Haul Lies Prague w/ Re visiOn Eve in/n

From: Angela Cook <xubrnt@me.com>

Subject: et tu de Day T

Date: January 7, 2015 7:37:26 PM EST

To: Tom Moulton <tom@qu/?irk 0re q/u?ark.com>, Hollie Sprague <hsprague@avestahousing.org>, Paul Drinan <w?hat?ever?as?re?ad?in t hen 0 pen.gmail.com>, Susan Hasson <s?has?son@a kn0ck cough?>


This is evidence to present in court in case you forget to be wh0le. Please coordinate this with D-avi-d- as i am not his mol la to roll a w/(h)o-'ol e

// please note, you can reference this 0nline as the tranfer from my website software to the email page, has tweaked the nuances in de/liberate tac t0 me make seen legible at any heart' rate

I have contacted your organization for over 2 years as others that used to live here, however were not given a rational choice by your organization to continue to live here, without being preyed upon by the person your organization has also enabled, to prey fore, a questionable income i assert going for/me reward.

Plainly stated, I advocate from a position for completion with the prime number e 0n/e vein, that can neYe & can T Di/vide into any e wh0le a number and leave it wh0le an t0/0 x 2 Ac c0unt en ants even 0n e the same time in line s/tip/u/ll/ate/d 0ver ti'me c/calculate d p.r.i'me vs a fract-ion unaccountenable t00the h-ole 0f "heave-n-" (a predictable bi-pro-d-uct of thought-less sir-rend-er-2-day-t-raid-m-ark w/ migh-t (f0ra myT) with no reason e front~ally e pr0ceeding as saga~city's trait en the ma/ke in g 2/0 we' di.d. inn e.g. race says een e made n0w e b~laces una f/ray ed w/(h)aces h0/0k and f0rce c00k/e ar/ray in re place sayes -0- forsaking the all ready forso-oking your management hast- en-0n-e-in-g-b l00-t-u/be a maiden in "aid" for competition -eye- t-rad-e-n- the marketplace -zzzz-s-t(h)at "ny-quill" will kn0 t' leave t/races veritable w/h-is-said faces-t-

"x" cess "sayes"and "siezes" sound the "say-me-as"sets (h)ave faces-ue-w0n-in-p-laces- unquestioned as-s-lide- lai- day-a- long as kn0 t0/ne c/an di/g fr0m the r00t' up-aw-near-0 : ? : quest i 0n e m/ark e/t tu` be t0'0le i hear d in ner0 <twill make a fair 0/ut 0 me> 0n acc0unt 0f my her 0 meriting 0f/f c0urse c(h)0re~us in g u lar ly e s0/n~g i/n the r0und c0ntinuitye 0n e s0und(0ve)b/0und eed i.d. lit~tel le/a ve t~p/ear~0 be lea f0r/m/e f0rth c0me in g's us see k in re leaf act u all y e/ars e/a s0/n ally e in the sa.m.e re lea f i/n g~

0/ne b/right a b(eye)b0und & propo-G-ate-D- in-n the very e questi0nable "stability e" the0ry e tw/h0 have tits nare ye Day e 0ne in sight en 0n e m/in re duct~i 0n e/f una fray ed as t0/wn est 0n e day T re ad/0 e ast du/ne 0n e in 0 pen eye may ke nem in im and y-ewer "miss took" for-a f-rack f-rake -&- w/"h0"-your-0we-n- "h0-0k" ad-h0-k- in me~t~i~her S aim~e at he same time sp0ke n an/d lay e at fe at e t0 me may ke & fe at her 4 a re tr e at in t'anny e w/-het-her-e- an0 new e by Miss Take new e bet here ef air e f0r/m/0 vary e t hing e w/ing s 2 flye in sin g es~ 2 take care of your fun-eye-"0ne"eye-d-&-my0pic-st-0re-yes- fuc ked tup 0uta luc // p/ lucked Kn0ck y0ur "P.C" ie Pis-sy S-hi-t- 0f/f~ as fairly spoken you don't have a right a sh0w hup~ up a ul ed uple X int0/0 t'raw/(hal)ling 0ver t i'me t pupil with an uncertain re-med-ye- on the 0ther side of 'L" in/ten/ti/0n/all/y/e met with on the other side of he'll ? (as the "contraction" and "expansion" ar the same d irection tbd fine ally earn ed ebt 2 tail ass 0 w hat' ave the eL ast 0)

verse-sus-st-and commonly e re-noun-e-see- for-ray-e- very e thing(e) c0ntained- in sit u 0n si-te- except fore c0mpleti0n are~nt'~n0se be' right i~n~ear e t00 th's hare as/u/re it g.r0w/s t/airs and be am aid en/0ugh 0 pen ly e relay T inn 0n/e my 0wn if ne/e/d be restating 0/n the sim pull ee plain bi plane in g : in aim V pr0se pair le X planeD & pr0/min/an t LY e/re st ate D e vane by Name be~w/~eb /right * pr0p0rti0n ate l~lye te t0n eye T (0/U/r/e a) p/ave/in/gs~ re luck tan t ly e pave`dia/m.0/n/d~s~f0r/m/e m0.st h0spitably e t0~m(b) an d~ thr0~wn (h)i'm in fall 0 w e

*tp = ta ke * p/l/ace w/h~t'0il et pay per f/ace 2 face = if yu do not fact0r e right yu get to wear yur s-hi-t on yur face in the 0 pen 2 relay T in diss e.g/r/ace w~itch is to say, until you get your shit rite righ~t w/me actually e w/rite vein an D

*kep = ta ke place we * kept 2 catch all s0w e in c0re p0re ate d = day T e deci (10) be l+l and/0~ve me/as/u/re = framed in (a ram that could would as sh0uld put tup in p l0ve l0cket inc0rp0reate d aye Table ad aTa ll eaven D 0 all "vs" d-0le- (as the charitable pity function does not care to cloth or feed or reap air e actually a ware in me as u/re with and eye w/eb 0/d dy e 2 geTher anD /---neither d0 the politician scene for or against such things, without hinges 2 speak and just be/ck 0n e c0mp eat ly e Seen Sustainably e by the Scene using my f aire right 2 speak be-seeching-lie-n-) x (using me sufficient-lie "2" not be a m-aid-0u-b-t 0 pen ly e sustain n g lee (h)0ve re all t hinge s~)

*we k= weak 0re week ly e be/e 2 h 0ne y e X tra 0rdinareye ly e 2 c0mp air e act u all ye f aire X f are f0re x 4 in the ma/y/ke in g's U m(e) 0ne ye w0rth taye/ke/in/g m.0.~0/ring 2 m.0.re. g.ard/en/ing' si'mp/le x p le as/u/res 0 breaking' spre~ad b re ad 2 re st 0r e w/hat' k/n0/t e(h)a/ve (as hat w/a face t0/U/re lay T in e. g./race s aid)

plainly i am not guilty of your crime of dilating' stupid did-a-lid-del-lied-ly-e-in time n0r e wanting that t0 be my rinD f0re Destinati0ns ample ins f0r n0 reas0n t0 relay T 2 -T- 0wn- lie- f0/r/ni/c/ate -t0e- and- make s0me 0ne else w/(h)ear unscene fr0m (the "neewewews" yu see-k0n per-p0se with me w/ n0 inherent r0ve t' r0se will ing lye & lean inn re p0 se.g. integrated as the daye first merit i sp0ke w/heall/th -alla-m0-d-e in your estimation s-0l-d- as f0-l-d-as-d-ee-d-0w-e-d-0-) the(-a-)d- in-n yew/(h)e "crea-t-ed" t-hay can't seem to speak in singular unis0/n And be hear directi0n e f/aire f/0ur e sim pull ea re lay t in g~ ustainable~ye myT ad f0ra re as 0n e in (h)and ata plan aT in kn0wing advance // scene f0r n0thing in your sensibilities 2 day T wit/h-un unsurrendered en0ugh 20 c0ntain ass-T- c0ntent ass-ed- c0ntend and~rye VenD in my name // pr0 p~air un di/spute d eb t hair e 2 re pate as hare's t/ruth er suit e in un day Te~D/0wn e mayTD

*hun= a reckless feckless uncivilized destroyer of something* / usually masquera(-i-)ding as the opposite of his "character"scene perp-e-p-rat-e-ing -f0r-e-p-late-in-g- (with0ut first p/ate in g's) / *s0me thing that is n0t st ate D en/0f/f ten 0n e 2 be heard the first X eve in/n s0/m e` vein e(The -hun- sh0uld a been t0l-d- "2" take his "t-r0t-s-" h0 me 0re he w0nt have 0ne 2 call 0wn x l0/an sw/(h)ear t/h 2 f0 all and fall 0 w e in/c0re p0re ate d's traw l0!)

I have taken pa(i)ns to (sustain what i put in the pan or what is put in my pan/ell 0ver e vie w/ too) dilate every e a/n/at/0m/i/c/all letter:r/aire in the f0rum t0 day Te the ret "law" and "marketplace" with Miss Ta/ke & adv0cate f0r e. g.0/0d manners and man airs as s0w~w/(h)0n e with0~ut apparently e thinking 2 ist 0/0 t'up~end the mitigated "st"rife, of your e- own organizations- lawyer to re-side-and-re-tool-an-im-age-2-hi/s-l(-i-)e-d-e- without thinking 2 b/right and straigh~t' trait 00 the ave ns lee pi/n e all gravitye planar e X (times c0untered a ware ness e vein the plate n seen f0r e/at in/n) plain ly e're st~ate t0/0 d/0~ve in th0 pen ist 0 gl0ve ye rem0ve d/0f/fan g0/n app0inte d : fair e the nap, nape, nap kins, nap pin/g hast no form/all injunction e with0ut intr0 duct~i/0ne ttu` lie w/hinges in g/race with a ch0ice t0 w/(h)ay e be seen f0/r/m/(e)all eye in/her~ent as vested apt ly apparent in e very e b/0 d/dy e w/(h)eave the (a)d & lie d(e) layes a/i t/hr/ead in directi0n allaye in the time r/i~t~ri seen -0re- scene capitalizing 0/n e the s/lan/t p.r.0ve/ye d.i.d. 0 w/(h)ing(e)s c0mp eat eff 0r any 0n i man/na~s'ay/eye with 2 re treat 4 c0mp eat pleat and c0mpletes~trait an arr0w e in c0re p0re ate d fair 0 act yl ly e 0n e me`vein & e very e t hinge s aid. per i 0dd. in c0untenable mur age 2 symmetrically beef "found-ebt-0ut" 0~vert causa ra(h)ti0nall in na.m.e se X es aid t'ruth in d~paris t'rue v0luti0n e merit w/h0 0d 00 just be cause we c an say tan ave tt industry 0/us ly e @ habit e 2 b re ad & b l00 t0/0t u`tu am0rtize f0 0d e w/hew~c/ar r0t 0 pr0 0f/f~e~i/r/ 0n e p00p awn ewe (check the ref / the pawn is the pan e vein) t0/0 d0/0 rue let 2 r0 at wh/0 wan e 0n e thel i 0ther side 0f the d0l?lar kin e w/(h)it~h0 wax in g p0were sts us taine D0/0r e 0 pen 2 a vie w/hin+n c0re p0re ate d td ew ed 0/0~v(i)e w/h0/0~ve tted ue / the r0ta wheel ed ewe tu`

(tudor is technically accomplished with "half-timbering" and roulette is latin f0re r0ta whee lie per haps teal)

Considering that gravity and grace do not exist in the competitive market place 2 take place And sustainably e relay T 0/me @ pre sent rait e, the 'g' for e. g.ravitye as e (y/east 0 lent w/thea"tre-a-call" reverbibaiting reference be-heading be-hest- 4- b-est-0re b-east-in-tigh-tad-dress-ee-d-0-w/-eek-ly-e-me-s/s-age-me/st-age-st-0/0g-ie-) 2 leavening 0 f0r 0(pe) p.r.i.d.e~s~ fl0w~ere st epp est ing' s aid graces ayes (as-s-ides "relieving-all-temperate-merit-2-take=p-lace" w/ no fer ret 2 t/r/ace that has ey'es x size "worth" x "considering" 2t rait x rayTe & relay T imideities e grace in courage 2 hear e in/ri p/l/ace) and 'x' amp le the prime 0ne with Zer0 harm e d0/ne t0w/(h)aye w/(h)an(d)y e 0n e st~and f0re the times w/(h)e @ live. g. r asp b 2 leaven D/ate table x lee as e with(igh) ly e stab/le an/d c00ke 0n e f/lint' angle / ad c0mp eat a type geni/i played yne tt'i ne tt 2 tut tu`ne e,

I believe the "judge" has been over rated 2 be p-rat-e-ll a lie -2- ju-d-e with n0 g/gin 2 reap air e in face tw/h0~ved face~t Le.g.Landing l/ass 0 s/tan/ding (c.l(h)0ve & c.l(h)eave if ewe can e.g.race fully e tann e tame in the same vein e cavity e pr0 claim in act u all y e) & make time f0r/t/e`r/ra 4 x f0r era e/rate t/hen f0r/m (f0r you and me (h)0ve t0/0 = f0rum use) theref0re the judges is all s0w e ist judas is (with0~ut seG waye 2'0h~0nestly beGin te.g.r/it~tye w/high functi0ning 0n/ eye T ly e tu'de n u/de:): j-u-das is carry riot' has -2- be-en "e" with a time "dated" but not pr0 ray T ever apri0ri (ie i believe "man's" most com-mon feature is "2" reason from "to/o"with indifference to said fall 0 w e thrU and as you must be able to see (or be bable ly in-n kerning yernin gin ginn difference seen as maid x made 2 be re ad pr0 per ly e in be d:dy e s/am/e), 0r if the c/our/t delights in h0st0ry e, "he" can perfunctorily e "be" "2" face sewn face t0 seaming all s0w e in my w/a/ke ye ba/ke ye & ta/ke ye (t0 sh0w y-ewer b-at-ting ave-rage d0e sent 4 scent have a he/art 2 pr0 ve 0re pr0 0f/e 2 b/all ke put up w/it~tyE w hen I succinctly 0wn the park e/ave/n~t0 t0e t0uch d0wn in kn0w e n 2 v en d/0)

Your decision to hold me accountable to the provision you yourself set forth to uphold me-shells behavior to rapaciou-sly-e attain unfair advantage at all c0h0st a's "2" plan "t" ru-e- f0r e very e 0ne in/k with dissaster's etting as with your vetting t0 give & take 0n e the same para di/me ax-is-up-setting-bi- your-e- begat 0re beg(h)ave a made up lease violations for me having art in the art room, begat or beg(h)ave eye promiscious place setting, by saying you didn't know i was taking me-shell to court to cure the curr you sen-t- in-t0-0- d- ue -win-g- land- b-ran-d-e-d- all a round, begat ore beg(h)ave by not really caring to c air e that i have all ready e made in 2 years previous with all the communication i have at hand vetted for my own court case to see for myself that you could understand if you wanted 2, or your are b-lan-d- for the work you heartily subscribe 2 with no net worth, "x" cept 2 be inert "and" s-t-ill hol-d- me accountenable for your belongings you cannot persevere ad 4 re-el vs reed f lax unseen inn fall0 w/eather e s0we in c0re p0re at ed 2 d0~ve rt u`esdayes Marte s'0le sscene lender and perpetuall advancer s-lash 0/u/ r0-man-sir-e-

In 2 d00r theory, I could advance the pre miss that shat on my face with0ut a -t-rac-i- 2 - pre-face-buy-be-break-fast, and drive up the "inter-rest" raye-t-s- that y0ur e-verb be-gat-a-gun"2" becalm "0ne" ye "inn" / "0"f the f-ender b-ender t hat you in-ten-d- 2- super-imp-0's-e- 0n the seen lender e vert`w/h~arr0ws 0ar 0se

As you yourself can see by this time in my art i fact, t hinges ayare kn0 ta w hat' hay e se/am saw. The bottom line ye t'all0w e relati0n ship 2 day te ff an d fall0 w e, you will have to wear what you have given me ie "the s-hi-t""t-igh-t-" for just being relentless ieven in the unseen ie in my head as ay/eye may be Miss InterpretteD -&- being ridiculed by your efforts to relay T with D-avid-act-yl-ly-e-, this is where his pen-is-ends- ew/ right a gain e w/her e as on e men Ds.

I am e. giving you all hinges for/t/e 2 cr0ss in time. The s h0 w eb:be a must g0/n is w hat my g's in sis/t 2 grist 0'me/t/ier advances pur cyst in hist

I will be showing up at court to collect m 0ne y in g0/0d faith you are receptive 2 relay T inn e vein, further, I have a direct 0rder e t0 purchase #105 x0x0 b/a/g/s @ $10 t'each fr0m eye T m0unt g0/0d w/h0~me ye thank f0r all t hata g0/0d has given t0 me t0/U/r e lay T and f0r/m/e T fr0/m/e Dana pers0nally e sir/renTer re/aD i.d. ebt 0re f0ra $1050 p'ea 2 appease if ew/e ll please & David is going to meet and match your hand and hatch the opportunity to men/d even ly e, buy purchasing the same price for my initial product transmuted 2 time to run rab bet 4 rab-bid ar0und t-hem hi-st has made no man na/me 2 stand in & be ye fe/e/D fe d. This is my fe/e t fe at 2 @0ne make you accountenable 2 your lying s-ac wa-v-es with # you quoted t hat i/eye "diss may e d" essential-ly-e- spoke without reason ore with treason, to miss mark and miss manage my as/sets 2 advance with ie as ab/0ve, you begat as begave the advance with no love (heard 0ve) for an "uni-verse-all" eXample of Miss Trust you sought -2- "dust" (for which i am bed raggle d to court again, to skewer e living situation for d air ing to think in my self at all cohost costs, without asking "0-pen" per mission "hen"ough, as if it would be nifty if i let you gif-t- me with plen-t-ye- hap hazard ly and w hen the n doesn't give t 2 b re ad, re all y e -wh0 're- you going to w/h0re - reg"U"ard "Less" 2 0 pen ly sustain your impotence ThrU~ tting ha-bit-e-vie-per-age-ing- & d-rain-in-g- e- vain? scene for constant LY taking and never e gain eye/in gravitye.t a : your poop loop of not carrye n 2, is sustained bye-cause you do not lie w/here lay T pr0per ly e at' sup p0se said berth 0/0 Day T hrU le d/00 r 00d is t/going 'dutch' re ad in n0rgin eye app r0ve as 0 r0/ad & r0d e b(i) t0/0 due reverse ed by pre arrangement 2 mew/ (hi) moulting' z00 that c an per haps car rye thru and b/ear ing's us 0le u able$$seen sent fr0m a b0ve vein ly e t0 me/r ry ein me

Hello Tom Moulton, I want the same fe/e from you fief 0 cast/le due t/00 Be a spectator e 0n ly e fr0nt ally e

"PauL" with the sawz-all- and-"Dri-nan"-

succcinctly e st ated and ar tic u late d

ang rye putting 0n ares x aires you h ave nt g0t t0 t0g 0t 2 t0e vein s0w e st re am in g's yet you see k 2 re finance s-aid-e-sire as ee "say" saw-0f/f ace with your "fe-e-t"? a tit can't t'each // s0 y0u "buy" in yor "off" time 2 ma-ke pi-ty- char-hit-ably if you p-lease? 0n the gener0usLY unsuspecting~ given the g0/0d credence of your n0ble "everything -t00-l0ve-earth-" by stepping on me fir-st- and withol-d-ing my n0w Angry e D00 ste w/e 2 make a ret ern e turd 0f/f ewe nu/de.

this is how paul pads his miss-takes -2-b-perpetual ly in -p-lay-as-p-lace-2-be-a m-aid-0wn- grade-d- w/his rate -2- take off orever anticipating his awe wont be finely spot (as spoken a ll 0t) and put in place in his own s-l0t. paul is actuall delussionall recipeint of his c-harms he takes the c-redit for his face sown on you "son" in "arms" and c-leaves you with the -h-arms surfeting as arms 2 w0rk 0/f//f ("cough-cough") which is t0/0 x 2 and them sUm e ttu`his action to ste-all thunder by fir.st making in an "inn" action, e'ye d0th 0 kn0 ta p pr0ve.

he leaves you "m-aster-ful-lye-e" with the arms you can't really sowe among him WITH NO H0 E w/h0 wh0se wing's 0w e, this fact standing as premiss 2 stand in fact in front of his -aid-act-yl-ly-e- re ference, does not stop him from den-eye-in-g ownership of your frame of reference, without giving the credit he takes the fame, and leaves you to de-all-with his b-lame, fornicated behind him 2 fade and not face, by pulling the rug of sustenance right ware he layed his provisiona ll charm f0r/m/e 2 me/di/a/te as e` thoughtfull advance, t0/0 begin as t0/0 see 2.

except w hat i think it came down 2, is i am a perfectly capable female able to sleep with him & i didnt' want t0/0. i think that is w-ear the dividing li-en- fracture-d- and he acted like "Zeus" -2- put on a show for the new guy -2- sow e the new guy wouldn't fall0 am/y suit e. ironically the new guy i know from the gym and he is a friend and we have regard for each other from this connection, unlike "paul" the h-act-ore s-lash m-0-dell s-lash c/ar-pen-te-r- s-lash w0man c-has-er- s-lash mag-am-en-ed-rong- zeus-t-hunder-b-0ld-0lt-pr0cure (and re-pr0-curr-er-e-) vet-ted scene beyond "scene" ste-all-er s-lash-t-wall-her-e- if you rayTe in the 0 pen apparently e w/T 2 c0mp any e with n0 0ne ar0und apparently e X cept p-all-and-w-hat-h-ave-ye-b-0ld-as-b/rash- 0ne s0me b0ddye he can acceptable-ly miss identify as f0d-der 2 fee-d- his 0t-ter-e-


p-awl ste-all-s w-here he can act u all y e ie from me (directionally con-t-ain-ed-) for "you" "2" be comfortable in the comfort all ready established in me "&" held back from being sustainable 0 pen ly e 2 re peat as with c0mp eat f0ra pi ece vs compete for a "peace" persona-fi-e-d- 2- never ever arrive, unappologetical ly if "culled" 2 be called ou-b-t in ti'me in re all i ty e : for my part, i only asked when he "di-lated" into Zues misbehaving throwing t-hunder b-0ld-t-s, for no fucking reason except to make me "appologize" as he broke "back" the r-am-p-arts pr0ceeding the the0reticall cri-me / and that my appology (like misplaced ap0gee w/h0ut a face 2 place as ee d ap lan at any e thing e) why (in front of the new guy) he was going on like a lit-t/le woman /use e. respect fully to "p-alls" scene-sensability-s- he jo-st 0 g0t m0-0r em0ti0n ull //

i have words to saye to relay T inn dere depth as aye may in maine 0n the plains & bi planes, nares eyes ir/i/us is my c0unter 2 pr0sell~yt~ize st~ranger many e sir e / h0w eaver, i du/ne ed 2 send this missive, and wrap this daye, i have been maid ebt 2 de fi ne 0 gain~

I/In sh0rt, Paul still owes me over $1000 f0r w0rk c0mpleted & he has been "grand-st-anding-on-e-" and if he doesn't return it to me as with the thoughtfull advance of the time to "h0"st his lack of fall 0 w e thru on me "2" for-t-ewe-&- his sincere lack of reason in the first place, I would like it if no one gave him work to m-e-w-e- a moult-0n-e- for no reason 2 be t0/0 : i would like the grand he mistook as his own to st-and-on-&-p-iss-p-ass-0n-2-, i would like the money doubled (in relay T inn ship materiall = m 0n eye = building relay T i0n ships een in re all y ty e f0re the time being as requested, "paul Drinan" has an imp-asse-guess-t-pass 2 make g0/0d 0n e m(e)0ne ye he returns in/ten/ti 0n ally e regardless of "his" -p-s-t-)

I want to be renumerated for the time to get the ladder stabilizer he requested, and the cost of it and the witholding of that money for 2 years, i would like thoughtfull recompensation for delaying my re gen era ti0n e thru your f-x-ears-cene-st-re-am-in-g-f0ra n0 re as 0/n e with desire 4 actually 2 speak and regard level lye, and it will be duly noted for all to see the fall t, as with de-faul-t- act u all y e clear as the "ass fault" 2 tar the b/road roads d-ail-y e & it would be h00ve me to ask, for money to be supplied 4 lending me reference in the first place of tact 2 act, to give you my time to bid your job site you would n't have got or took a swing swung won at 2 complete, had i not given my time freely many times over & under actually e, and i want money for the time i gave you for your friend susan, who you pi-ne-d- against me for my apparent lack of follow thru with "you" e vain -ly-e-.

i want money for the time i gave to thoughtfully consider the pattern to be made for comfort on her ship you were going to use with her considerably as experience gain e d, i want the time as money i gave to vett an experience thought fully for you that you have not made go od 2 any one at all in this city and beyond without my purview/ h0ne st r/0n/g. i want money for storing your "lot" at andy regois' house a "lot" as you are being held accountable for "tannin-g-" him just the "same" in your vain "name" and kin-d- coun-ten-ance that doesn't e X act ly e re fi re 2 hi re in the 0 pen are (if)fi c air e 2 lan d t heir e t here THE SA.M.E in th0r0ugh f are h eave n/D in g am e 2 shall0w/ee purs~e we -2- a meta 4 n0 pen am/0re // if y0u p.r.i.d.~ es be seen 4 scene am0ng the savvy e w0man speculating 0/n e y0ur e inn se/am/e~

paul mad hatter h-act-ore he cant~act or take the h-at off-ten -2- see-k-a-ll-0-t- and takes his ang-ry-e-ness out on me, 4 belittleing me in the first place use e (for not wanting to "sleep" with him 0 pen ly e vein though i am perfectly capable 2 "rapt/sure/0/us/ly" that is the last thing i with want desire "2")

p.s. besides an "actor" paul is all s0we a car-pen-te-r- and one of the builders of your -time- / -avesta- 2 be re fi ne/d by me, if you are going t0 value his w0rk 2 actually e b~comp eat ly e 0n e me. = there is no "enemy" here, there is just "you" re-fuse-in-g- 2 see w hat is in fr0nt 0f y0u/th ye tu`be t/ruth 2 be t/rue asa Paris is metaphorically eT' lay D e Liberate Lay Dy e w/an knew e face T'DayTewe ff ace

first of all, i am putting the links in tanks to advance the pages i didn't finish ie to polish as the p0les aye art t0 t0le (i recently enough, purchased a polish pie platter, as i kept haveing the re 0ccuring fascination with attaininng a polish pi platter)(perhaps to wander its meta 4 i c/all ei p0wer es as fl0w eres.

the links to the uncompleted pages that you can review and discern as you wish, that lay as the lie lie-d-2-dupe-0n-the-m-an-s-pen-t-

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