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Were you at whole foods today?

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On Nov 20, 2014, at 9:17 PM, Jack Medson <jackmedson@X0.com> wrote:

Do you remember me?

On Nov 20, 2014, at 9:17 PM, Angela Cook <xubrnt@me.com> wrote:

are you redd, or the dark haired customer ?

On Nov 20, 2014, at 9:19 PM, Jack Medson <jackmedson@X0.com> wrote:

We spoke of your dog. 

On Nov 20, 2014, at 9:20 PM, Angela Cook <xubrnt@me.com> wrote:

i remember, you are literate!

On Nov 20, 2014, at 9:21 PM, Jack Medson <jackmedson@X0.com> wrote:

And you are very attractive. Who is "Holliesprague?

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the website is self explanatory 

i am 'the character' angela, playing myself 

and hollie is a person that is earning a living off of me,

being scene with my well being, why i go unseen,


it is a corporate t-ail, and the microcosm of the greater world

what isn't allowed to rate in the light of day.


substantially as made 

On Nov 20, 2014, at 9:30 PM, Jack Medson <jackmedson@gmail.com> wrote:

It IS a world of parasites. 

On Nov 20, 2014, at 9:31 PM, Angela Cook <xubrnt@me.com> wrote:

nits, eggs, and full grown louses,

just trying to de louse, as my right would abdicate 


and create something special in its p lace 

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U r w ise. 

On Nov 20, 2014, at 11:50 PM, Angela Cook <xubrnt@me.com> wrote:

thank you ;)


I have just returned from distributing 1000 business cards around town. Please let char-lot know I am too busy working my 0wn be/at to c0ntend with her se"x" u-all -ad.vances scene for dayT raping-ag-gain-. I will be setting up a donations venue, to support me and my business card production / distribution / networking. Peace 0ver & 0ut!

Competition steals the time to think, the time to make time to think 2 relay T compleatly, and yet, i have made this time in the 0 pen and 0 pen ly all al0ng, fair and square actually, as you can see I am my word to me, relentlessly, -&- I am re-lent-less-ly- being "over written / a gain" for the sake of competitive measures to save t-he-ir- "face" -0r- i am being panned 0ff, mind you, for over 2 years, these "people" have made my breathe a waste in reality that i can proficiently make. Please understand, the Scene that is being made on me for no reason t0 Be vs "Be" Scene o-w-n lie, can only be redeemed by making "i/t" Seen as with me. Thus, you will see a raise in energy level, as c-harlot-t- attempts to compete with me, to be "Seen" on my Seen.

She ordinarily doesn't have energy on her own to surmise forthrightly, has the doppler effect of last year's polar express in terms of "response time" ownly if i take the time to rewind, all the way to the start so that she may get up to speed by heart. may, question mark.

Please note, Avesta apparent ly offers equal opportunity housing ie without discrimination against the races, and they have many a housing complex with your subsidized taxes, i presume, correct me if i am wrong, to house people, among them a specialized house for abused women / ta ht can't seem to make it own their own living po were in X fi ne.

It is my 0 pen contention that Avesta neither provides for the grace of any race to relay T sufficiently to Day T comfortably, and in fact, in their competitive approach to intimidate me with the "law" and their "right" to egress myself from my own habit @ eX is T ance, producing instability, and per adventure, making me homeless, Avesta certainly does not provide a helping hand to women, accept to defile their wholistic opportunity -in-advance-use-e- s0w- they-need-them-for-no-re-as-on- & add to this the complexities of feeling sallow in one's self worth, because you can't seem to abide right in your little footprint on earth / as write mer i/t 0/r i/0 us ly e t0/0 th e b.0ne y fin g e~r~

I am saying, their is a social complex to feeling less worth, and so, they at Avesta panning you off, se ams to make sense, in a certain way, as you haven't been able to provide for your self 2 Date, much less relay T with another w/ your stability may k e, very long any ... way ...

This was not a hasty move by me to gain traction to be Scene so that I can be evicted from my home apparent lie. It is to make the lie apparent. The lie that has refused to listen, dialogue in earnest, and afford me the simple grace of living in place, my place, i have all ready made with homeostasis to relate, with any body, in the same way, -&- it is not write by right that this has "merited" an opportunity to destabilize me.

ie, Charlotte has had plenty of opportunity to discuss with me, anything, quite nature ally. I am H EAR prominently because the nuissance and harrassment they have "solicited" on me, et al, is ignoring, in the unscene 0 pen -i-'d-e-

Do I want to speak to "Charlotte" about my "lease" violation"s" made up on me so that she can se-am to have local currency for a "job" use of every thing in reality (X cept me?) N0, I do not. This is not the right way to have a conversation, it is not necessary. It is not real reality with grace & gravity relay T i 0n ally e.

And just like Me-s/hell, Avesta does enable this problem, and the only possible out I have for this Yet-i- is she is in the reflection of those (that do not care t0 c air, and be account en able in the first place, but will c-laim "last" as being scene provision ally S-peaking : the only plausible excuse I can afford the Yet-i is she is only acting in the underhanded manner of what gives her license, ie Avesta. Their t-act-ics are similar in ne-t- inter-rest. per-i-0d-

For future last reference, this is the path that i made to the understanding i now take in hand as my kn0wledge worth having Apparent ly in ste ad & even re st.ate in g~

it isn't perfect, for presentation, nor zig zag direction, yet it is perfect in reflection, going in and out even, assessing the framework (aka positive space) with the fretwork (the negative space) in b/all an ce be pr0w T~i~This is to me the perfection any 0ne c an claim richly e b/be tm in a.m. e bi the st.r a i/t & n/arr0w e t0/0 x 2 be c/0/m/e 0n e t 2 rest0re

the cuneif0rm w/edge i am 2 : i am IN R/ich RI verse setting & p lace with homeostasis to make rate : lift up war-d- d/raw e b/ridge 0n e w0r D/0 st.0ne : because if you can get it / understand it, 'roat' is right 0/0 x h 2 0ast. 0n e the sa.m.e level green act u all ye www.preem0.com (with the number Zer0)

p.s. we need to talk about snakes, don't have feet, all ways o/n the g/r0und ew ing & k n0 w eyelids 2 blink & Miss S0mething e~ like the t re e / as u/re regUarding 0 pen ly

p.p.s. the duresss c-har-lot-t- has pre-ten-d-ed- f0r/m/e, is really what she should be wearing according to her earning in realitye, which usually goes noticed as (her t-ad dow-dy-e-) equanimity which is to say c-har-lot-t has the maturity of age, and she does have a lovely voice, although i have to close my i's literally e with press age to rap p0rt in her "eyes" 4 vie-w-in-g- 2- be - Scene f0r? s0/m?ething-e- The thing is, these people at Avesta i address "name-ly" by making a sow's ass mo-o-ve on me, for no reason for any body to just be, is done comfortably behind the illusion of providing domesticity, upright and graceful conduct, and certainly not petty minded (own-ly) and vindictive. I am saying, these people "name-ly" for the constant upset they have created here as a perpetual poop loop that they can make m-one-y -&- have no account en ability "2", is made by a -Face- for all intents & purposes, lacking virtue, and social graces. I am saying, it is a thinly veiled ruse, an -r-use that merits no na.m.e, that they have the inherent means (because they put the time in t0/0) 2 pr0duce. For all their social ettiquette at first glance, they forward no advance. Because -t-hey c-ai(n)t-

t-heir re all lack of s0cial g races and merit does not all0!w (i) N0w a chance~ with rest0ring re past by break f as t // to me, a non religious pers 0/n, that is a s-in 0 pen ly e 0n e very b 0d ye -v-a-in- w/ sup-ple-additi0n-0f-n0-a(h)ccountenability 2 rest0re h0y! h0! ly!

w is a double v

a double direction


actually s aim

in re flect~i 0n e~ sa.m.e in ste ad e with punctuati0n e in g0 pr0 wt pr0 visi0n e ve in sUm e 0n e

c-har-lot-t- can kn0 t make the m-ail X male s/trait en in ti'me t0/0 the sa.m.e t' light (h)er shues in singular e satisfacti0ne the w0rld in grace 2 spare~ r0w h/0le ve in s 0h0 s pi ce ye t' may k in & p.art a ken hap pi al~lay e s/we @ are t' high air e

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