High Definition

C an Di'd leye

Can Y0u Here Me N0w


t his h0' l00ks up righ t0 me an d/ye




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the unctious (-aye) efforts of the boss to app/ear e religious (-aye) to-of-air-e- voters ha(s)t- law-st the appraisal of his daughters tall ent -2- fod-der -e- fa(r)-ther -e- verses t0/0 be seen in her 0/wn integrity e c0mp leat le as aye her 0/wn e reward i/n realitye s/t'/able ye t~y e : the "man" gets the re noun re-war-d- for being scene as providing con-tin-u-ty-e- per the c0n-tain-er-and the women gets no reward for just being the tu`be (fo-e-of-his-med-i-0-cry-t-ye-) : t-here-fo-re- men advance t-heir- hi-re-d- mystery as "romance" (without vision act u ally e) on the women you do not see k 0rdinarily et tu`k eye p lace fun da.m.e n tally e as w/me et "=" con gen i all i t~ye is scene as weak, w hen k/nit w/ ink iss whee k an d steadily 0n fi re : y-ewer- deaf-an-i/t-tie-0n ass t0wn-ds mee h0-0k-lie-n-an-s-in-k(h)er- eath


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stead i'll y = stead + y & unwavering without deviation directi0n all y e, u/n(e)w/ ave rye re in ring c0mp0unding's


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