High Definition

C an Di'd leye

Can Y0u Here Me N0w

a Pre sage : This is right as R/e as 0n e be/a my T~ye f0ra k n0w 0 / t her e b/be e s~0/n~ne t ing 2 app r0v e ve in/ns0 wing 0 pr0 fit 0 pr0 wt in re all i ty e t'yews it up in~k n0 wing lea min~0~w/t i'm~e alla L(0ve2f0st.air)i've thrU~hew (as) r/i/t/e (h)and~i visi0n e 2 c0me pass TL ever y e La Sting 0/n it as k w/h@av.e we~aVe~n~t0/0 th e ar t (h)2 0! h0! e! _cstaTic L anD em.0. c0 st 0n~t0 T' L as T L augh T : yew must grasp the asp in habit at 0/r(t)e b:be "law.st-": st i'll it 4 X for e stile it is 0' l0!t t0' w/0rk in 2@0ne t/0w ne/e~Je-e-r King 0/f(er)

ROE is rules of engagement issued by military authority, and I for e 0n e would like to see A push up by a man in the military in integrity e vein ly.

gop is short for the grand ol-d- republican party-e-

go pro is the trademark name for the camera device mounted on you, et al, for re view in g from your, et al, point of reference in pursuing

pr0w 2 a 'T' t0/0 rest 0/re 'pr0w t' linguist~i c all ye, the portion of a (relation) ship above water (watt air), the pointed projecting front part of something such as a c ar or a build in g; origin via a Greek base meaning 'in fr0nt' appreciably e

wt abbreviation weight

tm is short for tomorrow & trade mark in place 0f 0rigin pr0wt ly eve in/n

sr is an abbreviation for steradian, origin Greek for 'solid', and it is an abbreviation for Southern Railway

ta is for thank you, chemical element tantalum, and Territorial Army at least by sound definition on my comput(h)er eve in s till

ns is nanosecond t0 me note able ly, with a billi0nth 0f a ret u/r/n0w in the 0 pen eve inn 2 be c lea r fr0/m/e the st.a/rt : is the example giving for giving, 2 ? re in underst. and in g ?




men cannot make honey e without bee s ing ing int0 p0ll~i~nati0n e rest0re ing b all an ce t0 day T 0 pen ly e as r ed ata m0 me an t&h read

c lea r as bee f0r e

Ref iN ad vances and s0w 0n Eve in 2 sup ply s'ap ple ye tw0~0d! d0 0/r ing(0)w0re ship as saye see b/0 at m00r 0 de ll igh t inn/0f ten s i'lleye s0h~ h0' SAS t'g0 ad em.0. & g0 ALL anD/0 te art h in D =


The B re a k D/0wn & s0w 0n Eve in 4 reference in g as 2 rest0re in e very e thing en d beginning:

A is a determiner in its own right as reason to fundameantally e as e0n e the sa.m.e. The indefinite article conveys it is not meant to last // however I question the undateable Pre Miss without love in it 2 s0w 0n e, all a l0ng fact actually e with the p.r.i'me number e 0ne de fi ne 2;)D/ate ably e relayT in reflecti~i0n e in r'appel glances (b ring b a c k 2 0neself in 0rigin), -verses- X in perpetuall question 0-w-n lie, kn0 t in answer ing that cannot even current ly & scientifical ly in 0rigin apparent ly e with a g/ap-e-in the p-age 0ut of site 0ut 0f min/d -2- in competitive "time"in g taking up ti'me and s pace and g race 0f the h0nest h ear t' (h)0n e in ti'me t0 gether 2 act u all y e

suffice~ing right in sunshine f/act u ally 2 n0w w0n and/0 in g race c0m pleaT hrU the y ears ti'll augh t 0/ pre seed re/ad/i/ly/e just be cause it is t/i me in g0 0d ly pr0 vie d in g

I quest i 0n e t hat in the 0 pen Even/0dd, 0ne on 0ne vis a vis D-aphid et al in the Yet-i-may-KING!- b-r0ad-which-2-speak-on-ear- (I will speak of gerund generationing later, the artifical act of "f"act "4" hi-re- t hat the sh-0-?w? must g0/n with time n'ver 2 teall revealing 0: t hat Make is May K, 0riginally from a noun in ref0rmati0n e all (0f pi ne all g l and s0 me a ware in/n) & s0/n until 2 is s0~0n e y0u k n0w it hand s0me ly eve in sUm 2 assUme in c0ntinUit~ye sPeaking 0 wan & well ent/er face valUe gi'ven with recepti0n ear n est p.0.ten t~ i all (p.o.= per chase 0rder) (rf = radi0 frequency)

S0w f0r/m/e A determiner in my inherent right in the 0 pen, I quest i 0n Eve in/n s0w, t0/0 s0/n e~in de pen den t ly e with my 0wn h0 2 h0 ne st.art t0/0 st.0p = my L0!t

Ap is a prefix which is a word, letter or number placed before another / to adjust or qualify its meaning in reality e vane ly (re to be able to see thru c lea r as re/ad e = 2 in ten ti 0n e t0/0 th eave n. Notable abbreviations per s aid definition for AP: advanced placement, Associated Press.

Apres is a prefix that structurally goes before the word to indicate coming after in time. For/m/e I consider the f~i/r.st t0 be the L as T/ in g i've n. I naturally question the insolence of "authority" expressed to me / t0 "kno-t" be in ste ad/ at all and eX press it e qu(cue you)all ye after a/ll, re "authority" that indicate-s that I should not think to think much less sPeak 0 pen ly in the s hall0ws we @ are all and

I de/fi/ne ate ly do not respect "authority" to High-D- it's-inefficiency in me / 2 then g0 unseen / in veritable contribution / worthy 0f m 0ne y es/py e 4xf0re pi e / use e = you see & be lea f~acullTy e t0/0 m aye K~ D/0 f/ave 0/re spec t/able in nature t hrU

I do quest i 0n e "over-writing" -fix-t-u/re- t0-restore-vain-ly-s0-wa(-i-)ll-a-round- & whether a word is defined in 0rigin f0r and by and buy competition to take my write X right 2 be seen essent~i all ye sPeaking -a-way-e-, or f0r e, by, and with, c0mpleati0n e t0 be in sight 0n site vein/n ly in m.0.re all~0~c~at(e)~i~0n~e~ as be4 x f0re t0/0 c0n s/pi re all ty e

Allocation is the action or process of distributing something, from the Latin origin To L0cate w hat is f0und in the g/r0und : d i/r t : in ri f/air e t0/0 k eep i/n e pr0f0und ly e w hat w00d be spirit/u/ally e t0 me ir ni : Even T

Presage is verb / sign or warning that something typ(e) i c ally bad will hap pen, of a person that predicts, from the Latin origin before + perceive keenly. It is my belief that the Yet-I- is Me-s/hell-s- et-al- "f-i-t to restore" by "sourcing" problems of fan-t-as-ti-c/all- "0"-rigins, with no pers0nall res0urces t0 na.m.ely be acc0unt en able 2 c/all f0rth me/as/u/re in sense 0f h0 ne st pleasure & re p.r.ise with eaven as knead eed inn/0f = enough 2 relate with homeostasis defined in person making place relative t0/0 g race a cr0ss time perceived as Pre Miss t0/0 Live in/n g c0m p lea t ly e because you are all readye account en able as your desire t0/0 be es 0 with 0 e vein thrU & unt0/0

(*gc is a general contractor in the building trades)

Theref0re "typical-ly" a presage as wit ness ed as "known" in "definition" of competition for e"X"tinction to "create" hell-0-?- for others to re lay-T- "indiscriminate-ly" press-ages- a "ne-ed" for s-aid "op-port-unity?e-" -2-a-bide-m(uch)-ache- (for some one unseen in the 0 pen or/e vain -n-augh-t- ever act u all y e)

Typing pi as "bad" typically does not threaten my 0rigin in 0 pen understanding, typing as a -b-ad- passed off as provision f0re n0 b/0dd/y eve in/n does dinn the senses, so that a person just being cannot seem to be seen pr0visi0nally sPeaking & get thrU @ the same time in/n 2, and considering the inconsiderate circumstances relished on me, et al, for no 0 pen c0st of those that would endeavor to "write" as right on me per their 0 pen ly -s-een-st.re-am-in-g- sustaina"b-ill"ity, i d0 quest i 0n the net advances without question, ie i quest. 0n e in T0tall Quallit~ye M(e)an age meant 2 g0ing f0r e war d/ 0 pen ly e with pr0visi0n eye make wake in keel 2 take at breadths salvage l0ss length as/say : A premonition to something bad, rather I think -b-ad- is the opportunistic "pre miss" to always exist in (your?) vain of undefine D time in 0rigin in the 0 pen ly -x- lie-t0 make -A-gain / f0r n0 re as 0n e which is all s0w t0 saye not for L0ve t0 take place, in 0rigin and re place w/ sustainability in st.ri'de / sPeaking / s 0m e / & s0/n~

Typically, I wonder if the hole Scene is squandered "write" by writing on my life as an eXample gi'ven. Me-s/hell th-e-ver-Yet-I under eXposed can't get traction without first defining s0me 0ne s/he c-an empty-e- for her Yet-I to l-i-v-e-0n- apparent -ly- e- write -x- right in the 0 pen / narcissistically -b-e-spoken-& -un-quest-i-on-e-d-e-vain-s0w-e-g0- to ass/ail another one's right in person without ever being pre sent nor desiring to/0 c air acr0ss the b r0 ad b0ard actyl ing t'each e be A ware in my ti'mE vein/n 0dd/0 in g re at 0/0 x as f0und e X act ly e : fi ne t0/0 c are vein s0w

At 0m i c ally e sPeaking, I quest i 0n e why "0ne" would take breath at all and speak in spirituall symmetry in reflecti0ne to "haul" strife f0r x 4 war-d- eXcept for g/is/t to be re ad in direct tie 0n: for e X is T ing 0 all ee, the sa.m.e t 0/0 @ a ti'me, a ware as compleation or for competition -2- S-c0re in b-rave haste w/ war S-cene as the escalating "need" "2" end-ear-&- take place as predecessor-ent-in-the-fir-st-(unquestioned)p-lace- and the vis -a- vis "container" of S aid rights / provisionally e (thoughtless-a-gain-) fore competing "ad mire ab-ly" "2" as-pyre (s0me-one-other-than-you-) if it weren't for marketing "me/t" to s-ave-th- y-ewe-r false f-ace a-gain-and- as a vessel t hat does act-u-ally-e- kn0w better to high-D-be hind-agger-ing-

Pre means previous to; before (in time, place, order, degree, importance) from Latin origin prae. I c0nsider 'P' to be Place, and there f0re Pre is P re, P lace regard re gUard act~yl ye w it a fin/ger in g

S/age is an aromatic plant burned for its cleansing properties and according to definition at hand, it is a profoundly wise man especially one who features in ancient history or legend. I see the 'S' as See, vs S- with a hypen is defined by lie/n- for being Scene 0-w-n-lie, establishing the -D-ated premiss to compete upon for no reason 2 relate at all, to be Scene in place of the virtues and meritorious rights of the unseen, "seen" "now" as not having merit to contribute in realitye on a competitive platform "even" unscene, ironically "seen" as "quite" unnecessary 2 pros per ing & s0/n

I have supplied the e-X-ample- of the word from the definition given for 'Sage', and I do question why it is a man in history. I also question history in the supposed LY long purview of the patriarchy ie the male "God" and w-hat-k-not-2 pur vie w unquestioned in the long lineage of DNA spire all ladder and inf0rmati0n eXchangE vein/0f just be cause i f0re s00t h e a L0t x hear t *(2 gr/asp the asp in habit @ in ste ad = all the time` ve in;)

I am asserting that I do not believe that all words were created in origin to define relations going for reward in compleation vs just competition, re pl-eat-ing his-story-o-w-n-li.e.- Alla!-round the plain bi planar Land to tell 0f wayes escalating direction-all-y-e- towards w-ar as resolution for male-con-ten-t-ie -0n-e-&-A-gain-an-d-0n- me as well-ent-si-lent-per-pet-u-all-ye-s"pen"t-: i th ink n0 t' temp evane ly e with a p.u.sh- : I question at-temp-t-s -2-(D)-avidly-t-i.e.-"part time" gravit~y e without g race vein lye as necessity es0 h0e f0r kn0 t e very e thing e (h0e in Germanic 0rigin is fr0/m 'hew' a ware as eye myT be T a/re)

Press age: by adding another -S- to be Scene o-w-n lie, or to add another S to be See n, now, e reciprocally even ly in p0wer e t0nigh T, I intend to state the presage also press'es the age to follow rite' even t0/0 x 2, or -t0/0- x - 2- undefined "all ways" & "for ever m.o. re" intending "2" ie look at Putin, took war ships to the g20 summit to create a Scene, and then left and didn't at ten d the meeting, vetting himself in advance in "2" x "to/o" that he left early to be rested for work,?, Miss ing the b/0 at, of w here the w0rk is taking place 2

Make no common "mistake", he is creating a scene 0-w-n lie on women as I sPeak as his working opportuni-ty-e- 2 never be eve in/n = 0f pr0w t : I do not get the "work" of not being pre sent any "way-e-" undefine-din-t0/0-noise for pay-and- no re/as/on e yet-i- d-0-th c-harm- in the b/r0ad day e Light! T hat Yet-I- is "Abominable" t0 me 0n site in situ w/rite

Remember Pussy Riot, "commissioned" to do hard labor for expressing their self forthrightly in time, they maid provision f0re x 4, over "written" by the "provisions" enabled by the "grace" of "god" that isn't pre sent 2 dial0gue in the "man" that commissioned them put-in de-sustainably e s0w-e-, r0w by roe -2- tomorrow and tm beg in hollow -e-


The B re a k D/0wn & s0w 0n Eve in 4 reference in g as 2 rest0re in e very e thing en d beginning: 2 circle a/n/d spire all the h ear t h and h0me in g r ace g0ing f0r e war d/0

quest i 0n e t hat in the 0 pen Even/0dd, 0ne on 0ne vis a vis D-aphid et al in the Yet-i-may-KING!- a "broad" her suite in 0rigin c0mpleatly


I quest i 0n e t hat in the 0 pen Even/0dd, 0ne on 0ne vis a vis D-aphid et al in the Yet-i-may-King!- (I will speak of gerund generationing later, the artifical act of "f"act "4" hi-re- t hat the sh-0-?w? must g0/n-e- with time n'ver 2 teall revealing 0 w/an interest in D' light afxfair e f0und: t hat Make is May K, (((b right))) m.0.dell 2 c0mpleaT ly, 0riginally from a noun in ref0rmat(e)~i0n e all (0f pi ne all g l and s0 me) & s0/n until 2 is s0~0n e y0u k n0w it hand s0me ly eve in sUm 2 assUme in c0ntinUit~ye sPeaking 0 well ent/er face valUe gi'ven with recepti0n ear n est p.0.ten t~i all eaven the c-aint and unAbel can kn0 t re fuse veinn/ 0f t0 pr0 0f t purchase 0rd.air capeAbel 2 reap air & fall 0' and s0/n e/ndless t0 reap air in ste add 0hh0 eis my T rite at 2 rub e (p.o.= per chase 0rder e the sa.m.e in m'y e ti'me in X h ear ing) (rf = radi0 frequency)


'he re plied without a nanosecond's hesitation, in re all i t~y e ? as a ware ness ?

inn/f0r/m/all eaven t'each 0 w/w hat you k n0w it~ X act ly in & yen pr0visi0n alley e

Maven is an eX per T 0/r c0nn0isseur et tu` keep the c ar(c) running thrU b/r0adly e t0/0: a connoisseur is an expert judge in matters of T as T~e, Ta st. e~ if fi sc un till and s0/n e by & buy sun D 0wn ly e & 0f ten aff ashi0n e me`vein ull s0w, p ear 0 w hat is necessary e feat u/re in/n & 0ut(h)eave n

ei = egg, in German

ein = 0ne, in German

mein = mine, in German, & animated 2 be me in min e, if you are fr0/m/y c0unt ry e

nein = no, in German

lein = flax, in German

kein = none, in German

pein = agony, in German

sei = is, in German

seit = since, in German

si` = yes, in Spanish

e` = and, in Spanish

e = t0 me e` very e t hing e / interchange ably e

es = it is, in Spanish, as in no man can make honey unless he be es t0 me in re all i ty e

eso = that, in Spanish

es so = it is under, in Spanish

n = t0 me 'N' is N0w, it is 2 V's as direct~i 0n e brought together producing a dia g0/n all : dia means 'through' 'a/cross' and 'a/part' from Greek in 0rigin 'through'. n = abbreviation for name, nephew, net, new, nominative, noon, north or northern, note, noun, number, a symbol unspecified or variable number in ma/thema/tics- squandered 0 pen ly*, nationalist?ick, neutr(i)all (g ear~e l/eve/l), new T/0n, nit r0 gen, & used to re cord moves of the K-night in chess w/pr0 babel it~ye (w.p. = we at her x whether per mitt in g, and abbr/ for word processor / word processing in st.aid 0rigin such as eyes pr0ut 2 L ea/r n & s0w ing 0 )

*because you need "2" confirm your b-lack h-ole is a miss-tarry-you-donut-n0-we-ave-n-t-rue-at-last-in-significance-if you have "2"

p.s. i am greatly insinuating that men by and large are not rationAll to begin with and, their position to -d-ated entitlement to be seen that Way is entirely questionable t0 me in ste ad 0ne 0n 0ne with relevant pr0visi0n Eve in s0w is e~

p.p.s. may i all s0 greatly suggest that most women are fantasy for fiction e vain, and if they invest their im-age in someone fiction-all just be "cause", yes virgin a you will have to make your self "up" all your life to be Scene, relative-ly spea-king and taken relationally relevant to "st.art""t0/0" "x" "2" -ing ap parent ly ewing, & all ways question ably relay T in the 0 pen as not g0 0d en0ugh 0 / that you d0nt kn0w 0r 0wn in y0ur self e vane s0w

p.p.p.s. the w(h)ealth you are silently making serves n0 b0dy in the 0 pen ly relay T in g : w/heall t h = we all th an k in/n gi've in na.m.e

ne = the chemical symb0l element n/e0n 0f at0mic 10, origin Greek literally 'something new' from 'ne0s'; abbr. Nebraska, New England, Northeast/ern

neon = the chemical symb/0l element n/e0n 0f at0mic 10, fluorescent lighting 0/r signs, a sm/all amp c0ntaining ne0n, e` very b/right c0 l0! r! such as eye see k in fi re vein a m00r ein time X p0nent~i ally e w/0ar et 0 pr0 see D as be f0r e

nee = originallye c all ed ; b0rn from literally French 'born' in/n de pen den t~ly e n pr0visi0n e tip 2 stern in s0me as s0le

net = ne T 0m e/an yew ay e in reall i t~y e 0pen ly & tr/aditionally: a length of 0 pen mesh materiall made 0f t w/in/e, c 0/r d, r 0p e, or s0me t hing e similar, used type i c all y for catching fish or 0ther animals; a pi ece of such materiall sup por t ed by a fra.m.e @ the end 0f a h/and el/l, and/0 0r f0r/m/in/g p art 0f the g0 all in vari0us ga.m.es such as s0/c air and h0/c key e, a fine fabric r/ich with a very 0 pen we ave, a system 0re A pr0ceed/u/re for catching or entrapping s0me 0ne, a T rap, me an t 0/0 La st., a netw0rk, 0f c0mput(h)ers; verb, catch 0/ree L and Aye gain an D, acquire 0r e 0btain with a ne To be com e, s c0/re all; adjective, amount' value or price remaining after a deduction w/ re/as/0n/e vein; verb nets netting netted, acquire and 0btain as pr0 fi t, return pr0 fi t f0re s0me 0n e; 0rigin from mid dell English in the senses 'c lea n' & 's/m(e)art' fr0/m French 'neat' in 0rigin can kn0 t' be re Miss I've re st0re d with n0 c0st 2 trade a t-ire-d- let-tare t0/w/n ull s0w 0n e vein fr0/m/ any 0ne 0' n0ne the sa.m.e` vein

0 = t0 me is zer0 h arm d/0n ein re flect~i 0n e wi'de

0le = informal or humorous 'old,' origin is '0il' from Latin, & is an abbr. in computing for object linking and embedding, denoting a set of techniques for transfering an object from one application to another. For/m/y self, I do not particularly like to use words with -old- in the construction. I do believe it is -d-ated in a competitive direction of inter-rest to mak-ing-in-relating-, and s0 i restate a word, such as g-0ld, as the pre sent (ly a ware ve in s0) g0 all, 0l-d- is 0le, h-0-ld is bee wh0le 0le as be 4, a number of whole value, w hen divided by itself merits wh0le value evenly 2 rest0re as with any prime number 0ne 0f 0rigin interest sUm = 0ne wh0le value pr0w t0/0 be (y)e w hale nu/mer/i/c/all

le = the abbr. on its 0wn is LE for Language Engineer ing

alla = g-0-d in s-U-m c0un-t-ry' all ways at w-ar- w/ out re as 0n hap pen in g/ sustainably et w0 w/ pr0visi0n~ing 2 re member D well

vet = a veterinary surgeon / noun; verb vetts, vetting, vetted, make a careful and critical examination of (s 0m e thing e), B/r/i/t : investigate (s0 me 0n e) thoroughly, esp. in order to ensure that they are suitable for a job requiring secrecy, loyalty, or trustworthiness

hew = chop or cut (something, esp. wood x would) with an ax, pick or other tool, make or shape something by cutting or chopping a material such as wood or stone, con form or ad here t0, abbr. for Dept of Heall t/h, Educate i 0n e, & Well f air e t 2?

hue = a c0!l0!r! 0r s/h/ad/0w, the attribute of a color by virtue of which it is discernible as re/ad, g re e n, eTc

wt = abbr. weight

di = comb. f0rm, twice tw0; d0uble just be cause: Chemistry / c0ntaining 2 at 0ms, m0lecules, 0r gr0ups 0f a specifi ed k in d 2 beck 0n e st. re am in g : d/i = i.d. cape able

vis = vis a vis = in relation t0, with regard t0, 0rigin French litter ally 'face t0 face" at the sa.m.e ti'me

v = t0 me is direct i 0n e cape able, in cuneif0rm s hap e 0n st.0ne we ar, and is an abbr. for verse cape able g/ad ly in tegrity, vers0, versUs, (e)very e, vi'de, symb0l vel0city, 0rigin Latin versus 'toward' in tears -0r- tears? -in- reduction -0r- addition -X- ponet~i?-all y e; v0lts, v0ltage 0r SI p0tentiall difference V = IR, in mathematicall f0rmula e v0lume pV = nRT, the chemicall eleme an t 23Vanadium 0f Vanadis 0rigin 0ld N0rse g0ddess Fray ja / Frey ja

-ard = a suffix forming nouns thru the y-ears having a deprecatory sense apparent ly f0r-ent-ing-

sion = a suffix f0rming n0uns, and a variant spelling 0f Zi0n & s/i` 0n f/air ly sp0ken

nf = abbrv newfoundland, and national front (uk)

Let us be c lea r, eya' d0 kn0 t h'ave n0ugh r00m h ear e t0/0 eX empli fi X cept pi X piece in ti'me in gi'ven t/0 get h er e s0unding residents


Allocate in s0/n: i do not believe my ability to locate should be used against me as-s-poken- in a plain x planar desire for no fall 0 thrU ret t0/0 x 2 be re cog ni Z able e s0 ether envir0nmeant all eaven small says my s0ws ear


As/say e, the t est in g 0f a met all 0/re t0/0 determine ingredients & qualit~ye : Eve in sir-cum-stance <What do you think this patriarchy patronizing of "protection" is "for" except to get lai-d- without being Scene in disgrace by any race of women provisional ly 2 attain "verses" to "kno-t" be in power e "t-w-0-e-" in time "And" thu-S! in need of "protection"-0- effervescent-ly SCENE


T here is a Lad der (e) in L (0ve~th e L)adder e` t0/0L (e) as T'well'0ne nd/0 ne 0n e : adder is a snake that b ears live young & a unit in electronics at the s a.m.e ti'me as/u/re in g : b re ve in s h0 rt


c0/m p air angels and angles f0r e X pr0 f/i/t 0/0 sp are the right angle t0 pur e vie w/is have t0/0 x 2 0 gain an D 0ne thrU : the right angle to take as with make is with L 0ve meaning L0ve Eve in/n 0f is en0ugh f0r e X 4 hi gher & hi re t (double U) 0