(T-he-l-) lie-on-e- L ai D 0wn e with e L/am thrU Miss Use vein 0.f ten igh is t0r eye h0/n0r e b0und and b right 0n line w/h0/l/e/ a s/t/rain e write nature all y e~ight fig u re t0 me in si d~e~

w/h0~uld be a figurati've r/i/b~be~in g a le.g. in/n a.m. (e~) Miss Sing 0h 0 n0r e b0und by e my Te~ in the r0und ye~use e~f0r/m/at(e)i've ly e


Haul Lie Sprague w/ Re visiOn Eve in/n


r/u le? an~sw/ear e p_lea se Xyz ed:de fi ne d ay Te & able e~


0k~t0/u/r e c i/p r/0 c a/t/e in herent ly in re member~ ing r/am t0 me di vie d/i.d. as ee k 0 pen ly e 0n e ye


all eye see in an h0-n0r-e-able-$-$-app-roach-is-san-k-tie-fi-e-d-re-miss-in-g- and i am found guilty 0n si-t-e- g-nat-u-re-all-y-e- until i am found innocent 0f -ever-y-e-0n-e- apparent-ly-e-k-is-sing- a- scene as f0re giving 0 pen ly e (w/my valUe 0f l0ve in the first place "4" ta ke w/h0 ut re e place "X" cept with dis~g-race- sewn "s0-w0n-e-" in my right full a/p place) -2- king-dumb-cum- an-d-ave-i.d-snot-w/st-an-ding-di'm-sum-g-um-re-sin-0-f-t-en-0-n-e-


0ut-re-e- is the n-0-r-m-an-s-ue-t-all-0-w-e-pt can-del-l-and-ue-s-0w-e-ap/p-rat-e-f-0-l-l-0we-

like ye am en-t- 2- b-lame-d-f0-re h(0)is imitative -0-rigin-n- the fir-st-p-l-ace-vain-an-d-ay-e.-g-ain-n-ew-e-fxf-am-e-

ScreenShot20150101at120118PM ScreenShot20150101at102305AM

a gram 0f suggesti0n e is (n ice) pre vent i 0n e per ad vent u/re ly e w/h e a r t h in re ten ti 0n e


Sue sue-t- f0r-t-e-2- if ewe app-r0ve-in-m00-te-


e-n-cumber-l-an-d-an-a-g-g-a(-i-)n-e-t-00-f0-st-are-A-d-0d-der-e- vain-e-4- f0-d-d-er-e- unawares and appreciative of h-is m-e-ar-r/0/rs- 2- lie-v-e-d-well- int-long-her-(fxf)ear-s-


in kind me as u re thrU le ultime mate ly e as e pr0 vie d i.d. i/n g (e)r/a ve i vie t~ye tw/h0 le land & s'0le an/e w/att are ap air in g e me in un d er e st and in g's uss t0 me in d/i vi.d. u all y e w/pas s age tu` l~i.p. an d 2 le apre g/race fully e see n0w e f'0r e the see k in g c0/m V p lain i/n g

IMG1352 IMG1352

eye w/0/0d air e say e all dodder is cre-8-te-d- ny-quill -2- day-T-e- tu` f0dder a may-T-e- as yn (with sun) face-t- s-t-ill w/ n0 re as 0n e vein k n0 w e ft 0 we ar e place d fr0/m/e


f-all-0-w-e- h-is-as-scene & you can be tin d ere in re-lie-f-0-re- s0/me b/0 d/dy e 0n e relent less ly e -2- ima-ta(in)te- p-i.d.-i-p-r-ate-r/c-rater-


t-he-ll- w/hine-r-0-w/-h-ist-ells-t-hr-u-t-her-e- w/h0~ut re ap ear e ast-he-w-in-n-er-e-all-a-way-e-s-n-ear-e-

the t-all-0-w/-hin-ere- is scene s-hall-0-w-e-ft-fin-d-e-r-e-

h-is-ad-dress-is-w/-(h)arping t he ad ress aye with igh time rest in re as sure ants ee bee h0 est in der e light e n/0w est e w/hinge ma/y ke ye h0n ey e 0n e t re e / tier met tier e t0 me uni verse all y e w/in te. g.r/i t~tye 2 see k in dee pen den t~ly e. g.i've in/n


the -w-hine-r-e- live in s-im-pul-l-e.g.-if-in-g- scene as re gift in g f0ra e very e b/0 d/dy e live in/n (the-t-me-t-ie-r-e-t-raid-e-w/-pi-ty-e-trans-mit-tie- w hitch is t0 say e, you are only found a value if you can be all-aye-d- 2- day-t-e-rr a pe 0pen lie 0n e the sa.m.e p age


d-ave-d-per-Sues-2-prey-e-vain-2-e-van-e-ven-t-u`- t- rue- st- re- e- t- in -0w-e-pair-us-e-p-rate-am-use-e- "museum" w-hat-m-aim-u-m-aster-e-diss-aster- ragged ly e -d-i-t-d-ue- with0~ut' each in g rad i c u all y e -ma-king- a contemptuous relationship for/t/-h0se you s(w-)erve ie to not feel the pain of your p-0-0-p-l0-0-p-ing- for apparently n0b0dye t0 see / se am e in kn0 wing am be 0n e me eta sea fan e


d-ave-d-is-mear-e-ly-e- re-dud-an-t-sy-st-e-m-an-f0dder- that is only acceptable to wear if you are his -0- d0dder ie w hat he pre pare s aye f0r/m/e in-c-est-u-s-c-0ur-t-e- apparent ly e w/e ie 0 pen ly e


d0e s aye man's eye may ke a w0man's l e.g. shape ly e w-hen he s-eizes- it- f0-ra- n0 re as 0n e vein? I still do not think it is "s0 c i all" to cut the s pi ne 0ut 0f a p0rp0ise -0n- per-p0se-use-e- k- 0-w-n lie -n- in-g's as gam-bit-i-s-2-be-a-m-aid-e-w/-mess-age- gat-tain-e-d- as if t/rain e d en em/e


w/(h)atch e y0ur e tag gat f0r est is t h/at gaTher ing ad vance, nay eye pr0 vis i 0n e sinter est (h)as~t~e it's p.r.i'des~t00l e last /i/c/ i/t/y/e/ a .m.atch~

IMG1354 ScreenShot20150101at124917PM

hay e st raw/ee c0mbing thrU mins d sieve in g in ti'me ar(w/)0und pr0 day e?

again w here to st ar t~ The "law" is basic-all/y-e-saying (with no re-tribe-ute n0r e retributi0n e pay in g) e very e 0ne is guilty until pr0ven innocent (by -k-n0-w-0n-e-in-ti-me-)

avesta is not supporting artists nor art, and are in fact diverting a-i-ndi-vesting time energy & m 0ne ye fr0/m/e vain -0-f-t- with-each purse-0n-e-tu` a "universeall-and-ead-irect-current-con-un-d-rum-an-d-"

please note this place was marketed as a place feasible for artists 2 i presume have a pers0n all a p0int 0ft en 0n e reference vein s0we sayes igh 0 ggin tsetse fly e0n pupu plater ra(i)n f0r enew ed g/rain 0ats as a t0ast i/r upee r/aught in seall ver ye ye 0t'up inn p0tentiall i fe we in t.2

c as e c0nfirm ed yne me na.m.e. ly e ttu` d~e st.ud.y~e maye be e

h0me by e the way e is a place l0ve fxf ace sees w/(h)eare 0n e lives permanent ly e'ye assUme speak in g 2 0f ten 0n e "vs"-0n-e- ten-0n-e- f0ra life of strife, that goes un re cog n'eye ze-d-0llar-0und-ing-(h)ell-0-w/(h)e-at-e-st-ra-fe-d-c"lear"-ee-l-an-d-in-g-0-(l)d-e-vain-e-f-uck-nap-kin-f0d-der-est-2-way-ke-w-all-king-sh0-all- (w/h0 ne kn0we s0le as e s0ul and sheep ship seen hip at m0uth aye daye t0uch d0wn e'ye n pr0w t)

eye see k n0w creativity e the sa.m.e ye see bi-b-l-ick-all-a-pr0-p-0-0rt-i0ns 2 be he-ll-awn-earth- 4 p-ar-king n/ear any 0n e with ear t hr 0 at e 2 fi re 0n e fxf air e in/n si te -mp-0-0-r-e- air-ye-g-a-i-n-s- p-assing the fud-dell-in the -h-ud-d-le-g-ad-c-laim-e-(n-lame-) h-is -t/0/u/r-is-m is a c0st-ly-e- miss-ta-ke- pre-sumptuously mad e by-e- not even being brave in the fir.st place 0 men 0 m0ng 0h0 me vein see n aster e c raft ers as fr.a.m.e w0rk in e very e setting 00se gue w/heel and eck eel

ScreenShot20150101at15856PM ScreenShot20150101at10638PM

c0m mer (0cean) c i all pr0 per ty e inn 0.rigin/ates a pre dayTe's~ functi0n eye inn d~eed i.d. 0/f/f i/n d~e/pen/d/en/t ag~gain 0we t0/0 le as emen 0.L0~ve & D~0'0ve


e-x-hi-b-it-e- 2- t-ie-0n-e-

p-lace p-lain as-scene relatively s-lain f0ra n0 re as 0n e f0und re p.r.ie man d in g's us~(ten an ts) thrU -le-s-lan-d-err0ring-a-p-as/s-age-m-aid-up-e- 0n-e-tu`-e-vain-k-n0w-e-t-rue-

the derring is-0d-d- w-hen the plain-t-iff is fed up-e-even- w/ kn0w just cause 2 speak 0f ten 0n e may ke in g's 0/m e the li0 le v0l~l0ve (h) awe in c0/re p0rt`an ye t hing e ie p00ping is my right 0f pas/s/age act u all y e n0 matter w-hat-ye-fe-e-d- me -d-u-e-t-he f-act is mad-e- up -2-dupe-t-0/0- keep-on-poop-ing-f0ra-pe-r-vie-w-e-


i/r 0n i c all y e, a-vest-a -nor-e- t-he-i/r- love less "law"y-er-e- want to admit guilt 2 con ten d a seen e t0/0 D. "we" are going the c-our-t- re-e- r-out- 2- con-ten-d- ap-pr0ve-in-re-am-in-g- the veritable tree out of the yew and me "front-ally" with the "aft" stern-ly-e-st-ate-d- which is to say the "ship" we are s-ailing w-ill allway-e- scene be-ye in the the may-k-ing "ste-ad-e-" no matter the apparent directi0n ie "directi0n" -i/t- t-urns- if turning 0/n e pr0w t w/re g"u"ard "i"n g-ra= mar-r0w-e-in-n is kn0 t wine fundamentally e vein just for the same "say-e" 0n e m 0ne y e s0/m~e vary e t hing e ar e t0 me~spy e n0-lo-con-ten-d-erriere- fam(e)ill ear air e with n0 kind c0unt en ance 2 pr0 f/f/ air e all s0w/h0 e


From: Angela Cook <xubrnt@me.com>

Subject: of late

Date: December 31, 2014 4:48:55 PM EST

To: Andrew Doukas <ajdoukas@gmail.com>


i was served court papers for eviction today, not in person, but in my door slot.

jan 8th 9am

will you be in town, willing to represent me, offer any advice going in?

my rent is up to date, and i haven't (had a need) to send any emails to them there, since launching my website with correlations fair.

i would prefer to stay where i am as i barely make rent each month as it is, and my entire life scope can be livably arranged in a mile or 2 radius even on foot, in any weather. the connections, to get by, suit me with homeostasis, if it werent for avesta's negligence wan waning to licentiousness to b-re-e-d- on me

happy new years, and all,


From: Ajdoukas <ajdoukas@gmail.com>

Subject: Re: of late

Date: December 31, 2014 11:02:09 PM EST

To: Angela Cook <xubrnt@me.com>

I am leaving Friday on a long cruise around South America. I can look at your papers to see if they are valid, but in the end you are out. You know you kind of asked for this outcome. I told you that, but you were not in a mind to listen to me.

From: Angela Cook <xubrnt@me.com>

Subject: Re: of late

Date: January 1, 2015 8:43:03 AM EST

To: Ajdoukas <ajdoukas@gmail.com>

i have been told that,  you meet with an adjudicator of sorts prior.

i am offended that you have sol-d- me out prior, just the same.

my word should be on offer universe all y e.

not a toke for you to -d-ay -t- e- as- e-em in g is t0 me in the may ke in

as i see it, i afford the own ly work able e.g.ress for the competitive market place to ray Te

enjoy your vacation, certainly i am due 0ne, don't you think ?

i didn't ask for this outcome, "you" have provided "it" all-a-l-0ng-

the point is, if i have no personal point of reference to speak of, and heard right fully among the d-in of  the competitive marketplace vein, i am "inn" ie i am used as a t-0-0-l-e- to pass on infamy "x" egregiously e

your shallow meekness doth kn0 t work f0r/m/e -&- stealls my time maid worthy e X cepti0nally e just the "same" -U-s-e-e-

enjoy your time off, on me.

And-y-e- was my roomate previously unquestioned use e. He has a pen-chant for chasing all women equally e -f-0r-k-n0-t-he-mac-k-ing -ist-law-st-and-in-ew/e-t-ie-r- 2- rad-rayes -t-raid-eff0rt -4- ta-king- l0ss- eve-r-e- lasting-undefined con-gen-i-tally -d-app-le-in-f0r-m-aul ly e t-ill-"0ne"f (nap-kin)lue-r-e-sin - fleur-0-e-2- ste-all-t/m-in-e-w/ kn0w e re pen tan~s w/(h)ear e vein ly e 2 f0 st air e 0nn = m/e 0n e/in terra vent~ i (f0ra n e'ye te) 0n e as pb f0ur/e dress e X act T ly e re ad


wish aft 0 wer e be hind in kind "vs" be-hin-d-w/in-d-in-g-'s-us-ten-ant-see-d-ance-ye- by e y0ur e self i/n e th0 pen ether ea land aye & lay e with0~ut delay e // f0r/m/e I do not want to be treated w/in/s0le/nce (lent pr0per ly e by me in the first place) for e wanting to be f air ly e & square ly e re ad in 0 pen face tacit ly e with in terra rest f0r/m/e unquesti0ne d n0r -ay-k-e-d- 2- acquiesce 0 pen l-ie-n- f0ra youra s-lack -0- re-as-on-e-t-d-g0/d-as-d-ead-panned-f-ace-in-g- 0 -pr0-t-est-ing-in-2-ti-me-in=g's-us-mart-ly-e-


your -e- si-lent-scene-gest-u-re-all-y-e- may make bees n0w ell 0nger aft 0r (e) tin an0ther e vein/n

ScreenShot20150101at31737PM ScreenShot20150101at51550PM

st-ri-k-e- with a "heavy-e-" we-a-pawn- an -d-i-/nf0rm-all-y-app-lie-d-e-vain-ag-ga-i-n- like fret-work for the sent(i)ent any e way e


fl0w er (e)0se a sun f0~all ar unning f air e in e w/hi~le~d thr0 wing in strum eant s~had 0 w e s hall 0 am eye a t'0~le i f0r/m/e/d en e c/up an c0/0k gib b0n rib be~0n e c lea r e


t0/0 pr0vide gent ell bias, to the frame at pre sent rait e, andy has helped me re gain my deposit from the pottery-out-fit /s-land lady-e- on washington st-re-et. i put money down because she said it was renting fast, then i checked the dimensions of my furniture, and new it wouldn't fit, and contacted her right away, over the weekend, and she kept my near $1000, to use for the updates in the apartment i recommended, and priced for her ie a wood floor (parquet tile laminates from home depot are a worthy upgrade from matted shag & stained wall to wall carpet). she used my money for her apartment upgrades, with my endeavor to supply her with information better, and listed that apartment over the same weekend, i contacted her to decline moving in. the apartment wouldn't be ready to move in for 2 + weeks, and she still kept my deposit. i got it back nearly 2 years later, with andy going tit for maid-up-e- tat with -er- lawyer-. I am saying andy e has been there for me in some degree, however, if he is not there complete ly e in follow thru even t0/0 (remember, rue is a street in paris 2) it is all f0r e ru-e- ie ru-in-decimate-d-e-nature- it makes me think, he is acting so tepid (-r0-me-0-n0n-e-such-) in the finite emails with me as he kn0ws at this point i am not an easy lai-d- and- t hat is w hat suit shim t0 a "t" as with watching -0-pr-0-p-0-rn-0-graph-y-e- // is this com mon use age use -e- ? fan-t-as-e-e-e- g.ets your universeall sprocket' rocket 0ff in un kn0wn gent-t-ell- 0r-e-gin~ 2 never f aire the el w/heel and well e p0ur age ine st-ewe as elle dawn e missty eye d-enough eave n tw/all wayes m00-th-0n-e-(m-en act-u-all-y-in-c-0-llude-d-2-day-T-with-0ut-a-t-ail-eye-p-ray-e-w-hale-in-g-the j0y 0ut 0f any e b/0 dye as ojourn can own lie be seen as-t-rain-s-p0-t-t-in-g-s-in-ewe-hether-e-vain-e-e-d-e-e-d-i.d.-e-a-s-e- (diss-ease-act-u-all-ye-s-0-w-e-w/s-hi-t- circumstancially out of place of mer it e 2 account f0r e writ e)

g i/b ees crews t (h)at0uch ea d~0wn and~0ve ye pi/n e/ar e ma ke in th~ere Ar0und i/n f~limb f lam e ter~n~ally e w/hinge st 0ss0 say e vein fr0/m/e ar (s) re/ad a plan at e t0n e'ye t mat tare sis t'0/w~right e vie den s/t ripe n 0.ggin/n an d~ad ress helter e skew-elt-her -e-in the live-vie-ing-l0ve-less-py-e-in-the-skew-eye-0ft-d-ave-d-


pr0 vis i vis i0n ally e



ScreenShot20150101at32819PM ScreenShot20150101at35057PM
ScreenShot20150101at111725PM ScreenShot20150101at113419PM ScreenShot20150101at111725PM

the h-as-t-e- is for -k- the cause -t-0 -press-age-0-u-t-re-e-f weep r0w (r0t) t-r-0ut // which is to say e no wear found in historye- that the actions of "0ne" s-0-b- p-asses the lead-en -2- nature w/ no re dee mer ry e -&- h-is groggy fi-n-ness- cat-a-p-ull-t-ed- c0st 2 c0ast-by e si-d-e- 0n the back of nature and t hat can T speak in nere ti'me m0's ta ta tm 00r 0e ttu`/ be~es eek well in/ni te ar e pr0 wt ins i de s me(L)tall 0ut w/h0 we ave n thrU raw war p anned~en (0) w/h/eft 0h eave n t/hun/der ed(it)brea th ing agree in g 2 t0e ven d~

w/ x y z inn the r00f 0f my m0uth if ewe a(s)k me. g.0 pr0w t ly e p lea se. g.0

w-hat-a-c-0lluder-e-he-ave-n/th-ass-&-m-aid-in-relevance-2-day-T-e in p lace

the "salutary" re-spons is -d-eflect-d- in-sustainable-functi0n-e-t0ge-T-her as if i should know -e- better 2 speak t0(w) any body be/t air e // it is n-0-n-e-t-he-l-less encouraged -2- sir-m'eyes- a dis-guye-s- as my me/t/ier 0' habit @ imp-ly-


the s-0-j-0-urn in b-r0ad- aye- l-ei-t- has n0 (w)is~e apparent ly e


s-he is as d-aft as the c-ar-(e)g-0- c0m-part-men-t-all-s-0we-

ScreenShot20150102at20415PM ScreenShot20150102at20415PM ScreenShot20150101at53203PM

haul lie has a pen di.d. me t0 be the pr-0-duct of her e. g.-raft- in- c0n-sis-ten-cy-e- for -e- want of i/t actually e -2- h-ang - by e my 0/wn a.m.e vain lie-e- a/scene lien m-a-d-e-d-aft-ly-e-in my 0wn e ti'me 2 s0w e t0 me all 0w e in kin d ell sPeak p.r.i'me & be hearD eX acT ly e w/h0~ut imp-u-ni-ty-e- her-d-2-ign0re- 0r-e-rebutt a b-0-re- 2 a.m."0-0"r-e-in-c/ar-nati0n-e-m.0.-re-vain-e-

e- "st"-rife- 4-hi-re-2- be-0ne-pessimisstick attainable n0bel ly e sate able // just kid din gen "X" susTainAble


re-nem-your-p.r.-ce -2- be in the -0-pen-market-current-ly-e-as-ue-we-my-t-ac-t-c0rding-ly-e-b-ligh-t-as-unimpeachable-write-scene-as-sigh-t-


p/l/ea/s/e nd n0.te y0ur e g0/0d eeds (h)0rigins m~aster ra

2s tan ds trait an arr0w e

with ands in pocket fair 0 ferall s0w e

f0re fashi0ne inherent design 0./fxf

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