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You have not earned your living just ly by  me.


In the end, as I am the container of your provision, for a reason,

you can go to court for libel or slander, take your p-ick

and you can argue for no reason, to offer me an appology

g0 0d f0ra LL se as 0n e


From: Angela Cook <xubrnt@me.com>

Date: October 23, 2014 1:43:38 PM EDT

To: Jacob Bornstein <JBornstein@avestahousing.org>


0 pen ly

and i will make a note of it

that you cured your love less L-ease

vi0lation with me apparent-ly-in-i/t-------------------------------------------------------

From: Angela Cook <xubrnt@me.com>

Date: October 23, 2014 1:45:36 PM EDT

To: Jacob Bornstein <JBornstein@avestahousing.org>

Cc: ***

for a LL a r0und t0/0 see p.r. 0 w t in re st 0 re


From: Angela Cook <xubrnt@me.com>

Date: October 23, 2014 1:53:42 PM EDT

To: Jacob Bornstein <JBornstein@avestahousing.org>

Cc: ***

Let's talk a bit about sexism.

David Chamber m-aid for in stance


If he is not rational, and if he is not rational

in follow thru even un t0/0

it is because he firstly does not desire 2

as 2 in reality / fr0/m/e 0ne 0n 0ne act u all y


"law" is not necessary

and anything not necessary is not f0r/m x 4 life



De si re

David Chamber m-aid is not desire able

or sow it would appear in his zeit geist to

make my value diss appear

If his current st ance is true to for-um


H-e will not see me as desirable ie attractive

in my right


If I don't s h0 w

my cape able h0

as my very 0wn s0w n


h-e- may lo-ok upon me and think

i re pre sent h-is-? fac-ult-y-


This would not be attractive to me

to be liked for no re as on

and to be thought of that "fact" as

un likely in self m aid pro v is i 0n e


David Chamber m-aid

h-as a lot to f-ear

if he is irrational

AND it is curious that i am m ade

to se am a k00k, a goon, a l00n,

trying to b re a k th-ru-e-

to be seen as iam


t-hey put a ho-ok-in me

be-cause t-hey cant st.and on their own in the 0 pen

eve in 0f



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and there their competition for
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