Haul Lie Sprague w/ Re visiOn Eve in/n

g0n is about a d in 0 sa u/r e 

and h0w he runs literally in t0 pre dat0rs 

per haps l0! 0k in g by w0r k in g/0/n e t0/0 th in ti me 

he runs the s-hark 0nt0/0 L and 2 


i do find the con ten t of this wordless story e line from japan

to be interesting in that culturally, ie traditionally, japan, the same 

that binds women's feet (x feat), cuts the spine out of doll fins 

while t hey are st i'll living -and- be cause t-hey h-ave all-wayes d0-ne-it-

t-hey per-seive- t here is to be no re con si de rati0n e in the 0 pen 


regardless G0n communicates a cr0ss t he s e e / se a 




From: Angela Cook <xubrnt@me.com>

Subject: Re:

Date: October 25, 2014 3:11:31 PM EDT

To: port city bikes <info@portcitybikes.com>


a bet air way e t0/0 say e 

t-hey cut the spine out of dolphins on "porpoise" 

while they are st ill living and i find this curious just be cause-?

i see the symmetry-e- among the live in g 


s 0m e 


competition for no reason overrides those living s 0m e X sUm 

0ne and 0 evane all a round 


and i for one am tired of being run over for k n0 w re as on e pr0 w t, "double" discounted for h ave in g visi0n e t0/0 re st 0/r e, do-ne-in-n- for the sake of apparent-ly h-aving-2- s-ave som-e-ons "face" of t-heir re-lee"g"ion-e- t-0-

b-ring h-as-t-e- in - p-lace- as pr0 v is i 0n e (without quest i 0n e?) 

with regard f0re x 4 foll0w thrU vs re g"u"ard "2" appearing as t0/0 tu `  due` 2 

co me? f0r? t? ably? eve n ?


(and i am cued not to speak my mind to keep d-aphid the "lawyer" p.r. i'm e (own lie) diss pen s-aid-on me-t-0-0- 


as anyone can see the direction is the inevitability e 

competition "creates" haste for traction to war even "m.o. re" = "0"

completion is to re st 0/r e in/n direct~ i 0n e 


From: Angela Cook <xubrnt@me.com>

Date: October 25, 2014 3:36:21 PM EDT

To: port city bikes <info@portcitybikes.com>

Cc: ***

p.s. it is qui te(of qui vive) possible e d as led :

since i feel we are writing proprioreptively to a time that hasn't hap pen D/0 in g 

t hat *w in k

i re spec t 0/0 possibilities of -roles- we are playing undefined in the 0 pen 


the hy-pe-n is the undefined with no 0ne rung lad der L adder L ad der 


the adder is a snake with no feat by feet t0 make and must as m as t zig zag t0/e r ate 

all b0dy e 0n the g r0und all the time t0 pursue thrU


and judas is care i 0t 


j is Jaw e it 0 speak

a h0 0k by the s hap e 


if fi h0 my self use e 



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