Haul Lie Sprague w/ Re visiOn Eve in/n

Thank you,

Tenant B*



I am sending this because I care about you and want you to succeed.


From: Angela Cook <xubrnt@me.com>

Subject: hell-0-every e b0dy e

Date: October 23, 2014 1:13:30 PM EDT

To: Jacob Bornstein <JBornstein@avestahousing.org>

The i/r are 2 choices t0 be s0wn

To compete 0r complete


The current market place is based, litter ally, on competition (for no re as on e)

and the own lie thing the competitive marketplace does not allow is compleetion


lee, it is a word worth look in g inn with re cog ni ti 0n e


s0w is lea


All this huffing and puffing by the lee-gal te-am at "David Chamberlain" in behalf of what is all re add y a fraction of a whole number, is a distraction of ti-me going f0r war D/0 in g re at all a r0und


T-hey h-ave to st-0p me for t-hem to "feel" living in vain ( not as dead).


U surping my right as re as on in me is

taking the L and fro/m/e the people


the "Law" as practiced by "David Chamber m-aid" is not f0r e X f 0ur RE all

that said, h-e-"desires" to w-hat? put a w-r-ench, a st.-ench?

T hat is my whole point, the situation as "ad" minister-ed by  Haul Lie "et al" puts me per-pet-u-ally-in-t-heir-poop-loop-

(out of sight) and t-hey don't just do this to me / just to h ave i/w k n0 w all s0w

I h ave the cap a city t0/0 be hap pi

-and- t-heir -e- very- m.o.-v-e- is to take fr0/m/e in the 0 pen apparent -ly as a lie, as t-heir value could h ave no sustain abilit~y e

And, I am not hap pi about this unfit ass-0-c-i-ate-i0n all "sow"

This is not ok. As all the email i have to put on line for the people "under god to be s worn" by a lee-gal system t hat proffers for no re as on "whole" whoring all the m.o. -or- x - m.o. -re

bi : by and buy not letting 0ne per per pers 0n e answer e in tegrity as be spoken


From: Angela Cook <xubrnt@me.com>

Date: October 23, 2014 1:30:29 PM EDT

To: Jacob Bornstein <JBornstein@avestahousing.org>

Cc: ***

In-n ull t-his

You will see the vain strivings

ie an appology is easy


Haul Lie m-aid a miss-take on me

I think it is because she didn't think

t0/0 think much of me in the first place

even 0f


That is 0k, it would see m

"x" cept w hat now can be see n

f0r/me f0r e X 4 just be in g

(b ein (one in german) g (a person all i z ate i0n of gravit~y e)

my w0rd as my self

which i am perfect ly capable of be in g

being my w0rd 0 pen ly


t-hey are subverting

for their vanity to be "just cause"

own lie to be scene (as my see n should originally be e)


I get that you are all are living a lie with Haul Lie

That is your problem to own

among me



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