less for me to do, as i would explain it to you, and give you the means / materials t0 even d0.

the head checks didn't go easy. i was informed i was in a room with 3 aries, and one pisces, the wife. the wif-t- if you were to ask me after their appt. the man, brackets aside, ie i have a sense for stero types as there are times to abide ie the time when a man wearing a trench coat a base ball cap and no visible pants was walking towards me at night, and i crossed to the other side, and so did he, ... that is a sterotype that is worthy of a defense 4 sterotypes.

Brackets aside, ie i do formally bracket my first impressions. be cause i kn0w appearances are not always 0f ten w hat they se/am. Brackets aside, the man was repulsive to me "a-ware". P0r-t-ly frame he could not re-lie-f- his (H)igh w/ unkn0wn re-ten-ti-0n-e- which he would hell h0l-e-d- me as every 0ne ac-c0unt-en-able-e-vain-e- relentlessly spaking, so he didn't lose his apparent st-ride-0n-min-e-

white without elegance, p0r-t-ly f0-st-aire-d-um-tum-my-e- hanging t shirt suspended o'er his air less vis0n i come to see as we advance inside the office in his uninterupted con-tin-u-ty-e- his eye lids are wan ish like a crepe y apparatus undefined, and his eyes eam to escape me as often as mistake me he b-land-ers-0n- kn0w kn0t a s0/n~net. i don't like his looks, he gives me the feeling of creepy mistrust, however i bracket this first impression and proceed to stand in the service of their stated need provisionallye.

in the salon chair i seat a daughter with smooth hair, a mother, the infected daughter with coarse hair and i have allready had the run down how he shaved his head and his beard even ? and it used to be really bushy and he continues about spirits in his house and he has had the ghost hunters over their and shares thoughts on seeing things, and that he is an aries, and do i believe in such things, i say, i believe in patterns i can see int0 (ti'me), and he asks my sighn, i say libra, and he states wanely in continuity -e- that aires and libras get along. i think nothing of what he is saying as i am doing head checks with a long stick t0 split fine layers of hair while looking thru a lighted magnifying lense, listening to him over he ad and his wife in kind ish countenance mumble something that could be mistaken for madness, ah! the spirits, i try to re lay t a story growing up in my child hood home and i can't complete a sentence much less carry a thought forward fore ward in connecti0n un Miss Taken ly e min e.

-H-e informs me among other stolen moments as -T-hings, that he lives in buxton, that his relatives call and they don't want to talk to him and so he vexes at me, if "can i belive that" ie they called him "and" don't "end up e" wanting to talk "with"? him. obviously i have nothing to say and i am not thinking about his res-t-0re. I am studiously trying to do the job i have been commissioned f0r e.

he tells me he has to keep talking in order to remember the thought he is thinKing or e speaking. We go up and down pricing option, several times. he informs me he has studied information online about lice and how to dispense of them (in merry e measure?)

every one is clear except there is question if the one girl in their household still has lice after they soaked her head with several toxic chemical treatments, and over night to comple-t-e per haps this ti'me. i explain options after giving a visual headcheck, not seeing larvae, which the lice use glue to adhere to a side of the hair shaft usually next to the scalp. i can do a comb out, if they are in question as to if their chemical bath did or did not work complete this time, and for less money send them home with follow up treatment and a schedule to adhere ear, to make sure all life cycles of the eggs, nits, and adults ar effectively treated enough.

they want a comb out. in the comb out i section the hair, and comb with the fine metall co me b. and while i do not see any evidence of eggs or nits, i do pull out, 0ne adult, and swipe it on my napkin over hanging my pocket apron, and the 0ne adult lie? crawls off of another, s o there is 2 lice squiggling on the napking in front of me speaking as i myT.

n0 0ne likes the l00ks of alive l0use de h0used from a he ad scrambling t0 0th find its neXt h0 h-0- h"0" st just fine. 0ddly the man says he thinks about things, and was wondering without sounding even mildly penetrating with interest in the saying s0w e, that lice must comefrom some where ie as if to say theire is a reason t ha they are heare something per p lex ? ing eve in ly e? 2 rest 0re? i cannot calculate the ad vent ur e.

after we see 2 live lice, i explain their options as the toxic chemical treatment and retreatment and having their daughter soak her head in it over-nigh-=-t- has still not made right. A full three step treatment is near 200$ and a partial w here they follow thru with materals t0 d0 is $75 + 3 head checks at 10 each and a comb at $15. they agree on the process and i apply the last proceedure for adult lice, that hey will now apply in take home time d measure.

he is fin aggling for money and lives the decision open to the rest of the family. they agree on the 75 treatment, and when that is done, i appologize and reconfigure the price with the comb they will use at home, being part of the treatment price of the 75. sow the total is now $105...

-h-e says he own ly ? has 6 $20's, i say i do not have change, however, as he knows i walked h ear and ican walk to the store and be back in less than a half an hour if he wants to wait here. he says something about the guarantee of the $75 proceedure, and i didn't know off the top of my head, however if he follows the instruction i have allready numerously reiterated in his own "time" per haps he will fin D. he offers to s-ail me the comb back, and i saye he hasn't been charged for it (and he will need it in the follow thru treatment), he asks me again with a quest-i-one, "don't i want to buy the comb"? -- honest (sty-e-)ly, he is very e much like me-s/hell and her senseles-sly-e- "poin-t-e-d" badgering -2- n-0w- (my)T -d-e-fine-

I repeat 3 times that I can go to the store and get change, or he can give me a tip. He pulls a $5 out of his-wall-0-et- and i fluff the bills adroitly out of his hand shame full y eX tend ed 2 damn dame vain. Hot on the heels of his (so full of shit) g-est-u-re man-u-re-, t0 get the Fuck 0ut as I point straight to the door. Sensing n0 b line in g f0r/m/e I Raise my Voice and re p eat Get THE FUCK OUT and follow my ap praise all by 0 pen ing the d0 0/r as my 0wn lie pleasure (ie lie ing in wait ing t0 be used and necessary t0 ferret fair aven header)

"he" for all his net worth re-s--pon-d-s- with a hardly noticable look of (wtf) and im mediately rises his-cene to retaliate on me for not WAN-t-ing -2- eat his shit in the first p-lace. I closed the door on him, or started to, with his kids all ready down the stairs on the way to their vehicle, and the wife inside the salon, and she mutters lightly "oh, ican-t- leave my huss-ban-d-"

before she goes i visually count the money and show her 4 $20's that i am short $25 and not just $5. i -get- to walk outside and tussel with the d-ick w/-ad- 0ver a principled living. T hat when he shorts me $5 he is shorting every woman. It didn't occur to me to call the cops, over $5. I am all ready pissed about him deteriorating my interior, to marr my time for his "enter-t-ainmen-t-" any thing his vanity-e-c-an-me-as-ure-.

Succinctly, I put myself in harms way to be at the beck and c-all of these people, navigating nearly 6 miles coming and going home after night fall on icey streets for them to shit on my servic able time. they hopped in their suv and drove off to buxton with me burning at the wife, how she helped him s-w/-in-del w/ k n0w 0n e t0 tell and well~

the aries to pisces function of overlapping astrology charts, she would produces a bubble for him to live in. this was chart topping absurdi-T-ye, normalizeing the abnormal (for some one else all wayes to rest-he-i/r-e- 0r- )

i was angry e about him wasting my time. i texted the owner of the salon and gave her the run down of the d-ick w/-ad -in buxt0n, she was upset he upset me. i thanked her for listening. she didn't know the weather conditions hear and commented it could have been rescheduled for a safer travel tim.e ye said i enjoy being servicable in my own time. i do not like being mistreated (for being gulpable to an idi0ts h 0m e recking measure 0n sigh t)

my head itches incessantly after that run-in = ruin 0w/ me t0 re/st 0re 0n my 0wn in w hat directi0n e ? rhet0ricall quest i 0n e in my 0wn re flect i 0n e t0 A.B. i'd e t0 me X acT ly e

cheating me with your in-sol-e-nts- w/ morbid affec-t-i-0n-e-cheating every e woman eve ry e w here -2- ab-use- i.d.-e- as the pr.i'me em0ver t i'm e

i tried to finish one sentence to share, it took me umpteen tires in 10 mintues, and his kids chimed in to say t let me finis heave ing. i didn't finish, nt to my recollection to think i shared anything he would find worthy 2 remember

the shit time clock

i can't grow beyond :"x: perience using my ne ck and ba con with inter-rest -2-sir-cum-st-ance- unless i can nail it down in my name in the 0 pen pr0w t

let hinges fall thru the g rate becasue you cant or do nto care to follw thru with your pay T

think iam unrealistic to your sole ye tude

i simply think yu are deluded in your um remarkable pay per vie w/ ---

she believes her ability to sustain a lie is right to circumference evain 0f as enough (h0 wihout a heart h in d sight in/n ear 0und en)

stand i/n place as relating to someone in e grace as mi en 0un time w my face

cheap 5 every woman b-road-2-re-t-urn-

ten d ons and ten ons corn w. a c0/b is t'f ace same in circumstance 2 d's c0/w cc pies

hap pi wehn i am not being harvested for oin t menat for know reascene

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