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From: Angela Cook <xubrnt@mac.com>

Date: October 26, 2014 8:48:44 AM EDT

To: Angela Cook <xubrnt@me.com>




a young man takes a g-un to his friends and family and the girl he re?spec?t?ed?? e-vain-an-d- t- hen k ills himself 


for/m/e i don't understand full ly the s-co-p-e- of h?is undispute d em0 t i 0n e s 


however i do understand, in my civil dispute with me-shell -and- avesta enabling her to s-well,

is that haul lie is in reflect-i-0n-e- 


w hat i am suggesting, for this millennial t-hat h-as an astute c-as-e -0- sat-is-fact-i-0n-e- at the "very" L-ease-t-

escalating to "T" as s-he S"C"ene -in-re-all-i-ty-e- : i am suggesting may be she isn't blatant-ly doing anything she hasn't been -s/h-0-w-n- apparent-ly-in-re-all-i-ty-e- and e vain direct-ly with Haul Lie, for the s-a-i'm- say-in-g- s-0-w-n-is -t-0-w-n-0-n-e-


c-i-vil(e)-ly  to -d-ate-e-r-r ape -vain-s-0w-e-ma-ke-he-si-t-ate-e-n-t-0w-n-may be g-rate 0n s 0m e 0n e t hat c an pay the p.r. ice is as ne cess it~ye in my T


ironically, way before i read an article about the ugly millennials, that they are ignorant, demanding, and narcissistic, i was all ready relating these attributes in my complaints to Avesta management (for over 2 years) about this per-s0n with "0" self man-age-men-t- 


Avesta should take note, as I post other emails to your organization as well at this p.r.-s0/0-n- 

it is unbelievable in s co pe that as you s-ay-e- t-hat- ew-e- didn't k-n0-w- 


The problem with your position in reality is that you do not represent it fundamentally, fund--damn-mental-l-i-ty-e- S is S0w n0w t 0wn. So to me, if you are going to offer an establishment within re as on, and a little complaint f0r/m f0r e y 0/u/r ten ants, it would be respect full if s0 me b/0 dy e re pre sent ed i/t 0/0 be e see n


re t0/0 make a s h0w in g (rather than sending 2 years worth of note able complaints, by not just one tenant in place and y-o-u replying s-hall0w-ly over time o-u-t- of -t-im-e- you h-ave man-i-fest-ed -as- me-in-and-there-f0r-e-min-e- re as nothing worth e X ten d in g relationally speak in g with h 0n e st y e (t) in min d


s0 ar by the way e

icarus t0-0-d-ate 


entertainment f0r/m/e is tells the same L-aim st-0-r-y-e- 

built over t-i-m-e- t0 be a st0rey up0n storey visible ly 

without quest i 0n e app pare rent ly 


i c ar us

i c ar-use 

i c ar(e) u/s e/e t0/0 

couldn't s0 ar by his 0wn e win g s in re-all-i-ty-e-


i-c/ar-u/s-e- couldn't s0-re by h-is -0-wn w-in-g-s-e-e-


rage "=" r-age- in-se-q-u-(h)-el-l- 


it is my con ten t i 0n e t hat Avesta-i-d-o-es not provide equanimity e in h 0m e use in g s 

it is my con ten ti 0n e t hat Avesta-in pursuing m-one-y-e for no re as 0n e is damning the nature t hey apparently speak s0 n0ble ly

it is my c0n ten ti 0n e t hat Avesta is punishing the people that de serve t here upright service -and- moving-o-n those s a.m. e people to make r00m for "m.o.-0/r-" peep h0le -t-0-0- re- st.-0-re- "4" sh-0re- (0-ar-e`- steady state of t depress i 0n e, t-hey b-lame kin d coun t en an ce u-pon-e-ffervescent-ly-e-)



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