Haul Lie Sprague w/ Re visiOn Eve in/n

My obvious miss take all my life t0 date to make relativity rate and pay my breakfast in advance of it 0k, is that I have waited to be financially solVent first ly. The re all "mistake" is in the origin of the word, that doesn't include seeing for/m/e AS contributing 2 you.


Per haps there isn't another 0ne to make H 2 0 fro/m/e ?


Well t hen, we will just have to lo! ok at the fact that the "christ" as you know it, is a charr-ade, a sha-raid. It is just a -f-0-r-m- of competition to d-ate -AND- "kno-t" re late 

ever in place 

 -h-ar-ness-in-g- women in ((((no place)))) 

War is for a reason actually un s0wn ie it appears we create ? in the im age of "g0d"

curious am i at this notion even of~

"god" is being use-d- for the competion of war of "w"ar-e- 

the male god is used as tacking and taking any "t" hinge he w-ants, for no re all co st.


man has a line age in reflection of his story, t raced back to the male god or christ.


women do not at the same ti me. please look around the world, and see that men are "nature ally" instructed to 

devalue women, based on t-heir "vision" e vain 


their false e-g0- is s-ho-rn- up by the me-n a-round t-hem (facilitating the quest i on able e "might-y" doll-ar-e- 0 pen ly)


of-course-wo-men-get civil lie caught up in t-his to pro-vi-de- ie to compete e vain in -t-im-e- 


which is to say Haul Lie h as not afforded her self a choice in her matter to d aye T -AND- cobbles on to me her fiction as she must to keep con-tin-u-i-ty-e Appearing as my 0wn all re add y e, fun-d-a-mental-ly- for no one h 0m e nor can make this word true to for/m.


Men in ti-me t hat it takes for no reason to re late, are fiction, and women to them are fan-t-as-y-e vain. Yippee!  And t-heir "creations" are sim-pull-ey-e- man-i-fe-st-at-i-0n-e-s- of e g0? w here no place t0/0 g0.


Jesus per say e = G's u/s 

G gravity e = G's U/S you see use e 

I believe we are writing proprioreceptively to in theory e make, yet our t-im-e- has been out of d ate 2 tow / toe  r ate. It is worth investigating with me rather than making "another" miss-take purse-on-ally-e- sp-r-ea-king


F0r/m/e I check the origin of things, it tells me everything conceivable in just being. For instance the word Deft in origin is fro/m/e meek. I imagine the meek evolved deft ly t0/0 by 2 see k.




P.S. Avesta, I would like to see less paper work from you, meaning act u ally e g0 0d f0ra n0 t hinge t0/0 .


W hat y-0-u- give me, I will b at 0 u/t 0f t he p-ark 0n the m-ark. 


Sincere ly,


Miss Under St00d 


On Oct 24, 2014, at 6:54 AM, Andrew Doukas <ajdoukas@gmail.com> wrote:

Angela, you are going to get yourself evicted if you don't stop sending emails. They are not helping anything. Leave it be.


From: Angela Cook <xubrnt@mac.com>

Date: October 24, 2014 8:54:31 AM EDT

To: Andrew Doukas <ajdoukas@gmail.com>


I may add,

the fact that i make silly artistic things with my time,

seems to be scene as less value and as being unnecessary than

war making ten-dancies-


The fact is creating f0r/m fr0/m the st art is fr0/m the h ear t

and it defines the time within as without e van e

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