Haul Lie Sprague w/ Re visiOn Eve in/n

as you have b-reached int0 my life F-ALL-SEE-LY-

with my RIGHT


again, right as re as 0n e

= inherent right in pr0 vis i 0n e t0/0 re st 0re

f0ra re as 0n e

and t hat reason is ration ally desire f0r life


I c an appreciate

appreciably t0 n ight

and that is really fooling you-r-b-light in the 0 pen

i am the con tainer of 0/r/i g in

and "you" are "0"-rig-in-n


N0w the emails I will be posting on line

Can follow Haul Lie around with reference

as she has done to me with her lack of vision


to re gard me from the begining as having value

as my right


my right as reason is h ard to miss unless it is your miss-i-on-e-

to cobble on a lie to distort the truth as scene -t-rue-


the hypen i use to illustrate the artificial leanings

to appear upright /  yet for no re as on in follow thrU

in t i'm e ye h ave pr0 lifi c i ally made over and 0ver


for Haul Lie "et al" to "diss miss" me in lack of True continuity in f0llow thru


P.r. i'de falsely "add"ministered in my ti me t0/0


an unfavorable r-use

c an own lie prop o gate thrU

for no re as on ass-i'd-e-


I expect to h ear m.o.-re- g"u"arding "you" thr"u" -and-thr"u" - a-gain-t0-0-


And I will kn0w w hat t0/0 d0 x due

Eve by even and eva ne in side


N0~ i say e i won't be your bitch to pin your hole in p-lace like -t-h-at-

P.S. What is vile about David Chamber m-aid is he doesn't get laid sat is fact 0 r/i ly

And fr0/m/e you can t hide t hat f act

you have kn0 t m ade in place as st ate pr0s pare d t0 even re ap air


Charlatan is s-um

Scene um "2"


From: Angela Cook <xubrnt@me.com>

Date: October 23, 2014 1:40:06 PM EDT

To: Jacob Bornstein <JBornstein@avestahousing.org>




I am sow excited "you" have given me so much to work "with" ie I am ad dressing Haul Lie be cause s-he can get so much mileage from just one person, and in reverse, of the ill-u-sion, i will illustrate how i, one person, can get so much mileage from just one Haul Lie at my r ate in the 0 pen e t0/0 D/0 as D ate able e


Per haps you will then see, it is worth while (not just Wile) to t re as u/re people for just be in g.


Rather than y-our mock-is-h- w-aye-s of writing on them / what ever you w-ill, for no reason s-till. (still ill)


I would be so lucky if i could hope, for nothing from you e vane


but, then that would disrupt my m one y e making opportunity to fine ally be see n

vs being written upon falsely as your TOWERING UNscene.



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H20 me m11 v b all S/y*system fi ne ScreenShot20141031at13039PM