Trans pr0se

Like I said, nature and woman* (inn / of the patriarchial need for war scene -&- there fore "protection" g-rante-d-see-am-e-) uni-verse-al-lye- cannot apparently b/ring voice to the d-ate-rape-p-age- & consequentially competition knows no boundaries. No boundaries I presage and perceive, except to be against 0ne t/h/at may hem mitt inn 0 pen ly... because competition ironically e "wants" the face of doing the write bye right thing too/the ad-de-serve-in-g-ly-e- regarded as 'ly' if no kn0wn 0ne can p0int it 0ut with parallax y0u can see k 0 pen ly e sustainably.

My car did break down this Summer, twice for the same problem. Andy at Palmer's has fixed my vehicles for almost a decade. I have reason to trust him, even when I learned painfully one piece at a time, all the things that could be fixed, in refixing the little ford pick up I bought from a little old man in Vermont that said it was in great shape, and apparently passing inspection is stiffer in Maine than Vermont on any given s0me day to me make.

Andy talked me thru what I saw as a bad design flaw, walking back to my truck viewing it from the side, it looked like it was birthing a pendulous metal container on its under carriage. As I said to Andy, I don't know much about vehicle design, but that doesn't look right to me. I drove the truck to him and he said I was lucky I didn't hit a bump, as the band that holds the gasoline container in place broke and was dragging near the earth's up.

Andy didn't get a Ford part to fix it, he simply took a metal strip and welded it himself. I liked the economy, that he would make external savings with his inner game brought to bear at the same time a gain. And, I would be on my way, until the next thing that would need fixing apparently.

The ford pick up officially died and could not be brought to life, after the battery fell strand dead into the alternator e all ive. It sat at whole foods in a snow swell. At least it had a parking spot, as I figured out my next lo!t~ to tell.

New car, time has passed, and Andy has someone working for him. Shifty. He doesn't seem sincere in meeting, although I am comfortable socializing. Is it inappropriate to be so jocular in their garage shop talk? I don't know. I don't think much about it beyond the duty pre stipulated as the work to hand off in one forward mo. Andy is, has been, gentlemanly in regard to all that I apparently do not know about auto's. It's known, ie what I don't know. And he doesn't belittle me with redundancy in the need to s0we links to rethink as it were t0 me to get a better picture of the whole apparently ie 'now' checking the radiator (I think I put the wrong fluids in the wrong place / another story, andy way e) x (testing for turgidity, which tube? do i want it to be turgid before I twist off the cap?) andy way e~

This Summer, my 3 cylinder convertible sounded like an entourage of combustible Harley's. Embarrassing because putting up State Street a beggar will laugh crossing the street in front of me. If my car met a bicycle, it would win, the bicycle, the beggar, the fly in the wind. My car does not rust, it is made of plastic, well at least cosmetically, the body, as I tried to make it fantastic. The mar on/e bumper eye intended to fix didn't require a paint touch up too the resist.


I remade the new push up bra after I took the small car with mini donut tires off the road, into a ditch, as the hood has a pinch and is held in place with pins exposed. Not intentionally the ditch did I itch. Intentionally, I was trying to keep my gps from fading in the hill and dale in the middle of nowhere in new hampshire for a spell spill pell male, w hat is a mell on its own wit ho/ut an 0b serve? pail mell mailing~lean if ty e X per i en ti all ey'e t0 me.

The car took me for a spin. I wasn't used to the mini donut tires that reacted like silicon when I caught the sand shoulder and like a looney toon spun me over. New car crunch, my first concussion, the money I would earn from the painting job I waited so long, would serve to fix my car and rebuy it as the same price I just paid t0/w/n.

Any way, where were we? This Summer the car is not stealthy. I work several months flagging to be able to afford to fix it. Andy and the new guy in his shop fix it. I get it back. It doesn't sound great. Better certainly, but not a $1000 great. When I pick the vehicle up Andy tells me I should start thinking about a new vehicle. Less than a week later, there is a big POP on Congress Street, I thought some one was shot, only to find the discomforting sound is my car, and it is following me! and not only is it louder than the Harley entourage, now it is a whole sow rye convention, and it is dragging metal on asphalt without intervention.

I call Andy, and seek to drive it over to his shop in the thick of 5pm traffic, with hopefully less of a chance of being pulled over for driving bombastic. (Is there such a ticket to fix this? Certainly one could be maid up e 0n s0 much~uff). Andy says to me on the phone, that he only fixed the back exhaust... I don't know the "section-all" difference. I bring it back to him to now fix the front exhaust. A week after that the engine dies.

And, I have time to think, this is not the same Andy that has worked and serviced my c/ar's previously. When I picked up the car, the tires were flat. The Andy before would have pumped them up and told me the pressure was low, and to keep an eye on t hat. In reflection it is the speculative little things that go without attention. For me, Andy has lost a patron that drives momentarily and a person that will be bringing their vehicle somewhere else to be fixed actually.

I consider the as side. I consider the new person in his garage working service inn reflection. I consider their jocularity, and that I am just a speculative service to keep in line with their follow thru with each other -2- abide, but not with me even 2 at the same time.

I instinctively know this. The attention of pre sent went to the person he is working with, and that purse on only brought a portion of his follow thru that andy would on his own t w/h0. My work is not the concern, it is the speculation to post burn // for ray for eye for rye am not seen concomittantly f0ra a value t0 with e make the seen 0 pen ly e with ave t' make mean s0me thing

lean. th~rUpture break b re ad = a miss take seen thru -in -g without a think tank

s0 thank-s-tan-k-ing-

They are making money off of me without regarding my future comfortably e

I think his timing could have been better to inform me I will need a new vehicle, before I sunk $1000 plus into his understudy tutelage without a t00/the tw/h0 pr0 0f/f~e~ed~0ve tell 0/n e w/heel and w/ell. The fix, represented 3 months of work standing in the hot sun asphalt and dirt, to have barely paid my rent and fix my car so it could sit inert as my apparent birth. trite -2- turf. gerund generationing turfing -0n/e-me dusted f0r t rusted i.d.le/a n

T/hen let me speak of Paul Drinan respectively to count-heir-tm-arr0w-e-bea kin d. Sow e th re ad de all with Paul is I defined his measure to bid the job site. I thought it was fundamentally for re all. He turned on a me-as-u-re -2-ste-all- for n0 re as 0n inn solitary salutation, he did not regard me as necessary to tooth his f-eel in front of the new guy. When he made a theatrical moment-up- 2- show-he-could-any-e-waye-, I don't know if he postulated the results for/m/e, that I would succinctly pick up my tools and leave, walk the 8 miles home, any e way e.

I did call back, once on the road, as it wouldn't be the first time I have had "cause" to walk, and I thought I would try to do things differently recognizing the value of job security, to float if only, my other creative outlets and conspire hi re 0ft. Paul answered the phone, like he was my lover, and I was calling to apologize. I wasn't. I paused to reach for words, and expressed, that inn my re/serve/ate/i/on I didn't believe he would be able to put a leash on it / to curb his imp ass.

Just the same, I knew the work was meant to be completed by the end of the week, and I had already proven *miracles every day, working on a second storey deck, with no decking, climbing up and down ladders, balancing on joists, no sane trades person would take on comfortably and deliberately, palm sander in one hand, scraper in the jeans, painting props continuously balancing, all done without a floor and a 2 storey drop underneath, working with and against the weather to accomplish (rain had been and was anticipated) to wrap by the end of the week for the customer's reception and party.

*mira acl le ten d 0n e t0/me

Regardless of having insurance, I didn't get Paul berating on my energy for a libelous expanse to miss-address-with-miss-hap-pre-miss-. I didn't appreciate the abject diss miss all and miss-ile-"projections" of the consideration and consolidation of my energy I didn't feign away outside of work so I could be bright and balanced every day, knowing the quality of my energy is more key to my safety than "insurance" will ever be. When I wasn't 2 storey's up on a deckless deck, going up and down ladders and over railings with an assortment of tools to work with, I was 3 stories up on a patch 0f severly pitched roof. None of this is comfortable to shirk with a false move or a false awareness "first."

In fact, I would say, put in this position you are aware of every step and foot / hand / head placement you make relative and relevant to the tools you carry within and without to accomplish the objective prow t 2 carry on another day Tm 0ut~hey e with even cognizance of the weather / wind you are inn 0 pen ly.

Paul said to me when he realized I wasn't calling him because I remotely thought he was a lover that would be, that I was calling regarding the work, and the problem I have with his "undisputed" heirarchy too-tooth-the-re-t-urn-abrupt-ly-e- (as he can systematically fail to see and think gap apparent lie) ( as can Avesta's witness that I cross referenced, per my "broken communication" and "trashing" of Hollie -and- saw nothing else on my website to speak of apparent ly at the same time use e 2 see k). Paul said flippant ly, to "keep on going."

Honestly, keeping on going, is not a problem for me. I have done a lot of keep on going, so much in fact, I recognize the value in staying in place as a new t/act. So when D-avid in court mediation, which I recorded, wants to discuss in a private room that I will apologize and take down my website, that he has "46" exihibits and "4" witnesses if we go to trial, and Charlotte offers that I will have the equivalent of a "b-ad" m-ark against me with an eviction for future renTalls (having a b-ad- image, does not s-care- me : you can check out my performance art facebook photos, to see, I have been addressing the "miss-address" for quite a long time studious ly if only to me tu'be c0mplete beyond any "one's" heresy e with n0 ch0ice 2 t00/the fall 0 w e t hr U le apparent ly). (I have been doing what I do to be free of "your" lack of commitment to problem solving with your sel-l f-act-u-al-ly-e- with no re all accountability) / hiding a desire that "you" do not want 2 actually in reality)

D-avid was upset and asked me to leave the private room so he and Charlotte and Bridge-t- could prepare their court case. I said I was staying t here, yes, to prepare my court case. D-avid said sheepishly that t-hey- were t-heir fir-st-. I didn't have a stingy response to his artificial-l mirth, and just sat there and made him moove his currie-d- g-i-r-th.

Here is the thing, w-hen Paul lactated irrationally, to steal g0/d & w/hey e, he changed the direction from what I was led to believe was work in time for completion to competition, and in doing "sowe" he took the lead. He changed the direction of time to be "time" and put himself in the lead / captain of the working control of his destiny as seen to be self made independent ly "&" first-ly-e- / you see.

He stole my right from me, -and- defamed my previous work to be am-aid worthless to me, -and- didn't pay me for work all ready completed. In a way, he stole twice, my value all ready made and given, and any value vie able~ye would make on a future h-edging-e-vain-.

Re, how do you think I feel about his questionable associations? T-hey do not know better -ore- do not care to know better e vain? Which is to say, his "actions" are "sanctions" put another "way-e" and telegraph a disheartening comment on community, which thankfully I do not care much about the loss of inn-fancy pre-ten-d-ing -2- regard me t hat -e- way-e- & the more f0rm all the disregard f0r n0 re as 0n e t00/the sh0 0k in my b00k, the bet t/are maine st aye vein afar eb/be t air e / t0~ re put Paul-s popularity f0ra virtuous use e~d & just refer the next- re-ad- ear- t- hat shirks on me for a berth 2 my ac/c0unt 0n line in re (f) use sing e liberally e

Right here: Re, how do you think I feel about his questionable associations? T-hey do not know better -ore- do not care to know better e vain? Which is to say, his "actions" are "sanctions" put another "way-e" and telegraph a disheartening comment on community, uni-verse-ally-a-war-e- ie this is the b-roader s-cope he is reflecting in m-o-st-2-secure-his-rope-e-dope- too force fee-d- me "graciously" -2- k/no-t-e- / along with any body-e-

Bets, Paul told the home owner I flaked out for no reason. Kathy in Scarborough near Militia Lane. Krista, the small Italian restaurant owner near the Police Department may be interested to know, Paul has not paid me for the work of laying the new floor at her new place near Sabbath Lake. Is it comforting to know, while Paul skews his way to "pay" that I can't conceive to afford to eat out even semi regular ly e. The whole myth of Paul being in the lead, with capability is fortified with a myth of "well" having the opportunity -2- l-ear-n-affront-ally-e-. He doesn't have more ability or knowledge, he has more "time" m-aid-2-use-e-& I have had fundamentally plenty of me only debt too/the re use resourcefully. (I know what to carry e with me invi0lably e t00/th' 0/n/0r e appreciable ly e vein ly e)

A good time for a relevant insert: Please note, as a woman, if I di.d. not provide a tooth of history aka h0st0ry e, the "direction" to just "keep going" would have been pro-vision-al-l- fore Paul -etc -2- due-w/-h-el-l-and-0f-f-

I am saying it is a feeble gesture via Paul to say to me "to keep going" as he still believes he is the "man" of indisputable integrity, the "prime" mover, and shaker, the "seen" among the scene "maker," the-person-one-t-hat-makes-hi-t-2-h-ap-pen-d-&- which is to say, "he" st-ill vain ly thinks he can get away with "i/t" 0 pen ly 2 pre serve a face of integrity among any e b/0 d/dy e. This means by fal-l-sel-l- ass0ciati0n, he either has a rue-ful contempt for his female -&- male customers / friends, -0re- he be-lie-ves they de-serve-t/h-im-0n-eye-me-as-u-re-in-g-ive-n-d-s-e-the-l-l-end-and-dye-g.a-in-n-

If I didn't provide a h0st0ry e t00/the a d0ck u me/an T all ive~, the c-over-t-up- would deny a re/p/as/t to meet my future in stance t00/the sup per tup in sup p0r(e)t it' l0t t'0ss0 seen fore pre sent vein / inn pr0 vide i/n g~c0/n tin u i ty~e 0n e be/sp0ke/n t inn the w/h0le & w/heel and daye w/keel int0~0the a directi0n eye feel and lea f0ra re all. Part of the c-over-t-up- in court by Avesta was to admonish me by implication, that Hollie has had her baby, and I am child less (by vain all and bane all association) re another layer of discrimination for being a single person, be that gay, lesbian, or unidentifieD x day T able woman is magi-c-all-ye- transporte-d- to "potent-i-ally" not wanting life apparent ly as with "evidently" among the scene (-and-see-n-ow-as-own-l-ie point-of -vie-w/-a-r-e-t-urn-on-invest-men-t- apparent-ly-e-2-x-too-the-speak-on-e-)me as unprovisionall s0w e t00/the sPeak and lacking in contribution inherent ly. I am scene "re-med-i-ally-e-" as providing nothing of greate value actually and keen-ly vie w ed without potent~i~all (among the h-order-s-/-m-one-ye-b-end-air-s-(h)ell fi/sh il-ly-e-)

The thrust of the commune-al-la'ck 0ver t up, is to den-y-e the merit in pre serving' s aid e merit. That honest ly, singular ly, deliberate ly, I am more rely eye able as pre serve D i/n e my 0/n/i ti'me all things considere-d-competing for no re as on e me, be it to waste my time fraud-u-lent-ly-e-, to re-deem-eye-val-u-e-in- c-0ur-t- 0re- 2- ignore me scene ironically as idealistically unsustainable ly e with-out-inter-ven-t-i-on-e-consistent-ly-e- in-n one unnecessary fo-r-um-o-re-an0-t-her-e-vain-d-s-end-s-in-nature-ver-end-s-af(e)ar- e vain -s-

I do not have children nor a husband or co-worker-s-e/e-vain- to front my law-st- and f0/r/e kn0t making re all time matter with each encounter a l0t. Do you get the problem I a serving t' up, if the purse-on-e-behind the "container" is sh0w n up? That reality is a tit s0w e Bust, and "he" has no right full 0n e 0wner ship in such a sucK/ Up0n e my BusT' Up. First of all "men" would be seen for the value of the use-less t-hey diss-pose woman all around the world tu`-be-ar-ing-t-heir-inn-ate-s-mattering-s-and not much could be handed dof onto the women that are kept in p-l-ace- in -re-serve-vain-too-the-r-ate-tm-ake-hand-bake- for no reason too L ever tooth The relay T in e me/as/u/re at/e~2 w/h0 pen ly e s/at en/0ugh~ t0~ dayT~en 0n e maKe~g0ing f0reward say T. Which brings us to the ironic l"ei"sure time of the same "men" to app-raise-women-endless-ly-in-container of no follow thru t-hey-d-up-e-0n-e-Women are m-aid- subject too/the- w/-him-see-per-pet-u-al-ly-e-n-sue-

I thought it was really enlightening last night to watch SNL 40th anniversary special, and Melissa McCarthy remade Chris Farley's Van Down By The River. Melissa McCarthy has received a lot of heat online in the press as a popular comedienne and actress that is -fat-, and yet Chris Farley died a young over weight man and his technical girth still lends a funny frame to send to tooth his signature lend endless fame. Melissa gets a public coterie of den-i-al- ie "the public" will not let her stand in the seam of her same leg inn comedy / acting with a g0/0dd name too x 2 tooth a receive & build 0n e continually (without t-heir-e-scrip-t/cryp-t-in-g-ive-n-d-s-aye-0-pen-l-ie-n-) x (because Melissa didn't f-ill-t-hem-en-ough-vacuous-ly-e-d-en-d-0f-f-ing-a-gain-0-pen-ly-e-). I thought it was a really insightful gig / script for her to reenact, as it highlights the bias inn tact and tele visi0n e make th~t f/act pre sent able at last (for those t hat can see t hat, and if pressed 0 pen ly, distinct from t-hose-t-hat-c-ain-t-a-tainting-a-war-e-ness-ing-).

For me mitt seen, when Avesta's "4" witness' cross examined by me, "see" -2- x - to-o- the-pre-serve-saye- a no "known" valUe inn the wh0le viewing 0/nline 0f my b0dye w/0rk in relati0n ship 2 dayT (and) May *ke. g.0ing f0re warD, now makes apparent -a-b-line-d- visible shirk in merit too toothe w/ear it, 2 e vein pre/sent assume able w/rit e too the tooth re/ap p/air it: T here is-n0w-e- c/air e in the f/air ret.

*keg in its less pop-u-lar / poplar (both words as an attribute fore people and the tree tu`be, are derived from the La tin origin of 'populus' aka people to me) is a unit of weight equal to 100 lbs used for nails. nails used outside of the now function e of neccessity e would be n-ail-scene-ste-all-in-g- e vain -e- metaphorically s-pea-king-a-gate-

nails are pins, weightless pins 0 pini0n s t/rim the b0dy e w/(h)ing~es~ing~e 0 pen ly e seen f0ra re as 0n e~ye the b/i~r/d can 0nly flye wit~h r/0ne w/inges~ with win/d & hinges wing~s~and~sing e s~tate ther e f0r/m/e

0pinion, ye pi/ne 0n e, & pini0n e inn dependent ly e s~lender (e fora w/hy & high w0uld a w0rd flye tu`be seen inn re all i ty e?) ~ is the outer part of a bird's wing including the flight feathers appreciably e. Pinion on its 0wn is all s0w a gear or spindle engaging with a large g/ear seen from La tin pinea and pinus (pi ne c0~n e)c?

ScreenShot20150212at104138AM ScreenShot20150215at103852PM

As requested, the written letter of argument: I apologize in advance for the digression, I must allay frontally as with permanent opportunity. I believe Attny David Chamberlain has purposel-ly prepared a slanted presentation in court, with angled provision from which his witnesses would speak obliquely with artificiall inherent right as reason, to "effectively" put a band-aid on the source of the problem supplied by their own "hand" debt tor 2 "return"on litigious command,






for no reason spanned, own lie panned comfortably, out of sight and out of requisition, and out of commission on my lot to me in my ti'me 2 resident me in reflection's 0le x s0ul prime intention, if my mathematical equation ein prime interest and linguistic *fideism may state emphatically in corollary &e~ X amp/le af/ford & reward clasp an/d grasp be/lea/f system~e X p0se with real pate to platen plate one mere mer w/rit e n0se as/p future. g.r0ws I reference s/take to/me make~t' my eyes~trait pro/vide di.d. be a.d./ate even to the wood that would' s/hank ten/able vi~e pers epeeist~ ooth' s/word en~ s/pay 0re~riginally~ a.d. d00r~t w/hinge ing's h~ave the a.d.00r t00 the fi/t frame & fLame.a.d./a.m. and g.i'v(h)e berth a spirituall as symmetry too/the literall efficacious bee tu`be root 2 (h)ave n~ew e been e benef~i/t frontally e nature~all~y use in kust is just being b.c.~an/d~0ve t' pr0 0f ten0n e intenti0n e tend0n e 0rigin inn synthesis time mitt made t0 return meaningfully seen for seeming the same~ emcee s/p/arc completion a resoundly in kn0ws aid e/b the heart with a part to provide even one's nares CB broad s~ides & all a round art f0r/m/e~t fr0/m the tart an start and continue 0n inn last soul let sole touch d0wn same ai'm to segue 2 a gate t'0~w/(h)all gravitationall g/races aid tu`/be. g.rounded in/n f/act in realitye act/u/ally~e ast'w/00 den e ma/ke to/o the be a st~ing~ing ring as knead pattern ally a w/ear thr0ne b/e~ 2 just bee~ing compLeate ll~y/e~ & tye dye eye sustainably in re all relations~hip reflectiveilye~ on/e~x~cell en t/hem that maye~t desire a d/r/aft an arrow~ee krebs e X ten s(i)0n e f/air 0 debt t0r e by e & buy ~h/0ur 2 0we~ desire f/are 0re st0re fi re in s/era ~ s~ prime rim rime mer rye pr0tein seen si'evens 0ar e protos fir/st fi re b/righ~t 2 x & t0 me/as/u/re past and af~ford current p/leasure seek/ing the daye asp fig 0/d d/ate tm~aye/ke twice wise st repast in sLide ~b~ t0/w/e buy and Break fast and togeT/here in re/verb f0ra re all reason evenly e sup/ply~ed ap/pealing lea now/ e to w/alk on/e watt air e sh0~h and~ept'hen & t/hen~ th' emotions of people lent (mote dusted to me/an e m0t) t0 rest~0re the w/heel in singular pass as keel int' land pr0w ta weigh~ till and hi'll trans~action/e at/m (= merit at mere writ s/take &) s/hake hand dye in he/ad as the value of the money et tu`be (h)a.d. by e hade~si even if fe (i/r/0n) (h)ad a (h)eart (h)2 0~ be. an dyne inn vena cava spirit'd ti'me m0uthe m.0.wly e wh00 dayT' fig' span~is/h 2 0we re/ad by e rad~ray e veins if the dish 2 0h ~0~ pan e` were the pan 2 dish 0ne w/(h)0n e w/(h)ere 0ne the same ten 0n e fair est' personall sediment~s aid ap/tly apparent app/lease ass' sifted in e vein ly e s0w e 2 attain aye in the same vane 0 pen plein s/ands~ave & c0mp aire t' w/aves ave = w/(h)ave true the w/heel 0!aves aves (e) g(h)ave i w/hey inn & span a re tree x treated e/bt 0 why n/ature ally e w/hymn sPeaking t0 w/hen & ten0n e read b re ad as p0ken to/e vein e complete ly e in figurati've ti'me me ad just s0w e inc 2 rest0re me2me` vein e me/to/me = f/aire in calculation eye can breathe refined en0ugh~for/t myT prime & refinance sit 00 the see all and ti'me in frame & fretwork~eye ad00ring the c0h0st~ing f0re the sh0~w/inges ~ s0li/d paws and haws approved the tp laus i/b~ell and fi ne inn e miss takes traveling mind let lent repose in 0ne time asp besp0ken tine f0rk air e rind ein~s 0

n e m0t t0 r vis a vis 'nemo dat quod non habet' act u all ye = law in your stable vernacular ret t0 me/an apparently in La tin : no one gives w hat they do not h ave t/tu`p.s.up ply e~ t0/me ingenious sell fish sufficent ly e with the vesica piscis eye intention d/r/a/w e~are in the m0ment 2 supply e the st~ranger est manger (c~hew/ed ear' ye in 0rigin 2 persevere in rides tin ate i0n snail athe r0`ut in ti'me rep0 changes lats 2 relax all am0re) -vs- s-nail j-ail rec-on-counter-tooths-ail- ast d0~ve eve inn s0/m~e

breath ease re cycle a~b/le a.d. e~


& relati0n ship building. i/nn 0./f/f e~i/r 0/n e~


fe i r on faith eave n 0.f/f~e

vein 2 w/h0 b/rain~sh0 w~en d~0w/ h0~ut 0/ut in square t00 see df ace

problem showing up respond compe because havent been doing job apparently

skalking to see if i am being creative, making time we ave th' re ad channel eave n d's

all sell even eaven evein d well

laywer = go my own wy withotu a choice actually

plain tiff shifted time "time" and burden of proof 2 defendant in "time" to not too proof it -and- has a build in de fence to not use it / "it" in teh supposed time 2 make due w it

b ark in out lar k in s ee now inn sure ants wing it back too c am p ing s p/r/out ing s

b ark in g ist the some thing to me

ignoring me or sift i don't matter 2 any body

pitched roof know what wind the weather uses heave now/ h0~ut a d0ubt a t~eye~t0 w/h0m e vein s aid e in e w0rld' lay e 0ns pr0w t hr U le inn g's

no child no evidenc of being com pi le d ore com-pi-le-d- according too the times speak without hear / here hr out




kno-t-as-the-yew-t-re-e- act u all ye



de/b t0r e made ns~i/t~ye b/r/ave vein s00t h e f/r/am/e in g's~us stain ably e


T/0ra (h)0ur 0ra in0place g/rain svelte ver~t~i/call inc line & inn c limb i/n g's T0r e'ye t hat may K~e. g.l0re'ye nail weight less pin~ns~igh in eye wh0le appreciate acc0unt ten able ly e~s


t0/me the competitive marketplace has run a credibility of extension in "one" vain direction, without destinati0n, except to be against any 0ne t hat may ke t-hem- acc0unt ten able vein d' seeing 0/d' send's able nd' saturati0n e m c0!l0!ring. l0ve inn ten t~i 0n e reflecti0n s0/n and s0/m's 1000 & mill e vein

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the yaw et tu`pre sense vein~d' seen f0re s0me t/hinge si even s0w is e~


r/0m/an~s # mc = 1100 among other thinges we can agree t0 use on the same line at the same time or "k-no-t-"t-act-u-al-ly-e- pear~0 ne~cessary kn0 t with em ac just b.c. de/liberate ly e.g.est ate~s~0 pen & b/ran/d~e // t00 the w/hat literate lie...ns, the fact with hinges and saye the wood yew t re e, the fal-lse-l-ly-e-p-r0-0f- constitues the "warp" "pan" "weft" d-0-e-ye-d- free-d0-me-f0r-a- necrophila-st- and-e/b-t-pro-vide- history-e- cir-cum-st-in-t-i-al-ly-e- pr0-0f-i/n-g-0wn-l-ie-n-s- giving the re all 0 value "0" sustainability to too/the si re vive~in re

inc-est in the competitive marketplace is using some of these definitions in "time" and in ti'me with out account ten ability e to-too-the-t-im-e-running-d-irecti0nal-ly-e-x-c-lud-in-g-lam inn f0rm all ye seen f0r/t re as u re


the value (less of you) of unnecessity e X p0se~e D aTe able vein 0f/f~e : the phrase to spare the rod and spoil the child is all well and g0/0d i suppose if the time were all 0 w/(h)ave able in re pair ing with inherent desire pr0w t~an d/feasibly 2 keel lea pr0 c/u/re in ste ad e = complete, making the "phrase" openly understood tu`be without h ear~t h 2 0/be c0/m e vein~seen f0re the say in/n 0 t'rue & t'ire t're/ad by desire ad fill ar0und the pr0 mise en place fundamentally (the "thought" goes without thinking 2 too/the relay T in g pre/sent/ly e st/ate d). the f/act is r-od-ding- s0me 0ne with your "staff" w0uldn't be necessary in time f0re c0mpleti0n e~ We can see in a competitive vain, to maintain the image of value of the vain "pr0-claim" punishing s0me 0ne w0rthy w0uld be the 0wn-lie "option"-2-keep-speaking-at-a-steady-s-trait-st-ream-in-g- f0r not providing for time vein ly as the Day Tw/h0 Day T hr U le X i c0n e all re ad ye p0tentiall~ at~ e~ at~ and debt tempe/r/ate undertaking face too/the w/h0 ly face.

so lets talk about an application of unnecessity invested by Avesta on its clients. firstly, there is a reason I am not seeking monetary recovery thru the court system, although I may discover that is the way for me to go for time, energy, finances lost, and the added duress of a callous and negligent management fo-r-um, insisting per D-avid that I appologize and take down my website. I see the necessity to market my seen on this scene housing establishment that is not following thru for re all, Be cause, quite frank ly, they are sitting / squatting on my decency, dignity, and even ability to be known for, with, as self management & self sufficiency e vein 0/f/f~e. g.0~in~g f0re warD ay T able 0n e cessary functi0n~s~e X act LY e trade 0 value s~am~e 0n e~ at the same trim time myT was created f0r/m/e as pre face f0re very b/0 d/dy~et tu`g.rub ye 0n e t hr u truth and fall 0 w e T'all 0 w e in c0re p0re ate d ly e 0n e tw/h0 w/(h)inging's pr0w t inn ti'me t0/0 d~0ve~r~t re e~ de ed' s0w e. g.0 all c/l0ck n0w e inn full ness 0/m~e 2 all waye see rest0re in/g a w/heallth y a synthe ave n d's~

unnecessity d-ark- : Charlotte sends mail twice to sign up to meet for recertification. There is no sheet on the office door to sign up, as she requested the tenants do sign, or be faced with a legal repercussion, as stated in the unfriendly mailer going forwar-d-. Ironically, 4 witnesses at court testified that my communication is "broken" with them. 3 of those 4 witness I have never had a conversation with and do not comprise management potential to even set foot in their rented buildings, while the testimony of tenants complaining about Me-shell I subpoenaed for my protective harrassment court case and supplied by the same D-avid attny representing Avesta were not allowed to be entered into hearing with Avesta as they weren't apparently "pre-sent"... like his "3" out of "4" witnesses made up to say my communication is broken, while t-hey-e- are per-pet-u-al-ly-a-war-y-e-too-the-hem-mitt-

Truthfully, I digress, when I subpoenaed the communications of any tenant concerning Me-shell plus her complaint file, those tenants that are not physically (relating to the body and not the mind, mind ye) present and have moved as the only rational choice to persevere living their life free from the direct harrassment of Me-shell (by the hand of Avesta to proffer the scene till and tell-eave-n-f-ace-se-am-e-way-e-0n-e-ye-vain-i-ty-e-t-hr-u-e-very-e-b-0-dye-), these tenants did not fabricate their communication for my court case. They expressed it to Avesta purpose ly for their own presentation / intention to be heard & bear represention. In essence, over-t-im-e- they were voicing a concern that went consistent ly unheard in the time it was apparent ly e serve d~ebt~0/w/e~dayT e vein sum e tie r 0 pen ly & p/lat/e at pre sent ly e/as/t'rait pr0visi0nally in 0 wake.

Charlotte posts a note Sunday on each door, see copy. There are several audible complaints as the tenants feel they are treated like children, on the "week" ends even. So, let me point this out, Avesta per Charlotte, and Charlotte per "3" witnesses that have no direct function with management of their rented buildings, can c-over-t-heir-asses-too tooth the pre sent as care-in-g-a-bit-e- in the court system?

based on the premise they build buildings -and- do not care to have tenants speak or think capably in t-hem?

I am confused, all right. To me, the unnecessity of not hearing the essential and then driveling mess-ages of the nonessential, like their tenants wouldn't know to wipe their asses after they shit unless it were remedially (-re-) pointed out and "civil-ly" reminded weak ly upon weekly~ear e/as/e (Avesta' s-mear) writ-e- .... this "al-l" produces a climate 2 not relay T inn 0 pen ly, (and a shamble presentation can time-me-lee- predicte-d- as the first th0ught 0 never t' lea fi/n g ear e inn f0r 0nes insurance h0spitably e tu'bea keep inn e c/lea/r/ing) & considering the alternatives, (Avesta houses plenty of previous homeless street people, oh yes, and lets not forget abused woman, without competition in the building of buildings for occupant dereliction cape-abel-ly-e-too/the-re-store-at-e-d-ate-d-symptomatic-k-inn-s-0we-ly-e-with a similar f-i-t-e-vain-l-ie-n-si-de-t-hem-ay-k-ill-u-s-i0n-e-h-and-suck-see-d-).

"it" produces a climate that is- h-over-ing- c-over-t-ing- with no re all re lea f i/n g's~usstainability e t00/the may ke~ without a false mishapprehension. yes, that is a made up word, and so is Avesta's "weighte-d-" management function "seen" as pr0 visi0n inn th` 0 pen ec(h)0 warmly e s0w e in c0re p0re ate de~b~t0r e send's~i even ly~e. 0. gain eye re p as t 0/n e st hr 0 w e the min/e r all e x p0se d0w e ft and fall 0 w e p/t~00th b/r/ave t'd b l0!0 de b t0r rey e

for all Avesta's and Charlottes presupposed productive ness, n0 re all valUe is taking place, and when pressed with a re all concern, any 0ne can see, re all valUe is all-s-0we- not mediated to take place -except- first-ly-e- (t-hey have no re all authority or capacity fore joy in endeavoring follow thru / and that is the crux of their b-low/-e-2-e-vain-s-0w-e-t-hr-u-)

Yet, unquestioned in t-heir authority, Avesta c-an reach into your life, as they p-l-e-as-e- & pin any "#" of fal-lse-l-l- stipulations for any body to both wear and radically have no civil say~e~ffective ly (as t-hey-e-want to be scene for seen among the seeing as providing the Day T reliably e without actually making thought ful ly.

restated inn different ly

for all Avesta's and Charlottes presupposed productive ness, n0 re all valUe is taking place, and when pressed with a re all concern, any 0ne can see, re all valUe is all-s-0we- not mediated to take place -except- first-ly-e- (t-hey have no re all authority or capacity fore joy in endeavoring follow thru / and that is the crux of their b-low/-e-2-e-vain-s-0w-e-t-hr-u-) x (by-e-st-and-ing-to-o-claim virtue w-hen t-hey-h-ave "kno-t" d-on-e all t-hey c-an d-ue- 2)

For me, it would be nice to get the thoughtfull message to Avesta to put t-heir grandiose bung hole checks on one page, at one time and one place in the 0 pen. Blatant ly e bespoken t/w/heel seen f0ra re all. For instance what would help management per the tenant experience, is to do your "checks" more seamlessly ie doing the bed bug check along with the apartment check, & the window and se all check, the fire alarm and sprinkler check, the maintenance check, along with voiding the management "service questionairre" -tu-be-check-e-d- and returne-d- for no merit of time spent t0 dayT with.

Instead of invasive "checks" all over the place, -and- directions to wipe, could be curtailed if their were a reason to meet and have someone inn your place sustainably in the after math of the s0we y0u actually d~0/wn~ seen f0re s0we in c0 & keep inn' s~lee p. Just saying. All your "preaching" without providing act u all y e, is just another fal-l-se-l-l- e-x-ten-si0n-e- 2-t-urn-inn-to-o-tyranny- (your tenants do not house lawyers for their come for/t/e in g's~lee p at gr0und zer0 af/f0rd ably e hear 0). (and nature like your limited resources to use "up" without a c/up to spea k/up constitute d-ate-r-ape = the pore in virtuosity are m-aid artificial-ly poor -2- hem-them-in-mo-re-, their desire for life is y-our abort, their self sufficiency is your re-tor-t-, the time they made for completion is most like ly n-ow-e- diss-array-e- without distinction, you-th-s-li.d.-e- the value of the 0ne m0neye a-way-e- with your fal-lsel-l- f-ace- making prime in 0ne sub-prime to tooth your m-one-ye-l-ending-functi0n-e- making the re all valUe see-k- to abort inner visi0ne so that it can sleep without affliction e. forget about the d-aye-, it is the night no one can physically escape to tooth' allay e/ye w/rit e the re ad ay e pi ne all y~e

Let's talk about the litiguous Me-shell, anxious to call the cops on anyone apparent ly. I have talked with Ray on my floor and he first met Me-shell drunk and unable to get into her apartment door. When he did help her use her key fob to get in, she offered him Irish Whiskey she keeps in the freezer. I have explained the first time I met Me-shell, enebriated and social on the back stairs in communique with Avesta management. I have been told by Richard, the night before she razed me in the 6 a.m. morning, that she was out late drinking at a bar. Ray has also expressed to me he informed Charlotte about Me-shells drinking to incapacity habit.

It would seem to me, it is ok to not discriminate by Avesta's standards against those that choose to be mentally ill (and the burden of their support falls on the tenants, to literally keep the building functioning ie the removal of approx 15 full grocery bags if left in the foyer would prevent any workable flow of egress for any tenant, not to mention the firemen with cause to empty the building at a total tenant personal time loss based on the "need" t-hey at Avesta have someone else manage their lack of management personally), and Avesta's standards do not discriminate against those that do not desire to manage their self / health and well being well ... well, to tooth the share 0n e cell and' sell eaven / eve in / even d well. Yet Avesta will discriminate and make haste to add pressure on the capable to be self sufficient and sustainable, pungent with matters t-hey market to be representation all. (More will be brought to light as I post the emails of their untimely fail of seeking more accountability from me than they wish I would be able to/o tail too/the tell and diligently e see k 2 sell compleat 0r e c0mpea~t 0/me).

For me, knowing this per Management's end, that they have been informed of Me-shell's character b-end-, and do nothing with the now seen fal-l-sel-l container is 0 pen ly negligent (to be scene competing on t-heir tenants -2-all-a-waye-s-k-ey-e-p-) added on top of "it" that as a tenant you are directed to fill out a complaint form, that goes into the unaccountable ethers, never too/the return in extend di.d. me/as/u/re, -and- then personal ly be hel-d- accoun-t-able- for doing Avesta's work, of going to court, to manage the skirt (s-curt) of t-heir -e- g"i/r"th- is, basically putting you ie me, in a poop-loop- for- t-hem comfortabel-ly-e- (to never be account ten able 0n t-here-n-d-s-pea-k-) and for me, with no recourse Name ly among their per-ad-vent-u-re- = no recovery of my consideration in the first place of my being, my time, my energy, my money, m/eye measure seen f0r/m/e, ultimately providing fair trade of being known for master full self sufficiency e with pleasure, free from the war-p-ed- adulteration- scene-s-ink-in-g-s-ten-t-here-tu-be-st-inking-wef-t-re-ad-her-ring-s-"4"-the-st-able-t-prospering faux -ore- foe- scene for the re tol-l- and tol-d-

A couple of things to consider per the layers of discrimination. Richard on my floor was quoted a price to move in and was told he would have a first come first serve parking spot. At the time of moving in, his quoted price rose to the top tier.

How the government subsidized rent works here is the level you pay is according to the income you make. There are 3 levels, I am at the lowest thanks to Trader Joes, and Richard is at the highest. There are limited or preordained slots to fill in each level. The government pays the rest of the rental value to Avesta, would be my understanding. It is my understanding that not every one is subsidized.

Per Richard, he wanted to move, and Cheryl the manager at the time would not let him break his contract because, his top tier rental would be difficult to replace.

I am not sure what tier Me-shell payed. Her dad did fund her art education where she learned about partying, drinking and drugs. Her dad did buy her a new car for which she judges people to be undesirable to date if they do not have a car. Her dad did pay Tom Moulton for use of his parking lot next to this rental building, after Me-shell slept with him for a better parking rate, and, casually let any one and every one here know about it.

A level of discrimination on the inside to make, per the feasability of the replace rate, is a consideration to ad day-t- 0re dayT as why Me-shell can have 10 complaints against her/e and still make hey-e-t-.

Richard was issued an eviction notice due to Avesta not crediting his payment. IE he walked to Avesta like he does every month, and someone there didn't credit that he paid. He got an eviction notice on the 10th or 11th of the month, having been timely all along. He also slipped and fell on the concrete outside the building, on top of he can't move per his contract that was changed and he is still bound, and he rents at a higher rate than was agreed upon, and he does or didn't have a parking spot at the time, also promised in the agreement to rent here.

Richard vented online on his facebook and on Avesta's -and- Avesta via Hollie directing Charlotte, came to him to provide an apology. Hollie said to Charlotte, and Charlotte said to Richard, and Richard said to me, Charlotte said that Hollie said that if they didn't provide an apology (to Richard) he would just continue to be angry.

As for me, it would seem, Avesta is quite content with keeping me angry -and- providing me no outlet to vent in house capably. It would seem derision is the mis-s-pen-t satisfaction t-hey intend to keep. secret ly. with their apparent capacity at the fore front as seen amicably beyond be lea f i/n g creative ly (re there is an inherent discrimination against the value of the art and artist 0 pen ly e relay T inn re all i ty e as the ave n d's~ign if fi can T ly e vein t0/me 2 b re ad appreciably eye f0ra i/n re all i ty e).

Let's talk about transference of value and how this "works." This summer I was a road construction flagger. The first day, I thought I would keel over, it is so boring to twist a stop/slow sign. The difficult thing to do, while most likely standing in the sun all the long day to sundown, is to keep your head in the game.

Let's talk about the company from Tennessee that I worked for, starting at $9 an hour with an open ended gas expenditure, and the job / site can and does move during the day. Let's talk about the necessity of needing a car to go to work, and the fact at $9 an hour, open ended gas expenditure, if you car needs to be fixed, you can't afford it.

Let's talk about the solid ream of paper used to apparently qualify for this reaming opportunity at my leisure. To start, you will watch a yawning chasm of a video on sexual harrassment (if sexual-l harrassment were blantant ly obvious, may g0/d bless you in the comfort of being able to see trees among the de- forest in g) x (along with w hat is able to/o lee-gall-ly -e- writ-ten upon de-man-d-in-g-0-d-ate-r-ape-appreciable-e-d-0wn-l-ie-n-), and you will watch a video of where to position yourself and your safety vest and radio and helmet and shoes in the construct of different traffic scenarios. And you will review information on chemical lableling, even though you have been previously instructed to only handle your own flagging operation, and never touch anything other than the previously mentioned comb of expected consultation of you and your little flag to own.

There will be a test on flagging, sexual assault (were you list-en-on-in-g-) and ironically you will take a test on chemical labeling: should you receive a shipment while out on the road and you have a place to store it off road, while at work, but pre un disposed in a diss position t0/w/n, you will know that some labels go by another name, and can see to seek the ledger by the letter even rearranged a gain and again, and there fore falsifying all theory in advance to toothe max mass and make no insurance claim, even if you imagined the same artless ly e vain...n0ggin e make // if fi tm~ yT a take & pen e trait : You must sign your name to a ream of p-aper over and r-over-t- doggodly before you th e beg in aim 0r vain w/hatever lever your do/c/trine can e.

In the end, you will spend 2 hours getting qualified, and you will work 20-35 hours a week, depending on the job, depending on the weather. You will go home with a copy of your contract / a solid wasted ream of paper from one hiring agency for one person in one little city. If we think beyond our little b-order-s- this is a triumphant uni verse all a waste -2- c-over-t-as-s-pen-t-with w hat? conscious ness in knit eye nem aye k?


f0r/m/e~ye ten/d e/b t0~with ewes TD = T0uch D/0wn e. g.ravity & g.race~s~aye see all universe l+ly e


t-he-law-st-ark-and-con-tin-u-e-d-aye-with-out-end-in-g cabinet maker making t/race h0 ly in reference sing u lar 0 vein~d's~h0 ly alibi inn s0/me t hinge~st~ate see n0w e pr0w tin r/0 0/m. 0. seL=L and e/b t0/0 k/eye/p~L~ace


i don't know if i eased on this enough to sea the 0 rye

vie per ven nom could only be in person 2 restore live berth and birth fora re as on e/all se as 0n e well and w

se l + l f


f0r/m/e the 'ans' is the answear and aut0 n0m i c additi0nally e w/hat (-L- ore L) it may e b:be in re all i ty e t0/0 re -t0-0-x-2- > people go with the sowe they know in escalation~~s premis~sp/a/t/h~e with 0ne self e vein~s ai'm~s lay 0re lei 'n' = n0w e the ti'me x "ti'me" de-part- 2- d-riv-e-n-d-s-a-ware-el-ye


the tan gent t-ouch-in-g-e-run-d-in-g- f-eel-in-g- clearly e t0 0k m0re than a h0-li-e-d-ay-e- 2 ke ye p feeling l0re ye re all inn g'~sPeak in g's

he spoke in the circumference of jesus christ on her without any 2 cir/cum/scribe own lie to bar-ter-off-her-in-the-time-he-took-but-did-not-in-ten-d-a-re-t-urn-e- inns0much. she was only necessary to provide the repository of b-i-lg-e to profit-t-0ss0-ed-0f-at-lat- law-st-ark-in-t-im-e- with-co-me-fo-rt-0-rt-pi-ty-e-own-lie-n-scene- p-re-serve-in-g-lie-n-2-con-tin-u-e-st-re-am-seen-fo-re-scene-ste-all-in-n-g-s-ever ye t hing e


f0r/m/e ye use 'mt' as kn0w the m0untain pass eth as trade mark and t0m0rr0w/ e ave ns~ w/heaven~s~end's~ just b.c.




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12/23/2017 notes pulled in from the draft, the sides of the frame :




draft raft aft tan narrow arrow krebs xtension rod sera prime rim rime mer rye soar sore protos p/lea/s/u/re lid fora tow watt air hone mote dusted mot to hew keel lint





vena cava

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mete sediments

dap vane loaves span tog

np vet whey yin

le git fig ura tive

meme hinges haws

p laus i ble bell

pb tin e fork rind

dein ein

nem mot tor

n the same saye apparently same time same place as provided for everybody apparently to partake and relayT = a parallel of a different direction than the me-dia's hypothetical-l b-ones- 2- continue to pro-of/f- no pers0n all a reall purview 2 challenge & change the competitive market placed thrU running-thru-w/0ut-complaint-2-lis-ten- thin ly veiling a lack of desire in the first place 2 just b.c. t0/0 k place is my c00king~0ve n/d 0/f/f e even

see their point of view w/ the ti'me to make two w/h0le and so i submit my review of avesta and attn david chamberalan "4" witnesses "together" merit x mere writ text posed 0~ut

H is the symbol for Hydrogen and it is the most common element in the universe but not on earth where it occurs combined with oxygen holistically eye imagine pi, place eye/i inn e circle a round with a representative of 0ur dna x & y, wood x would speak e vein ly 2 dayT, which makes me think hades didn't s~wear writ wit/h~air 2 reap pair "x"cept in the perpetuall plunder world -2-t-are- weight x wait t hat isn't t here -0re- re-name-the-f-ate-as-f-aire-make- undisputed at any hydrogen rate, but hades is hiding the head of the shaft to gain vertical vein re someone had to give hades the name on earth (as he is apparently the god of the underworld ie how did he score an 'H' to observe in earthly continuity eye zer0~ne). For/m/e the head of hade-s/hade, well hades thru s-hade (scene hade) on hade, while by hades wile hade goes unseen in net worth as means 2 x too/ the better part of keyeper of origin (0rginally) unless you go digging for wit apparentlye with the same pan e ` & s/hake r~e t0 part~y e w/ p/art maker & b re ad bay ke re

For/m/e the head of hade-s/hade, well hades thru s-hade (scene hade) on hade, while by hades wile hade goes unseen in net worth as means 2 x too/ the better part of k/eye/per of origin 0rginally unless you go diggin g a p parent ly e with focus to'ole lo! cust (low cost customer in mind & tongue -2- x-press-a-permanent-missadress-wrong-ly-app-lied-over-and-under-foot-on-per-pose-) in kn0wing a better frame of mind as her 0 se/am supp/le self l0 weres t0r~e si~l(i)ent' floor with stepps total loss forum on the dime met potentiall a maid for rest 2 claim met, vs taking the dime of ti'me for no reason to relayT, while looking the part to serve my address at any Day rayT 2, and t-henstalking the teeth that had the dime myT it mayD apparently tome is a pare/0ddye x posed for/m/e~ just being discerning in potentiall on a dime

Hade is a geological term for the inclination of a mineral vein of a shaft or fault from the vertical, and wouldn't this "fault" from the vertical, ben-t another way to "ark" by & buy arc competive-ly as story line to support literal storey building upon stories building too/the face togethere rise skye high the hero of our esteemed estimation and repose based on the observable observation of our very own one nose to espy, & now fro/m t/hen being scene re supplying the known 'seen' before our eyes together as rad focus & destination, serving as r/ad powers eXposed apparent ly a ware serving a/in nation & hero defined by man's estimation alla long the (inherently unrefined to/me speaking from the X in dna exchange 1 to 1 = 2 define time meta for x 4 to unless one puts in the ti'me in my express experience to fi/le on the same line and pi/le on same venue for seen w/health at last seen fore con cons spire ring f/aire love as heart her 0 cleanse e restore)



Hade is a geological term for the inclination of a mineral vein of a shaft or fault from the vertical, and wouldn't this "fault" from the vertical, ben-t another way to "ark" by & buy arc competive-ly as story line to support literal storey building upon stories building too/the face togethere rise skye high the hero of our esteemed estimation and repose based on the observable observation of our very own one nose to espy our right foot a relation, to espy a relation (the eye that improves every day belongs to the past of building relationshps to last as thought in mind vvs relationships sot-2-de-fine-the-time-as-u-re-law-st-in-taste- e the rose thorn of desire in throat & now fro/m t/hen being scene (the suffix ly relati0nship to supply out of/ fiction is not complete to me, & thus my tome you see = use e*=every e t/hing e observable to w/(way=wt) dayT o/ad~door e in Miss S/take capable tu`de) re supplying the known 'seen' before our eyes together as rad focus & destination, serving as r/ad powers eXposed apparent ly a ware serving a/in nation & hero defined by man's estimation alla long

& now fro/m t/hen being scene re supplying the known 'seen'x 'high definition' as before our eyes be spoken together 2 surmise as radi-i however dim made focus & destination, serving as (our) r/ad 2 root powers serving "god" a/in nation from apparent root desires & hero defined by man's estimation alla long as defined in -the-time-not-x's-2-at-any-re-all-rate- (eye fray / inherently unrefined to/me speaking from the X in dna exchange 1 to 1 = 2 define time meta for x 4 to unless one puts in the ti'me in my express experience to fi/le on the same line and pi/le on same venue for seen w/health at last seen fore con cons spire ring f/aire love as heart her 0 cleanse e restore)same venue for the purported "devil" to go on living in reverse as lived cur-rent-ly- first 0ne scene as unscene ie justifiably that people "need" to work unquestioneed without thinking tu`be formatively as grace wood the would and the bee the be vertically gracious you see and use e very e t hing e like the yew/e t re e (which in part is poisonous, when absorbed pore / poor us e sel-ly-e-, and it pays the mere merit writ of attention to pay attention act u ally e defined as 0ne 0n 0ne in the 0 pen transparently relayT in gravity e with grace u/s/e~e as the se/am see m see k industriously appraise with honesty to with w/ear w/here your face = answer we are reap p/air ring an-industriou-sly-s-lat/e-2-literally-steel-time-tu-be-scene-0ne-way-of-speaking- verse suss away to ste/all "alla" and the "devil" and the "god" that made "him" against woman and nature/ as nature cant recant because it can't speak fore re all at).while b/roadly eye can & eye c0n text relevant apparent 0/m e rit.

hand dof my self esteem for m e

making it seem i do not contribute

t hat is all yewer trying to due

The next "layer" is to assume I do not care & the c-0ver-t-up- is intended to diss man tell the vie w however the view is sown in all that i do

to carry a view 2. G00d sh0w, w-hen t-heir is no 2 among "ewe."

Avesta like Paul is trying to hold against me that i desire to o contribute make a value where i am. like if they can take my value from me wihtout seeing it and re distribute it they can out-rite-own-i-t-e- the concourse of reductionary fallow thru / with intercourse too/the

weight less pins as inn acti0ns i vein d's

self estemm fractoined fore every "one" and no one at the same "time" e vain

homeless have noting to offer compettively and nothing bu the time actually / 2 make all the difference in the world in confidence too look up

did tell kathy used her to inconvenieced her merit on pay-roll-eaven-2-

mary lout

Andy e

momhiding my value from me

meshell upset in grand miss diagnosed entitlement

feel bad

A comment was made by me to just pay rent to Avesta per Charlotte in the sacred round table meeting before the trial, as it is apparent to me they would prefer, besides random and umpteen bung hole checks, that I exist virtually. Charlotte said "noooooo-o-o-o-" as my gracious egress to exist only as they want me were in tact a fact of my? egregiousness? Here is the thing, right fully speaking, C-harlotte doesn't have the inherent right to vindicate a divide in "time" while she unabashedly answers for my ti'me. Just a sim-pull stealing-ag-ain- trying to look provision all when she is any thing but-t-am-e-.

Her priority is her exterior and her exterior is shallow and vain. That is why her answers are p.r.-edic-t-able-d- without a re all need for thinking fall 0 w e in follow t hr u in/n ste ad e c0mpleat 0 gain seen inn s/am/e` vein.

looking back looking foward same ab hore rim fora mir acl e p too compleat inn junction~ing functi0n

I haven't talked about how C-harlotte rolle-d- on her testimony, making it look as if I were petty to seek the video of Me-shell, and how much it taxed her (to do re all work for a first) and she forgot when I emailed Avesta management, after the court case, and I got the pho, and expressed that inconsequential video within context, proved to be what granted me the pho, as Me-shell denied everything I put forth, including the video stating to the judge "that's not me."

narrow ly i di/vide w hat is g0/d f0r/m/e n/arr0w e b/0ne m/arr0w/h0n/e den sit~eye n0r m

/0wn thr0ne 0ne dia that same t0/0 the


i am not indifferent i am inn difference o pen in g' sup ith and 0 with a plan at life = w hat w00 d e/b t'w0uld be ye c0 c~h L~ea/r as pi re all 0 pen ly e

the law re david can't aspireall th circle with each past just last he ave n d's'-

time i have made to feed my be ad e

b/t 0 me industriously e

memoir e tooth em may ke taw/ ear 0 ver ti'me

all the law-st-oo-the-m-e-mo-ry-e-

is create an illusion of a circle so own

and in the process of not being compelled to think much for a lving aka for completion among me vein, the law-st-ark- is misaligning people with heart to allwasy be sha -d- among the fore-as-st- with each p-ass-as-s-t-scene togeher side-x-side- doensn't not create time for completion

ne mot to r, eye motor on e

tup sup stable ingenious vesica*piscis

intention manger

H is the symbol for Hydrogen and it is the most common element in the universe but not on earth where it occurs combined with oxygen holistically eye imagine pi, place eye/i inn e circle a round with a representative of 0ur dna x & y complete ly, wood x would speak e vein ly 2 dayT, which makes me think hades didn't s~wear writ wit/h~air 2 reap pair pr0w t "x"cept in the perpetuall plunder world -2-t-are- weight x wait t hat isn't actually f/air t here -0re- re-name-the-f-ate-as-f-air-eye-make- undisputed at any hydrogen rate to sowe a spoke into the w/heel hel-d- with inter-rest-, but hades is hiding the head of the shaft to gain vertical vein re someone had to give hades the name on earth (as he is apparently the god of the underworld ie how did he s_core an 'H' t' observe in earthly continuity eye zer0~ne w/equall say e for e sowe any e way e & go digging a pparently e~fore expeerience sayke). For/m/e the head of hade-s/hade, well hades thru the s-hade on hade (scene hade) x (as a c-heap calculation, "he" vetted "him-self"-in-to-o-l-arder-) on hade while hades wile hade goes unseen in net worth as means 2 x too/the better part of keyeper of origin (0riginally e w hat' wood bees~poken symmetric ally literal to/0 the spiritual to aspire h ear~t h 0m en j0y e b/reath w/continuities bespoken d well being w/interest inbetween the 'to's' of inner vent i 0n ein g's)

Hade is a geological term for the inclination of a mineral vein of a shaft or fault from the vertical, and wouldn't this "fault" from the vertical, ben-t another way to "ark" by & buy arc competive-ly as story line to support literal storey building upon stories building too/the face togethere rise skye high the hero of our esteemed estimation and repose in/k based on the observable observation of our very own one nose to espy, & now fro/m t/hen being scene re supplying the known 'seen' before our eyes together as rad focus & destination, serving as (ou)r/adi-i pl0- powers eXposed right'han/d apparent ly a ware serving a/in nation & hero defined by man's estimation alla long...with no claws beak and maw serving vein functi0n 0n the parallel of communicative reducti0n -e- t hat apparently cannot supply by unnecessary fxf 0bservati0n e broadside in any vehicle, 0n the same venue for the purporeted "devil" to go on living in river's_re-verse as seize/sel-l lived- cur-rent-ly- on lo-cust (lo-cost-customers-2-focus-st-0ne-0n-s-ave-s-appearing's-0/n-) sane & same sustenance forge-i'ving supplied for/t/e` & company e diplo matic ally e~say e~ all-"t"-ime=c-lime-b-matter-0-flat-ly-e-with inflayted interest -to/o-pr0 0f/f kn0w thing w/here address as if tin ear n est

communication is a potent for/m 0' acti0n 2 dayT~and relayT for a sense 0f completi0n elementarily inn 0/f/f paying t'attentione tw/0ne self e vein unseen for just being re at tach ing things inherently e transpired ewe & d0 win re lease t0/0/u/r e fl0were fl00r e fl0/U/r e rising just b.c. ewer kneaded by Miss S/taken digest able a pr0w tin time 2 remayKe f0ur eyes impr0ved f0r/t/h/e ad0 wing a ware in *f0cus t'mayTe

*f0cus t0mer vs l0-cost-cust0mer-alt-he-time-s-ave-vain-more-l0-cust-2-t-apparent-ly-prow-t-by-berth- in watt air emotions c-ain-t- seem 2 reap pair -0re- find value in the 0/b serve, but st-ill want your yurt -2- c0urt-/ ire-on-ic-ally-e- rec0gnizable on t-heir -x- t-here scene sounding as "necessary" turf of s-aid interests-(w-)erve -t0-x-2-d-fine you s-0we-t-hey-e-c-an-w/ear-your 0riginall virtue & your relax e t0/0 kn0w in every shade t0w e & n-0we-in-theeir-e-p0-s-s-ee-t-h0se-

The first 0ne scene as unscene ie justifiably that people "need" to work unquestioneed enough without thinking tu`be formatively as grace wood e/b the would bee the be verticallye. g.race ~s~ graciously e see & use e very e t hing e like the yew/e t re e (which in part is poisonous, when absorbed pore / poor us e sel-ly-e-, and it pays the mere merit w/rit of attention in knit 0 pay attentione t'act u ally e speaking 0/ defined as 0/ne 0n e in 0 pen transparently a relayT in gravity e with grace u/s/e~e as the se/am see m see k industriously ap~praise with honesty's ave t0 plan~t with 0ne c0nditi0ne t0~g ave t0 w/ear it w/here 0n your face frontally t'dayT as the nest you mayKe in re all i ty e = you kn0w what eye mean in the answer we are a reap p/air ring : fr0/m a-industriou-sly-s-lat/e-2-literally-steel-time-tu-be-scene- 0ne- way- of- speaking-as-p-b-ran-d-i- verse' suss a way e ste/all "alla" and the "devil" and the "god" that made "hi'm" spec-i-all- against woman and nature/ as nature cant recant the "ch-ant" because it can't literally speak fore re all at = wile-t-ime-pass-u- reall Miss Tarry is written-0-f/f- a "mystery" too-the-bridge-t-hat-can-t-ans-wear- & -con-st-ant-ly-fid-get-fee-d-e/b-t'-f-lat-ly-hex-on- fieri facias tare (the f/airs make us)qu/are living wise/dome face 2 face rightly -ore- w/rong-ly unapprehendid f/air e~in meye ware apparent hare

This is how it looks if i have my say alla l0ng as I saye it another way t0 run the corollary strong 0/n e my a ware in 0.f/f e = my pan, my sifting, my requisitioning f0re uplifting already in place 2 apparently see 2 see k it 2 dayT with as p0reT'all am sayT my creativity applied creatively in my own time with my 0wn rayK to me mem0 maKe fine & refine with p/lans i system t0 planT an/d refinance along the same w/cell u lar w/ave lengths and c0nstructi0n e highwaye s/lice a si` lent lines 0ft my contract i 0n i pulled simple thru "0ne" 0n 0ne re duct i 0n e at anye g.i'ven di'me t~ie/r ti'mer e seen f0re sayinT 0ss0 sane yeT a break in the first place : your l0ve has n-0-n unity e with0~ut me 0n e the pr0w L iving f0re the. g.iving's 0we vein 0.f/f~e we~e kn0w e.~g.i'ving 0 pr0w tau t'h0rity e with' stability 2 rest0re as everye a state of min e debt 2 fee l ee & furthere intenti0ne. g.0/n e/ne 0/we tm~t'0r e all a m0re Tall i fe at u/re/ten/ti/0n/e t0/g~ether's 0le i bl00 min e b/0d/dye pr0w tas e'ye bee sting c.l0ver and~0ve~r @ first g.lance ll and L a st ance 0f/f (h)0ur perfect gilt type genius e inn 0ne life 2 p0were c0mpleat' sh0weres the w/aye. g.rasses nose gaye t00 the 0x @ p/lay in the m0/ment0 i'll take 2 t0 pass(h) 0n est/he rest and c0urage 0 de t0r e in ein inn advance

p.s. eye i am the m0neye L~ender ad th're~ad d0ck cue meant s~ender (0rigin inn mind fend air e/e fair e the square 2 square in 0 pen plan~ares~hare~s~)

p.s. we are in court -2-day-t- because t-hey insist i haven't paid a "debt" too-their "face" 2 mayKe t-heir relati0n ship-rat/e- more malfeasant-ly on my plate 2 te-pid-apparent-ly-e-w/hat-e-2-relay-T- while I am tired of earnest potentiall am-aid- 2 day-T- hat myT disc0very has hade maid a made in vert i call 0 vein f0re t-hey would "like" to inn-cyst didn't hap pen on t-heir w/*-atch with n0 interest 2 still relayT -ext-cept- for/t/he-with- big-0-try-st and must~y lift hade' s~had0w~ inclinati0ne s/ink wit~had hade hadda b/rain debt' p~rove in dept 0/ne in nature thrU le inn = meye fl0wer e inn vent~i 0n e~ re L ax e & give my shaft presence 0 verticall access and *i menti0n e~ = my m0untain, my t0r t'0re my shaft 2 ha have i w/aft~ elleven e m0re! 2 re p0re T' an/y e w/e back 2 back 4 p0ur eT'alls, with all a sTall and e all~awn e my dayTable a functi0n e t hat I alls0w/ am an eXpert in/n threading 0 fish all~ab0ard fall 0 w e 0n e in reducti0n e v ein sm/all a need/le 0/le punch "a" h0les and s0w el~lea ther e all t0 e. g.0 t0gethere 0 at m0r0 we st0ke

*(watch with h*atch in i/t = t'define it and tie i/t~ with re Miss Match eaven s0w/e allthy e time. g.0)

in the light of discoverye s had o w life lifted sum t mus the deb t-hey cant erase ar-tiff-ice-only be removed apparently by taking me to court as my "theoretical" "mistake" in my own disc0very i did "and" did not apparent ly make~ ye t0/me = 2 rayTe & rayKe & s/hake & bayKe & w/ayKe & mayKe & consequent~ly in my own universeall approvall tayK in thank~s~11 estate

i have the right to pay my money for rent and have its value returned to me, as i have the higher order to square their lot for what they have made-dup-e- and having worn as such, which = deceit, not just of the land use their build on but every one residing in it w/a pretense for e vein sum 4 assumption to build on literally figuratively theoretically ie the relation ship pings need sowing seen, vs built in contempt over running c-overing h-overing with invasive indignity -2-con-spire-hi-re-

if i hade a brain and an h2' 0we spare pr0w t in e would give it / -it- a proper name in my vertical vein s and s0w/ h0 e w/e 0we 0ut ear t h and e/ar e p0's~e a mirth

if hade sowe 0 had a b/rain hade would take a s/hare of i/t 00 the say e way e = 0wn ly e tu` de~ dayT' mayKe~

argue ably it would appear hades thru shade-as-e- on hade for "just being" in his s-ha-d-ye- coun-t-enance apparent in the fir-st- p-lace too-the-yew/-ood-f-ear-e- & interest has been compounding all these. g.-ears-i-re y'ears "ie" your -ears-tooth-e-pr0-0f-e-with vision~send vie w/~in seeing prat-turn-s-0l-d-ap parent ly e 0n eye t has kn0 t in ten t and try eye ate

hades s-aid to hade d-eye hope your c/ar-rot-s-thrU (with a shad-ye-s-i-de-all for a kar-at-e-2- unf0l-d-ep-th/e-mpty e-(h)and-e.b-tw0-man-na-me-n-s-t-ill-and-s-ue-) & hade hear d car/rot f/0ra re all karat in the s~aim. 0. pen vein in re c0/very e s had 0 w e t/h 2 0w/e. g.0 t0g ether the mt interest may ke~el~ent a shape d's~ent mate. if a carrot rotted it was all in the same recovery e vein dia.m.0./n~d/ate ~ hade had e~w/0re kin fait/h 0 was 0/n~s~0/m a/t e

As requested, the written letter of argument: I apologize in advance for the digression, I must allay frontally as with permanent opportunity. I believe Attny David Chamberlain has purposely prepared a slanted presentation in court, with angled provision from which his witnesses would speak with artificiall inherent right as reason, to "effectively" put a bandaid on the source of the problem supplied by their own "hand" debt to "return"on litigious command that hasn't actually been earned, yea on the face of merit to stand seeming as streaming as reason even to reprimand dactyl ly (to be openly perceiving), to leave a purview of communication by myself that was never regarded in the first place by Avesta to therefore actually be reinstated with regard in the second place even to/o, with example, ie for me, should I seek an emotionall redress with discovery for panning me with "interest" for all their misplaced, mispent time, false faced to/o x 2 tooth a facetious "asset" with no personall representation to toe even and merit their word in any instance to be openly observed one on one creating homeostatis in habitat with said habit at, yea to be seen provisionally caring to care to provide the first means with me to speak, and sow and sow won own without a doubt in my ability to re/pre/sent my word with my being as my working worth to tow any one with reception in the 0 pen additionally.

As requested, the written letter of argument: I apologize in advance for the digression, I must allay frontally as with permanent opportunity. I believe Attny David Chamberlain has purposely prepared a slanted presentation in court, with angled provision from which his witnesses would speak with artificiall inherent right as reason, to "effectively" put a bandaid on the source of the problem supplied by their own "hand" debt to "return"on litigious command (with no inherent as apparent desire for actuall communall association to make brevity ease elations wave longingly with salutation even to take place while they appear the provisionall keel to merit w/heel as "notable" rate and rake to provide need with apparent necessity falsel-ly, to "relate" unknowingly, or they will retaliate for your being pre/sent at any trait)

This is a serious omission in my mind, that I make no attempt to hide the profane in my time, outside the temple of my forebrain as my inherent right, to be present as I myT, and to speak in observable continuity from my non discriminatory belief in my fideism supplied by Eve, under God for the people exactly

"oft" uncompensated value of competitive time for no reason "pro-found" lie "tu/be" mercy less ly app-lied- all-yew-wayes-against-completion ere not

evenly sow weight to relate and to be visually heard to date.

sow even just b.c. in time 2 begin by all heart with visuall dreamers a part.

if my fideism may state actually and say together through the court with the straight trait of right of way evenly to date the model and make of provisionall integrity I supply my y/ears

if my fideism may state accurately without narcissistic revision hovering over scope for tomorrow to be sold out with artificiall presents to own lie abide.


if my fideism may state sow even just b.c. in time 2 begin by all heart with part.

They are bringing to the forum of the court an observation without merit in it, to disengage the opportunity for a viable forum to take place, rationally speaking with intention ye in me they have all ready disregarded with the time I have suppllied to/o x 2.


Avesta "feels" it has right to an emotional redress I have made on it





boston bomers

killed innocent people

treat inanimate objects = in their min-d-s lacquer-ye- = b-0m-b-innocent-ly-a-ware-in- <no apparent eXisT system tu`be complete inn> = claim innocent by what yuo wanted apparent ly

innocent is not enough must be deliberate ly innocent 2 sow on e / taht is how the boston bombers "aka" justify their innocents on a competitve market, with no answers with action except to -dock- and -doc-kit-h-

apartment checks vs give a bring the tendency for tenancy in you vs stip-it doesn't exist in action tre-e-re-mote-from a distance with contempt and indignity all ready sow-0n-e-in-it-which is to stip it doesn't exist and if it does you are "remiss" and you set 2 phone-e- without ever really supplying wheys and eans for fi/t all sowe


lay head o n beam when sleep all have a storye 2 repose in a home 2 keyep and your vainthat does not save the sneek on my plate your mer'-writ you do not c/air eth, lay your head on the bea miss your destination for sal ves ave save your are pi/ne all in your sleep, he wasn't perfect on his own "inc"-all-s-0we-

w/alls speak not going to tell with artific-all w-rit -0- injunction "con" junction, that i can't think in my own hollow being as hallow in my own home comfort' sow e & you need to hear what you need t0/wn additi0nally to be a ware even s0w n

you are putting a stint on awareness you re fuse to know, and thus you are putting a stint on my s'0le~s0ul~e~ with the fal-lse pressure your inn-dust-ry-e- is supplying s0/me (in not 0ne, and sum-mon-for-all-a-nough-y-pres/scene you build up to knock down to build up e vain s0we among the living not among the stupid"x"hubris that use the e"x"cuse that you are "giving" or are not giving to me, thus the courts to speak in your have of all you have been apparent ly t hat i cannot see, -0re- that i do nott have the write x right apparent ly even t0 me

impress personally need to listen at the seams to the depressed and angry you think independent-ly on my observable x ponentiall area rayT~y-ou do have something to do-with-actually

you are running-over c-over- h-over d-over-t- peoples lives with built in contempt and indignity, t-hen give them not vent for being in a position to earnestly have a relationship from the ground up (h)eave (n)

you thought i was a pawn to s-pawn off on, & i have replaced your d-awn up0n & let you have my pawn as i have a bigger gam/bit 0ss0 s0w 0n e & you are not well come to sow/ all 0n/g-if- you are d-um-b- athe same time i am not denying you entrance, you can s/oak your retina all you want till your pineall dreams think 0 me

stoma t0ss0 s0w e

laura ingalls wilder wrote 'little house' stories, when she didn't have a home, and resided in side the walls of a store. per haps with hade soar 2 top off armor e h0ar


not the lead and not the "lead" unless teaching people with time to lie honest lie or -ly-e- seen for w-hat-e-tit-means-e van e

self esteem has set s-ail and n-ail fora not her e in s ave take an honest stab le a

eye don't know how you want me to foot the deception wthout an honest mirror in reflection

When he acted irrationally, and I go into the details, to the whole discovery of his acting method, be it Meisner's, I don't know, an acting method to reach for scope, using the Patriarchy in the lineage of Jesus Christ and God, to bemoan the "fact" miss place -d- as-s-, a piece of trim board not to his effeminate and hard to catagorize on this earth plain "liking" for which he berated me beyond Shakespearean live theater in the round proportions to "APOLOGIZE FOR IT!!" repeated ly, and "T HAT'S N0T G00D EN0UGH!!" all for good show for some one else's t-ow-e- if on-ly Paul is in the k-no-w-e-.

why this way why market into the for ray e as e very e thing a gate 2 way e

anyone can ad or not, but the stipule desire will bye only be a desire fora such longing can be re ad enough all 0ne in g ti'me in s pea k 0

the problem with avesta is not solve-d-as the insurance is so-t-own-

if you can make -one- you can make another compete with a little relay-t-

Per court, we were asked to make copies. I didn't make copies of the paper work subpoenaed by myself via D-avid, and the judge wouldn't let the complaint file be entered. On technicality, I had an hour to prepare to represent myself, treked home to get my computer, process my dog, and copy where? D-avid presented cherry picked exhibits, copied, in house? D-avid didn't go back to his office did he? The judge should have provided this information.

In that my January rent didn't get paid until February, I am concerned about the cost of spending any money. Considering I spent $70 for copies for the pho, and none of that was used.