Haul Lie Sprague w/ Re visiOn Eve in/n


From: Angela Cook <xubrnt@mac.com>

Date: October 23, 2014 2:20:12 PM EDT

To: Hollie Sprague <hsprague@avestahousing.org>


Are you feeling my d rift ?


Haul Lie, you have strung me out in my own h 0me all re add y e m ade true t0/0 f0r/m/e,

and this makes me un hap pi at your narcissistic ad-vances.


Y-ou have strung out other people here that have moved on, from you large-SS-e to be Scene



You should know that this is subsidized housing. People here typically do not make as much money as you

to support their day e in follow thru. There is depression here, which I will disscuss with you online, is my plan per

the website documenting all the things you didn't pay at ten ti on for-e-re-all-


Per haps you should understand in your b.one.s how you put me out of my own peace i have made in the time that it takes.

The stress, yes I can re late t hat as m as t.


I will go into in fi ni te detail of how your actions h ave diss pen s ed others fr0/m b ein g s 0m e f0r t he i/r e self.

Is it stress full to be seen for your self un d-0ne ?


I am giving you your true reflection


that you can't compete with s 0m e


I am giving you your true reflection be cause

i c are t0/0 th e b.0n e y e 0n e


-and- yu and your vain all ass-o-ciations are going to try to take that from me

to "pre-serve" your appearance of "virtue" re-st-0-re- per-pet-u-all-y-e-


keeping completing from oc cure in g


From: Angela Cook <xubrnt@mac.com>

Date: October 23, 2014 2:25:24 PM EDT

To: Hollie Sprague <hsprague@avestahousing.org>

Cc: ***

you have a choice to rectify the matt~are in the 0 pen

0ne on 0ne


David Chamber m-aid eva ne


or naught


W hat you h ave d0-ne t0-0-d-ate is unacceptable t0 re late


From: Angela Cook <xubrnt@mac.com>

Date: October 23, 2014 2:39:33 PM EDT

To: Charlotte Simpson <CSimpson@avestahousing.org>

Cc: ***

This is probably a go 0d time to talk about the high-low of patriarchy and "law"

the plain by planar vie w

vie as a challenge the competitive market place

(which is own lie a theory that hasn't been t est ed in t i'm e as ur/e)

that doesn't allow for completion to take place

in its own right to date t0 make date able in time fi ne


a cross the b ro ad plain as the marketplace

and the planar vie w spirit u all i ty e n ature all y e t0/0


the fact is you/r are h ear

and spirituality needs g round in g i've n s0w n



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