honestly, i can't stand to be in the same t0'0le h0use he re-tooled-a h0-s-e f0r/m/e fr0/m y e rent, making ad-mire-s-pen-t-AND EXTREMELY HARD TO LOOK AT // i can 0n ly imagine he feels the same about me,, pear ~0 e kn0t f0r the same reas0n apparently in re verse, he and the scene she that sup-p0rts-his shit not fit to eat symbollically with Speak -e-very-e-t-hinge-s-a-deflates-0re-"dilates" and b-lames in s-aid-frame-in-g-s-

let us talk of his appearance, he is clean cut, s-harp, smart suit, and it is all mis-use-and-ab-use- a lure with no c/u/re t hat will relentles-sly sl-ie-d-e all -t-he can/-t-

is he "p.c." probab-ly as much as the "g0-0d" t hat made him and m-aid her "equal" lie-n-

not for "each other" to lien on the people in re all i ty e that can sup port their nonsense indigenously e as the are in that position because they care to carry e. the scene makers are stealing from all people that care thru a cull deemed as "necessity" that is un a ware, as form all y e as i am being discriminated against for "having art in the art room" first-ly as a "lease violation" backed up by "harrassment" for me not being able to vett a destination you as with eye as with any body can see at "Avesta" 2 aka Be // a ware t0 me in re all i ty e.

i go back to court apparent ly in 2 weeks. i am meeting with pine tree legal via Amy the paralegal e.g. ist hast maid. wile-ye d-avid & t-hey left me h-ang-ing, i was redirected to pinetree to have free legal counsel represent me, as Scott didn't think that i should be in t-here with D-avid C-hamper-m-aid al0ne, which gave me the indication that he was part shark, as my first impression (in toto if it must be kn0wn) and would have t00 be sw/hall0wed with m w/hale. g. b/0ne

i also got a call for work, which i thought i would when the window opened up t0 p0le myself away from the screen, before i put my head back in the grist it would seem for an endless no reason to be st re am in g apparent 0m e : i thr0w, i catch, i receive & re sieve in g

when i left i asked them ie "david" if i need to go back in the court room, and he said he can't talk to me because i got legal counsel from pinetree, while he left me hanging for hours, -after- he said we were going to talk, but instructed me to go away from their s-l0t-

honestly, if the b-all were in my proverbiall hands i would punt it rite up his ass 0w e he never e t-rites -e- t hat a gain

none of this is necessary -2- be- 0n-e-t-im-e- f0r-e-d-avid-0es-n-0-w-e-

so, "paul drinan" still owes me money, as the "one t-rite and my-0-pic l-awer (with no actuall l0ve as he sayeth 0) my ebt tank-d- for being seen such, my friend is in the h0spital t0night, and i met m0nique, while visiting him. she recognized me from min 0 my d0g.

he is very popular, and i gave her my "holliesprague.com" business card, and she said i look / that 'name' looks familiar, and so we talk in side hospital lobby and i explain my day with "avesta" the ray"k", and she is uncomfortably to here, and expresses, it is an awkward situation she is going thru with them in ano there building they own, and just like the woman that left here to be away from me-s/hell scene hell-0-, she t00 has expressed trouble at the mill per the uncomfortable p-ill she still swallows from their "se/am" even at a different building, and i talked with richard, that was on the receiving end of me-s/hell-and- feels he has an iffy situation with avesta, and the man down the way, has explained to me as with several others, that avesta takes advantage of your ignorance, and went into long length to explain the pelting infringement on his life, they have no didactic write x right 2 even try.

their apparent marketing advantage is b-light -2- rest0re - 4- engaging their w0rd value as m00r. My Dumb? I gave what was Read, only 2 find shit is in their h-and. And so i am m-arked- for being honest at heart.

monique was sorry to hear about my day, and i explained a bit of the website, re the lay e of the land to w/ ans~wear e the same. and she jived, she got it, and added to it, the adam and eve theme, something she read that it was he that tricked eve, yes i believe, he thought er0s was the life e d. i can see that in an honest man being in love, however, he may not have had the wits to know the lay of the L an D, and he will forever screw e've as long as he d-ue-t-0-0-the-e-

monique let me know, ironically, that she received a letter from avesta recently that she was one of a few selected to move into "0ak street lofts" i said, my apartment e vain, and she said she would not move i-n-n : her choice, i assert is to all s0we st-ay-e-w-hear-e-she is simultaneously disregarde D ay T abe ly e (a be l+ly e), as many a pore peas ant made p00r in reception with Avesta-s-tin-tit-un scene vain lie on my se/am

honestly, i do not have to go far to hear the infusion of complaints about "avesta" 2 day T, further more, i think the really big problem with the buildings they "manage" is the fact they apparently manage it. ie if i didn't think avesta was representative of their apparent word, me-s/hell would have no one to s-wer-V-e- 2- beck-0n-streaming and endless ly lai-d- lie-in t0 "somebody's" (at avesta's) believing's-.

i wouldn't have complained to them for 2 years, acknowledging others in the process doing the same thing, to hear nothing back in receptivity. i would have taken it to the courts, if need be, albeit reluctantly, but would seek to have some one interface with her cruel in knit shenanigans, yet you can see there still is no face 2 face me with 0 m e as wh0le ly.

perhaps me-s/hell couldn't have been L-an-d-g-ranted- 2 sw-h-ell if avesta stood for s0/mething in the first place vein ly

it's all a sham / "david" had the nerve to say i "am"-aid f0re his h-am-e "fully" for all to hear bet ear

lawyer said i should be ashamed

i said he doesn't have the premiss

to speak to me because the premiss hasn't landed (awn his ai-d- fret-fr-am-e-) (and he will not support it financially ie person all y e 4 just being ff0rmative ly e speaking )(apparent ly) ( and this you have to see is how the same-sham-shame-is pre serve d 0 pen ly e (as a lie on you act u all y e 2) ie when hollie wanting me to meet with avesta's lawyers to remove my "2" lease violations for having art in the art room, the only thing that was in my mind was, it is not necessary to meet with your lawyer for your hay-wire-d- lease violations leaving a false trade mark ast 2 cast arc from the mouth and not the bung h0le a fart

it is the t-rap, and ironically, the art in the art room, i named for/m/e is Trap ez0. no irony. i am my word. it is my speciall qualitye. fora reason i speak is integrity as h0spitalli tye and if i am pisse-D- it is certainly with real reason actually e.

like i said, "his" areana, his b/all game, his punt in his (shit) hand-. the t-rap, come to his d-en and have a s-pin? and -l-an-d- (as the l0ve was in a g.s usT g.l0ve, and his invitati0n, faced with a recipe for congeniallity apparently e was never a Miss e with 0 w/hinge seen f0r/t/he being's um e/all a b~0ve in same wishes

yeah, right, and trite w hat you "might"

vet with necessity / i can hear me speak, why can' t hi/gh~eye D

PS. The Haye we. g.et is y0ur e Day e w/e s lept w/~in ten T i 0n es T areye b e/sT

special n0te 0n b-ridge-t-te-vein eye may ke & you make thieven tat-gat-with-gist-, if it were not for me making your e thieven~D u/ne f0rm all y e st re am in acc0untenability e ttu punt-w/h0 ring as s-hark stealls s0ul 2 let 0ut m'0l e 0ver e med y e re member e f0r/t~eye~i~tu/de w/ i~i captain e wh0

ie as it & stains, from mute mouth to hand in name, bridge-t-t-e takes from her taint -2-her-mouth-w/-facile-i-tye-2- fan- "fame"-4-"flame"-&-pr0-c-laim-in-0ne-vain-0-ggin-"A-gain!"-w-pr0visi0n-e-2-cast "0ff"-ten-same s-hue = you, your hue, what l(ove) ever e prefaces ~Ue as a w0man 2.

w itch is to say, the drowning for land to be had, is narcissitically compleate-d- with women wearing the same s-hue -in-fall-0-we-thru-2-n0 per vie w 2 be (h)eated as pr0 0f/f in said virtues


more to ad, after i slept in t-heir c0m-m-0de- at-h-and-

re cap and re vie w/ hup re miss et tu`

you don't mind if i ver t chew rite in front 0f you? with a p less state of mind apparent hr u in t0/0 me t0/0 x 2 due ye w/~?


first of all, i am putting the links in tanks to advance the pages i didn't finish ie to polish as the p0les aye art t0 t0le (i recently enough, purchased a polish pie platter, as i kept haveing the re 0ccuring fascination with attaining its mattering's a polish pi platter ing's)(perhap's to wander its a meta 4 i c/all ei p0wer es as fl0w eres lee pin e all interest in g's asp ass 0n e-g0-wing-e-?)

the links to the uncompleted pages that you can review and discern as you wish, that lay as the lie lie-d-2-dupe-0n-the-m-an-s-pen-t-

the rent must gilt the guilter a with and i have built t/rite links with in the open th if you find the 0riginal t0/0 di/s pen se w/~e in h0st0ry e why it hasn't been written i/ft 2 receiving if~t in t0t0 e habit e t ith and dye tithe mye matter 0 pe.r.i.0d. d00 p00 p.r. i.d. e unquesti0ne D in c0me "myth" ie the myth in quest i 0ne is n0w "man" act u all y e

2 be any thing but unmitigated cowards, lame-d-ly-e-&-male-fease-ant-ly-e- 2 every e b/0 d dye t hat has virtue name lye (w/ n0 false "numbered" he-art 0f melee -2- hinder the advances 0f h0nest c0mp any e)

tanks, perhaps, i can finish 2 polish at a presentable rate when my own time is not constantly being skewered to re-plate-d-avid's-fascist-p-ate- 2 rem0ve my head fr0m w here it hap pens 2 lay e -&- be-a-m-aid "un-precendent-able-2-date-" with his "ray-k-e-" that provides no sus ten ants for e lay T i0n s, that he all-s0we- makes no nano second hesitation to say i "ought to be ashame-d-" -&- send me 0ff so that he can t-all-t-all-k-with him self and those on his love less l-ease-w/-aye-ye didn't act u ally e get 2 weigh 0n e mif/fi g. may e : i fig. may e.

my transparent policy e if/fi may e, i don't want to mislead by not building bridges in the 0 pen 2 see verse "sus"t-hat due-reek-the-get-gat-0n-some-body-else-w/-all-g0/d-pr0babe-l-it-ty-e- t tu` build bridges of understanding yet 2 0n f0 cell ent and fed & what d00 k in ave tt est in e 0 pen f/lee/t di/s ten d 2 see, d-avid-0es-not-h-ave any e 0ne t0/0 see d 0 w/ 2 ma/ke b0rne child act u ally e with-0wn-lie-"myth"-passed on to the woman he w0-0les-wift- as a measure of warp-anned-weft-fab-ric-k- as/st "no"bill"i"ty"e"with 0 pen ended as long as the measure to not h/ear w hat is in plain vie w 0ve ve/rye b/0d dy e

mythically construed to actually approved m aster fully e 0n my 0n/i f~ty e & land lease as long as i want t0/0 x 2 inn keep g0/0d c0mpany e as igh ta speak f0r/m/e ye am not comfortable with your retur-d- in any e waye, and yet i know why you have "2" per-cyst-in-t-0n e me, (as-0w-n-enem-2-may-make-"kn0wn" / and n0t f0und 0ut) is because if "you" do not win "0"ver me, as with "under" ie where i put my sole tw0 s0ul, all that "you" have comfortably been apparent, can be Miss Read as yur life actually being a premeditated sham -2- shame - in the "name of god, and the people under "ot" same" = justifying the innocent in p-lace -2- p-lay- your g0/0d f0resaken g-am-e- 2 no end and no understanding, own lie culling th0se desire us 0f authentically being able to carry the rate of their heart 2 day te = "you" and your scene damning the unscene vain, 2 all waye s be loves lee per displaced upon entering yur k-eye-per-2-make-merit-a-mis-s-take-

w itch is 2 say your me-as-u-re- w/-ill end p0st e haste~ti'll~ly~e in my f0rtune ate hand l0ve maid fr0m the beginning e st 2 and & withstand false be-rating- measures-built-for-sustaining-wit-h0 ne per view e n/d~

winges inherently e need hinges aye with a b/0d dy e ttu sing e in c0ntinuity e land art dancer e ve lancer yes f0r/m fr0/m can cer e 2 w/ax e (with-acks-)c0me f0r t able lye~ss~i/re e in 0 pen 0ugh 0 t00 s h0w it is 2 d00 -d- 0ne in the circumference of all king-dum-cum- sight 0n seen w here "he" b-re-ed-s- carelessly as the g-rass-pan-ned-c-lasp- he over-rated, t0 be his las-s- 2 cast -under-rate-d-

hear : yester day at court as i walked there in the ironic frozen weather, i walked with a pen in my pocket and the paper work from the docke-t- i have not transcribed the notes from h0we ave r`t, i walked with my th0ughts, and i was wearing boots that day and i thought to myself how funny it is not -2- say in the nom-men-clay-t-ur-e- that "not only is she ______ she is quite _____to-b00t-"

i started to see this fascile remark about women, constituting any provision you want to fill the "b-lan-d-b-lan-k-s-wift-s-with-" is high LY ironic as n0 w0man h0nest LY has a b00Te 2 ma/ke H aye vein 2 make her ke fir 0n e yew e pt 2 pass must-ard-ave-

ironic again as i sat with d-avid-and-bridge-t-t-e-and-c-har-lot-t-e-tan-d- in the same sitting position as sup-p0se-s-aid-com-man-d- and when i was henning 0/n e a b0ut my being the straw haye and needle, nee del/l del ta de all eaven shelTer ra, s0ul 0f my spirit ' b/0d dy e t0/0 w/in last 0f my inn last sh0e, i raised my l.e.g agiley 2 the side of d-avid-s-he-ad- and held it there right next to it, and pointed with my index finger to me inn last pr0visi0n e with actuall reference to visually e see with, and he said it made him nervous as i was very "athletic" and bridge-t-t-e s-aid i shouldn't raise my f0 0t and i said, as i raised it again t0 my side at his sight 2 head in fr0nt 0f him again, that i am pointing t0 my in last / 0p inn. aye vein an d.

i have to say, no creativity in purpose will ever e make heye x haye in a circumference that is sell-hell-bent-2-s/hell-and-k-not-let-you-yap-a-pre-miss-aye-bit-0-reference-with 0 vert u all int er est an ear ye nest

and bridge-t-t-e- called 2 balif-t-s -2- her si-de- when i was eXpressing the v0lume of chagrin iv'e g0t just from l00king ask ants a gain (ironic as "kant" cast "hume" as mo-r0n-ic-)(and-he apparently became a noun and an adjective "pr0-kn0wn-s-aid-) 2 never fig. is the c0h0st a/mp 0ne fxf 2 ma/ke b re ad with0 / wh0~ut Miss 0ar Mist Ta/ke/n e f0re m0re x m00r r00m 2 mir r/0/r 02 x f0re x f0/u/r & fl0wer e fl0/u/r e ran d/ance due t ap pr0ve rt r00t e

i would like to speak for my dog min 0 that is a young dog full of energy and i am st-alle-d- in pr0viding pr0visionally for his preeking, 2 be full 0f lent interest i have an apparent mind 2 be a steward in my 0wn keeping thru. i will talk about the conditions surrounding my last dog, that andy doukas said "stinks" when i lived with him and worked for "t-rader joes" whit-telling my interest 2 s-cent, and that i am facing another "opportunity" 2 divide my ability to care as i s0we ft with warped matter 0n the earth for the likes of d-avid-thru-bridge-t-t-e-&-c-har-l0te-and-haul-lie,content with her m0t-eye- = it is not funny to distabilize my life and ability to care for things precise cell ly because i dew ed 2 me/an sw/ear average ly ie doo w/hinge the same see hi it shit the same day in and daye 0ut and in my sleep "you" will not leave me to be with.

i do take kn0wn umberage with your inc-est-u-ous-ness- on my self, on my dog, on nature, that can't speak, on nature you re-press-in-your in-k- the transgendered & gaye and transexuall, that i believe 0n ly e want 0ss0 speak as with be Seen 0rgin all y e~ pr0viding the matter 2 get l0ve fr0m a b0ve~

tha pre miss hasn't landed to shat a truth tw0 me 2 womb me 2 pre miss any child in e X ist T an swear a see 2 seem 2 se am e

your see-d- is delinquent in Miss Deed and i have no measure of affection to give for -e-being-a-t-h0rn-g-iv-e-in-n- And i will not be Miss Pr0n0unced as Miss Taken ly e by Leave or by C-leave, pear~-0 c Kleave, by leaving shit you have fe-d- me for ray e0n e 0thers 2 fact u allay e see the fact is Ly e as e very e t hinge L ai D By e & Buy e very e t hinge in r/i ch ap may e b/ring 0 gain e t0 me~in h0st0rye 2 c0mp eat tu t0/ne y0ur ass-et-s-ay-e-s- Angel a c~t u all y e

with inges e wings 2 need hinges 2 cre8 (t)0wn e wind w/hind ness = kn0w e very e ste p 0f/ free d0/me the step pr0 0f it / fe~e~t. Mr "david" in his "certainty-e-" is ban-k-ing-0n-e- we- not being certain e with any e with 0 b/0d dy e T (he-c-an-s-ham-e-) (in the -n- 0pen as LY e)

whinges 2 kn0w step stem 2 stern aft an~d~an~d~ump ass~ full A b/0re if you ad 00r e in a p00p l00p 0n ly e inc0mpeat ly e 2 be seen p00ping f0ra fter aster ring aye be am a ware t w/here & wear ing f0r s/he 2 bel ly up free in re gard f0r/m/e~as/ur/e~2 tu`be a p0re Tall eaven inn g's us ten ants ee bee & beck 0n e st re am inn s0w e b/be d fe/e/t/e~

i have to say, it is very s-0-d living at avesta buildings, spanning the difference between what they advertise to Date seeming-ly x lee x lie 2 lay e pr0 per ly e and w hat may e saye 0 pen ly e. It would seem me-s/hell is simple displace-d- competing on the weak-est- and would be better off working "4" avesta, -ore- the "lawyer" e "2" re-place bridge-t-t-e-, as I pers0n all y e think Me-s/hell would do a bet-ter-e-t-ear- 0f "f-it" "2" s-pare "you" m.o-re "2" w0rk-in-an-d-with-a tru-ly-b-astar-d-izing-sh0e-in-s-aid-com-p-an-ye-

0r is it that you need to "fence" "your" vert-tu-e- an 0 t'b "scene" as with the unscene you due "with" "2" as "2" maintain a Kind-irect-coun-t-en-ants-that-can-t-be C alled in t0 questi0n e 0 pen ly e with any kind reference 2 c0me t0/0 l0ve j0y e & ter ry e t/hr/U le ~ L0ve is the p0were t0'0le we & it is the creativity "you" ax-e- in preference in you comfortable culle-d- in ste a-d-e-, as you "suggest" as "sus ten ants" that i would, should, could ?/ you didn't question on t hat did "you"? / that i should better e b/be spending my time 0ff line working a re-all job aka scene for re-el ass-ue-screw-me-with-your-un moul -t-able "pay-per-vie-w-e"

you 0 pen ly sustain i can communicate as you alleviate all possibility to 1/ divide me from my interest made all ready 2 dayT e & relay Te 2/never actually communicate 0n l0ve l eve l g/r0und i have given as with gave and gave and gave tw/h0 re lay Te. This mooth mooove, over a h0~0f is a c-lever-apt-i-tude again -2- displace the "all-read-y-e-" apparent LY dis appr0ved ie "the cloven h00f h00ves with the L0ve full Ly e Le.g. it sh0/0k~ s/hake the h0/0k (hake is a h00k in 0rigin if ewe l+l 00 k and a fish, i can put my fisT an Tint with emer it if/fi g. 0re d0n't fig. it, n0w e that i have a repast visually e t0 n/e c0nten D e with 2@ t 0wn e with reflection undisputable unless "you" want to be shake shook and hake with 00k 2 relayte, yet, i perceive, this a gaga has m0.n e'ye better e dayes f0r/m/e 2 de thr0ne & live my desire by the se/at 0f my pants et tu g0h0 0full blast s'0/le a free fr0m imp-ass-t0-t0-e-g.0d-e-

created the w0r-l-d-in a weak "week" that the love less g0d-e- st'0le "fir"-st-ly-e- 0f def 0r um an def unction -e- vain -0f-f- w itch is to say "you" have some -lee-l0ng-explaining-2-d0-for/the-long-0-p-all-4-"paul"-ent-2- t0 me, not -2-u-2-

s0we you should kn0w i haven't really h-ad a boyfriend for much to speak of, however i do have a dog and i had a dog, and i feel badly about the treatment ie when i worked for trader joes and lived with andy doukas-s-, he paraded his girl friends in his apartment comfortably and comfortably stated my dog stank stink in apparent relations ayeye 0 pen ly e.

the for tit ude of working for trader joes, is you can buy into insurance which didn't allow me to get 0rth0tics t0/0 c/L/0ve my fair ye h00ve t0/0 sh0e my fe/e/t pr0 pair & & re pleat a return 2 f0rum a pr0perly e f0r/m/e in their insurance which would take $60 a month from my all ready feeble pay, but was better than hannaford or wallmart that portrays to put "vet-t-s-" -2- work for minimum wage, which would be $2 ish less than what i m-aid at trader joes, and hour, however sans be jumped around 24-7 2 be available 4 the opportunity 2 be prostitted within -as- without -2- make ends in fri-ends, as capably e as the customer rela-t-ions, may or may not se-am-e- in me? n/ever in me, and i got axe-d- with a-per-view-2- c0m peat -0n-e-me-0wn- ly e as with any body capable of standing on t heir on 2 feet as their 0wn s0wn e be jaw and j0b site t0w e very e b/0d dy e / individually e ie you due it both 0ne and 2 on your 0wn bay e bee, naked as the f0rest rest the tim(e)ber b/aire ly e verse-sus-s- bare-ly-e-&-more-bare-2-be-for the sap-full-indul-l-gent-lent-2-s-Pea-K- and be her-d- 0wn lie-d-e-e

"i" shouldd be as-shamed?, "you" should be ashamed as you have no gravitye in grace "AND" you prominent-ly b-ear-its-Name - prostituting at -4- gat- the same g-un- 2- be-a-m-aid- 4 n0 0ne bi ke 2 w/heels ame t ier ing ' am/e = which is another way of saying you have no skill but scene kill, -2- be apparently "rapture -0-use-e-" notice-d-

and comfortably not conceive you skill in scene killing "2" "0" B" annhilations d/re am without thinking actually as wtih tact ually

is running over "men-t-" every e b/0d dy e

nature s leaves from trees make way for more leaves 2 be, and pine needles pi ne f0r/t/he t re e we are all d~e~serve in/n g's h0 2'0 t0w e act u all y e without your -oute-d-e"x"perience in culling f0r-m-all-eye-

things i am mad e a b0ut, my appartment is getting fluff-ly due to me not vacu/um in u/te apparent ly e. i am ad e ab 0ut my dog that thinks i am a b0are with n0 t0e nail 2 tail 2 comfort him play fully e with same playfull re t0rt, he deserves, X act T ly e, st e am as the way eye may/ke Tea k0mf0rting eye in re all i ty e c0mp eat in e me w/ built in e measure s t0/0 fall0 w e Ap 0ll 0 yeah f0r/m/e trans f0rm'ate i 0n ally e will0w ee t re e we pt f0r/m/e D all in g f0rce-d- as a way 2 make grace as eye speak and ip art w/haves t hat w/ant 2 have w/w/aves acc0rding ly e seen f0r e just being f0r e resting sight 0n e seen seam in g's in my i/m'age satisfying ly e ars e t00 the e // nd b/ear n est 0n e w hat ye/w e c0nsume bef0re we are gap-force-d-2-le-ap-e- (as d-avid-&-st-aff-t-he-f-act, are trying to make me ie forecast a Last that will not Last with any of them directi0n ally e / 4 speaking / for choosing to speak, which says a-l0t -2-peep-hole-like-this-2-diss-tribe-ute-me-f0r/t/he-ire-fe-e-at-e-

i a mad a b0ut the X you are stealling from me to be a g0/0d steward f0r/m/e an d be the steward my g0/0d has all ready pr0vided f0r/m/e 2 be. it is mad den ing form/e to kn0w yu are st-ill ing-0ve my 0-varies- t hat have not been made int0 anything e X cept creative children-t- 2 just not be as you steall my time from me / an, looking quite con ten t with yourself -all-s0w-e-v0uching-4-each-other-as d-avid-id-t0 me, "you" go-od, people that "talk" -t0-each-other-and -not-to-me-to-make-action-without-hesitation-i-your-fave-0re-and leave me hanging, as your t-rite-2-be-ar-ing-children-e-vain-ly-e-

you are not the t-eacher, you are the h0rem-o-nger-e- with rightfull a pre miss to Sue t-w-h0 the g-ills-you-"pur-sue" to-take-breath-e-with-2-

i am slighly put 0ff 2 be a mad about comments my dog needs_______ training, when there is not thought for me right fully e sustaining a roof 0ver e my head and 2 under my f00t even D inn 0riginall gain as gave as get yet a ggain inn same s0me sum e ye am e n em in t'ann ein s~

i AM pret'tye upset up ab0ut your "sh0w" with kn0w 0ne tw/0 0/d e & e0n e'ye un f0~all a r0und 0llar~i0T all s0w e. g.0 / the week, yu made "weak" for sus-ten-ants-2-wh0re-bi-week-ly-e-2-ab-0rt-a reference-2-feed-in-your-l-as-t-in-t-m.0.-re-g"u"ard-f0re-war-d- & i am upset that yu have the t-rite -2-scene+aid-ocuemen-t+s-aid-i d0 not have an apparent right 2 my cl0thes as th0~u~(g/uts h0e t' 0f/f)s 2 be pr0perly e re ad 0ver & 0ver & 0ver T ag gain/n ste ad e

yu don't get the m(e)arr0w in my b0ne vein, as your rent as the pages read and now doubled to be your e pent in my Time w/hell spent with interest 2 mer & mirr0r it e ye ie would suggest for your referentiall ed behest y eye will have your he-ad & d00 a little dance on it in ste ad e w/ hap pi/n/ess

p.s. i haven't apparently paid my rent for this January month my repast has not apparently made x maid en e with any e bb/0d dye t0/0 dayT with~ will i be -h-ung- or -h-ang 0n the mer-it-e- that g0t st-age-d- for me to shrink without re acl ee s ave

the market, markets-ue-pity-0n-par-r0t- you can look and feel b-ad b-aa-d but due n0thing even as gi'ven D.

your forced the prostitute at any -d-aye ray-t-2- play and mythologized "eve" with man deve up-your-s-leave- never re c0g (i'ven d0g) ni Zing, a w0rd is f0r e very 0n i re all

n0w e p00p because we are n tit led 2 p00p as aye pr0 0f/f

"he" says i should be as-shamed, ie say "you" should change your
"name" w/heather e vane // i t0r0 the day 0/u t0e 0f/f 2 day e with-ist-0-rye-


e X plain e t0/0 the pe0ple under e the st/ars igh te.

The "plan-t-iff" has directe-d- me 2 c-0ur-t- cut s-h0-rt- ag-gain- "fore his now bell berth in g-race-say-e-s0/n-an-ny-e-0n-" 0 pen ly e n-aught-a- ware - 0f- suc h0 w/he at e & bel-lie h-is -ir/-e- 2- ret-urn -&- beck- alms in ever ye t 0/n e t hat can't see w hat his he-ad been up "2" e vain and ye f/0r/m 0 be l+l ye w/rye s0n e bee fl0at s ustainab ly e l0ve in c0nnecti0n act u ally and~ye well 0b serve d

for/m/e the judge is jude p-rat/e-d- 2- st-ar-e- be-h-0l-d- & st-air-e-b-0l-d- the law-y(ou never c re a/t/e/d welling~h0 with e right a/irs heir an shares)trait ens an s/tan d~e with0~ut l0ve t0/u/r e st0re in/n acti0n e with e repast 2 daughter e t'/aught/her a yes am e/r a vs -0- dod-d(h)er-(0s?ing-e-)-ing -4-x-f0-re-fod-der-ing-e-w/-gaw-d-&-with0ut regard t0/0 th' ca(n)t/tle t/hat can T rail 0 w/h0~w0rking' s/table ably e advance seen inn f0ra re as 0n e vein & ven D/0n key ears e w/(h)are paths h0 wing i ste w/ri~st his t 2 be c0me t f0re arm e:e ma/y ke (e)n (use e) aye be in/ner ve/nt i 0n 0rt/h i star e finder e p0/lar/is e.g.ib~b0n's we'll ar kin e w/hen landed e with e fiar idress 2 heel he'll 0re hell te/r rye l0ve j(h)0y e sh0 re in c0re p0re ate d

asp -b-sp0ken-4-n0-reas0n- 2 share 0n e, the lawyer an -d- judge has no pre miss 2 g's~he/ar~t w/(h)all0cati0n e s0we in c.l0ve in h0/0f x fe ven d as 2 c/l0's e/a min d/e~wh0~ut's pers per Miss i 0n e.g. lie gent granTe d bef0re app roach- inges- taken- f0ra- b-i-d-be-d-ragging-rey-e-raguly "vs" gulley e serving as a gut-t/her e -d-rain f0r aging 0ut in-near-e-t0gether-ent-urn-e-g0-l-l-d-0-0-r-e- g0/0d's 0le-d-all-the-time-in-g-seen -0re- unseen

there f0re the judge is judas with n0 g/gin between his t-ail 2 be calm in 2 c0me 0ut 0 t-he -r-age (he hasn't really p/art/ed well and w/hale aven t/heaven ly e 2 te all c/an sw/ear air e) : j/u -d-as i c/ar-ry-riot-act-u-all-y-e- ma-d-e 0n e/m aid questionable -2- buffer and but-ter-t-0r-t-e-t-allow-e-n ? w hat-f0r e ? by e wh0 w/het her e fair e 2 pursue ye Am0ng me ? ek! gay e bi les t/r/ans gen/der ed are just trying e t0 speak level ly e tt u`ne ti'me r's cree m 8 i0n e mer rye men im's ty as a gif with n0 gift in fall0 w e thrU le ave n s~seen shear e share 0n e wh0le d ear e/ad 0 yen 0 ten 0n e

~0ver t0/0 x 2 seek lea f in eye al~leaves in t0 ti'me w/(h)ide w/(h)a~ke (h0/0k) in f0cus t0n e test a men 2 n0 l0 cust. 0 mer ry e c-curr ed c-0n-ten-d-eed- with0~ut a ware ness 2 pre sent w/(h)it e 0ne t hat has under st0/0d 2 even 0dd en em in right p0cket with a l0cket 0 b~serve ate ti 0n e men an 0/pti0n e t0 pre sent me

f0r e all as t fe a the fe eT ax i 0f/f/ el even th e ll = s0un d p0ssibilities f0ra re all = he'll and heel and he all 0re hell vera causa t 2 set face 4 court 2 tell 0ver and/0~ver ye. g. rain s/t/rain s aim e


Haul Lies Prague w/ Re visiOn Eve in/n


lawyer said i should be ashamed

i said he doesn't have the premiss

to speak to me because the premiss hasn't landed (awn his ai-d- fret-fr-am-e-) (and he will not support it financially ie person all y e 4 just being ff0rmative ly e speaking )

/ fair e in his scene the s am e vein singularly speaking 2 be heard actually which would mean, i would not be in court, for h-im to keep a c-law in me for future reference, "2" be the 'B' as apparently presente D, and with (imp)p0steri0r s-hat-e- the- lam-e-d- that is further skre-we-d 4 soundly and even perpetually see/k/in/g to actually be Miss Representing i/n name vein sustaining bereft of "being" land granted Flame Seen Same with eave n Day T 2 even Heaven ly e ("N" as TM N0W n-eve-r-ie being -a- men-di.d- &- never-min-di.d-in-0r-din-t-2- vert-tu`-e-vain-s-mear-rent-fr0m-whence-ssy-his-pig-guy-st'0le-2-c0ver-t-2- // Aye ye saye With0~ut Men~ti-n e fed~na p kins aid~e'ye 2 eye set write 2 righ~t~

he looked like he was check referencing himself and the re?member?ed? "wording" of his "con-tract" "2" "evict" me-0n-a-s0-l0-l0ng-e-st-w-r0ng- at-h-and-ye-am-t-0ld- (he apparent ly check references but n0t t0/me w/the ma/p~placed in front of him f0re re all Ah ear t 0 Bit'e L as T f0r/te`t0/0 the you can see 2 speak 2 directly in her suit e ti'me in+n framew0rk & fretw0rk X p0und i.d. pr0w t~0wn ein~act a cr0ss e very e t hing ets~een = s0ugh T) he sent t0-p-i-n-/-n i 0n his "plate" -4- "re" "plating" (without an L 0f L0ve is pate in advance 0f a relay T in pate of no love e vain -2- & n0 entitle me/ant 2 a cr0wn 4 "0"f/f-ating- nor faking t0 me any e way e // he-per-cyst-scene-in-ta=king-) // and he s-aid there wasn't anything 'said' about a 'premiss' / re in his he-ad- = d-re-ad-4-the-a-"Dating"

"ie" "2" re-lay-T-t0-me-"count-er" fact-u-ally-e hun-aware 2 DayT = "t-hat" doesn't make it bet air  i ste all eaVen D "2" the- m-an that can't hear me or see the pr"0"blem is h-im-aul-l0ver-e-th-e-l-l-and -&- e- vain- lie-v- 2 - c0m-man-D- m0re shims 2 be shad ~ T in my wind lass in last inn last s0le t0 s0ul the seas0n p'0/le traw/(h)iall - lay wile his jaw-ass ails for "jail"S-AW-WAY-E- as his "well" with my h0 "hell" undisputed whether with or without a "contraction / or ac-cent"-2-tet-her-et-bet-ter-e-4--x-f0-re-ren-t-in-n-0wn-lie- kn0wing-ly-0re- unkn0wing-w0rks-the-same-apparent-lye-t-0ngs-pic-k-&-s-pan-with-c-ar-e-d-rive-n-thr-u- // with0ut dues ever e Lay D in the Ligh T 2 address universeally e speaking u twith ear e Miss 2 Miss Step agan inn my e p/age t0/U/r eturn aye if fi had a mind apparent ly e with0~ut the "lawyer" sufficient-lye made-up-2-make-up-2-sir-vive!- & a-pry-i pr0rate at 0 every e w0means existant "2" vain ly tit-2-t-ail-it-thru- st-rive h among "h-i'm" gimp for e gim e passed-0/ne-ann ye (that believes his lie, he is h-ear-2-s-ave-ye-with-vet-it-ed-rain-s0ns-h0-0d-as-sh0-d-e-with0 n0n eye pre sent w/00 d~0ve tail it 2 circumstantially e speaking eye ser and share 0n e w/hey in diss guyes as apparently e needed~0/n e alla l0ng h0 2 mer ry e in reap aire Sand "seas" 0ar e heartsetse~r0se t/ta st.0ne 2 n0se w/s~cenT'all0 w e ll and all a l0ng eye

i said i am the last straw, i am the hey e am the H the H0 Haye Laye D, i am the eye & the need/le and allay in stable the L0ve t 2 D well and ye t00 steep le f0r/the peep h0'le. g. race ll & you will have to w/(h)ear what you have been t0 get thru the eye 0f my Needle vein ly eye Nee Del/l 2 Del ta ware t~eye Need L0ve in N aim an D/i a/m giving you a ch0ice, that the competitive market will not giveUp~ and said to the lawyer that 'you can argue to agree' he said w-ha-a- t0me, i said "he" as "you" can argue to agree ...

away from me vein 0ut~ta sigh~t a gain 2 f0r/t/u`be seen s/well 0n e w/heel all al0ng e t0/0 magi st frank in sense 2 be frank ly e with and ye. g.0all and mirr0r e s0/n~net as/s tu` be ye' s0/n g's us~T~en ant' sat and say ten 0n am(e)0ng us T~fly ing 0/n e w/hinges 0f g'sus T f0re us e am ust an/D/rinK~ U/p i/n e me with e needles~w/(h)inge~ing a s~0 me ring T~ flye T in every directi0ns ix pens ey'e thru me 0n eX us~e X amp le X us~us~T'0le~nt an db.0ne bey0nd e/b the thresh0all-d- of art-i-fact-2-unemploye-w/-right-0f-/f-wrong-un-re/ap-p-pair-rent-fr0/m e w/ faire t/whether ave n se X acT ly e spent 0 gether e dbe lea fi/n an DF/lint~the sAMe finD ~AMe w/h0 e X0 d0es re pen T'Lig a men T'all at ten ti0n e with in D i/t w/ith~r0ne -ne- nim r0d b/r0ad in re visi0n e vein ly e s0w 0n e w/h0ne ye w/h~eat en 0n e t00th ave sPeakin/n sc0pe e~pr0 vis i0n all eye t/tu` fe as/t e fxfr0ntally e sublime nemertea serial~las t(r)aw the rib b0n e/t hat c0uldn't be b/0t-ted-0f-tw/h0 (h)awe' s0l i.d. ata ti'me s0und h/edge c0mf0rTable a pr0f0und~ den' steradian ste/re0s yn/c/ny centr~e~all's park and inner e city ed 0~g/ar/den~e. g.l0ve t/fr0/m/e as igh t0/0 beck 0n e st re am in sUm e vein~inn/gs~0w/e D/0~ve. g.ain e carr0t 2 th/r0/at ap/peal a ff0r eyes have the app le in 0ne c0/re/all @2@ t0ne nit-s-end = this~way e and ans w/(h)ear in g's in-n0cents-aid be-t-raye-d-bef0re the part~y ad(A)dress ees aw/hee~haw/~hayes aves 0 w/(h)aves aw/(h)all a ready es inn s0 lent in 2 s0les~ent as 0/ne t0/u/ reap air e as e~fr0/m a w/et paws ust' burr-ye-t0-0les-0-l0-cust-rusted-ebt'-0il-and-circumferentially-e-w/here it c0uldn't be s-had-0 w/ith i/re land ing fretwork and framework ~re maining am same be sp0ke n D/ 0n keye inn kn0w en D c0/w e re verse trending c0chlear e the s/nail' shell h0use l-lending's-pre-e-ten-ding- & s/crew/ (h)eft 2 left (h)anD 0 w/(h)arp fair e ly e 0n sigh T 0/m e f0re just be leaf i/n delible ly e as 2 aspeaking 0/n e b/i/b/le. g.am t0/2 bit and bit e back 2 the quick with at the "ass" et tu`~ per-sis-t-cyst-int- re lea f/i/n f/lint 0m ew/e b/L/ad/der 0veer iver t' fl0/U/r e leaf c.c.l0ver 2 m(e)~ark in~i~p/l/ace rec tri fi/g f0ra (re-)fi-b-eye-left-a(h)0ve-er-(t-hat-g0t-in-n-&-law-st-for-last- "say-in-it" x "t-ill"as"s-aints"all the time c-ain-t- apparent-ly e- c-r0s-(e)-scene in kn0w/(h)0ne 0/b seen e w/(h)0und at all t0'be re pen ten/se/e best a pre sent sens e cr0ss=hairs 2 x heart' allay e h0/me w/ c0chlear as pi re all anding 0 pr0w t' pr0~0f ate! in bet w/e/e/n i'm ate a reciprocally e 8 w/ direct c0ntinuity e/as/e st/a/ke f0r all that is not clearly seen as s0w e in c0re p0re ate DayT may/ke & s0ught a reap aire me D/ear e~c0ntained c0n ten T`allay e w/alleye w/hall and be well w/hale s0nar es teall and sail) : bi/ be~L = Ly es aim in c0ntinue~unity e tm 0r0 se rain inn g as pringings understanding 0 pr0w t/and "gm0"-b-ad-(s"hi"t for skin-t-igh-t-an-d-b-rave-"inn"-under-e-pinning-s-) g0t/ta g0/wan in her mari g0alld en~t's 2 res t0r~rent 2 pr0se pair in "rapture" "wrapped-sure" 4xf0re all us t0 t00 t ap/parent are ar0und 0gg0/0d ly in reflecti0n e tt` sym/b/(h)0wl at appr0 p(e)0se with interests 2 s0w/ (h)as 0wn agamemnon for komforting the ung0-/-0d ly e that con-cock-ted- he world was made in a "week" as the women look on weak ly at all they are "kn0-t" f0r naugh aught -2- k-nock (cough-cough) in s-ides and sPeak~

is cain-t- his br0thers unable a keeper e t0 me? w hitch came first the chicken or the egg, if you realize d-avid denying me h0spice 2 sPeak in e c0/w/ e relatively e with0~ut his art-ti-fi-ce-all- imp-0's-it-i0-n-in-n- 2 - c

"come" x "comp-eat" "e"0n-a-me- is thr0wing the nene. g.00se before the egg 2 hatch and aye never be 0ne ie in the matter 0f speaking' sUm e with i s0/me r 0ne w/right doesn't matter e the order only e the directi0n it is lay D i/n re all i ty e 0ft en 0n e. in-n-anoseconds- 0f speaking-of-ten-0n-e- t0 me, d-avid- is a scene stealler in-n-ste-ad-e- for all women, all ovaries all creativity e 2 // t0 me an s0/me thinges aye ssentiall ye 0ver h-is-shim-0f-war-and-law-and culling the la-d-ies for pr-fi-t-t-ing- the spine to be cut out of the living porporise apparently without thought and without question // wh0 me can questi0ne the s00t-s-ave-r-e-st-alling re all pr0gress in l0ve 0ffer e ad 2 b re ad aye.g. ain

d-avid-is t-rans0m-in-g-'s a cr0ss -2- women -2- all-a-wayes- "1" require his c0unt-sell -0re- be "law-st-" -2- thr0w the ne-ne. g.0-0se- bbef0re the e.g.g's us 0/n~e in k/e~ 2 re past 2 speak and be heard actyl ly (h) eaven : ly e l0cked 0 0/rs-in-his-ste-ad-e- the 0n ly way e 0ut is seen in y0ur 0wn ly e reflecti0ne contributing (means 2 g0 bey0nd), which he is "see-king" -2- h0l-d- against me // at the housing comp-lex-fore-artists-0f-no ear/n interest in any way e with any e b/0ddy e sustainably & t0 with a predictably -2- beculled at a later dayT- for not competing enough -2- relay -T- in s-aid-comp-any-e-

the burd-en of the "law-e-" surfeits attention away from the re all ten 0n e and these h0ne st pe0ple are seen as expendable -0r- 2- be- c-har-i/t-able-ly-e fed-f0r-n0-re-as-0n-e-

it is still my c0n ten ti 0n t hat the write x right 2 pe0ple are n0t making the a decisi0ns and never have had 0pp0rtunity x appr0priately e vein, and the scene f0r war -d- under "g0d" is an appaulling -hinge-0f-free-d-umb- still executable, -2- not allow/ hinges a women a voice that is heard vs herd f0r-a-d0w-ry-e in f/act un Deserve d (with n0 rati0n all re serve in sigh t -&- deliberate mismanagement -2- "say-in-t"-with-a-s-mile-with repercussions-w0r-l-d-w-i'd-e-)

the point of this website is d-avid can't take my h0me (as he doesnt make it s0we 0wn) as he can't take n0r fake my head 2 t0/g 0 pr0w t 0we n D an D =e/b=t 0 me with e weight in re past a ke ye s0w/(h) 0n e t0/0 thr0w e the nim r0d as/p b/r0ad b re ad b/0at m~shares~s0ap h0pe sh0p shape ship sh0w e sh0e vein e w/hee haw e hap pi le ly e t0 te t/rait 0 w/h0 re right Miss Ta/ke n/e MyT

if d-avid shits 0n me with a white face & hands "2" hide is "misconstrue-d-" fi-b- 0ne 0n e my line 0 pen ly e, it is precisely because he has passe-d- his vanity e -2- an0 -t- her -e- lan-d- ie that is precisel-ly what he is trying to civil=ly appear 2 d0, by postulating a victory he- al-lre-ad-dye- can- c-lam-e-thru- the -b-ridge-t-t-e-with n0 mew 2 speak 0f t0 me 2 -and-con-tin-u-e- 2- make me appear as if i have "no reason" "2" be up set at their a-re-ars-e per-e-vie w = d-avid, in not letting me saye tan from the same taninins b/ark e t/hat (e?) he writes 0/n e yew e 2 wear as his 0 pen is valUe s-aid-with-0re-with0~ut me, i am m-aid- all a re ad dy e 2 l0se 4 speaking f0re & in behalf 0f my l0ve in virtue tu` & r0ll a r'0le anew/~ right 2 evein thr-u- et tu`

d-avid is trying t0/0 vain-ly hide the f-act he has no virtue, he has made n0 virtue 2 st~aye, e-x-cept that can be a m-aid -2-ab-use-the th-r0ne c/Up -fr0/m/e within apparent ly e unscene f0r scene sight s0l-d- aye- r-0und-b-ligh-t-en-0n-e- w/here c0mf0rt e d0esn't actuallye re lay T in tw/h0 begin infr0nt 0f ewe ar e in ste ad e/b t0 me

paragraph break down 0f the w0rds 0 w/(h)0ven thru trans p0se t tu`p0 re

w hat it comes down et tu is you ca'nt lend l0ve in any e thing e 0f valUe with0~ut a mind & heart defined 2 beck 0n e thru n till a g.re attitude as e. g.ratitude t hat grew ins teall b re ad b l00 tw/h0 0ves be s0/dd = sawe 0dd= sawe-d-in advance 0/ft ress pass = re past bi/by/buy/bye break f as t and begin anew/e~

...just as he is s-tin-tin-g-ist/w/hunfitfulshit-0n-eye-net-tel-l-0/r-ent- t0 me "even" -2-ven-D-ue-t-hr-u-e-beeZseeChing~f0rum f0r inn0cents an D inn~0~sense a b/ides~ with a due T' h0ary eye seen ar0und the w0rld aye with e ney T an D can T an D abides 0n your 0chlear s0w-0n-high-d-i des/pi/se w/the same re as 0n ey'e pr0visi0n e rendered i/t 2 c lea r ly e with un sir-cum-size-d- i/me 0n the line at the same tit i'me apparent ly e as t with all a waye sapping strength industriously e with s-nail & n0 stair c/as/e 2 the skeyes 2 p0re it d0wn e m0uth at my fe/e/t 2 saye re b/est re tire bef0re ye at ya

"he" thinks he is the container, the areana the b/all game that makes tomorrow/~ hap pen and the punt you get to pre-ten-d- (0-w-n lie (with- h-im)-in-de-pen-d-en-t-ly-e-) 2 pass even. it is all a scene as he culls people mysterious-ly and not Miss Tarry 2 be regarde D ebt t00 the ti'me m~aid eye inn f0r/m/e b/rave~r~ye w/hun stinted ti'me in te.g.r/i t/t~ye f0re very e b/0d dy e a pre mist is t0 ma/g ave t0 me m0 ma~ muse 0n e mu/seum s0ng as is permeable 2 a p0re t eye pr0claim e with a vie w/ in g0~all den habit at 0/0 n e tu`/ne 0n e t/0m~e thrU le stable lit~eye 0n 0's head dye f0r/e/t 00 th and & f0re s/hUe ye w/hew e seen thrU fxfr0/m the beginning f0r eye can make the "ab0rt" 0n pre miss be a b0rt 2 0rt & rt a T0/n 2 t0p quarK e Defined pr0w t f0r/t/e n0w e nD and D~0/n e ta P0re T'er a Pre Miss up's~ igh ave beck 0n e st re am in g's hap ~e~ly e~up/pi~e t tu` f0r/t/up~ with re all ~a~ salutati0n e m en 0n e trust with0~ut a-miss-missale-all-line-d- gap -2-measure -2- pr0w-t- 2-bill-d-miss-trust-int0-rust-0-m-b-e-in-be-side-we-b/b-ed- 2-me-as-u-re- g0/0d f0rce-T-aken- saken with d-avid-a-re-pre-sent-appr0ve -nd-tap-r00t-as-his-pr00f-0f-g0/0d-e-w0rk- scene merititing's~kirts and curt's 0/n~

i am the ma/ke/r and-he is the s-him s-him-min/g' s-he as-s-lie-d-s-lea-d- & g0/0d night s-lee-p-in-inn-g-s-s-s-s-s-s-stin-ting-d-read- f0re very e sentient pers0n all i've in/n ~0~ with the pr0per sc0pe 2 sc0pa p~bee in Le.g.ain inn receiving ive nD en eye Am sent i ten t in c0re p0re ate D ebt 2 fl0!wer e st ep/pest and f0/0d & rent 2 e vein same w0nders taT'all eaven 0f/f i/t e t here t hat 0 never seam ed b re ad because they never e multi ply e D as aiD 0n e in 0 pen end i.d eed // f0r w-itch d-ave-d-in his "provision" w-ill diss miss -aw-aye- (miss-tye-ye-d-e-vain-and -pre-sent-ac/as-e--e=mistake -ab0rt-2-abh0r-e-2-just-b.c.-an-get-a-way-e-w/-hi-t-e-tand-tit-tight-en-t-e-ye-reflecti0ne-2-deceive-vain-e-My T ap-pare-rent-ly-) (4 a "rent" -2-ste-all "in"-c/urious- advance-s-aid-s-led-)) (ye/a muse d/0ll the ti'me)(2 d0lt back in reflect~i 0ne min e~ & dull-t-all-wayes-2-in 0rigin in the 0 pen serendipity 2 despise all the m.0re. g.uarding "the scene" "scheming"'s~ h0/w~ et tu`-2-nee-d-apper e place as 0ne & d-ape-r-be-gun-in-reducti-an0ther-un-2-pr00-f-eif-and-lee-per-pet-u-all-key-per-&- que-sty-i0n-e-mis-con-s-true-d-en-rout-e-vain-dee-per-2-am-use-l-lie-n-ear-e-st-en-t-in-n-) you as with every e 0ne 'L'+se ye saye thru "2" now-e-b-e-g-rate-ly-e-am-use-d-e-w with a "built-tin-ex-amp-le-0n-ew-e-"as-wan-e-w-e-2-never s/we/at sweetly in *0rigin et/tu`cr0ss an/d/u ne t0ngue be/t/wen the rise and fall 0 w/hee L and in seas 0/m 0/m ay eb~ b0n~net~0'n e me act u all ye w/heat is spirtually e s0w e 0n e with it~w/h0~ 4 x f0r e sh0~w/ear a w0rth e while D i/n f0rt i tude. g. 0h alla l0ng~0ve s0ul 0le tw/h0~0f/f and w/hinges~0/ng's~unity~e'ye ave 0ns

it is very easy for/m/e t0 see how bill-cause-p-layer-e-s-lash-par-e-layer-e-be- could c(-)ouch his reference to be an upright man among his wife and children -&- pr0stitute any independent woman just rye in g 2 be 0ne with him as a beac0n "well within the purview of experientially e sPeaking e t(2)hru" : i am seeing it as a very easy van-t-age point 2 apparent ly be scene f0r/t/e s0me t hinges as m0ney e speaks freed0m 0f eX/press/i0n e. g.et women 2 see you f0r e vert tu (for being scene mind you, re "wh0" is scene f0r e re-el-and- vs is doing the speaking by desire 4 fi re & eXpi/re a De light with inn right i/re // there f0r i d0 question "man's" significan-t- p-light -2- spin-stir-a-way-e- all the "x" in my habit e with 0 kn0w/ him a mew 2 m0lt 0nt0 w hen apparently e speaking t0/0 the re all aye D chic ken) and take advantage of their inability apparent ly 2 add 2 + 2 in domesticity e without "you" fa-king hospitality e on their behalf (of half of "you" "2" begin with-and-pursue-e- 2-2 be part of the scene, or to be tossed off, as paul did to me, saying "keep going your own way"as he kept my m0ney... he wasn't counting on what i could add t0 w/att 2 make wind last f0r me yap preciably e vein if it is a lie waiting apparently e, it is lay ed 2 be pr0perly e grammatically' allways in my reflection e made x maid & t0 make yet a gain~if/fi~ty e

it must be said-avid-'s-las- "his" ad-vances are to save his smarm-eye-y face from seeing the ballast of bullshit in his "wake" the grief he has passed on to people 4 just being (by desire in g even as was given & given t ven d/00 with0ut question i remind "mew" that would molt a feeble heart and "strong" s-hard ebt 2 someone elses face that can 0n ly pay for the price of forting a wall-king t-urd- for hi-re-ring-thr U -e-e- d-is-grace-say-dated-gm0-ed-mais-, "as use 2" faith of a must"ard" see-d-ra with no return 2 me in kn0wn 0 pen valUe "=" i f0re s00t/h/e premeditated-1-2-slid-ebt-0/0 ? the 0ne the can e be a plan T 0 pr0 0f~e because they love the land they are apart 00/f i/even -and- will get t-angle-d-in-your frag-all-rock-e-t-th-eave-n-d-en-in-n- 4 trying 2 make am ends e/am face feeling~as releaf i/n g~ fig fig u/r ein g/rain ist 2 gist w/grist rue in Paris' Lay D Liberty II f0r all 2 l00k 0n & ap/p/r0ve with and with n0t your "rue" "2" ruin virtue by vert~0/0 -k-a- f0ra wall-k-and-never replenished the sTal-l-ex-2-st-all-k-in your be-"half"-all-0t-e-).

I talked with many people and heard many conversations and was approached by a man, Scott, that talked about how sick it makes him to enter the court house, that he has been to court before f0r evictions, he has fought it, he has won, but it doesn't make you feel bet aire vein sum / e. g. 0/n e~

ironic as he felt the same way i did, re the win with me-shell was flat-rated-because it wasn't really necessary 2 go to court use e & i am no more be calm t0day f0r e actually be in g seen, and in fact, i am more presse-d- up-0n-e- tact-i-c-all-y-e-"dactyl-ly" with d-avids-chomp-comping 0f the forest, litter-ally e, vein polluting my online quest for decent/see sight 0n e seen, as if i documented every ill-w-ill-e-d- pay-per-sent-2-re-rent-me-0r-t0rt-ear-ent-fr0m e // it would be a rue-full litter bust-int-2-trust, my trust as Miss Trust fully vetted on the line D-avid-shit-a-head-in-n0t-ime-2-thank him self for his pre?sents?in front of very e b/0d dye with n0 relavance act u all ye // re-elavance -2- build mistrust com-mon=ly-e-

prat-0re-prate-t-0r-t-ate-d- he will not fall off his p-late full-ly e pr0-rate-d- (2 actually L-an-d- 0n -k-eye-shit- statistically speaking fr0m the position of speaking 4 completion against the competive time the "statisticall-ly" statistics -aye-re-p-l-eat-in-e 0n e y0u / that really has no say if you cannot land your name t0 be seen as Stated ebt 2 thrU t0/0 th eaven and dy ew/e~

h/ear is the thing, i make my st0re before i rest 0re, and d-avid the t-wacking rab-bit steals my interest before i can apparently have berth 2 have it 2 re st 0re, and i do not view his sharp suit and "vetting" of haul lie to me, thata she is none of the things i have stated on line apparent ly e to be true, as he ha snowed her for years, ie that is what i hear-d-as-pr0-0f-e- 0f his ability 2 virtue & pass it 0n e ttu`

my food stamps have ended, as they requested i send my working hours to them, i have sent for 3 months the hours on the website i have been building with the business card. no one contacted me to let me know that in this thoughtfull or thoughtless estimation, that i apparently needed more representation, and without a thug thought, they were or were not apparently after a t-ail 0-t0-re-0-f-f- apparently no one was there to represent the decision that land-ead- f0re me t0 de all in re all ty e by myself ~use~e~gain, on t-heir -x- t-here sp0ken merit 2 pr0vide f00d f0r e pe0ple t hat nee D it t0/0 : Do you think i miss read e?b? there vain 0re vein -2- pr0-vie-d- vainitye-with-be-spoke-n-charity-e-w/made-visible-0n-you-as -virtue-2-be rewarded vert tu` ? f0re vert chew/hinges 2 gestate an h0 h0n h0ne h0nest virtuall pay per i vie w ett u` // and this d0esn't appear 2 s0me 0ne t hat is he ad, as s0mething e 2 pur p0r e thrU -le? when n0 head 0f the "policy" can be referenced A) f0r A 0ne 0ne re vie w 2 B) w0rking b0th e wayes 0n and 0ff ten 0n e t in ti'me T0/0 , without a provision to "veto" so yur love less need-all-c-an-e-get-thru

M0nsant0-e-, is literally saying, it can bust you for any plant that was grown of its own accord 2 just be in similar unmolested accord 2 a frame and free work in g f0rd aye any e 0n e cant get tu` c0me f0r/t/able ly & sustain in/her rent ly e. Their le-gall-t-rites-as-pre-miss-igh T, is -2- be able (and -2-be-babel-) -2- 0wn the right t0 a veges life via their s-lice they lay on your head and make you accept it as read ie with n0 choice in the matter 0f your stead, your read and head, and w hat you in your self in ste ad e may e h/ave a liberall sayes w/have hay inn stability's maw~e~ 2 play en f0ra re all verse-sus-t-hat will liberal-ly-e- be down graded upon eXpi re ate i 0n e, -2- be t-angele-d-in the law-t-w/h0-dim-y0u- by sucking on your blood wile they force feed you unfit shit -2- own a veges life, and respect-full-lie, make you accept -it-without a peep a pre p0re a pry, 0re you get tangle-d- in the "law" playing the hi-lo-simultaneouslye-2-s0we-what0is0said-is-aye-eg0-at-e-t-ail-h0le-&-p-ass-it-0n-like-bridge-t-t-es-pawn-e-seeking artific-i-all consu8mption -2- he-ad- her pre-sump-t-i-0n-e-ver y e lasting "2" fi -re "0n" (never faced with her own gumption 2 simultaniously era-se pr0 0f e as uncti0n e cessarily stated t0 rectify w/-her-e- shit-ass-pass-lump sum = back -2- the y-ak -it- c"am"e "from" = 0rigin seen nifty ly a cr0ss & ab0ve "0rigin" Scene f0re no reason 2 be l0ve give l0ve want l0ve -&- vainly smugly ugly exist t0/0 x 2 prevent you b-u-y-e- making your buy into their bullshit with n0 pre vie w/h0 ne st re duct i 0ne t hat merits the t0ne preceeding0~ve & d0~ve 2 without pre-med-tate-d-e-f-ear-th-ey-e-w/(h)-ill-and-s-hill-sh0w-0n-"an-new"-e- )

M0nsant0-e- is saying if you do not grow a p-lan-t- an-d- s0we ist life 2-comp-eat-ly-e- you are a just "cause" set "2" be "t-angele-d-&-char-g-ed-" f0r n0 re as 0n e aT Large > for this i reference the farmers that the lawyers of mansanto take to c-our-t- with or e without -re-pen-t-en-s-e-e-n-f0r-existing actually, if a seed 0f t-heirs- is s0wn in an h0nest f/armers field by the "wind" if yu d0n't mind me saying F0re Reall y e t-hey f0r-ah-urry e h-aye- can and -due- sue that farmer -4- stealling from monsant0's b-ran-d-eed-ead-f0-0d-e- : 0de , a trite remark, the law-a-yer-e- is seee-k-ing -0ld- in your soul as h-all-m-ark-et-2-p-art-e- & now whether the farmer "wins" in the c-0ur-t- 0re-w/-t0r-t-n0t-e- apparent ly e, his time is wasted as with his energy e 2 c0n t en D and he is -even-t-u-all-ye- t-aught not to provide fore himself as with others that do not have the "storehouse" of being a louse for hi-re-higher-e-0n-e-me / m-aid g-rist- 4- d-ave- 2- way-laye- well before he gets to court apparent ly e with gristle-d-mer-writ-seen as heart w hen he d0esn't h/ave any e 2 impart ie t/ye "xx"cc ept in ept apparent ly e.g. 0re in imp-ar-t-erritorial-l-e-farce f0rce f0re x f0ur "seeing" t-he-nee-d-ie-ly-e-

ie s0w cute the commune all rendering of the judge calling cases and naming faces 2 be apparent t0 Day T with a pr0visi0n e 0f interest in it, and D-avid f0re his-ap-e-art, congenially supplied (unquestioned for a long time i sir-me'yes as sir-rend-er-ed-awn eye) all the people that didn't show up to court as they have apparent ly "chosen" to vacant the "premises" 4 x f0re? i question, if a choice to live rationally to begin with hasn't met actually with the merit 2 inhabit it inn it? s0/wn e rati0n all a habit at i/c tac t' 0w~e inc

the judge fore his cute congeniall tort of no real labor to repore t, be-muses-2-d-avi-d- that we may (with a reference t0 w-/(h)-all-e- &-every thing -2-t-ail-0n-g-aye- * except literally as that can't "beam" a "maid" apparent"LY-e" * as honestly seen as pr0fane-d- 2- day -T-e-) be out of t-here by "9:30"-

he speaks of D-avid- as a person you can meet with as "s-he certainly e likes 2 talk"a p-parent ly e -2- his long windead "pause" if ewe ar e t00 the (h)and~in c/Lawes and aye 0n anny e aske ye 0ft me : L/0ve & it is 50 (the roman #) : l0ve must be wh0le 2 give a s0ul et 0le s0le, the legs the yew the wings of the b/0d dye, the need f0ra re all 2 steel unif0rmly e till all a require hinges, a ch0ice like c0nsuming and pasing thru the nature 0f youre hall 0 we ap/p/r0ve in anew e / the pr0cess that sh0uld be seen asd regarded as 0n g0ing. The hinges we sw(h)inge and fly e.g.as & gam/e s~aim/e~ is the ch0ice in all things, and the "law" pervaded by history linked to the patriarchy, that "g0d" is a "man" and "he" is at "hand" "and" / with n0 sup p/le understanding e"x"cept "2" st-and-on-ewe-as-nee-d-ed-eed-ead-2-do-e-A-d0a-t-o-o-n-e- is ironically the devil at hand in the same "lore" it came "from" e vain- (and cannot honestly exist on its "own" stente-d- heart-2-yours-2-seam-as-necessity-predicating its return 2 be awarded without hesitation -&- guess wh0 gets 2 been "lent" 2 scne f0re the sitting ie the 0ne that can car ry e the c-rim-e- act u all y e afraid 2 speak in much needed and soundly heard re lea f/e. g. = i/r 0n e met all ye 2 give the fi/g you fi/give 2 f0re give & f0r~ge it inn inc0re p0re ate D~en~

-- w here was my st y eye apparent ly e t hat can't be cut 0ff in fr0nt' 0f~t me f0re see m in g 2 see D / n0r e t00 the s/ides 2 ally as with allay e universeally e vein e multi eye ply ed virtually e ttu be receive d & dr0p e a/b ean t swear the w/hiss pers~0/n all ye the need 2 take c air e part in the pre miss you/r e perceive (because the "law" will not vet you a poreT'all 2 just be, and in face act, d-avi-d- is presenting a case fore me to be misread as 0bscene present-ly- as he has n0 need f0re me ie he can't t-ac-t- in a virtuous wind he hasn't made vein (2 begin inn), and an 0 pen l0ss would mean all-t-he has facetiously supple-lie-in-g- would could be supp le f0dder 2 efface his disgrace with a class action suit 2 dayT, at the very least aye s ate...i make f0r/te an dc 0mp any e

please note, having been a rabbit in races in europe, vetted on the track 2 run a time on meriT as k eD, in the tme 0f merit it appeared as, f0r $500 a 60 second lap, and having d0ne it eX act, in work 0uts and 0ut` last with my inn last 0f my s0le t s0ul as ave 2 veritable fact my sh0e s/u/re di.d. t hat (that no one really seams to care about actu ally e 2 be a meta f0re many e t hinge s) what you don't know about being the carrot or rabbit that eats the carrot 0re t0rt angles and angels it // you dont know the energy of being in front, and i want you to know this valUe you should be receiving 4 just being doing the same shit day in and day out, honestly consuming 2 give vent t00 d00 w/hinges~ the energy is being sucke-d- from you 2 see your self 2 and this effects, in t0/n/e very e thinge you apparently choose-re-not-choose-2-day-t-e-

s0we, while i look like a cruel miss tress, sling mud on the faces of questionabel-pure-l0ve- , d-avid-is, preventing you from see/in/g w hat is up. artificially d-avid-is-in-a-leader-ship=position-&-d-avid-suffers-n0-energy-l0ss-as-he-can-apparent=lye-pull-2-him-more-re-crew-t-2-w/-hay- (drawn of no st.raw, and n0 be D 4 Deed i.d. virtue 2 receive universeally e) e -0n-y0u-

i want you to know the energy of honest connecti0n and honest reciprocation e will never come 2, h0w e ave re c0m/et l0ve j0y e is 0/n fair e t'0f/f~her eye purse you~

what i want you to know when i comment on c-har-lote- as being not all l0t 2 offer any body ie she is ground d-0wn and-d-ated-0w-d-ye- it would also be, to me, important to offer why i think it game ly e vain if she takes it ga/me-lee-as eat-0-her -&-others actions-h-ave-nt vett a tit/he (h)0nestly et eye press is because -0f-wh0-she-comp-eats-with- / n aye 0n my tit & i d0 feel i have the write by right 2 advance it with seeing it misfit 4 Miss Fi/t e.g. X amp lent 2 ma/ke no 0ther h0nest w(h) aye 4 x f0r/m/e 2 be seen e X act T ly e & be regarded

i am talking about her energy in effect as with affect her e Lass 0 w/h0 e sh0e sh0ws & w0rks with. i am talking about the energy of being in the front, analogous to being scene in the front. that ther is energy & if you haven't earne D it, you are stealling it by just being apparent ly e pre sent

s0w e ye just i fi ably have an issue 2 pre sent and as i said to charlotte and bridgette -2- make f-alls-e-e-m ad-hatters- of material-l-interest-y-et-- by taking-making, precipitating, false pating, with-said-congratulating, p-rating-as-p-assing 0n t0 the c-lie-n-t- you didn't have to apparent lie per-sue -2- sew-habitual-l-use- 0re-l-00se-0re-n00se-0re-f-0x-news-

the nergy you are not getting is draw/n draw-h-ing, s0we yu can't see your self -e-xcept, be it a f-alls-e-e infor-m-all p-lan an-d that s- t0/0- x -2- "invite" thr-u- g0-shopp-ng-again-&- as a waye- 2- have a cust0m-designed-identity-people-can-see-as with-seem-you are really e- perpetually e w/(h)-ell s-pen-t-

what i am saying is, if you really think about it, yur m(e)-one-ye- without relationship building in it, universeally e speaking 0/n e merit, is a distraction -2- save face -the-fa(r)t-her-e-you-get-a-ware-from-it-t-

i don't have a mitt 2 catch me for being seen e X cept 0/m ~, and bridge-t-t-e- honestly has a fake tan on her face scene -f0re- an b/0d dy e


i called "ebt" ie foodstamps-for-mall-ly-e- before the new "policy" to be accountable apparently, and after, when they cut me off 0f 3 months of supplying them the info as stated, as i correlated with a call, before i proceeded and double deeded, and no response in the interim of pass/fail. the promises ie the "forms" i was to receive so i could would may be be represented accurately to t?here? stipulate d spoken / writen measure, never came in the mail, nor the letter to go to the food shelter, and this was from 2 separate people "working" there, 0ne that i mist-ear-i-ous-ly-e- got cut 0ff while speaking, and the other that promised the forms, when the first before i started sending in the accountabilty of my work never mentioned i needed the form to waste vitue from nature "2" waste more from (unspoken) until there is no forest in store f0re resting i/nn. that can judge me to be inadequate, without thinking 2 be/a me as u/re ye with every e b0/0d dy e + st-ill going on working use-e- & - making -m-0ne-ye-e- for-t-hem & f0r/t n0t me, i D/are say e -d-eliberate-ly-e-

i talked with Scott in the open lobby after i was meant to talke with the lawyer and avesta representative c-har-l0t, timi-d- as the best i can account for stinte-d- time on the law-ewere scene para d/i-me w/declawed -2- only reveal "a" mo-re- diss-a-ray-e- just saying her moulting in the mew is unimpressive, i don't know how she "d0" any thing 2 and can see no nye 0n ear f0re tye de-cad-es- it is apparent it doesn't take much to push the evident dodder -2- tot-ter-e---

bridgette, d-ick s-lash d-avid' scene ass-i-tan-t- 0n e me, i soon worked her into a frustrated conversation with a bridge 2 Sc0tt 2 use e t hat eye ask, wh(i)y be b ridge w hen you can be b-ridge-t-t-e- ass-fact-t0r-t- 4- e very e -t- hing e 2 -re-t0re-t-e-. she was upset at me speaking to Sc0tt 0 pen ly e w hen i was sent away from them so they could do the talking without me.

D-avid C-hamper-maid "wanted" me to chomp on the b-it of his sham shame inn-fancy "2" move out by january 31st. i said this is not a possibility as i produce the monthly miracle of rent every month, my car is batteryless until after winter, so i do not have a car, or money to move, and i am giving him a choice and he is as will be giving me 0n e t0/0 ie i explicitly said i want a choice use e. i had to repeat my self "tort" for my t0rt he misteriously disregarded no matter how much he pre ten d ed he was a ware 2 reap aire with e me

while i was talking with Scott, having been at court aka outside of court in the lobby to talk, but being sent away so they could talk, until nearly noon, Scott thought i should talk with pine tree legal to represent me.

when i was talking about how abominable this "special-eye-z-sai-d-" culling takes p-lace- ie d-avid wanting to know when i could forecaste when i could move, forecasting is not my solid for A for Angela 2 assume (you ass that does not honestly mew mute or m00 ve) ie eye explaine D t0 -e- "him" that i am at "court" because not one of them have an adv0cati0n with living interest in it 2 adv0cate with as face w/h0ne ye true, much less desire i/t~e, and i am being made to do their honest work 0f paying at ten ti 0n e thrU e Paris 2 Pair us tye vein e while t-hey -in-ten-d-2- ste-all-a-my face, and if i am upset to DayTE i have clear ly e maid x made seen on site f0r/m/e as myT 2 right ans w/ear e write 4 x f0re. gain, and if i am honestly insulted by the "opportunity" to shit their bullshit back at them, as it unfit to eat by any 0ne wanting t0 live without deceiving, my anger is called "aggression" ie b-ridge-t-t-e- spline less ly c-alled b-a-lift-s- 2- sup-p0rt her scene 2 seem 0n the same line with in the 0 pen pr0wt while i was in the lobby expressing to Scott,

(bailiff is a carrier / manager in 0rigine y'e with0~ut a re all a w0man are r0und same-senses-pr0-c-lam-e-n-f0r-t-a-mile-0-f-ten-0n-e-) = (the b-ail-lift- d0esn't ma/ke l0ve "he" just c-0ver-s-upp-the-ang-le-

it would appear it is 2 much to ask for avesta eT-all 2 take my rent and t0 d00 s0/me thing w/hi~te a thrU~

i asked Scott if he would stay,. as he made me feel more comfortable, he said he would, as long as he could, as he was the driver for people in court and would have to leave with them.

if avesta "1" won't here a complainT from me, nor from the people before me or after me, and "2" will "1" make up a lease violation for "art in the art room - if you are deaf dumb and blind and if you aren't we ata avesta will hel-l-p ewe 0/f/f/ x the ability of your consciousness to act u all y e be conscientious among'~us (un identified sacks of bull shit pro-ratin-gall-0f-life-vain-an-d-"ump"-)

i have to say, while my living situation is ten-u-0-us- a-gain- it feels g0/0d to p0 0p in the 0 pen e what -l- ever ye am f e-d- // if that is all the prat-tell the chat-tell "leading" the 0x can fe-d-

avesta is a non discriminating place to live ie they market there product as no discrimination 2 takes place in their stead, and i am prolifically being discriminated for wanting grace fore as and with my self for all races 2 x t0/0 be D well

avesta "2" is facing their apparent 'B' (f0r/m/e~) as there me as/u/re , and-l/am-e-in-n- e very e t hinge 2 capably be a myT additi0n ally e

they are rising to the occasion to discriminate against me for just being, for the space in my head, heart, hand, ears, nare, right n0stril eft and weft the warped platter platen e'yet. it is not funny. there is nothing funny or nice or social or civilized about "david chamberlain" and his t0-0-l-ed- ass-is-stance "b-ridge-t-te" t hat left its he ad un e marke d um-b- in-ste-ad- e very thing apparent ly women are that haven't re all y e lande D 2 DayTe w/(h)in d/0 A gain~ p.s. "s-he" had a nice "fact" tan, like andy -d- i am sure will gather sailing around the -no-matter-e-what eye or tie i am vested stint

ironically, andy -d- a lawyer himself apparent ly, can't bite the hand the feeds-him, and sowe he "pursues" to -0- screw women lit-ter-ally -e-with just 0pp0rtunity e?

the death on arrival, the 0-men! is d-avid wouldn't have a pay check, if he were living for completion, he wouldn't have love that he has made apparently even of/f. all i can see say taste and tell is he has been a sham for a long time "2" be Scene S-well-e-, to pass his sham-e- n0w e 0n e t0 me 2 (appraise D a D say e) e vain.

the "sad" fact of the matter that d-avid t-axes every e b/0d dy e is he honest ly doesn't deserve t0 live... the "cull" -2- cut the s-pin-e- 0ut of the living purp0se, as 2 be state d in pre miss 4 him t0 track al0ng & geT wiTh iT, he sees no re a-s0n. "=" he "thinks" "he" is h-en en0ugh ten 0n e 0f/f.

ScreenShot20150109at104020AM ScreenShot20150110at90339PM

c-0ur-t- is curt 2 begin, wh0 is all s0w a dad apparently e t0 me in hist0ry e he reflects and 0es n't seam 2 speak in e much ly e is he understated 0 0/r ue tw0 f0ur e -2-? and his wh0le presummed interest in going to war, to protect virtue or-t0r-t-0re- vert-tu`- w/ more abominable be-long-ing-s-2-a-b-0r-t- and doesn't d-avid- h0nest-lie -n- on every man to go 2 war for no reason 2 be on e hearth rationally, as with d-avid-s-cene for a rationall decision with me? -2- tax me 4 thinking 2 think, ie it was no loss on my eye sight to see as he "prays" s-lash preys -2- the judge, that he can also take m-0ne-ye- from me, to s-him, the advance of war per-pet-u-ally-e- and his ass-is-stance bridge-t-t-e- no matter her tear-ye-e-d-pity- launche-d- promp-t-ly on those that can be bought (for her no apparent love loss), or do not know better as the air eye render is diminished 2-a-b-0r-t- within d-ave-d-ear-n-arrive-all-he skins-2-kil-l-looking a/s-kill with a keel, with my keel in fact~hat can t'each with f/act inn fact t0 day T 0n e the L edge r it w/(h)as 2 b.c. and-avid-is-a-pen-is-he-wants-2-e-x-ten-d-a-cross-the-land-4-ni-cate-ti-0n-e-m- w-itch is to say he-wants-to-t-own e women all the -ti-me- (sowe he can be scene as the "0ne" / n0t dividing you fr0/m/ s0/m e).

ironically e w hen d-avid said i should be ashamed, that he has-nowe-d- hollie for years, that she is none of the things i say she is, and avesta is a reputable organization (for which he will not listen to the documented and subpoenaed sup p0re t of those that went & rent before that d0 not attest 2 the marketed "measure" as "e-x-presse-d-" in t here the/i/r e time with 0 lengthy complaints & kn0w/ understand 2 stalwartly have all ready expressed, do not attest to d-avids presumptuous protector of grace 2 take place at said time as place re m/ark ed & arc- ed- in to a story 2 carry e thru fundamentally e without any 2 in his-story-e-ver 2 pre face thrU n0r eX is T up0n his ret-t0r-rick -2- be-tie-d-2-his-bull-shit-as-he-r0se-2-put-it-0n-me-with my name in the pr0 verb/i~all 0 pen in g eye sir e made f0r/m/e 2 be full fill in g's us ten ant seen f0re. g.i~ving 2 (d-avid-s-eX-ces-s- is -2- ab0rt / the l0p- 2 n0t l0pe in 0ne's p.r.i'me with his "measured" s-c0pe- 2- cut- the living thinge w/hinges unscene in "2" b.c.

his "g0d" -thought-fully-squandered-in-his-a-vest-ad-the0ry-e-h-as m-aid pr0-vis-i0n-e-t0-w/h0-circumstance- unquestioned on the h0nest ly earne di'm e act u all y e t0rn fr0me h0nest advance scene -4- scene -2- be-in- n0 0ne c0ntinuity e at the same time act u all y e relay T in g/r/i/s/t/ m~ill ea n functi0n e in g/0n et tu` w/pr0visi0n e thrU le way e 2 be your word 2 day T in the 0 pen e w here it lay es~

ironically e the l0p that re-mains on the b-ranch 0 d-avid-2-rest-0re -b- c-har-lot-t-e- is the daw-dle-as-e- of d-avid-s-aw-e-.g.0ing- f0r-war-d- pre-ten-d-ing she-has-g-race-in-maturity-e-2-be giving-0re-by- being basically dead on arrivall her li-fe- met with0 l0ve 2 give and 2 g0~wan e with -&- will on-ly rise -2- the - occasion-e-t0/0-le- a -way-e-f0r/t/-e- d-avid- 2- a-b-e.g.-ree-d-upe-0n-e- 2-daYT-

and s0 c-har-l0t-te- person-ally-e- r0ws the baby e n0t gestated in inn 0 cents 2 be law-st- and have -2- c0n-ten-d-0n-her-e-p-ass-ed-ly-e-t0 me w/ b-lame all-re-ad-y-e- con-struct-ed- for-t-hem 2 apparently B -and- cell me and every e b/0 d dye lam e d 2 be perpetually-e-b.c- displace-s-aid-&-in-d-ebt-ed-0-0-r-e-m0-re- 2- a pre supposed freed0m e (d-avid-is-own-lie-2-happy-2-h-ang by wasting y0ur e time -0re- leaving you 2 collect y0ur apparently inert th0ughts 0/n e y0ur e 0wn e)

d-avid- is not the way 2 be calm in f0r e thinking 2 speak 0 s0methinge, he is the ad-h0c- "doc-k-t-0r-e-" and his deciso0n 2 merit i leave my eX is T an/ce is stipulating a pre-sent-s-up-pawn-the-land-that-there is no place for an h0nest pers0n 2 set f00t in, ie Avesta is not providing a rationall aka safe h0using 2 lay e my eyes he ad i/n. there is no rationall choice t0/0 stay, and ironically, Avesta all sowe builds (as they s-n0w/-imp-asses-) deleteri0us "h0using" women for abused women (supposed - ly e not by e their h-and-in-my-p-ants-e-vein-s0-my 0vary has a price to compete with the "cours-ings" 0f d-avid- or 2 die 0f-f-)(apparent ly on its 0wn ac c0rd in g ly e f0re n0t pay in gat ten ti 0n e that in 0ne neglible deduction d-avid-has s0l-d-us-all-an-unrighti0us living -2- be-scene-slide-sled-2-his-den-t0-make-a-meal-0n-there-head-and-re-p-L-eat- l00king as a by pr0duct 0f c0ntributi0n e w hen he is really letting the watt air 0ut 0f the ship f0re any e b/0d dy e 2 be in.

dare i say e at this p0int, he is will ful-ly deceiving and "willing" 2-per-pet-u-ate-a-lie-0n-any-e-0ne-t-hat-wants-0ff his perp-le-x-in-g-lei-n-inn-g-s-

s0w/-he wile d-avid lis-t-ens, c-har-l0t-t-e d0es n0t apparent ly engage n0ugh she is culpable fore letting negligents-p-ass-0-ff-t-en-0n-e-

s-he is the Love she d0esn't have and apparently d0esn't want 2 muster e up & panned the truth n0w scene t00 s-ail -ease a cr0ss 2 s0me b0dy all re ad dy e putting l0ve in f0r e re all living f0rth 0n e st' line in t'i'me 2 stand the test 0 time "2" f0re which d-avid-seeks-2-pen-all-eyes-me-by-making-me-be-0n-the-lam-e-d-ly-e-

he makes the lam-e-,and eat-h-e pate 2 tie 0n e with the same-lee-l0ve-less-ness- 2 despise t hat he w0nt 0wn as his lie-sure-s0wn-e-

she gets "h0t" because she doesn't have the b/rains in the first place 2 work imaginatively e f0rth 0ne st paradigm e / then the irony stands in my hand as an artist, this place is sup posed 2 represent and actuallize 2 dayT, and they want to remove the source you see from beeseeChing / and on this front i contend, they are not allowing for any artist 2 live in their own provision & are diverting re all interest fr0m the land ye from the artists aye very e Day e 2 be at ten di.d. eed be sp0ken on re-dud-ant-sey-e-s-har-d- f0r/m/e 2 reflect "f0r-um-uch" and if i am success full in my place light ness ie plight with t0uch in dev0ti0n e ye am s-ought -2- s-0d-w/ith-is-t-


i see "0ne" -n- for "now" t hat would make -u/s- c0n-t-en"d" -2- your f-law-in-0-rig-in-an-d-curr-ant-never be b~l00 dye beautifull an/d inn zinn s~ 2 r0mance t0/0 DayT and 0 pen ly e relay T as/well~eaven 0/f/f ten 0n e supp/le plye directi0n e fi/n e d f0und asp0ken 0w e pt 2 pr0w t in c0re p0re ate D 0 W n an D/0~ut~


don't count your chic kens un till they are matched 2 the hatch by a desire 4 x f0r/t/e t hat (s0 "tm" may not be "m-aske-d-im-sum-e-"








my e seen e w/(h)0rds atisfy e t0gs as f0rth cl0thing c0vering skin ten der e ad e with right in ti'me all s0w e. g.h0~e vein sl0w/(h)eels unif0rm ly e in ti'me t0/0 the say e






eye f0ra re 0n e d0 n0t believe d-avid-2-t0ss-l0ve-0ff-f0r-a-disreputable-cost-2-be-forward-ebt-0m-b- s0mething that is deserving 0ve in c0me & his industri0us -&- unreliable at ten ti 0nes h0/0d be re veal ed f0re his -0re- lack 0f/f ig/ ur e in c0re p0re ate d ebt 2 pay in advance (if he wants it and wishes 2 re pre sent it a ware act u all y e f0re th0se that are not s-0-wn-at-the-hip-in-stealling my innc0me fully e sUm e vein t0/0






eye sup p/ly e t defined i/n e myTi'me the "rein of Herod-s-" is her-r0d-scene as Her0-d-ia-n-2-f0r/t-e-t0/-mb-ean-y-e-w-e-.g.enetic-gen-tiles-be-gat-w/hat-be-g-(h-)ave-in-dust-r/i-0/u/s-ly e unread-i-n-n'the-hub-re-ad-e-vane


he dus T is s0w0n eye w/th uss 2 suss ten ants and en z0 et f0r e war D~ e vane t hr U b/r0ad i/n0r e d0e ye pr0stitute 2 much ly e rhet0ric ally 0re act u all ye cc0mp eat & c0mp lea t ly e a f0rd aff0rding lee per f0re ate in g's~heart me/as/u/re t0/0 asp i re all i ty e t tu `be am 0re


D-avid-ire-0n-i-c/all=ye-diss-miss-aid-me "2" c0llect my th0ughts / w hen "we" all were meant 0/0 be talking as (h?)0w e in g's-hat-e-t-ruth-e-w/raith in pursuing's inc0rp0reall a matter~ides w/t 2 teall eak in c0l+lect it w here s0we he can re-fuse w/ hat is all ready in front of him apparent ly e as he speaks t0 me n0se in it eye ask

as-sift-his-re-dud-ant-se-e-k-0uld-be-a-ware-in-st-rangers-0n-the-say-me-p-age- t0 me s ave in g ti'me t0'0b e f0r the D serve in g f0r e rest act u all y e


no-cent = n0 pre sent part/ i.d./i cip/le nt 0/0 the pre sent w/h0~ve

the g0lden c-(h)alf re ve al la m0 te t0 me 0f/f act u all y e in sc0pa r0pa d0pa p0p e w/pers0n all int e rest in t act f0r e war d ame~e match unter e st00d t0 t' ask in advance 0f 0utc0me rit in re past~ance

lit-ter-rally-e-with0~ut me in re all i ty e w/ ti'me 2 c0mp eat in em in e free d0/m e w/ pre ten d seen in am e vein


c-har-l0t-t-e- w/(h)-as the daw-del-le-t0-g-r0w-by not apparent ly being l0p-ped-0f-d-avid-stupid-spur-m-iss-i-0n-e-miss-pen-t-0we-"f0r"-e- -&- she own lie has "nerve" pr0n0nced with-action-2-exp0und- 2- get angry e-&-re-b0und -2- do -some-thing- ac-c0rding-lye-without a time lag 0f no repast by breakfast - if i address her vanity e as dressed blatant ly e sh0(n)e w/(h)0rn fr0m e my e(h)0re all h0st~0r~ye defined 0/0r e all the ti'me 0 rally e h0spitallity e D serve in p.ri'me dj 0ck u lar ing under hand i.d. ly e w/agility~es~0/n~e can T measure Up w/h0~ut a gree D i/n e being pre sent i'm e~ 2 c0pa nd ri0's head t0 e tude wan ye virtually in ste ad e w/(h)and 2 d0/0 t/0/0 the ave n s pree mYT ether e well

curr-ant-ly-e the "mote" t0 me is the m0t t0m dusts -0-f-f-0ccasion-all-ye- 2- see himself complete (with0~ut a re all vie w/ t0/0)


men for all your ap/parent copulating ability eye d0 n0t seeing y0u laying y0ur 0rigin 2 be kn0wn pr0per ly e & i remind you there is n0 king bee 2 be kn0wn fact u all y e (even speaKing t0 me in time ye ma/ke apparent ly e = h/0n eye b:be a ware fruit fully e X p0se d fl0~we~ Now e(r/0s 2 r0 L + L)= Zsss lee p fair e/as h0/ulder e tw/h0 = t here is n0 w 0re -i- gen in st 0/r my e w/eather e fl0we re st eppe st 0 gether ahead 0 fi/n ten ti 0ne b/right an D beak 0n e p.r.i'me w/ins tin c t f0r/t/e the p-ain-in-vain-i-ty-e-"2"come-pete-2-be-scene-4- s-every-e-w-hitch-e-way-e-f0ra-r0pa-d0pe-in-p-l-ace-e-d-fr0nt-ally-e-deceiving greater meaning from being seen and justly e 0pen ly regarded actually e in the f0r-ray-e-d-0ll-re-ad-dy-e-m-aid-2-day-T-

t here is no re as 0n 2 x 4 naught' aught a sh0w the sh0e as it was sh0ne in c0re p0re ate d as it e.g.0es tress passes with eaven & s0w e as/s/u/me in g 0t/t0 gether e sh0ne as it is 0n its very e 0wn e t0 me pre sent ly e with and sew e's 0/n e the sUm e s0/m e in knit'd c0mp any e w/(h)eye t0 gaTher e f0r eve re~nd be be.g.an

"m"pi-ty- and -una-f-ray-d- (r) essent i all y e "2" core-rup-t-he-beck-0n-st-re-am-in-g-hit-tigh-t'-0n-e-with0~ut apparent shat-her-2- "and it was g0/d" 2 be.g.i/n~n ear ing b~e L+L swelling's kin


if ewe d0/ k/n0 t a n0 s0w e & 0n me we g0~ t hen sentiment is s-aid-ie-meant- 2 re-tract-hap-pen-stance-0n mer it ag-ain- and you yourself should give the thug ore land-loaner a gun 2 sh0-0t-with-

as for my self, am i against guns? in my h0use i have n0 nee d f0ra-pe-scene-f0r-e-being-squatter-s-hy-mn-2-surrender-hymen-t-hin-ges- d-aughter verses quite literally d'aught e re

as for d-avid-s-pan that did not l0 0k up / he can be heard in the court fr0/m & f0r/t/e the people under (and not p-lunder) and 0ver e g0/0d inn-fancy-set-2-im-mort-all-i-ty-e-plunder-0f-ten-0n-e-cessary-e-2-keep-him-apparent-ly-in-the-c-lea-r-e-in- apparent~ (with n0 0ne 2 quest i 0n e by e habit e t0/0 saye w hat "he" tru-ly e w-ear-s- and h-ave- s-him wear it on his face rather than con ver t ly pass the disgrace at any day-e-ra-t-e-


H20 me m11 v