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the c-har-lot-t- is defunct & it is my right w/ re as 0n e in K/n i/t 0/0 fin i/s h2h0 per f0r/m/in/t/e/re/.st at L as T 2 in/ f/in i~ty e besp0ken 0. ah gain





Ref iN ad vances and s0w 0n Eve in 2 sup ply s'ap ple ye tw0~0d! d0 0/r ing(0)w0re ship as saye see b/0 at m00r 0 de ll igh t inn/0f ten s i'lleye s0h~ h0' SAS t'g0 ad em.0. & g0 ALL anD/0 te art h in D =


a uni t you s e/e 2 me as u/re the in ten sit~ye ... by c0/m p air (e) ing i.t. w/it~te/a (h)gi'ven level on a l0g/arithmic scale an d s0w/e bb e e

due & dew/ith pr0visi0n et tu` x 2 espy e~thrU hue tU` // a.c.ertain 0' win ti'me in e~


curi0us am i 0f the re verse use e : cur rant l?y a BD is a b-ad g0n-ad in defin-i-te- ly -2- lie as -u-re- l-i-ke- under "C"-0-ver-s-cale-in-g-a-w-are- in-r/i-all-it-i-e-r-e-lent-less-ly

asp~ire t0/U/r im in dividual cir-cum-st-an-c-e-0 pembr0k'e mileage and Penfr0 ye'ates in d re am s


deci mate tie 0n w/ salUt'ate tie 0n e ve in s peaking t0 me et'each e

i-r-on-i-c-ally-e- paul drinan kept my m0ney 4 w0rk all ready c0mpleted as his bi-te-in-ste-ad -&- did not give me an i.r.s f0r/m/e fxfor/t s0l0 w/ my earnings that year "e-vain" in the unscene w-here- he r-0uted -e- w/0ut my p/leasure pre sent meant 0 pr0visi0n e in kn0 w0n spectacular ly e in sit u site ar0und/0 the w0rld 0 yen 0/b serve t0uch b' s0/m e


deci mate he-ad-dye g.lances at the c0/as/t~ i/n g


DF ound i/n FD mir : rim r/o/r an/y e directi0n e'ye may Qu ew/e reflection e w in re/fe/rent~ i/all/y e

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nem. -be-a- c0n.s f0r-m-e-all-c0n-sent-in-g-all-st-0-w-n-e-

dt is TD/0 ing friend irecti0n ally as place ed f0und t/0/u/r elay T0/0 x m00r 0x r00m et tu`f all 0 w h0 4 x f0r e war D/0 ne

TL total loss = L0ve T0tall eg 0/t g0ing 4 x f0r e war DayT able a/c~t/u/ally/e

math f0rmUla 4 th0se that like 2 me/as/u/re things st.-w-r0ng-l(y)-ie -


angle x angela w/ins h0 pen ly e w/ deci mate keeling c0h0st 2 c0ast' after ra bea c0n e Miss Ta/ke per i 0dd 2 re t ern i ty e afxf air e h 0m e

w hat is due mam' mary e tw00 d b get/her e~ and f0st.air et 0gether e deci bells 0ar ing


c-0n-vict-i0n-s-gather inter-rest -4- the ban-k- in- t-urn-st-i-le-de-f-u-ncti0n-c-leer-ly e in the 0 pen ear e 0 wed 0/w/e d in/c/re/meant'~ally e~s0e 0n e

t/he t-enth re=pre=sen=Ted the l-eve-y vie-ing "0 pen li.e" fora l-l to-be Scene for reel apparent ly e with a person-a-ll h-h-o-ly-e-g.0st, ammering-s-um- as a curius mistake, with kn0 t 0ne tw/0 re lay T with ew e x hum e al0ne : w here w/as igh : leave-vie-ing-0f-t-he-tit-he- T here is a Miss Understanding w hy 0/u w/ill not leave me all 0wn


t-his boreing to me yet i will per sever as i am apparent ly e wan t0n for hi.g.her (i.g. is an e.g. t0 me fun dame n' tally e h0!)


t-his definition and d-bait of use-age is a train w-reck w-aiting -2- hap-pen-an-d-c0n-tin-ue-as the c0ntain(h)er e f0re n0un re as 0n e t0 me

i quest i 0n e the con tain e r 0f the langUage the local area network sa.m.e g.uage in sign if i can T 0 pen ly a w(e)are in ste ad eve in 0ggin ly e t0 Ken appreciably et tu` b/r00 Ted

the use of due to = because of = traditional grammarians opposed on the g-round t-hat-it- is a "misuse" in any 0b-scene vile-age w-he-ther-e-"kno-t-a" ware ma-king obsolescence a b-ri'de-t-0/U/r e marr-y-e-s0w-y?-ewer vanity prosper-eth with0ut pr0 0f ten 0n in functi0n e alla r0und ata sa.m.e ti'me`ve in st.0p ewe w/ s0ul ed ell 0t t0 h0 & due t ell 0' a.m.00r ing


own lie udder ly e w/ww mis-ta-ke- 2- d-e-fine-d(u)ress as free-d0-me- 0f your-ad-dress-e-X-s- padding-ent-ile-ly-e- t0's pea king -4- n0 b 0dd ye un t0l-d- w/ day T L C lan d (h)0me


dc mate w/t angle it 0m e 2 retur d appr0ximate ly e re fin e ness 2 alley e w/ayes 0' return (y-ewer-e-turd-e-laye-d- shit-ill-ly-e-)in my pre sense & sents t/0w est eXp0nent i all y e c.c./lan d'in c lea r ly e tern inkni t0 me w/ear in g

due all i ty in abbreviati0ns 0 l0/ng et' L is t' de fi ne in ti'me pr0vide ed 2 w0rking w/ e very e thin g0/0d actyl ly e.gi'ven t'm e in ste ad aye g.ain ac(~t~)r0ss tie~r is et tu`s wee t ~ly ap p/r0ved 0


on a curious n0te day T able in s c0 p~e depth e b re ad be es p0ke

p-awl drinan r-air-e- (in) s-0-lence sustains him 0pen le-ad- to "kn0-t" want fr0m/e but t-0- wan-t-0wn-l-i-e- : it i/s 0we' all right here f0r an ye b 0d dye p/ear~0 "he" c-ain-t- h/ave T by e Miss Treat in g pers0na ll ye w/ eaves as 0 me t0 me s0w 0n e 0n e tu`tu tw0 0d : d0 d0 w/ager e maid i/n re leaf in e'ye fin d pleasure in 0 ah gain an d inn f0r/m/in/g/s~

falling into diss-use-all-the-ti-me-vain-"0"f-x-f- the quest-i-on-e- o-w-n li.e. pursues the s-ad g-am-e- w/ no h0nest relevance to mate functi0n eve in k n0 w ing c lea r e

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due all is f/0/U/re f0r/m/ate i 0n e w/ b/lis s/ap a rt in knit0/0 re in vent ~i 0n e 0 wed ue t a gain an d

e'ye check in f0r e war d eve in p.r.awn -&- sh-r-i'mp- imp-0-st-h-er-e-in & imp-0-ten-t-ie-0n-e- vein 0 gain be e sUm e 0n e f0ra re as 0n e c/up lace ligh t/e



C-an-Di.d(apparent ly e)-Ly-e- very e t hing e tu`-be-e- diss ap ear ing f-0-r-m-e-


w/hitch 0/n 0ggin are we/e per pet u ally e c lea r e all i ty e w/in d/ew/ c0/mf0r/t ably e t ear are ars