High Definition

C an Di'd leye

Can Y0u Here Me N0w





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ta k my friend & g0 L0/ng e vein, danish ip t0 me may k = thanks + grip, hold, not, roof & ceiling, s0w e http://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/tak e

& thank me w/ a week's pay in advance 2 dayT e


t hat "t0r" is a bel-lie f0r-sh0re, a s-hill in time scene re-el 0n e min e with0ut re lea f 2 pr0se pair e fresh air and e with0ut destinati0n e t0 plate vein thrU le as e`w/rite 2 breath air e t0/0 d0/0 dune f airer e t'whirl in ti'me unfurl and lift f/lag 0 gain/n st eel p 0le a fascinati0n e in e m.0cean 0 min all is ten f0re ward ate inn life. g.i've in(udge) just be cause ye fig. i vera causa spin f0reward 2 em pl0y a past ann0y a b-s-p0ken-f0r-yah-ad-m0rt-2-t'ears-un-t0ll-d-in-g-0y-a-2-re/ap-p0se-A-scheming destination tu-be inferior at face scene as brave and strong 0 past re past L0-n- ... myTi'me all s0w e fawn e weft awn ans w/ear fer ret 0n s~in sleep as w/h i'll sw/heels aye f0re war d ear e m00r eye t00 th all0 w/ ide~yes~k in re all i ty e w/ past re p0se a ware all t0 e & t0 way ke & c(h)aTch w/ pre miss in mind aTa ll~ ie re miss is in your min-d-0/wn-ly-eye-s0n-s0w-e- act u all he-sit-at-i-0ns-n0w-e-2-diminish-0e- from sh0w in g 0

S-path-a- (Scene Path "A" s-w0rd-) : the 0-w-n lie way-e- Trader Joes can demand a higher st.and.ar.d and not be 0ne w/ me is by "1" maintaining ave-r-age-2-the-m-iddelling-imp-loy-e-e- = -the o-w-nlie way Trader Joes can rate with cust0m-er service t hat does not 0 pen ly dilate is by running thru people of L-a/t-e- = -if -ewe-s-tack- enough people -up- and run thru the -l-ot- in an economy that has a recept-i-on-e- t/00-be-bought-0f/f- you can apparent - ly l0! 0k! con sis t. en t en 0ugh. I do not shop at Trader Joes because I have worked for the com-pan-y-e-, and the "company" gives you -et-al- my face "forth-e-write-ley-e-" -and- demands hi-re st.and-ards mis-re-pre-sent-ed- from me posing as "higher" without 0 pen integrity w-hitch s-till all0w/s t-hem -2- ste-all ie w/-hen I worked at Trader Joes, I was able "to" afford food stamps-in-re-duc-t-i0n-s0w-0n-and- u-ty-e-free (w/h0~u/t re e lea fxf air e X f are f0r/m/e) ho-spital mercy c-c-are -and- a reduction t'my r-ent-0-beef-are- "mean" wile, T-rac-i-'s t.at(-e-)us of saying 0ne thing -&- doing ano-ther-e-med-i-ally-e-, amo-mounted muntiny s-ail 0 b-0at to h-er-r0r- c-lim-b-ing "higher" in the "incorporated" L-adder, constantly tossing the heart of the matter -an-d being able to do "sow" more fl-i-m- flam-boy-ant-ly-e-s-um-ain-e-re mem b/ear e t-hey h-ave a captive audience as we all need to eat apparently e t0 day Te, yet do not provide pr0visi0n ally e c0mpleat e ly e under (h) and r.each "4" m0-re-miss- (which t-hey-all-s-0-re-vie-w/- y0ur net w0rth with n0 self definiti0n e t0 perch ace k in tw/0 : all y0u can -d-ue is accept their - review t0 take y0ur m 0ne ye fr0/m/ birth right "x" f-0-u-r-e-t-he-i/r-e-b-erth- p-lace as apparent ly fir.st -ly- e -with- i remind ue, k n0w/ e re vie w in g's -ever- act u all y e may D 2 re ta i/n/n "the standard bearer's (n)a.m.e"


i eye own ly go for e ward e s i/r e yes is my manger im mi~r r/0/r


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f-lame- p-ass-e-d-on-at-e/any-e-ra-y-t-e-


h ace k is/s w/hat it/0 0k 2 may k g.race s~(t)aye


n-0-thing is beyond T-rac-i-'s con-fi-dense - g-am-e -2- pr0-rate-the s-am-e-vein-if-she "pro-vie-d-i.d." to-be scene as the own lie on/e allowed 2 speak 0 pen ly e w/re-peat-e- = her facetious face does not c air 0 pen ly e a ware as scene-you are the mir-r-0-r- 2- her able-b-ill-i-ty-e- 2 diss c0unt me 0 pen ly e


n-0-thing is beyond my k en 2 k n0 w~ith eaven (h)an d/rink in g b an g~h am~mer~ing's a.m.e~ pr0 vis i 0n ally e na.m.e X cell ent ly e'ye My T ad e~


i do not sh-0-p-at "Trader Joes" because of the s-ave-in-g-s' you c-ain-t-2-se e 0 pen ly e w/ me 0n t-here p-late-f0-r-m-ing-