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b ride wed in2time t0'0le t~y0u/hr e sell fret in fra.m.e (un f0 all a) n/d rain b0w e s end e van e. g.ad 2 tell inn sw/(h)inges w/(h)all0w abide well eaven s/he'll 0 will0w/~(h)ee land my sell f @ as ffell and cnc 0ggin sir prize d f0r e c0m p any e b rave d f ed


i ap paul 0 g-ys with0ut a destinati0n e, the re all i ty e is eye can't make the w0rld in a week as i am working with the weak in pr0w-t-s0w-e- & so i must walk on ice (still water) 2 thaw the haw e ft farther bi planning each ste p in right place meant 2 c0ntinue, a b re as ta ware in the wh0le e way e t ear e thrU

make more poor for being pore, and ridicule with pet-ty-e-rule-sans-observati0n e for not supporting your "nature" more full-lie-2-day-T-e/as-s-h0-all-0ft-y-e-p00f 0und


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the story e is not complete in st-at-e- fact i allay pre sent en's ee d in ear

Haul Lie Sprague w/ Re visiOn Eve in/n peradventure nt all i've t0/0 day Te any e w/hey e

F0r/m/e working at "Trader Joes" T-rac-i- aught-a-n0se- the he-ad-manager at the time, the store was opening, largest of all the stores, with over 3000 applications, and 100 were selected to be employees, there was a lot of rise to the occasion

with opportunity perceived as worthwhile wh0le hearted necessity as this was a new store, the biggest store, and the one and only in maine, and there was a lot of excitement from the public and from those hired in a ship-shap-e-con-0-my-e-

trac-i- would ask crew to stay late, work more hours to stock, build stacking shelves, art, heft, organize, run & run, on, hap pi & ragged ness. we were happy, we liked what was said in meetings, and we believed what we heard.

at one point, t-rac-i aka "managment" conveyd she would get in trouble for going over hours with headquarters that only wanted crew to work up to 35 hours and not over. when t-rac-i thought she would be held accountable to headquarters for asking crew to work overtime to make her look stellar in her management position 2 get the store on the r0ad stellar in her repast,even, she "asked" us to take long breaks in the middle of our shift, for which we were not paid nor could we leave early, ie they were built into the schedule. to me this registered as being imp ish in her managerial responsiblity e & effectively squatting on the ran D 0f the employees t0'0'e L as t in glad ness based 0n the w0rd she sHowed AS // 0 w/e myT 0w e.

i remember a friend, Mike all, that made direct current haste to deflate the impasse of his credit card lender, when they made up fees, nominally for him to surrender, however, he felt, that "one" impasse gave t-hem questionable cross t0 merit questionable access -2- pursue without his k n0w in advance sayes he didn't s/0we a ware & he didn't feel that was aye right 0/n eye T and he w ed there impasse sayint effectively e s0w/ hap pi apparent ly e @ matter e t0/0 b/0 d(=e) well after e vein s0w e & g0

i listened to what others said on the floor at Trader Joes after the scheduling c-lo-a-ke-d- tyrann-eye day-balk-all, and i found i was not the only one that looked at her maneuvers-kew-s-krew-h(e)y-e- and i sought to speak to her about it as we were told we could speak to any manager just like crew members fair. speaking didn't act u ally e work. she sought to treat me like a dog that shit on the carpet in full vie-w- with other managerail wit-ness-2- no remedy -e-ye-was-ass-p-ass-e-d-2- t0 h0me 0n ac-c0unt I apparent ly was n0t hap pi 0n my 0wn e c0unter s0w e in c0re p0re ate d s0l0

-t-rac-i- did s00-t-h-2-sir vive 0n me t hat when I said you kn0w ... 0thers feel this way all s0we : she said "I didn't hear t hat" and i consequently went back to the fl0 0/r and h/ear/d it again an d: as "time" passe-d- I realize D that -t-rac-i- manages by den-i-all- and-en-eye-all-e-vain- that is the "keep" of her haul-0-and "meteroric" "r-eyes" ruse d "2" sucks-X-s 0n em en a-b-u/s-e-d-s-aid-e-vain-e-

the fact is that bre-ad- more upset ness, is that i left after being d-rop-e-k-ick-e-d-air-e-ar-e- with less emotionall equanimity than i walked in with 0n e my e 0ne 0wn. i can't say things got bet te/r, i can say i trie-d- under duress of an e-con-0-my-e- t0/0 keep myself containeD e w/0rking relent less in my mind, and this still manage-d- to re-ap- p0intless revie-w-s with kn0wledge 0f w hat re all w0rk iss / igh was being hel-l-d- resp0nsible -4-

1. not getting reviews that qualified me for a pay raise, when i ran circles around managment and crew members, for which i learned to s l 0 w d 0 w n s 0 b c 0 u l d s e e m e w 0 r k i n g 0 - as their s'0le (with0~ut' 0 watt air e all s0w e b right en tin time a ware fi ne)

"2" be a mad e p00r f0r being 0 p0re, an-d-spirite-d- rid-e-i-cule with pet-ty-e-ye-rue-le-sans-observation e for not supporting t-heir "nature" more full-lie-2-day-T-ease-as-afe-daft-ness, that would never run agr0und & 0ut/a gas apparent lie- 0re- ly -as- there were a number of re placements 2 give it a naive sh0-t- in gladness all s0w e.

this was a premeditated rate t0 g0/ne in min-d-, the pay rate, that low to mid $200 a week was live able if i reduced my w0r(L)d all s0w e. I left with 0ne t00 many pr00f "p0sitive" 0f by-ass re-vie-w-s- with0ut pre miss t0'0le Last f0r/m/e t00 th eaven fall 0 w e, with $2 d0llars in my bank acc0unt~ie it was b-a-d-en-huf-f- t0 leave with n0 security e

let me talk about rising to the occasion, before the economy tanked, in the building and construction trades for which i worked painting. there would be rise to the occasion opportunities to work and work and work in summer or breaks in holidays per haps, and then when the e-con-0-my-e- tanke-d- fron-t-ally-e- i couldn't snag work from the person i worked previously b right, as he kept his 2 pot heads, and one "ecstasy" p-ill t-0at-ing-r0at-e-pr0duce work thru the-m-ad-ness- why? i reflect, first of all, "men" ask me to set their "lad/der" on the job site unrecti fi ed in any else w here -we-g0-at-full-and-c-lime-

the at ten ti 0ne ye c/an give t0 w0rk, is n0t all wayes appreciated/0/w/e in all t hing-e-s0w-e-

i have a hard time returning to "jobs" that me-rit- n0 pr0visi0n in the c-i/r-cum-stance-vein-e with fall 0 w e thrU prescient kn0 t 0w e, as the hard ship re-p-eat-e-d- is n0/t 0k e in my re past as after e all s0w e are a ware if ewe c aire p as t X r0ll e -d- 00r 0ll e D/0 le paire share right fr0/m/e gh0

the point is, if head quarters is treating her to compete (on me as with any body e) it is her responsibilitye to take it up with head quarters direct ly e -&- not "out" or "inn" on the employees t hat she thinks aka shrinks re pre sent ate tie 0n all y e, with a "flair" for playing dir-t-ye t0-re-ad-i'll-ie-0wn-lie-"1" "time" stacked behind a gazilli0n zer0s f0r her to manuever her "1" more agile-ly -in-the-market-place-w/ my integrity s-e-w-e-d-upe-0n-e-w-e-


for/m/e i think "ex0rcism" own lie works if it is "ob-serve-d-" 0-pen-ly-e-ret-s-tain-e-d-

Pre par e X t re e s ap air e pas t ar rye b0le f 0re g0all den e.g ilt~ill eye f0all den up day Te

f0/r/me my first thought with receive ing court papers is #1 the 2 mailings sent by Avesta and Charlotte to recertify that I am poor enough in their reception for "recertification," said to sign up on the office door here (there was no sign up sheet, i checked twice including the day before we were "notified" to meet). The note formally for everybody included a s-lice of leg-all jargon like in s-aid "hand book" - you say you will a-bide, and meet, t-heir -e- tim-e- as yu signed yur name -2- be le-gall-ly-e-bin-d- ie the note included posturing "with" the "law" to enforce a code of con-duc-t- ie it struck me as pompous-ass & unnecessary, further implying by the post(ear)ior e that the sender feels enfeebled 2 command at ten ti 0n 0r, at ten ti 0n e w/(h)as not being s0ugh t 0wn, s-0-w-e-n-t-hen// -k-luc-king-2-0- demon-straigh t ie 0n e for n0 re as 0n e in re. g.ard & "it" c0n-tin-u-e-d- t-0-0-z-e- was an-0-rder with c0n-temp-t- ie "2" meet with contempt "t0/0" further y?ew?e? ie to c0mp-lie c0mf0r-t-abel-lie- (without quest i 0n e in g f0r e g's us say ke 2 act u all y e with any 0ne pre ten d in g 2 be pre sent 0/ne 0n e vein 0dd ata the same ti me inn act u all y ea r0und the w0r(l)d ...as the mine al+l s0w e

I did send Charlotte an email explaining I missed the (over-b-ear-ing-for no re as on) meeting, to recertify "my" p00r recepti0n e "2", as there was no where to sign up, etc. as apparently notified 2 do. I did not get an email response back, which started to make me angry as t here is a need to communicate ye pre sum e, however I later found an envelope promptly taped to my door with the forms to fill out and return under the office door. I was happy to oblige, in as far as t-heir- e- g-overnmen-t- nee-d-s this inf0rmation -0n-e-me- h0 weaver i kn0w here t0 d0ck it in their s-l0t easy re st 0re d ress a m0re and i c0m p ly ed

I say t-heir-e-government, as I do feel -avesta- is using me to fight their battle ie that avesta is hol-d-ing me responsible for the -g-0vernment that b-rays- and-bin-d-s ther actions in ti-me-2- // ie i do not have a l0t t0 d0 with making m-0ne-y-e- and "government-all" concerns are very far from the lean budget are weighted e c0n0/my 0f my life fr0m day e t0 day T as~necessity e -&-kn0-t-ar-t-f-ac-t-2-get-a-cr0ss-t-hat-e-, as really w0rking w/ is all i have t0/0 t'ask with ear & n ear inn sh0rt 0rdeR e dress as kn~0~wn 0un right ly e s0w e in g's h0 w/in d/0w e inc0rep0reated w/ c0ntinuitye re ally e ta ke yes p/lay ce

I can reflect on the "government" bumb-le-ins-, i am not ins-u-lar-e-tu`-ne-it-0ut-re-pr0-w-t- 2- be "0/b" scene foe very e thing e 0-w-n l-ie-n- f/0/u/r i am lea ne t0/0th eave nf all 0/w/e in c0/re p0re ate d ebt m in advan c ear n se/am s h/all0/w/an e depending 0n y0ur vain e tu~ cir cum scribe 4 bezel e d just the same vein earn am e are all in g 0~ve t0e n0./f/f ten 0n e f0re the same s ayinT i~sigh t in te all t are ti'me w e in re flecti0n e c/ape able 0n e ti'me tw/h0 0d~0ve d00 w/(h)ing e s0/n u/s e/e sun in fall ar e twicce = w/(h)iSe e myT(h)ear t h ly e w/c0mp eat f0r e l0ve l0ss 0t with 0ne re m0unt in ti'me zer0 swit her ing i/n 0.rigin aught a ke w/h0~ut re p L ace vein the r0und 00 w/(h)ing es' e w/pur sue w/(h)ing es' us ten en/c~e very e t hing e vein 0./f/f ten 0n e. g. A inn 2 be acc0un ten able eDN&A lls 0w e inc0rep0reated live tf 0re 2 day T~e

I am going to court again, the 3rd time in a rough ly e 5 month s-pan. I have learned in my trans its t0 me, that the monthly miracle i speak of ten, t hat i have been apparent ly e pr0ducing for over 2 years consistent and 0f/f an d 0/n e bef0re and sin-scene with-i-t- : i have come to understand monthly is m.o. and miracle would lend it self to be m.o.m. t0 me all s0w e.

is she really a mountain? certainly not a tan mount. tantamount -2- s-wing-in-g- with n0 p0wer e. a fireye aries that made my libra love for calm rest i tu`ti 0n e pr0w t, i sup posed i could say e speaking for my dad t hat was exceedingly son/am/b/u/lent 0hhhh ever vescent ly e date per haps t00 s00 n (t he) n00s e was u/i? t ie -d-ie-d-ue without moderate re course say in/n

if you consider my pay rate at trader joes, starting at $9 an hour not to exceed 35 hours = roughly $250 take home pay e or less each week (i have made a $1000 day profit running my own business = which was used against me at trader joes when a customer complained about me not vetting her com-p-lain-t- with interest' use-e-0n-me & i said to libbi aka "bye-be" to me, after i was tol-d- this person was a business owner bye-s-he- there fore she ough-t-a-n0se - I said I too have run my own business, and what I know is that if I didn't do the work, in my 0wn business, it did not get done. per i 0dd.

bye-be- d-i.d.-n0t- like t hat fr0/m/e A l0t'day-T- for no re as on e -inn-her-estimation-, need less to saye, every "re vie w" i got was weigh-ted- fore and aft with manager-a(-i-)ll lea-d-er-e-ship-s -k-ewing me per-son-all-p-reek-ness-tew-e- ie in a w0rd fallen 0n d-f-ears- un fair e in -e-very-e-directi0n as T-raider (h0)-J-0-es, yanks you around with their schedulling to live in their whirle-d- own -ly-e- presumeably with out fears, as they say they are hire ing for your person all i ty e 2 fl0w er e t here,

and i found out that was fond ly e not re all ye tre true in f0r/m/e all s0w e in c.

i bring up the pay rate to illustrate a median for me being susceptible to the marke-t-able advances of a-vest-a-dance-s- and their remarkable ability to continually di vie d i.d. my vested interest all re ad y e fr0/m/e w/c0n-tin-u-i-ty-e-ar-0un-d- as they think they provide for me just like -T-rai-D-er J-h-0eys-pea-king-e'ar-s-e- flat rat e ing my contribution among ass kiss-h-ares- ie "anna-maria" for st-ar-t-er-s-ew proficient in shitting in b-ed- she forgot w here last she tur-d- her -e- die-0n-e- me vein with out reap air any e way e 0n the "trader joes" plate-for-um-

This thinking that you personally are the he ad of man age r i all container e c0rp0rati0n e with pers0n all status a gree d up e0n 0w in the "0" pen e without quest i 0n e t0/0 a~b~ide s~un di vie di.d. = e vein 0.dd in e the s a.m.e. g.r/ace seen sayes by nayes = re as 0n e able t0/0 ta ke place di vide d int0 time t00 hei gh t d0uble time in g0/f ten 0n e in t0/ngue. g. r0/ve in ti'me r is e'ye ses an div vie db c i said s0 w/t fir.st. an~d in g 0 ver ti'me all i've vein 0./f/f as tit's u stain ability e at L as t ea t0/0 le ave n touch d0wn (head IN hand f0rever e land in/n level ly e) beck 0n e re fi/n/e ants as 0/n net tu`butt par a t'ax e f0ur e leaf uck lucking c.l0ver t ins i te a gain an d0~ve f0r/t/e L eye fi


ve t'0 e d0es n0t equall ve-t-0-w-e-in-c-est-u-0-us-in-c0-re-p"0"r-ate-d-rain-er-e-relati0n ship as tm ust 0'we d-rink-Up-ann-e-d-2-ig-n0r-e- un touch able w/-ill 0 w/righ-t-h-at-e- "post-hum-o/u sly-e"-ar-e-lay-T-as-fast-acting-2-keep-ass-wing-ing-lie-n-


the mother apparently went missing from the g-roun-dup-e- in this "0"miss-i-on-er-0-de-st-aff-aft-er-et-he-f-act-definiti0n-e-p-ast-ma-st-(er / never all0wed 2 finish e vein &) : w hitch is t0 say e killing the g0all den g00se will n0t vent an0ther ei e.g.g ave n 2 kn0w e thrU le nt' 0 neither e f0ra "keelin-g"-4-in-c0-me-t f0re t'0le 0cean deep en ds / half 0/f e i/r 0n ee Zed r0ll eNt'N0w ag/0n et ten 0r e tan te : half of zero harm d0ne in 0ne 0rigin is s/ti'll zer0 harm d~0ve with a view t0 w/h0 w/e be calm in aught w/h0 re w/h0~uT L ad/der e "law-st-"in-t-e-fl0n-fella-w-4-re-hi-re-0n-e-vain-e-tu`-e- c-all-it-wise-as-scene-from-the-unscene -




n0w/h aut/e 2 be 0n e the s am e tier time all s0w e in c0re p0re at e d fact u alla y ein 2 be d ay e & fall 0 w e


the (a)ven era/te/d ha b/i/t e as p lace ssssee n f0ra the see k in g's~ un t0/0 s pi re all y e w/t re e 0n ly e w/in e in/n 0.gg/i/n t0 t rad e radi in site ad e ven st/aid a wared ears till e 0le a d f0r/t/h/e nan0 gram e ad ness i/e ven 0 w/pen seall and~0ve rt ran s~w/he at e 2 care rye 0n e pre p0'sing just it 2 be e ch0 cause t in d us t ry e~us ly e c any 0n eve f0r mer e lasting f0und e n0'se bee line d 0le t hin di me 0 ver t hy me nature all eaf cl0 thing e st alt w/00 d in m.0.re T'all 0/w/h0uld ye p/art/i/c/pate/in/g0/n~hap pi le 0ft

g0 all 0ng = n = with a t el+l = h g/r/0wn l0ng in g~ l/is ten al(l)a r0und f air e t0/0 f in d are pr0w tin pina f0 r ay e seen raw e ave n t0/0 te as e~g i'ven t'use dayes aid ewe ap part 2 by e hear t e.g. ram X amp le~um bum aid free d0 me 0n e t ear ear seen e clear e in 0.f/f in g


g u m e`vien 0dd is re sin fr0m pi ne that d0es n0t "pine" f0r the sky e 0r c0-h0sta n0r pin-e-in-p-lace for the-m-0-s-ta- fiction all re pre sent aint i 0n e wi'de yes- childe be-d-raw-n- a lie are w/ ch0ice 2 pers0nally e s0w e d0e


t-rac-i- moved on fast to higherr0r "corporate" management b-road-side-d-act-yl-ie-n- and was replace-d- with bye-be aka "libbi" w-h-0 took her sh-0-rt- insecurities out on me in facetious reviews that i didn't smile enough. The fact is I do smile, and my quality of engagement is pre sent. I do not stand around smiling at no one, and a clown on com-man-d- i not what i signed up -e- for -e- among other imp-ull-say-s-, i detected in her conversation, that she got her point of reference from t-rac-i- any -e- way-e-. s0 2 years of dedicated work to meet their scheduling, sometimes working until midnight to return at 5 am for training in a new department. I am sayin, their scheduling by design owns you, and they pride their self as the container for your sole to shine insoluble. but once you step off, and the p-ain-t- d-rie scene as s-0- there is no reconstituting the "problem" that was present the hole time, it simply masqueraded behind words spoken without meaning.

in short, that is how t-rac-i- succeeded apparent ly -in-disguise-t-keel-d-irect-i-on-all-y-e-

lets just say i didn't learn the value of kissing-ass while i worked there. and if the customer is all wayes right, then it is imperative to recognize the employee as a customer, and not just stepping st-0n-e- to hiher corporate management withou tend

g0ing f0r e war d i/n e re all i ty e, Avesta should do the same actually e, and not use me for its bargaining chi(-m-)p. It is thought-full- t-hat-daphid thinks to "pray" for legitamizing h-is -0-pen waste of every e w0man act u all y e thrU me, -and- seeks a monentary advantage -tu-be-ap-pen-d-i.d-t0 me, ie to pay for his large(ass)ess in the fir-stinte-d-place-inn-f0r-m-in-g- a cair e for no body e w/(h)ear

the irony is a chimp in nature is probab ly closer to g0/0d t han a "man" honest ly e (?) being a c -him-p aul his life h-act-in-g-

with regards to Haul Lie at Ave-st-a- and her p-rim note t hat she didn't know i was taking me-shell to court, there fore my lease violations for having art in the art room, would stand with re-cog-ni-ti-on-e-g.ain- along with 2 years of panning me and others here, complaining of the same "person", and others moved, because they recognized that "avesta" did not provide a rational choice to live t here / as with any w here.

that is the welling source of indignity of living thru "avesta" like t-rac-i- s-mear-ly-e- using the employees as stepping st.0nes (you don't see from the scene or-e- unscene). Avesta wants me to be responsible for a reduced rent via the government that com-man-ds ? t-hem to compete on the disadvantage note-abl-ie- ?

it is a double indignity e caught in a bare-all-of a p00p-l00p-that "avesta" with apparent dignity, does not seem 2 c air e t00 live in act u all y e

i am saying thru my own experience, that reduced income, seems to make certain "people" think you are of less value to contribute a net worth of any quest 0n e.g. irth as with be(a)rth. It is ill fitting, when you surmise, t-hey see you as un inn ten t~i 0n e at "best" : w hitch is t0 say e, in my estimation people usually project out of their / t-heir 0wn adv0cati0n e : be it to rise to the occasion and 0/0re not to rise with k/n0/w ellevati0n e.

Haul Lie did not "know" i was taking Me-s/hell to court high-d-scene within -i/t- that it does not matter whether Haul Lie "knew" or not-act-the-time-, the point she is hiding-is -that she does not c are t0 c air e in the first place vein ly 0.f/t/en 0.ugh. Haul Lie as with D-ave-D- are both lie-arse "fare" ie if you are rati0n all "x" pect-u-be- use-d- g0/0d f0r e n0thing seen in re all i ty e speaking's with y meaning ave r age* st re am in g's- ire on i/c, that i did their job in the first place with me-s/hell all the way e to c-our-t- reluctantly, and n-0-w-e- Haul Lie would like to s(-t-)ay-e- that

*g ave r age st re am in g's (is e guest e vein s)


trans-late is not en/0ugh f0re the pre sent an d ye re ad ye.g. ain an d~0ve t0 le (a)nd f0r/t/e vein 0.f/f/t en 0n e 2 nigh t' be e t rue in Paris 00t h e ave n lye well in g's~us t0 ma mey e app le in air ing eye may kin e cess air ye fr0/m/e bbe.g. i/n inn g pr0 f0nd fr0nd f0und ly e 0n0. f/f e i/r 0n e

i think it is interesting that ton/gue is an organ for articulating (free) speech 2'0 speak i'm/age (ye)0n e re-dud-an-t-lay-e-as-aw-art-i-fac-t- an d 0/rgan used for scent 0/0 x 2 eye imag/i/ne t hat, & in par t i/c u lar kin 0x 0/r e lam b, ass f00d (not for/m/e literall y e pear~0 figuratively e by e h/e/a/r/t/h/~0/m/e/t/a re lay T in ste ed' stead ye state. g. r/ass es nnake dbe e~ & t0/n/g's t0 pick up t hing es, an d, 'meet' in g litter at ie_under e. g.r0und chin ease 0 f0re dim sum t0/0the see lean fl00r e fi0re yes ee discerning' s0/me sim pull ee desire able d front ally e aft ear n est int0/u/r/e f0ur sing~ust 0 p0wer e m00r r00m er ry e. g.lances ings


ruminations from a wee s-hall0w ee jail b re a k/eye~t0 empress m0re s 2 are d00r e in right ye in ad dress

cow 0x ruminator grass feeders and rumen the first stomach is the 'throat' in origin 2 sum mitt and t0/u/r/ uminate is t0 'chew ed 0 ver' e g.r0und

rumination fall 0 ws pr0ut yew/ a p0reTall an d 0wn s0 le vein ave t0/u/r ayes t'r00f in nature radii c all ye sp0re in g f0r/m/00r e t0uche ` yew e fr0/m/00ring 2~sp0re ting 0 p.r.i'me ti'me t0/0 L00 man age in g4 prancinn rein d ear e m.0.re & m0ire' t0/0le yew e thrU le in at ten ti 0n e 2 day T e 0n ly e t re e fine ants ky in b re ad 0 pen lea fa t her e g re e as eye T'all 0 w/i she~p / sheep / ship beau ti fully e t0wn igh t her e frain e b~l0ng's 0/ng e ringing b right igh t~ is 0a/k 2 br0/ke w hen the bees warm in g 0/n inny e way e t'f0~all ad yes h0~ut e n0r e pr0w t iN/N/ZZ's ag ain ear est 0 ma ke fir e fresh ue


p.s. all the killings of "cops" and "robbers" and run of the m-ill "thugs" in the lee-gall system t0/0 the bit-t-are-nd- 0f-t-he-ju-st-judge- n0t 0ne is putting their life 0n e the li(0)ne f0re ye w/eaven an d s mi/le s 0b serve d fr0/m/e "advance-sing-fur-t-her-e-"in + n 0.ggin pre serve th in g/r/ace sayes w/heat re fi/ne in am 00r un d0/n e w/h0~ut re t rac t in/n g's us light as a fe at her e in g

the on ly thing consistent in this-0n-par- i-r-0n-y-e- is "golf" was technically - speaking - a "man's club one ly e in origination" and 'para' is irregular ly? a-miss -in? g?


just like the current pope postulates that the church is a giving thing and women in it need not be "spinsters" and haphazards hags apparently, and yet i have to question the h 2 ad h-0-c0mmand -h-agriculture all y e speaking all 0n e. i mean why are men not accountable in this loopy-fruit-full-rend-i-t-i-on-e- 2- foist aire -&- stare re-dud-ant-ly-e- vain si-lent-ly-e- "A Ware" -2- pr0se-pair- at the covere-d- imp-asses t hat t hay did not "sew" un t0 e-w-e-ft -&- war-p-ed- meant f0r woman own lie 2 c-0ver-&-( not discover 2 kn0 t 2 b re ad fact u allay e ie ye am the protector 0 me, and i certainly do not need a "man" to re-ap-air-e- for his h-0a-ll-0-w/-(h)ear-t-d-fine-d- in 0 ne ti'me t0gether e s0w e g0 h0 st0ry e h0st0rey e surmise in place a ware in nature cur/rant eye c an eat it any e way e put i/t hare.

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a demonstrate ably godless society became "m.0.re" through a "noun" use e & wan-e-noose-e-&-set-the-s-am-e-industryiou-s-ly-e-t0-w-in-habit-at-m00r-r00m-2-d-u-e- (or d-u-d w-ould st-ar-e- ye-w-in the face ven tw/h0 0d i/n sham e name d f0/r/t/h/e public g0/0d ly & measured thrU t0/0 d= ata t00 d e w/ e in reflecti0nes h0me 0 st/a sis aw e re ward eed~f0re x 4 H eave N inn Directi0nes p/r0ut e.g.r0w/ hup 2 eve in mor eye in hand y e in ste ad e t 2 fall 0 w/in p.r.i'de s~hall 0 we in/c


singing and "law" apparently have the signature of sustainability inherent in / 0f. kn0w 0ne 0f ull time mate 0rigin em en thinks t rite ly e tu`my face "like" the "te-n-or-e" of awareness 0f t he "ti-me-s" a-w-ke`


ute a utility vehicle to enjoy chiefly displacing in a t rib e yet tu` dayT eX pen sieve ly e as tar e c/ar ry e vein -2- de-man-d-c0m-man-d-c0m-man-chi-lan-d-i-p.r.-ides-cene s-till-0n-fi-re-2-in-n="m"-e-tier -4- t-raids-(h)i-re- 0wnly st-r/angers-p0-re-pr0-0f-ly-e-n-0w-e-t'alla-r0und-e-vain= a t-0-t-all-"law-st"en-ti-me.-g.-ad-ly-e- (rather than be stinte-d- act u all y e) (by & by e thinking it hr U le ave n ta wh0le a hand inn re cepti0n ewe ar nan d0 le~ar(e)n tm e` vein e maid in unity e same in g. am e


rumination in fall0w thru tm's hall 0 we g0/n~

i was taking to jail for rollerblading without a rear view mirror apparent ly e which is to say i have written e "criminal record" for "wearing spandex" in truth, i was wear ing "lycra" the trade mark that didn't give me straight passage to use my roller blades purchased in the marketplace t0 me vain m-aid-2-sub-st-ant-i-ate-a fact-0re of n0-0n-e-as-b-4-x-f0-re-

short story, when someone ste-alls from y0u, energy / pr0duct you see the world different ly as p bef0re in c/0/m/e thrU le ase w/hat' have yew in d0w e dress in g f0r an d cut' cl0th as k leed & lei kit if fe were are ware placing i/n measure in g fxfall 0 t0/0 be am use d faith fully e reap air ing


w hinges of t hinges is to eat and do o with a choice a ration all choice 4 completion by com peat i 0n e we are all vert i c/all in 2 ti'me


couples cant complain about alll that has sanctioned their love not on a pre miss even of

any ew way across the b road b0ard withinn and with0 ut


sayiing i shouldnt hink in my own apt ness and this is w hat they are p ass in g on e


traci mearly mirroring a man un be spoken in my time

dan k night if the premiss were k 2 right in b road day e light all s0w e


s lee p bay e be e Miss eye Re Present a b/ide s~in t0 e ye in pr.ide 2 way e ti'me

sharon has to see no ownly inn -2- sputter an -d-t-ire-un-f-air-e-


inherently i fora n eye have a relation ship with my self reflective ly e as e w/ell w/hell w/he'll with he will per haps un derstand the need s0/me day e n0 0ne t0'0le t'0le may ke te am this e m0urning 0/n e h and i/n ett u` h and be w/0'0le we


p lease inn f0r am david i am not his ho to show on in memory e -&- mammary- he has t m 0r0 -n regard f0ra re all ye sun shine D f0r/t/m/e tw/h0uld act yl ly e t0/0 m (h)is unfavorable. g.as sin the wake 0ft en 0n e mem0ry e ye pr0v i.e. di.d. eed a s eye debt 0m e t0/0 x 2~ w/(h)ind ata dada dvance vein s~e am e in c0/re p0re(t/e) ate d as aid/0 0n e dunes and beck 0n e pr0 f0und ly e ar ranged 2's ap pr0ve in s kin thinking 0n the line in 0 pen 2 time in g - rather than g-raft-tin-imp-ass-0n-min e ten 0n e vein s~ti'll


cant provide virtues without follow thru e vein t0/0

balance = b/all ance = an see m ans~w/hear e garding 0/ft en 0n es ti'll eave n th rill


w hat d-ave-id- is "doing" or "dueing" is attempting to prevent me from thinking on premise much less thinking f0r e all and -Ave-st-a-?- in enabling this "f0ul" be-h-ave-eeyore- "2" take p l/ace



i am "fighting" apparent lie to have my own nem reflection in the world even inn vein. i should nt have to "fight" "2" "miss represent" my self among your "self"

i should be maid to see similarly in teh "wor"l"d" love of g0/0d has made, me not factor a ware in speaking fair e t0 w/hear e


by demonstrating the "law" and the "law" "you" "were" and the judge, that is imp ly out dated ie in gravitye with grace use e is jude as is cariot care ye 0t / t0 w/(h)in (d) re flection 2 day te 0r carry ri0t "may" "be"

def = peep hole

charity doesn't feed by X amp le t0'0'le a fe/e d ye relatively in k nead 00 pen ly e pr0vided t0 0ver e f0ur e lief cc.l0ver t


tiff in c0mputing and plain tiff just the same if the fi le seen are "kn0-t-law-st-in-t-im-e-2-make-insignifican-t-my d ear e ye

i quest i 0ne the w00den in ten ti 0n e 2 "kn0-w-e" furt(ive)her e with0ut d/est/i/nati0n e in mind i.d. ness 2 a d00r e in ewe (-a-ve-r-ses- t-heft' 0w/0ve ye w/right e d.0.b.~ 0d/dy e sp0ken e w/aken h0 0k sir prize : 11 is 2 ll's an d a d00r e vs "no-el" and "san-ta"-w-/ailing "rights" 0n "porpoise" -2- cut the s pi ne 0ut 0f living k in d ness ee be ame in e min e : h/at check be.c. aim hatche -t-b-ye "desire" -0n-e-t0-u-r-e-st-0r-e- ye hardly think "your" christ has come "too-l-as-t-in-t-f-r0-m-ass--sayes- fr0/m t he ar t less as f/act u ally e tact less w/hind ewe c an s~ee ma st~ifxf~i t ry e

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p lease n0te ye put a met(i)er e 0ne my d00r e as rest as~s/u/red ;) eye have enough 0 t0 w0rk -0n- which doesn't seem to meet stand-ar-d- requirement scene for a push-y- neighb-ore t-hat "wants" t0-r0-man-see-me-, officer dank night 4 w hitch e my T be dan knight if the k in (n0.ta be/ne) b/re/ad in b/r0ad aye light we/re 0k & st-nick*-from-the-cry-sis-ent-ear -2- fall-0-a tune 0f indifference sky-hi-de- the n -&- kn0 t "the" absurd aries man and his pisces wife, and their -2- children -4- st-rife & rife-all-a-, for which i watched her hel-lp her husband swindle money from me, in a perfect pre-miss, he speaking overt ly incessantly, and she mumbling lowly gap arrently to no one -x- cept me -2-? without actually speaking 2 each other with interest ? thru, from bu-x-t0n c-h-arms. the deets steed f aster ra ta nks t0ma me t0/0 st 0ne e-d- fr0/m/e~et e ta in place seen and unseen as aft f0re territ0rial f0rce 0f am 0 re d sieve d i/n d~i.d. esire fi re all s0w e inc 0m/b 2 be a ware 0ft plenty e l0uses-li-c-e- from a per-s0n-all-a-imp0siti0n-e- mir-age-2-x-t0/0-d-ud-e- = s0w e Yes, the c0nv0 time s/p/ace n/r/gy e has been -p-ushe-d- side -way-e-s- 2 ac c0unt 4 my e time 2 dayT and Fall 0 e X ceed in g lee *ps t' 'nick' means steal alla s0w e g0 : p.s. if i am apparently not using h when i am not speaking literally 2 you it would seam, that would in deed mean i am the finger of g0/0d, ie virtu`e all y e ;) am not speaking litter ally and therefore Hydr0gen c an't pass as a gas in the universe abundant in me X cept virtually 2 yewe literally underst0/0d e, as H is not on earth, and yet, i am not apparently e speaking 0n/e 0ne and yet i am fir.st 0 pass g0/0d ass gas thru min finger in g ps please look up thrummin ow/h0n e your own fingering if t~you want t0~e~ f0/0d ame ar e n0un & eve in 0dd i/s 0/m e t0/0~be faith fully f0und : h isthe higher L 2 be f0und well and pass well~s pin stir ing ri/s/t 2 mi'll i 0n e

ap paul 0 g's

there are a lot of loose thread seen in my head and it akes time t0 bring f0rth in d measuring as t re e/in s0we w/pressing and fully questionable -me/as/u/re/s- i continue, eve in t0 h0y~st mast 2 unfinished ata pre sent 0we re d raw en e we ft ed f0rum e t0 me at 0 t'all ac 0 h0st e 2 time all 0n e in te.g. r/i t~tye litterall t0/0 s pi ri t u all 0 ver t in vert i call and h0r i z0n Tall ~ the fact is in pr0cess~ and ew c an see the t hr e ads in reap air ave n : again ap paul 0 g's 4 the st ate of discontent with0ut ap peal eX cept 2 stir y0ur 0wn se-X-less f0-0dd-er-r- in my pr0visi0n e st e/e l a w/rite in sigh t : w hat is k/new e 0n e this 0l0ng e wave is a site map 0 s0rts, t0/0 be updated in r0und measure all s0w e. The conversation moves ide ways acr0ss the land and that is where a lot of my time has been bun-g-e-d- up -e- with more sorting t0/0d 00 + build the b ridges t0w e gether e : new theme is tanks (the h is si lent or miss~sing all the same) and tanks is the conversation after eye uploaded the website. again the bridges, are not in place, however there is a link to see the raw work in progress, and a h in/t and that is the access now to f0ll0w the fl0w is not thru the obvious links to click on to go home or fore or aft, it is thru the conversation e r0ut e ye w/hall a pass : the sight map ushers in a new theme of regard t0 p00p l00p in g ear nest yle ly e & furthers the pr0gress and reas0n e f0re the need t00 d00 w/hussing 0vary e sec0nd t0p r.im e in re flecti0n e vein 0wn ly e t0 me // substantiating the need to continue the converse sate i 0n e w/t me/ta 4 re all a pre miss 2 s0/n e alls 0we ft & warp / a page that works for the most part e

time ye ma k is say a way of w0rding il t0 g re at vertically 0ss0 2 s0w e 0n e just a-scene s-ways a w0rd-in-n-t0=be-in-g-her-d-act-y-l-y-e-sir-round-e-d-un-verse-all-y-e-see-lea-r-e- 2 never be am aid in fi re flecti0n e m's affl0wer e f air e // 2 clarify the c0nversati0n e 0ne met at the same time t' 0m aye ke pr0 fuse. g.l0!w/e beh0ld as a w/h0le a/ny directi0n pr0w t 00 d 0/0 2 eve in fig.u/r/a ti've ly e b re ad in s/ite head pi/ne/al la/m s0/m~et 0/m~e~in rich c raft ed c0mp any e. g.lances aid raw in g as plum bum a ware s~ wit h0~ut a c/ar ry e wit' rut (h)-h-un-fair-e-ye-w-hi-t-e-r/ra-re-a-s0n-e-f-ist-able-x-2-be-scene-"0wn" "+" "l-ie-" gion prat fall "fa(ye)ble" int said in y-0-u-r-m0uth-a(-y-)bel-l0w-e-

the b ridge is p00p in g st r/0/n g's us tain ably e 0n e m0re lay T e r r a s0/n era ft ers tri angle u lar k in d i/s as ter e plan T~iT in ear e free d0 kn0 w/(h)arm am eye = app le a ll a ye in dyne at mine c0mp eat 2 t in e pin nac le. g. l is ten 0n ear all a r0und


she was ag(a)hast the guess stayed as he ar e Miss Stake 2 c0m p art me(a)nT ally's answ/ear ing faith in a must ard "see-d" f0r e fi re & fi/n ans/ee ni~ hig~her e in ring 0all e den t0 me in Tea Time vein st re am in g's teed dilly e.g. ap as she/ar tp u/re


the c/hie/f~use 0f ni/ck/e~l is ten seen in y'all (h)0ys, eXspecially e with i/r 0./n e t0 which it~i'm apart in te.g.ritty a ware c0p per an d c0/in/age = dem0/n e the nick~el0!ve in a cr0ss 2 fail beh0l-d- c0p-per in X c/h/ang/e in t an/g.le n t'd 0~ wen fair e ly e ffe(hea)d


half is have 2 have vein/n 0 h arm d0/ve see b ranch 4 landing wh0le & flying' s0ul' s0l0 ver e allt0 e~vein k eel ing ti mer ry e s0/me w/h0 haye w hat e ver tu`e vein e ye // ye c an see it is f0r reall // "sitting" on the radiator e g rill a ware "invites-it"as "0ft"-en-0n-e-


s-he w-/as aghast the part-y- didn't go on in time as h0w 0uld t-hey pay the rent ap parent fi ne -x-cept t0 be seen as >seal-lie-per-pet-u-ally-ew/-(h)ive-s-2-split-he-c0-s-t< me n d

she was aghast he g0 0ns wear f0r e hi re w/(-h-)aving pis st0les -4- pi st00ls fi-re-ring-in-n-ing-sup-lie-d-serve-d0n-ny-e-para lies tall t0 me by my self una ware all s0w e' dee p eed : c0n-tracti0n-doesnot make 4 complete interaction


she was agahast he thought the con-traction-e would be "everlasting"

dec 21, 2017. i am pulling notes that sat outside the website building software frame, probably never got too, to refine. nonetheless, i am putting them in the frame, and you can be with the raw unfiltered process if you want. this was a video i did recently, after completing www.preem0.com to my satisfaction // explaining the value of the process, etc

she was agahast the con-tracti0n- "thought" it could L as T 0ut in dee pen dent ly e 2 day T w/

which brings me t00 p0rn0graphy and many and-y-e-s that are s-hill 2 fall 0 pr0w tin time in g, i quest i 0ne the adult inn-fancy of grown men to sustain t-heir im-age- 2- s-co-r-e- women in be-d- with the fa-cult-y-e- of infant awareness masquerai-d-ing as an a-d-ult with bet tair e kn0w e apparently 2 ... i question this along -with- the witholding of funds for a living t'rut -h-inns-um-m0n-m0re-0n-e- t-ill kingdumcum ist pr0wt "0" t0 w er e without 0/u/r e

the premiss of the relationship i quest i 0n e 0f the c0urse 0f all t hat g0/0d has given t`me t/00 c0nsume ta f0re d00 in g0/0d fl0ra ll 0t an 0at 0t'up bef0re sup up a with n0 0ne s had 0~w e


the b0tt0m line is w hat yew/ (h)ave bee n in righ t re e fl0w/er e flexi0n e m X men t 0 pen e c0/m e in/n u/d/e/w~ake new e bu0y e y0u be tu`~ne w/h0~ut en d i/n g

w hat you have bee-n- the lie-0n-the- lam,

wear what you have been as with direction tube given a choice in how you go forth e with me actually e

"like"a s-ad ulterer with k n0 w e b0 ddy e act u all y e

"like" a nun -0-n-e-yew sw/(h)inge hi hew with no chari0t ube ak 0n e pr0visi0n e m c0n e vein

best to not have demonstrated virtues to pre empt the "rise" and "fall" owe w/ining income to swallow shell ot to e

list less en-d- listen approximately in position fo-e-re charity by-e-write-ly-ad-y-ad-da-lie dalleiance -4-x-f- the feeble min dead 2 seam capable at a glance 0f a base note nor (eef) of re flexion x flection too c are ve t te ta te

in sole lents by taking from ew/h0 pay on my rent 2 ten t

be the tare 2 weigh t'he ave n ere A pair e in life at' d well e thru le at ten ti 0n ew/e n d c0nundrum be a b/re/a/k thrU evein 0/fxf tetra s fe ir 0n e

take up with supperiours what is necessity make lean sing, that is the grace in continue unity that you see k

wit h0st0rey e (0f wh0le ly e st0rey e w/ear e w/air e) my pri0r i tyes have all ready been established 2 just be cause vein 0.f ten inc 0re p0re ate d0~ve

i am not qwuestioing ornography i am questioning the conditions of merit to to sustain your infan fancy in ye ars

take it up with upper management and not -d-ick-t-ate on my life -w-e-2-

b 0t 0x i city e yolk t yoke to ei egg t hat matt hairs mo st-

nem atic by he-ar-t-l-ift(it)ed "tragic(trick-eye-m-"ache" re-plea-t-f0r-ai-l-i-fe-)

w(h)ind yaw up aws uss t0uch t'up c0mp eat stem marrow a gl0ry e pup a pp le,

i am the app le ate 2 s0w e h00 p all aw/ pr0bability e vein e 0n e c(h)0m e c0m peat 0n e f0ra ft ers un d 0/wn e vin e w/hi te b lak 2 day Te land air an seas 0/neS~0le nt in eye t0 me = t0'0le y0ur 0wn see k in g s08l 0n the same plane bi plain are ly e vein s~end bend i/n ti'me inn f0ra st.ay e fl0ra r0h0se

untidy mess age of c0mbining all that is inn sane with scope and fill te rs universeally e trUe time in g and not let helter skelter run all over my she lt ers m0nsw00n ere me dy e t0/0 th ake

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