High Definition

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Can Y0u Here Me N0w



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The cuneif0rm w/edge i am 2 : i am IN R/ich RI verse setting & p lace with homeostasis to make rate : lift up war-d- d/raw e b/ridge 0n e w0r D/0 st.0ne : because if you can get it / understand it, 'roat' is right 0/0 x h 2 0ast. 0n e the sa.m.e level green act u all ye www.preem0.com (with the number Zer0) is g0 0d en 0f t0/0 re st. ate it 2 share 0n e in be t ween ~ a b ridge caryying r/0 ad ayh0 me t2 u/r/n 0w'w/teeth the s harp s0h ret in a.m.y e reflecti~0n ewer' terms & earn in g0/n & s0/n in the 0 pen e'ye w0n der e win d : what he May as say T 0 me x 0c ~



Ref iN ad vances and s0w 0n Eve in 2 sup ply s'ap ple ye tw0~0d! d0 0/r ing(0)w0re ship as saye see b/0 at m00r 0 de ll igh t inn/0f ten s i'lleye s0h~ h0' SAS t'g0 ad em.0. & g0 ALL anD/0 te art h in D =


w/-kin-d- coun-t-en-ants-in-ste-ad-e-


~b ridge 0 penly e unt0/0 d est in y e t i'ming' dyne as T~ye unit 0ne w ing' B OLE gilt & guild ad f0r/t mr et ern in g' t hr e e s0 me sUm s0/n g~ the abbreviati0n d0e s n0w e tm ay k in a Miss Take alla breve & g'ive back t0 hi re in ti me in : the fe i/r 0/n y 0f dyn's abbreviation is the abbreviation is longer! & I wonder about the pr0w-t- spaces b-lock-d-0ub?t :B ridge x0 c rest s/pi ne with0 u/time

ion = an at 0m 0re m0lecule with a ne/t electric charge due to the l0ss or gain 0f 0ne 0r m0re electr0ns, 0rigin Greek, neuter pre sent part~i/c~iple 0f ienai 'g0'; a suffix f0rming n0uns den0ting verb/all act i 0n e fr0/m La Tin i/0n eve in/n & i/0n sym path i/z e

m0 = m.0. t0 me as in meth0d 0f 0perati0ns eX act ly = m0/d/us 0/per/and/i, m0 is als0 a sh0rt per i 0d 0f time, abbr 0f m0/me/an/t be a ware in re all i tye vein, a suffix f0rming n0uns alla r0und den0ting b/0 0k size by the numbers 0f leaves int0 which a sheet 0f pay per has be en f0l-d-ed, chemicall elemeant at 0m ic #42, 0rigin lea d as well plum met fr0m La tin, abbr computing 0f a d is k 0r drive magnet0/0pticall, medicall 0fficer 2 define, miss0uri ? sounds like a st.ate una-ware t0 me, and m 0ne y 0rd air e

ord = abbr for 0rder, 0rdinary e f0re s h0 re m0 ti 0n all y es

T = t0 me is ideally 2 a 'T' in elegance all 0t i'm e, t is all so tsp. in make up and a metric tons of ta / thanks you k n0 w by 0wn0w ell ent 0n 2 d well w here D means s0 me thing e~

L = the right angle to L0ve act u all y e in ti'me em aid b right again

TL = Total Loss in the insurance industry, The TL as with TD 2(touch down cue B 2 catch 0 m e) is zer0 h arm d0 ne and b4 t hat, bending time like grass to whin dell t0 me sh0ut 0ut del ta mer sea r/r0/w eee k is swel len d ear un 2 just bee c 2 c.b. an d~ repleat a gain an d/0 with desire abili~ty e s0 4 s0 & s0 2 even three

del ta st. range be a ware in = tri angle u/r = t/r act 0f' said i meant i/t

dem0 = a dem0/nstrati~0n e strait b ear ing ran d, & dem0lish 2 comprehensively refute

mo = a s/h0/rt per i 0d 0ft i'm e, abbr for m0meant, magneat0 0pticall, medicall 0fficer, Miss. 0'u/ri, m0dus 0 per an d/i, m 0ne y e 0rder 0rd. air

0rd = 0rdinary d ear a l0t

ra = egyptian sun g0d, chemical element radium, 0rigin Latin 'ray' / radius, abbr Right Ascension, regular ar my

yew = w hat w0 0d w0uld ew e b e ein spirituall sym met ry e t0/0 the litter all 0 the sa.m.e 4 reward 0 wing: sym met ry ecstatiC lea r ing 4 a L and in g's us s

suss = re all i~ze, grasp in renditi0n e w0n der full

c0m = t0 me is c0m me/an/t 0n, innerC0M p lea se e b. right ly e

c0m meant tarry t hat is aw e all 2 re tern in a chilling m0 meant 2 splend g/ad ly e in 0.rigin \

be calm is k n0 t eve inn/0f t0/0 rub e d0f as T' becalm in e -t-raps- a? l0-ft hurdle c-aint re c0ver in n0. cents 2 tarry e may be e

c0mmunicati0n~i/s a p0 ten t f0r/m 0'f act i 0n e t'act i 0n e

d:be/a.m. e~ ("kn0-t" be-a.m.-e-) t'each t re e st.0/0d awn i/t~s0w~0n~e funct~i~0ne t0/0 be ad b/r0ad e w/as e w0uld s0und s0lid 0rigin s h0 w e/n j/0y fall 0 w eave n0 ah 0le an t/m00r 0h all 0 w


pr0fess i0n (h)ell

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b ye = as i'd e. by and by e the way, g0lf was made to be an exclusive men's p0rt 0wn l ie / apparent ly e


haul lie has a pen di.d. me t0 be the pr-0-duct of her e. g.-raft- in- c0n-sis-ten-cy-e- for -e- want of i/t actually e -2- h-ang - by e my 0/wn a.m.e vain lie-e- a/scene lien m-a-d-e-d-aft-ly-e-in my 0wn e ti'me 2 s0w e t0 me all 0w e in kin d ell sPeak p.r.i'me & be hearD eX acT ly e w/h0~ut imp-u-ni-ty-e- her-d-2-ign0re- 0r-e-rebutt a b-0-re- 2 a.m."0-0"r-e-in-c/ar-nati0n-e-m.0.-re.-g.- 2 be -h-(e)ad-

D/0ne ate what you want to make wh0le sale save in gs b/right inn RxWrite in/0f ten 0n even t0 nig ht

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go all pre sent ly st.ate d 2 relay T in/n/0f = en0ugh

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ich = i = r/ich = in ri res0/nance & inn residence Nough pret~eye


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-miss-taken-pro-babel-ly-e- i questi0n every man's -right- to speak on me without sustainability f0r/m/e ye c an s ee 0 pen ly e wit ht 0 me as it is my right / s0w rye ye-w- missed that the fir.st X apparent lie fault


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