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quest i 0n e D By e kn0w 0ne

can't let me exist independently as their bus-i-ness would fun-d- a ctyl ly causality eu/s/ee

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the right 2 t/angle a kn0 t

t here has been a misunderstanding, i concur, a miss understanding to summit a ware (i) ness (see n0w n0un as place before setting's u/s ave th e~ b/ezel aughter e all and 0 weallthy )in b/ran/d i/n g (0) p.ri'de vein/n reception e

stuff taking up space as place and time all so

your a hole in my relief ore whole unseen and my time is acct for, dealing with -u- as "avesta" & me-s/hell and "paul drinan"saw-z-all docuemented well / preem0.com

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be calm in re pose

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this should wh0l~dye stop leveeing -t-ax with -ignomy-e-

what re ad bloo t hearth flowers containing w/ho out hesitating b-u-y-- into ill-u-son sec-u-lare-e- re-all-i-tye buying into illusion becomes motive mo-tiff-

lie -on lay d own e w/the lam 2 be 0ne.g.a /in and d~0ve in same h0/f

From: Curtis Cook <crnlcook@X0.net>

Subject: Re: rent

Date: November 29, 2014 12:20:33 PM EST

To: Angela Cook <xubrnt@me.com>


on the way let me know when you get it.

love dad


From: Angela Cook <xubrnt@me.com>

Subject: Re: rent

Date: November 29, 2014 1:51:18 PM EST

To: Curtis Cook <crnlcook@X0.net>


t anks


Ge0 de are t' 0's supply i.d.eb/t 0 me a re verse all and ye 0n e`per/ pers~0/n' all & pers~0/ni fi g.20 cap~eye~T'all en tin 0.wing ~h~ 0rigin 2 c0nTa/in ew e in e t0e ye w/(h)in~ny e sw/e at d/0wn grass es ea m e`very e nan0gram s0w e/in/n dus~t~ry e tu' mam' mary e.g. r/0 w/ee k n0w thing butt d0gged ness e t'00th purse~u p.r.i'de~ i.d.e w/hin d00 r i'm e ing

w/in D0gg0/D ly in re flect~i 0n e/in sa.m.e na.m.e in sin g!e~di X rec ~T~ i0n e = just be e cause w/sUm in 0/b ark nitw/c a ware w(e)are t' re e~s k/in salutati0n e're & arc t'0/me = ly e f0rA = B lea f i/n directi0n ere duct~i0n e in/n e/re ar e b/right est a ware in t' ank/h 0 much as per f0r ate an d f 0i'l e decidu0us

ly e nd fair 0 t0 till thru n0 ah gain an d

flat ten en t0/me repast dayT X T able 2 kn0 t' re a Miss Angle an d f0r/m/e appr0Ximate ly e` vein ly

f0r a p/ear~ app/le~ pealle in f/lax 0' h0! p0tentiall~ free is 2 rise be u w/hip lay in g/0~ht' st.eel lee an' layT 0/0 may K in g'0ver an d/0 ver ye g/rain in c.l0ver 0ver eg/ad ness 2 use it up be am e ad e~

e/we~up0n f0und/i rec~ti~0n 2 h0e p ewe all as/s ee be/e ye bet h'are m~add aTa D/0 0 i/n g lei b ffuncti0n all i ty e in g/ad ness ee y/0/u/r ad dress ee n in c0nnected ness 2 c/i/t~y e

c/Ue cur (e) rant' quick ly e w/me 0n e all f0urs an d0 0/re ad dy e t 2 w/h0 g0/n 0 wagging &'s h0/und/0 @ d0/ run ni/ng's u/s/h0/res w/ift fi/t an/d ew/e~ w/ind/i/ng b/0ar e in re newe in f0und pr0 l0!g~2/0 sum mi/t~t.l.c.atching winde i/n t0/0 f0st.air e in vent~i 0n e

ve/nti~ 20 rest0re a.m.00r e c0mp leat' in min/n 0 w0s s0w e's 0w e in'dust.ry e~ & h(ave)20 p lent~ y eu/nderst.0/0d das 0 winged ~air y e td ew e tu`

a w(e)ar ped p late am i/n girth eaven ighT ly e t0/0 b/eu pre sent ly e see n/0 w/h0 & return e` gain 0 a we in g le a/n ti'me ve in fr0/m/e st. ar (t) out in a circle a cr0ss a ware as/p lace b 4 & run eine w/f0cus' t.re am in t' per sieve in gc lea n

eye t'each my d0g0/d e g.ethe frisbee t0/0~give the sa.m.e` gain an t hen give th free is rise be ye t0 me t0/0 may k it a ray~k in d circular e m0ti0n e`ware in & e`gain fun city @ y0ur e back an df 0rth ata k n0 w.c. 0(h0)st. fr0/m big inning rest0re ad as have n,m aye c lea n


its a fact 2 rep as t

the wt of ants on the earth is the wt of humans


L > awn c/raft d0gs and ip~L0!amatic 0m/m0n e Wealth ind eck'static 0 wander 0ver end be~e st0w est ether e t'igh ten/t p0/0p~ing0 pr0 w/hin n'e ye X p0'Ze alla w/hi'm a. m.uLch Ly a p/re pair e d/ia per e lay up 0/n ewe ll eaven s0~Jewell ea ki/n ether (ea) Landing c lay e w/et 0/gether a/n/an d cc lea re ly i n0'se a.m.e~ fir.st.in t/an~d/ew ing as/s aim ed ue` deuce sing X sup:p/le plie`d i/n g c lear e in c/0/w/ ren/t' 2 e/a.m.V p~r0se pair ing 0' p/l0p. c.l0ver ent' r0ver end 0'ver e~ c0/w.c.l0ver 0 pen ly e tm t~ans w/ears 0 l0!b e~in n

in due ti'me 2 re peat in t0/0 hap pi~le a fe ir 0n e/ed in deed i.d.~i/t' up/awn an dew ed awn 0 w/0n e t0gether e sum met fair w/heather e fl0!w/e re s~teppe st eps h0 earnings pur share nt' fact 0re ds pen t'e hach a pi ha bit' e vein sure ants~ley e s~t' rait' day t'e tan d0/0 re ad b l00 t0 e vein p.r.0x i'm it~tye n/ear/est minnerichi e minaret part m.0.'s que part flowe~res in flye t in kni/t re si den's~ag a b'ide.~g.0/b sub' side wag 0/n are tail and b rave in sure ants~ap fi re ye stag e m(e)ad e nf lam e drum thru min s~end~

b ark and tan inns p0re T'all 0w/e at' fi/t' 0at' it' an s/t/rain an t' r0at en 0n e vein s/trait an arr0w e in c0re p0re a/t/e d c0m p/eat and irec~ti~0n e c0mp lea te d 0wn e t'0wn e 0n eta s0/m e in thank~s00 t'00ths~ wall0ws~ hall0w e in te.g.rye ty~ea gain an d ye 0n e 0rigin all y e (h)aves~ as~0'ft en 0n e b/ranch and b/lim b for e lig ate ure in 2 begin/n ear n est a ge c ham o mile comp osed in sty all ip r0 cklaim st.0ne b.0ne ye pin e pi ne fir.st re e te and par rot slims deca(i) de n c0st ly e 0ft

min d0g0/d has aw/ ha bit min t'in t en t0/0t'd i gather em/b/race t'each t' a.m.e in/n~i/r 0/n e g.ate s w/in g i/ng er ly e 0n e w/is pi end/ye n~2 re/ap air end 0/ver end est i/n at(e)~i 0n fl0!w/*er e sigh~i' may k f0r/t/e` (L) a.m./b/race ti'me tu`/be a bi/de

* 'h' is si lent / by Miss Take an aster/i/c f0r/m/e in re all i ty e.g. X ti'me in/n l0ngher e the p0/0p l0/0p is/s r/0ver end/0 w/h0~ut relinquish b~lea/f i/n ti'me


r/0/at p/l0p. c.l0ver ent en

the whinner of the po/op lo.op lop is the one with pay per vie w in g ist u`sound relatively in recompense ve in an D/0 ah gain knit 0/0 th e ave n0w e industri0usly e d/rink i/n nere t/hrU nderst.and* aster/ic g*(aster/ic)all i' lee c0mf0rt/e able ly e

to dayT no one has given me m 0ne y e t0/0 b 0n e t he sa.m.e p/age ye p0r t end 2 may ke alli've in g's (4)us re spec t i've ly e


tw/0 claws

t0/p/l0p ewe ass be f0r tune tu~rn unt0/0

my dog poops with panache (on a war p ed plater t hat lasts) he is domin ant w/ glei bending the gr/ass like no other bef0re it ri'des it -2-imp-ass-be-side-ye-t-

d'ear ye t/0i'l let an/d0~g0~0d as well igh t' day e w/all a w/right 0 we in functi0n e

ether~an~g by~ew/ ha!bit 0/0 b serve industry e t0/ p lease vein 0 ah m00r e r00m e tw0 gr0w e

0.u,ReD~0/ut' allal0ng's us s0w ing0/n g~0/ne in the in si`de t0/0 b/0 ther e r im in re g.race X ample a live in/n f0r/m/in/n 0 ah gain e/vane s0w/heat g0

0 ahh~20 sunny e brrrright places in mking poop c-heap er

the grace in satisfacti0n is up 0re d0wn e w/here ver you angle your e m.0. 0n t00b ee f0und & b/wr0ught 0ut 0re r0t 0ut m0re

muLch Ly e t/define d/eu/c/e t/rubble a sp/0ils in grace FULL ee

k n0 wing ate w/hey/ 0u/ r e l0cate t~i0n e'ye is pr0 f0und f0nd ly in sUm 0ver e send 0/cue.meant sign s0/m end/0/ve~reaL and e weather ye g.race w0rk and~ip ass i/eye fi t0 p0 map lay e with traffic abi'de in/g f0/0t path igh pick up 0/ps eve in sUm e ye be fr0n~t~in~0n & live in g/r00m in 0 w/rye t/0 w~e r/e ye T in ti'me in 2 be ye fine in ad vance built with pr0t0call as t.0n e f00tw0 0directly e s0w e in g'sUm

you know the ins and outs virtually // g all i lee w/s 0me thing e t0/ essay e s0/0n e n0/0n e

I sus spec t? a p00p left 0ut f0r me t0 w/alk in nere t, is by s0meb0dy t hat d0esn't live & w0rk w here t hey leaf-t heir s-hi tin the f00t path f0r/m/e ye judici0usly apple i'd re c0n si'de r/e/t' hin k elvin find brittell ent 0/U n der fee-t-un c-lame-d-ly-e- ? T/he mess-age is re-plea-t- : The re/si'due speaks well, if a/s- hi-t is left 0 pen ly e t0 walk 0n? under ye wh0le a/sUm in re/ap air ing, p/ear 0 w hat 2 x 4 p-lank-ed-a-p00per-&-lef-t-it' h' ang in g~ "oh" pen -ly- ie- ass-i.d.-e- w/all kin-k-eel as the-m-aster-e-e-l- with (0/ne) n0 fi re

F0r/m/e rules 0f engagemen~T = discern the f00t traffic and free range in releaf as s0w ing as b~inding re at p00ps in plastic does not all wayes 0 may K w/ik eel as stic-k- y- em0ti0ns- in the 0cean unscene t0 f0-i-st-air un sp0ken-a-gain-&- g/r0und-ead i g nat u/re as s/u/re art 0w all s0w e 0n e t here f0re nature is 0 w0rth igh eRe flecting i/nt0/nE vein 4 x f0re inn0cents 0m e.

E ye b/u/y p0/0p b/a/g/s'us ynthe re may K/0 pen ly ew.c. b/y' (h)ear t (h)0 gain 0 pen sa.m.e in Ta.~m.00r ing 0/ar ing : t/he synthetic pr0-t-0-c/alllllllllllllll is t0/0n val-U-e wit/h0~ut in ad vance ve in s0w as p/lace 2 g0 h0 e.

k n0 t all a p0/0p b/a/g/s'us a(y)re cre/ate/d e` very e thing cUe all y e~ s0me are bi/0d/e/grade able a/s0w in g & kn0 t ac c0unt act ive ly reap air ing crue-l h0me0stasis w/hin/n -d- ated-pre-miss-4-no-one-pre-sent-0n-p0rp0ise-w/-2-


should L s.h0/0d

vs s-h0-v-e-in-g-lie-n-e

no love in pointing a gun at some one in the fir-st - p-l-ace- pro found -ly-e-


free is rise bee takes 2 as a mat te r 0 fxf acTs


m-e-n ac-t-

bring causality -e- to me, and allready have f-act0rs in place to admonish me for just being 2 point out the blasphemy occuring in -x-

prostitute maid by me or by m-e-n over -t-ime-n-d-




avesta calling cops on me is a for-u-m of inc-est'-use-e-

creativity e calls for a different kind of ke nergy e A be lea f i am the framework and fretwork 2 be ye seen 0 pen ly e X acT u all y e


boat fore and aft same direction as always te-t-urning-in-competitions reflection


on a ship w/ no watt air fair within knit

lion lay d own w lam a ware w hen si am giAnn

r hythm in thru min seen ten se together

b ark b arc l0 thin knit

mt lo ne pea k

tit o tin der flame t osso sure nd b are swallow s hallow e t fall o win e vein an d oll oh 0e.g. ain an d

lie on lay d own w the c c lam

i have to go on ie g0/n

with this story e 

as i would have no motive in life 

pay my rent and … buy into the ill-u-sion

to hopefully keep "time" at bay -e- at least in my

sec-u-lar re-all-i-ty-e t hat i se-e-m-e-

what do i think about sam and avesta and the eviction notice

besides getting up several times last night

and sleeping in to make things right? x write?

part of me wants to wholley evade him 

and rise above and concentrate on what is real


the bridge tanks 0 poop loop lace me ark i/n g lee sea me

the lie-0n laying D 0wn e w/ e lam* 2 be one. g. a/in an d~0ve in sa.m.e 

h and s h0 w n f0re very e 0n e  (elann gainn gaim)

and i am hoping i can sit comfortably in it now productively 

with my desire compleat vs feeling the hovering discomfort t-hay-e- see-d-as see-k-in-ti-eye-m-e-all-s-o-w-hey-e-


striving for x press i on e veing

his is g0/0d calling

you are invited to at ten d 2 my function

via the provision of my father eve in has not created a for mate 2 bee see n integrity sum and

your scene conspires to earn money from e for no re as on openly

feeling my father should not foot this cost without you

your at ten ti on is a ware ve in


planning her e scape = ti'me t0/0 may K i/t a re all i ty e c0m mer c/i all y e


not the right reason , righ tw0 re aas on

vs right-w/h0-re-as-on-e-

my h, you-ta-ke- shill re-bate- scene s-hill

sam a-vest-a-ment

n ice w0re wh0re h 0ar frost


g'sus is gas/se am in sup ply in g's and multi ply in inn g ad h0 circumstance w/00l e

place 2 pee & me arc f0ra p ark ing 0

pee r0tundly e 0n e w/hall 0 T'0 w ell 0ft en 0n e

c re 8 suss to me 2 t-00-k re -8 emptye plate w bound air y in -0-p-lace of -k-now thinge

prey t pray p rate place -rate -2-roll-0-ver-e-in-

vag on all dis h charge w

be calm in arrow / are ho

gew e gaw e i new sum me thinge w potentially ea ware use e w huss ky e scen fore dusting s zen oble kno w e be ll ing n tealling ulf o felling s

can eye ask your too th'eadore s mile today t w eaven

the egret is prime on the dime pre sent i'me are fi ne veins ides

lie on k lei s w the lam b right en d lame warp n weft compleat antoehre day e t

sow ein con t ext 4 se all and ock etch

weak bi week lyes t ill ad s aim -e- 2 x to me per i od -d- con-textually-e-speaking-

miss interpretted / to me in ste ad /ye found 0 u t / 0 pen ly e

while ray did theory give me moneye w my reference 2 know bettair e on line use e he gave me h-is-hit- for e no re as on e tall own lie p-rate f-all -2- ap-paul-ling-h-aul-lie-alls-0-w-e- ie ap pauling a ware-in-g- now traf scene strafe in g 4 re-t-urn on h-is-in-tegittye on em own ly in circumstance that lawst its he ad ole the moar ten on b rave vain s had 0 w

like man na not from teh heavens comfortably e to me

grow a leg in advance of too th'eaven vs too thieven "x" pone"t"ially -e- r"0"ll-e-d-

this page isn't finished, as of december 3rd, i have had-2-much-2-work-with- in "one" direction, 2 continue in the "other" pre sup pose sit i 0n e // 2 make re dress wear it ear and be have & face ~ none the less, i am ok f0r aye any e b/0d dy e 2 l0/0k at : ta k e p/lace & link 2 the next presuppositi0n e apparent ly e t0 be a Miss Be Have ye w/(h)ave in res0lute a Pre Miss have~ w/ re ad dye made

H20 me m11 v