Haul Lie Sprague w/ Re visiOn Eve in/n

P.S. does David Chamber m-aid have anything of value to relate

besides huffing and puffing in p-lace-d-olla-r-ound- ?


i quest i 0n e

as i sh0ul d / 0 in g 0


i me an, if i were shallow-ly sown

i would con-tri-v-e-very-me-an-s- to

re ply c ate the appearance of con tin u i ty e


but as own lie as a de-fence

to make others c-limb as use less all s-0-w

and thus pre-serving h-is de-fence me-chan-is-m-

to bee scene as necess-air-y-e- in the "ti-me" M-aid-


if fi we re we

living beyond the literal wood in reflection

with spiritual symmetry as would be in life

i would question your associations

as binding you for a e-we actually e


how s-ad to have no con tri b/u ti 0n e


From: Angela Cook <xubrnt@mac.com>

Subject: Re: emails

Date: October 24, 2014 8:34:46 AM EDT

To: Andrew Doukas <ajdoukas@gmail.com>

Cc: ***

And y


I get your point, however they are not providing house and home, and living here is like having oppression hanging over my head that Avesta can reach into over and over again and m-aim for their in-come, civilly scene as being provisionary.


I may be evicted, but, this, will still stand, virtually even. It will stand for/m/e ve in Uni Verse all y e.


They are writing on me uncivilly, with lawyers even lie. It is a ruse. The people they pretend to serve they abuse.


W hat h 0me do I h ave, when they provide n0 in/n t0/0 ?


Is n't ti me f0ra change purse t0/0 double e we? Being mein ein ei 0ne and the same day after day, being seen just for being.




"verses" some "one" stealing my right away, even t0/0 say e.


War is the end result of the "t-r-action-" scene as "necessary" "in/n" the competitive market place -and-

the competitive marketplace is-in- the directi"0"n-e-to make Haste For Nor Re As 0N e 


T here are two directions, one effective over time to be sub li me, to walk on water, the emotions of others with mer i/t 

or t-w-0- sea-k- we-all-th-e for no reason to yet-i speak.


Either you stand for completion or you stand for competition and competition knows not h on est bounds of re all relationship. That is why t-heir is a company trying to co/m/p-e-t-e- for owning net neutrality, ie competing virtue-ally-e- for what can be scene dominating the un seen for no reason, and dwindling resources.


The people used to re pre sent the L and. Remember that when you advocate silence for/m/e 

*Additionally e, This abuse by competition for the sake of no reason, is "written" on the back of nature and woman.


ie -add-it-i-on-ally-e-


Haul Lie should be ashamed to treat me s-0-w call-o/u/s-ly withe same apparent aim.


Does she have a problem person-ally as with effective-ly h ear in g me? Or does she discount my worth pre-mature-ly "AS" she fosters her 0?W?N? child t0/0 birth by & bUy b-ear-th ?



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