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On Nov 21, 2014, at 12:55 PM, tray-f-onawoo-denplatte-r- wrote:

I just went over the coraspondense between you and Hollie. The impression I got out of it is praise for solving the problms, but the complaints will be left on you record.
Be sure to have a copy of Holies email to you, because if action was going to be taken, 1 It should have been stated there, and 2 you were praised. So whats the problm?
It just shows how inept their actions are.
Score one for you.

On Nov 21, 2014, at 2:08 PM, Angela Cook <xubrnt@me.com> wrote:

i appreciate your reflection and communicating your point of view. 

for me, after 2 + years, to wait then a month + again to hear about removing the false "lease" violations,

doing their work with me-shell, etc, it was like the last pi ece portrayed the fact,

i, et al, am nothing but a panty waste to these "people" that get a rake in my life, etc,

all the time, not caring for the breath airing, and that they can keep repeating their "miss giving -2"


the problem that his been sorely miss took for over looked, is i am not in appreciation of the hell 

doled out as my "opportunity" 2 pick up for them and then be "sufficient-ly" unempowered as w-ail

there wail, where mine is quite nature ally in 0rigin well which i draw upon & dwell 


suffice it to say, if they are in a position to protect and ad domesticity t0/0 visible purview

the should re present it too

and as for the emails available for public access 2 theoretically communicate 

they can start with their representation t here two 


the ruse that i am causing them senseless paper work and clogging their "email" function,

is b-all-s-ee- in the sense that you know with your own way they taxed you, dupe-ish-ly-e-

they are not taking any direct action, use less paper pushers, that act u all y "take", and take more

"room" to relay "T" , now the irony is me-shell complained to them about my 7x7 foot Trapezo furniture,

taking too much space, and it is becoming vastly apparent the pointing finger (w/ no re as on e t0/0 h ear 2)

is taking up "WAY-E" too much space, time, etc, and "equally" correlates me-shell's complaint i.e.

i am taking up to much space in the art room, (as she preys on me as with others in there) and Avesta,

"dialogue-ing" like Put-in at the G20 summit, came in with a fleet of warships, and left without attending:


he fled w here the work was taking place even 0f = enough

i heartily do not respect their approach, and my emails will show the down ward spiral of not caring for -t-hem-

bumptious barnacles.


x0, thanks 4 all way e s


On Nov 21, 2014, at 2:24 PM, Angela Cook <xubrnt@me.com> wrote:

suffice it to say, as a follow up today T

i also appreciate the convo with t-ray-f about

how the lease violation is facetious and harrassing

because i have not violated anything in the lease


the "violation" is coming after, not orginally in the lease

and please, really, art in the art room?

where this place is supposed to be supportive of artists -&-

i should also not use their public ly available emails

to communicate well, this X act ly? 2?

t hey h ave k n0 w burning b/us/h t0/0 sir m'eyes!w/which 2 trust 0/0

falliing 0ut 0f rank's repast allways ret-urn-ing (poor Frank ly, a vet t hat

hasn't been vetted by any 0ne 0f late, would probably heall his gr0wth 0/r ate 2 may k e

On Nov 21, 2014, at 4:54 PM, Barbara Vanderbilt <barbara.gothictile.vanderbilt@x0.com> wrote:

Hi Angela - nice to hear from you - hope all is well - other than below - even though I not sure what it is all about. Things about the same here - some business - trying for some art - cats fine - Mariah still chasing the ball - life goes on. b.

On Nov 21, 2014, at 5:01 PM, Angela Cook <xubrnt@me.com> wrote:

your ineffective ness is really h ard 2 take repeatedly as s0ld




As expected I received a "male-d" copy of the eviction no-ise (the t when missing a gain & / in her- rent-ed- vis-i-0n-e-vain-ing-): s-he can't make the m-ail stop raining-in de-e-pendent lie-n-

On Nov 22, 2014, at 9:15 AM, tray-f-onawoo-denplatte-r- wrote:

Legaly can not say your being tossed for a lease violation. I've gone through the lease and there is no mention of the amount of room your allowed in the art room. If you corrected the prob after being asked by Charlett then thay have no case.
Like most landlords they care more about the faces of George, Abe, Jefferson, Grant, and Ben than they do the faceses of there tenents.
If the eviction is about the art room then they plying on your hopeful lack of knowing what the law is. They have no case. Do as I did and tell them that they better talk to their lawyer, because false blame has legal repercushions.
Bet they back down.

On Nov 22, 2014, at 9:19 AM, Angela Cook <xubrnt@me.com> wrote:

thank you l0ve!


i have m0 re t0/0 saye as tw/h0 'ye changed the t-ray-f-in-am-e- = s-trafe- in my in ste ad e as pr0 0f e directi0n e ttu` = w-hile he is n/ice apparent ly h-e-can-t- f0ll0w e thrU e Paris t re e tm 0r0 be t ruth eaven save i 0/re

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