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Taped to my door N0v 20, 2014: The answer is K n0 W rite as re/ad fr0/m the Beginning, you cannot have a position 0f me/r i/t e~ unless you we/ar acc0rding ly : The o-w-n lie thing going on her-r is charlotte is gel-louse of hol-lie with differ-rents at-tain-ed -in- (& pre sume able ly "restrained") she is creating a scene on me to me/r-it-me-d-i-0-cry-t-0-pen-ly-e-





the t-raid m-ark "0" c-har-lot-t-e- 2-

f"all" 0w-




apparent ly e this "must"-be pr0 0f relay T in g

f0r/m/e "standing your ground" by pointing a g-un at somebody is supporting competition for no re as on from the be.g. i/n i/n g's-uss-0/n-ambulance-0-f-ten-n0n-e-vain- &- alla-round-

"addition-all-y-e-" squeezing the life air out of some 0ne doesn't say a l0t about wanting t0 0le listen in place t here A L0!t (isn't that what the "law" and its ten-0-n-e-"right" x "write" -2- reach into your life (and literally strangle you) is saying : you are g-uilty until proven innocent act u all y e (not much different than drowning a woman to see if she were a witch, and if she drowned, that proved she wasn't a witch: Question Hay! what is Miss Sing in t his, hint, p0int of reference 2 de all a w/it ness in knit)

(and if saye 0ne were inn0cent 0f-fall harbingers of s-aid-in-difference- (trying to cast-e- my inherent valUe side-wa-st-e-) you can see f0r e X f/0ur your self h0w far e 0n e w0uld need t0 run e wide t0/u/r e c0ntain the detriment of a state being harmed by a st-at-e- 0f l0ve less "law-st"-e- vain- c-rim-e- by vie w in g my pr0ximate gain 0 pen ly e st.aid// & sti'll not pr0 0ve n0./ft any e 0ne t0'day T e)

just like m-aiming a ten-ant notice supported by le-gall count-sell. just saying, emphatically this aut-0-ma-t-ic-ally-e- is not positioned to be received amiably by any *e b.0ne ye re b/0 d/dye a ware 2 serve re all i ty e by e & buy just being f0rmative ly e * please note I am subtly and emphatically suggesting, the use of the "law"-e- is highly discriminatory against all the races 2 live g/race ful/ly e 0ne 0n e act u all y e c0mp lea te vein in re lea fe unseen

as my 2 years worth of emails te ll, the dwindling affinity for this "organization" to s-well rather ruth-less ly e wile st-ill maintaining a "desire" for the t-ruth u/s-e- w/ me 0 pen ly e

h is a gas on earth, and is supported by the m0 i st u re & 0xygen f are t0 saye w hen you speak t0 day T, does the h as a 0ne wrung ladder, aka ring pre sent ly era te, me an y et hing e meaning fully e 2 c air e as ea may Te & may ke

n0 0ne at Ave-st-a- is meeting me t0 relay T, t0 c air e nd my chagrin f0ra re as 0n e f are x f air e is t-here premiss -2- misunderstand as a diss guys in my 0 pen hand aye & night multi ply e d f0ra n0w e b0dy e b/as/e ll f~i~e (fe) i/n re all i ty e

further, the n-0-nchallant (f0-re-w-an-t-) escalate -d anD ye fxf air e as een aked eye tu`be cause n(d)0 0ne t here 2 receive it a ware and may ke yes 0m et hing e 0f i/t e vein inn g f/are s and une s have t0ngue in gr0/ve 2 gr00ve in grew/ (h)ind yne tu`nature app r0ves as pan ate(t0ur man)ure t0/0 the h0ll0w e shell 0 0f a/ng ed snake d nit a geTher es~he aDs~as~ may e see s0/n~ ally allay e in ste ad e v0ur ye t hing e vane ly e c0m peat e 0n e me nsch~ti 0n e

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me-n- may-ke- s-h0-p-ping- any-e-way-e-act-u-all-y-e- all-the-t-im-e-use-e- fun-d-um-men-tally-e-vein t0 me and i (h)ave s'0le n0thing t0 day Te X cept 2 my br0ther e may e be a ware in me/et:te reflectively e wear e T in a f/0ur e b:be 0d/dy e by e Miss Ta/ke/n act u all y e re lay T in/n fi/n e ly e


And s0w, I h ave m00r r00m t0/0 s0/n e tu : in time I will s0/n the h0ll0graphic lie stipulated, p ear ~0 f0r k n0 w, let s0me 0ne L's ee k & take pr0wt all the m.0 0/r e 4 x f0re g0 0dd's sake ch.0 @ relayT2DayT


this is h-0-w a "st.ate" of b-e-in-g-is-t-m-ad.-e- w- char-r-l0t-t-e-

2 D ate in the fir?st?p?lace?

i am being "in" struct "ed" / the suffix ed sh0ws 0wner ship 0f p0ssessing i/t in re all i ty e bi (by & bye, triple ply ed & bye as k nead eed) na.m.e "2" n-aught think , not make art, in my rented apartment, that i have paid sufficiently to dayT & relayT with in the 0 pen e vane: i am being "in" structed to stop making art with thinking 2 think in mind -0r- they will en-act- it t0 be empt eye... h0 we ave r, is is that i d0 th pr0 t est t0/0 much 0re is t hat I give my value away like a pr0 st i tute 0n the f ray e. I c0n t est, the r0ute of displacing me was their "thought fully" from the beg-in-ing, and they are the beggers, displacing fora re as 0n e at act u all y e.I con t est, t-hey are hoaring every wo-men un-t-0-0- "know thing" with inter-rest-pre-serve-in-g-2-war-as-"need-ed" apparent-ly-e-


i have a she riff 2 per f0r ate t0/0 Miss Ta/ke c~Ue 4 per f0rm e thrU Le due tu`ne ms ue 0n ew/e circumstantially a ware at b est baye bee /we in righ te at 0m e per pet u allay

andy e w/(h)ind~yaw/hup u/p/a/ul am ed 00m m00 vies t'0 t'up pet u/w the a dish is the acti0n e 2 ma ke with a/b/0riginal ly eta saye b00merAng mechanics~e.g. race full y e fast act i0n e've/r t re e/all asting in the- d-ark- w/ith n0 thing 2 hunt 0 w/ith em b ark in k a/s ta min a miss y0ur e m ark, like saying yur remiss is a fair a ware vein 2 may ke $ sys tem relati0n~ships (you don't be lea fi/n/n) as re miss is d-e-all-t- a double-b-l0w-e- 2- be.-g.in- with-0-?c- ad-h0c-2- p-ad- your- pad-d0c-k-2-t-ick-t-alk-w/-h-ad-



sir-cum-stance-i-ally-e-derelict'-sue-zzs- mistak-e-


a cad is a cad, eve/n inn h/and? could there be such a thing universeally e speaking 2 b an/ d e with imp-0's-e- ye have the freed0m t0 per use as igh 0/ne ye t0 w/(h)0m(e)b us ust 0m(a)e


t0 per 2 be pr0w t an s-lander t he -d-0u-b-t


at temp t0 pr0m0te racial integrati0n fr0/m/a st ar (-e-)ved ass0ciati0n e

para llel en ten ti 0ne 0n ev0 l 0ve with ead well and ein any i.d.irecti0n e t0 te ll in (e)re ten ti 0n e


w0mb an d, h0/me, b us an d fe i/r eye 0n e de side r ar e // w0m/b us without m-angeriall s-t-iff-2-fuc-k-Up-


his re mark eel ike a slanted remiss toper f0ur-eyes-far-t-er (the h is apparent ly si lent w hen it leaves his ass in ad dress ieven ? 0h h0 eye am left 0 w0n der t he many e und ere the- de-d-ick-t-0===e- does kn0 t en d & d0th "k-n0-t" kn0ck in/n vi(eye)te ta t~i 0n e

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