the pr0digiously prod i gal s0/n

t0r e bel ly ea st0re seall i lent in kn0we ll i0n s/laye d0wn yew/(h)e w/lam itt' n0se e si lent hr 0ne s0w/he r0se pr0se shear 0t0 till 0 aves ai'm~e`vein~s~ im the re bel ly e w/ell and e w/hale tu`be the w/all and e w/hall 0 aves 0we vein e w/hey e.g.0~ t0g t0r is e`g0

What I would value as e/motive to earne moneye transparently e with0~ut quest i 0n vs quest i 0n e -b-road-s-ides- & -me-one-eye-s0/n-e- of not really thinking things 2 thru le/a flooral ~ living -and- not' apparently caring too/the. g.0/forth t'each and t'act u all endeavor s/tat giving the. g.r/asp in e me/as/u/re ad as~pree ceiving's just fi ne re constitutes my inner value of awareness to fore soot/h/e in scope fforthe conscientious ness of another 0ne 2 be on this earth plain x plane with the graces 2 just b.c. that I have all ready step by step provided all my life as a way to be in particular. Which is to say, I pay at/ten/ti/0n e f0re k/eye/p ~s~ 0/n e my industry meant t0/me 'es/sene' as/sane 0ther 0ne inntegritie~s0/m~e rest0re a.d. e vein

My inner value, demon/strated* (an ironic word, to prove logic at work, built on the mishap/e/n/ cap-it-all-along (with "one" spoke in the- w/heel -2- x- toon-ad-dress- 2 kill s0/me ti'me / from vie w/ing): i shouldn't have to "demon-strate" w hat i am saying among the legions of hearing~0ve v0ices in vein t0/0 land~0ve) *0ne intentionAll continuum (in mathematics = the set of reall numbers) times (the reall value of 0ne and zero, where 0ne is prime in identification and can divide into any number and return that numbers value to it self, and zero the spirituall conscientious equivalent of zero h/arm done e vein 0f/f ten 0n e tend0n' s0le & too le.g.it 0 go) times the all ready st/ate/d container fore completion ie to take the time to fall0 w e thrU t0 pr0duce st/art as ave / a venue t0/0 thrU by seen as a w0rking value representing your word equal ly 2, times the linguistic thema in effect belonging to, relating to/r denoting the theme of a sen~ten/ce, to 'c' too see~d the pers0nall valUe as 2, fore keeping graces stable and stably a ware in my purview, where vie is the operating premiss as Pre Miss to work as and with to/o x 2 rest0re time f0re c0mpleti0n in the competitive market place that allows every e thinge but no hinge ie no time fore completion 2 exist 0n e merit f0re sustainability 2 be just b.c. you see / without quest i 0n e the wh0le valUe to/o x 2 d0 the d0w t0/0.

So, I am a conscientious applicator of my own working word constituting, reconstituting, and representing my known value to e X press on the same meaning full + ly inc/i/den/t'all time I make for completion e tu` de st re am in g's (g/ravity x g/race act u all ye as a way e t0/0 k/eye/p f0re ti'me in g's~ee k meter mete me/as/u/re times~e/am eta f0ra dayTable. g0all and b0undary eye My~Tm~ay ke in fr0nt 0/me which is 2 say fr0nt ally e at/m~eta f0ra i/c/ally @ any 'tan' x tannin b/ark fr0/m/e t re e & r/ate. g.enerati0nall tu`be a Miss Stake and Miss Take in habit at f0r/me fr0/m ayK e~very e t/hing e~st/ate t0/me in 0rigin = face 0 ware ness inn f0r/m/e~all ye ttu` c0mpeat m/aid/e nature ally e Miss Taken f0re the re Mack / app/le ans wear~ring) ie per pers s0~0n ie sew 0n = s0/n = per pers0n's 0/n all(h~) valUe tu`de w0rk 0/ne w hat is in fr0nt 0 me as my sight building f0r/t/e` in reality representationally and reflectively my body of work you as with any body can see (if t hey desire t0/0 x 2 act u ally e) I use and re use the con ten ts of 1 x 0ne being in re all i ty ec0l0gically and literally x spiritually = type / typically with what is in fr0nt 0 me t0/r additi0n all y e with the same ch0sen face t0 regard pr0digi0us ly f0re just being & gam/e/ly e w0rking with 0ne leg/it in the cur-rent-market-place w/ my t0/0 x 2 tp habit 0ss0 sayT at any e/aerate t0/me~te a f0rd em0ti0nally & f/air e ly e wit/h~0's/t0r/eye.

F0r/m/e w hat I am building with regard pers0nally in the meTall 0re vein t0r e mt:tm reflectively, it is all deliberate c0nsumpti0n e with any eye f0r the re tern i ty e & I do feel it addresses the ill-u-s-i0n-e = ill use eye/i 0n = of the competitive market place with unquestioned consensus with no suss for sus ten ants t0 ma/ke = energy e with and f0re validity e relati0n ally e which is t0 say high questi0n the c-raft (from the 0-cean-4-scene- too-the- rafters-ee-lein-) and cur-rent-ly i quest i 0n e c-raft- of "Avesta" t0/0 dayT, that they have disregarded to my face and yet p-rate 2 x t0/0 have the sa.m.e with virtuall p/ate x place love at e in literall need e/b t0/0 c0n/sUm/e ans and~0ve eXcremenT'all ye (the origin for excrement is to sift & mentally with gracious spirituall relevance i am literally e with plain e X us 2 suss e X is T an/ce~e dew/ing w/hinges et tu`peak in f0r mat i've ly e vein speaking t0/me this is my apparent right x write t0/0 x 2 persue in testament fl0!wer e s'trait lei b/l00m in st0re f0r/t/e and c0mpany ew/e.g.l0ry e define in 0 pen 0.f/fe~

My Pre Miss is to directly address in all this competitive inter-rest-0n-pre-miss-sas-miss-take-vain-0-f-f-tm-ar-ra- that l0ve cann0t take place 0 (if i/t cannot may ke) ever t in fall0w thru ~ unless the time f0re c0mpleti0n is maid apt ly in stable stability e~ pre sent ly ear 2 mayKe. g.ain inn significan ~T~ ake away "theory" 0ut 0f/f thin are use e ch0n text u ally e.g.~0ver~t i'me all 0t f0ra reas0n actually e s0w e directi0n e m/cee 0n e in 0 pen e vein s and sea saw/ 0ne b/right 0nhi'm ass0ciati0n e t0dayT figure ate 0n sec0nd s0w~ing's 0/n/g~advertize

Regarding my experience, I let my query speak best f0r/m/e regarding e my bezel intenti0n e time peace ably' ear, maybe it goes like this : if -i- "control-l" people for no reason forcing-sole-2-re-pair-in-vain- for soul never let' air plaintively in a planar e context 0 gethere then i can be "hap-py-paul-sow-e-" ore "hap-pi-pall-sow-e-" and at least not "con-text-u-al-ly-alone-use-e-" and who would t-hey go after 2 control? the hap pi 0 let 0/pini0n flye undeafeeted 0/0re undeafeeded, by & buy a L0t 00 the letter of the context of the law it self as he ard, leaving room to fill in the blanks as s0w ewe n, to g0 depending on which -wen- at the time - we are talking c lea re ly e ttu`per tw/h0 inc~0rep0re~ated fe ver t deligh~t in c0me in g's~igh~t ie desire righ~t 0/wn~ight ly e s0we inc 0 gi/n & c0 pi l0t 0 f/fer (as pi-late-didn't proffer 2 rate his wifes name in historye may be a mat hue math hew couldn't fig fac t or a ware w/th 2 + 2 = you t0/0 )

S0we in my 0/pini0n e distinct with are's hare

go withthe sowe you know, will support supperate

go with he sole soul you know and want to go if you ae based on theory

i am ownin the forum by my de si` re pre sent in si de

i one w/ reason 4 s0/me with s0le t 0ss0 soul provisionall y present 2 day t if only to/me // = the entitled to not think for a living in the competitive marketplace, just insure its "face" on your face, actually to dayT as the d/ate ate / is "tm" with a predictable hubris "x" stupidity, which I have documented ie i sent "nonsense" according to charlotte, to announce the webiste in a small litte statement and web domain -and- it was the only ie own lie time charlotte acted like a leader taking the helm of the ship, and i responded, with 1000 business cards being distributed that very evening and making note of it, on the website. the cards were purchased a few weeks in advance. i knew this "type" of purse-on and what the response would "be" for me // not to encite for no reason, in deed, a tactical strategy for fall 0 thru, as my discovery with "Avesta" and it's thinly veiled contempt for all its tenants "due", in a way, that is malfesantly squatting on the g0/0d they in no way provide to just be & b.c. for themselves ironically.

i see a contorted dalliance with this "company" and they have the choice to represent their word with their actions frontally, or where the tart tan answer to wear that best "serves" me "square"-d- as my f/air x f/are vein compeating t0 sh0w the why eye c/air e in advance of the "next" thru-0-f-air-e-

i am not killing for a living, i am keeling with reflective value "avesta" has chose to not see a value in without my reflection to/me one own, and by doing s0we, i am "k-illing" the fal-l-se-l-l-y- applied "e-g-0" to my life and mind's aid dye fora eye,

rollerblade spore t finess c harolote doesn't do any reall work mad at me as she has to think // thinking would act u all y e work against her "sustainability-e-" apparent ly, thus t-hey- say-e- my communication in broken, w/hen it is anything but a m-ear-con-t-rive-to-o-the-ad-v-ance- competition as the right in her / rent, w/hen competition for no reason is anything But the right inherent Ly to reLayT~DayTe in the 0 pen an/d f0ra n0 pen seen f0r the being vs drawn ont0-oth-e-scene-for-no-reason-yet-tu-be-complete ly e

hi/de ing the ride, t-hey do not actually l0ve life or any b/0 d/dy e in re all i ty e & will not let their be any e b/0 d/dy e just ly e speaking tu` be an/d be/e t0r e r00t an/d'~st0re as p/r00f~e~den eye dense lee 0ne ti'me alli've~

avesta is hol-d-ing me "accout ten able" for its loss it never c/air ed e/b tm~er rye in re all i ty e / avesta never cared among me, they t-hem sel-lves say thay cannot provide people to act a certain way, nore there sel-lves apparently and would like my image of value that is all sowe my inherent value for their known, b-ran-d-eed- name, replacing my min mine the same vain ie to be scene for being vain for just being in the first place.


dont c air = life not well s pen tm eye wed ear e t0me much ind est in ate i0n e f/air et are.

tu`be s naked's 0we de t hr 0ne d/r0sera das had e sundew secti0n all ye bug t0 pre serve in 0ne t00th

Haul Lies Prague w/ Re visiOn Eve in/n


c/0ur/t~her e

c/0ur/t~her e t'app/le 0f/f and f0/0d dens~leaves el level l0re st0re a l0t p/aid of/fen s'0les~hear~t(h) an t'(h)and a m00r ind a mem0rye t0r~e

February 2, 2015

Judge Peter Darvin,

Per my website at www.holliesprague.com/c0urt0.html

(please note, that the word 'court' is supplied with the number zero to follow the link online)

I was not able to deliver this on Friday, as the court house closed early. 

This is the start of the new dated measure / all is explained as pro fi/t as ta'sk can claim online again.

For starters, I lend this paragraph as the lead 0 penning statement.

Angela Cook

Judge Peter Darvin,

As requested, the written letter of argument: I apologize in advance for the digression, I must allay frontally as with permanent opportunity. I believe Attny David Chamberlain has purposel-ly prepared a slanted presentation in court, with angled provision from which his witnesses would speak obliquely with artificiall inherent right as reason, to "effectively" put a band-aid on the source of the problem supplied by their own "hand" debt tor 2 "return"on litigious command, for no reason spanned, own lie panned comfortably, out of sight and out of requisition, and out of commission on my lot to me in my ti'me 2 resident me in reflection's 0le x s0ul prime intention, if my mathematical equation ein prime interest and linguistic *fideism may state emphatically in corollary &e~ X amp/le af/ford & reward clasp an/d grasp be/lea/f system~e X p0se with real pate to platen plate one mere mer w/rit e n0se as/p future. g.r0ws I reference s/take to/me make~t' my eyes~trait pro/vide di.d. be a.d./ate even to the wood that would' s/hank ten/able vi~e pers epeeist~ ooth' s/word en~ s/pay 0re~riginally~ a.d. d00r~t w/hinge ing's h~ave the a.d.00r t00 the fi/t frame & fLame.a.d./a.m. and g.i'v(h)e berth a spirituall as symmetry too/the literall efficacious bee tu`be root 2 (h)ave n~ew e been e benef~i/t frontally e nature~all~y use in kust is just being b.c.~an/d~0ve t' pr0 0f ten0n e intenti0n e tend0n e 0rigin inn synthesis time mitt made t0 return meaningfully seen for seeming the same~ emcee s/p/arc completion a resoundly in kn0ws aid e/b the heart with a part to provide even one's nares CB broad s~ides & all a round art f0r/m/e~t fr0/m the tart an start and continue 0n inn last soul let sole touch d0wn same ai'm to segue 2 a gate t'0~w/(h)all gravitationall g/races aid tu`/be. g.rounded in/n f/act in realitye act/u/ally~e ast'w/00 den e ma/ke to/o the be a st~ing~ing ring as knead pattern ally a w/ear thr0ne b/e~ 2 just bee~ing compLeate ll~y/e~ & tye dye eye sustainably in re all relations~hip reflectiveilye~ on/e~x~cell en t/hem that maye~t desire a d/r/aft an arrow~ee krebs e X ten s(i)0n e f/air 0 debt t0r e by e & buy ~h/0ur 2 0we~ desire f/are 0re st0re fi re in s/era ~ s~ prime rim rime mer rye pr0tein seen si'evens 0ar e protos fir/st fi re b/righ~t 2 x & t0 me/as/u/re past and af~ford current p/leasure seek/ing the daye asp fig 0/d d/ate tm~aye/ke twice wise st repast in sLide ~b~ t0/w/e buy and Break fast and togeT/here in re/verb f0ra re all reason evenly e sup/ply~ed ap/pealing lea now/ e to w/alk on/e watt air e sh0~h and~ept'hen & t/hen~ th' emotions of people lent (mote dusted to me/an e m0t) t0 rest~0re the w/heel in singular pass as keel int' land pr0w ta weigh~ till and hi'll trans~action/e at/m (= merit at mere writ s/take &) s/hake hand dye in he/ad as the value of the money et tu`be (h)a.d. by e hade~si even if fe (i/r/0n) (h)ad a (h)eart (h)2 0~ be. g.ad an dyne inn vena cava spirit'd ti'me m0uthe m.0.wly e wh00 dayT' fig' span~is/h 2 0we re/ad by e rad~ray e veins if the dish 2 0h ~0~ pan e` were the pan 2 dish 0ne w/(h)0n e w/(h)ere 0ne the same ten 0n e fair est' personall sediment~s aid ap/tly apparent app/lease ass' sifted in e vein ly e s0w e 2 attain aye in the same vane 0 pen plein s/ands~ave & c0mp aire t' w/aves ave = w/(h)ave true the w/heel 0!aves aves (e) g(h)ave i w/hey inn & span a re tree x treated e/bt 0 why n/ature ally e w/hymn sPeaking t0 w/hen & ten0n e Le.g.it read b re ad as p0ken to/e vein e complete ly e in figurati've ti'me me ad just s0w e inc 2 rest0re me2me` vein e me/to/me = f/aire in calculation eye can breathe refined en0ugh~for/t myT prime & refinance sit 00 the see all and ti'me in frame & fretwork~eye ad00ring the c0h0st~ing f0re the sh0~w/inges ~ s0li/d paws and haws approved the tp laus i/b~ell and fi ne inn e miss takes traveling mind let lent repose in 0ne time asp besp0ken tine f0rk air e rind ein~s 0

n e m0t t0 r vis a vis 'nemo dat quod non habet' act u all ye = law in your stable vernacular ret t0 me/an apparently in La tin : no one gives w hat they do not h ave t/tu`p.s.up ply e~ t0/me ingenious sell fish sufficent ly e with the vescia piscis eye intention d/r/a/w e~are in the m0ment 2 supply e the st~ranger est manger (c~hew/ed ear' ye in 0rigin 2 persevere in rides tin ate i0n snail athe r0`ut in ti'me rep0 changes lats 2 relax all am0re) -vs- s-nail j-ail rec-on-counter-tooths-ail- ast d0~ve eve inn s0/m~e

breath ease re cycle a~b/le a.d. e~


update, I was not able to deliver this as the court in not open again / stormy weather. = w/heel try again tm

2/3/2015 the letter was delivered to the court clerk, I was told that I needed to mail the other to Attny David Chamberlain. That is going out today. I still haven't received his.

supple men tarry hi/de / high definiti0n e


put another w/hey e0n e the keel w/ no hands 2 sh0w her e at/he w/heel =

Simone Weil, french philosopher of 'Gravity & Grace' states the same message / you can only give what you are // which is to say self referentially to dayT and as self reflectively a ware repast r/ate t'm/arrow e b/0ne may/ke energy e X pen di.d. a door e bespoken twith re serve ate i0n 2 = dayT p/ate place t0 plate & sound eXcrement provide the ligh~t' re lease w/h0~ut and re/vocation actually ccall t' dew in place & the w/heall s0w e n0se at/e & still a ware in mayK~up in kn0wing Miss Takenz environment 0 w/eallthy ea st/ate in regr0wing c lea/n inn ti'me fora re all i fe~

Besides 'Gravity & Grace' Simone Weil makes this remarkably inert observation of her tm time in gestation e without hall mark er relevati0n e f0re acti0n in the cur-rent-per-pet-u-all-a-sit-u-ate-i-0n- et tu`be 0n e t0 generati0n f0re c0mpleti0n e w/out he-sit-ate-i-on-e-in-0-pen-d-ream-s- '...it is rare the very same man thinks and put his thought into action...' as she place marks love~nd "st-ars-up-on-th-arse- plunders s0n "2" rob-the-house-wh0le-g0/d as g0/0d in ner re verse set the terse stared tackle t hat' same "time" as he/ar meaningless turf and feckle* // al l0ne // -2-shack-le // t-hey-e-robbed ata berth -2-cap-it-all- share 0n~surf //independent-ly-e- re-lie-able-in the "break" without thinking 2 think except as h-0ver-e-stipullate-d-2-re-c-0ver-the s-aid right to keep scenes h-0ver-t-again-an-d-

to/me, it is just saying his-ten-t-on"tenon" is b-ad- / comfor-t-abel-ly- re "the man's need's speak" "too kith kin and family" and hades does all the press to be scene vein mythological ly re n0un with a fal-lsel-l interior 2 be kn/0wn for gest speaking 0all 0ut l0ud

Formatively eye query, she is thinking present ly with no one near / "spinster" is it really her con-nun-drum-eye-f-ear-e- in the competitive w/het-her-e-vain-2-t-ear-e-in-0ne-van-e w/ith no nav ear

*the word is feckless, origin effect + less, definition lacking initiative or strength of character / irresponsible. i wrote 'feckle' and didn't finish the rest apparently because what is the value of a word in communication if it isn't s0w ne with intenti0n e f0re relayT i 0n e substantially e speaking i/n estimatei0ne vein. Which is tooth say, ignoring your r'0le in the work place, or substituting your r-0le-2-date-r-ape-in-p-l-ace- is just-tiff-eye-ing the b-uck you p-asse`-d- t-hat you couldn't make up to justify your indifference -2- suc-k-in-0-pen-m-arket-al-l0t- 0r are you're getting the set-up-? re-siding on nut questing a nut / in the freee marke-t- of questing everything except sustainability just b.c. ironically the people that get this are practically beggars on the h-and t-hat s-hows-a patch-y definitiveness 2 have a conversation foreward~ h0 // and sympathetically pay for se-x-i-taking i-/i-/i-/i-with-t- * i am not weighing on g-am-b-ling "per-chases" and porn, except to say, if someone like paul drinan w-ill st-all the day as he texts a ware his "fly is down at bank of america" "aka" quite comfortably e with support of incoming "ass" pictures and w/aft and fore -2- chase as hast m.0. are steady-dream-b/oat-0 w/hen he is apparently off his job site vein & witholds my money for/um from real work in labor all ready supplied, as well the m-ail and n-ail -at- the IRS to pray tell not eye w0rked for him circumferentially in his favore representationall (a mine ti'me), his theoretical+l jobsite based on the week in vert x virtue green e inn past/u/re' seem -@- the same ti'me i am actually upright, purpose full, speaking sovereignly 2 work capable t0 pr0 0f/f i/t 2 0w/e all the y/ear's -and- he pays for -a/sian- s-ex- i have a studied problem with the gap of his re-l-ax -as- it- acts- on- my future st-ill -&- t hat l0ve isn't in his comp-ass // fore "all" his humanitarian tall-k- on-youre e l0t -and- for all his "math"measure-men-t- 2 miter 0f/f corners for his known "w/e-allth"-2-stocK-up as't_he-r0 w/ no destitution in destiNation defined right fully in ti'me with the person he is g-ran-d-st-and-ing -0n-ad-ept-"0"-ness -2- ab0rt-fully 0n pre-ten-sing-m0-re-in-rep-as-t-re-e-t-0rt-in-g -L- 0b-server-t'-a- g.ate k/eye/pur/se-d-b-est-in- standing on my b/raids i re. In this it would appear he can't stand apparent ly on thinnaire without standing on some one virtue you can't see kin nere th' air and s0-0n-e- "h"e- "h"as "b" e "come" x "cum" x "____" competitively speaking sum-sume-s0me- without inherent gir(ear)th and b/allast to fall back on one tend 0n e w/ a repast 2 focus = h0-w- competition has no limits e X acT ly e worth speaking & fall 0 w/(h)earth all s0w e reception 2 sh0w e in caca 0/mead 0we in g' s0w e

for me i think "man" has created an image to kill, in h-is own "image" for the same re/assassin- s0/n-it lacks the b/alls 2 not kill-ore "keel" s-kill and tu` 2 be am ware on some other e till t'h0~u going foreward 0

and s0w e can t er "hoarse" 4 provisi0n e t haat matters a smatering

H is the symbol for Hydrogen and it is the most common element in the universe but not on earth where it occurs combined with oxygen holistically eye imagine pi, place eye/i inn e circle a round with a representative of 0ur dna x & y complete ly, wood x would speak e vein ly 2 dayT, which makes me think hades didn't s~wear writ wit/h~air 2 reap pair pr0w t "x"cept in the perpetuall plunder world -2-t-are- weight x wait t hat isn't actually f/air t here -0re- re-name-the-f-ate-as-f-air-eye-make- undisputed at any hydrogen rate to sowe a spoke into the w/heel hel-d- with inter-rest-, but hades is hiding the head of the shaft to gain vertical vein re someone had to give hades the name on earth (as he is apparently the god of the underworld ie how did he s_core an 'H' t' observe in earthly continuity eye zer0~ne w/equall say e for e sowe any e way e & go digging a pparently e~fore expeerience sayke). For/m/e the head of hade-s/hade, well hades thru the s-hade on hade (scene hade) x (as a c-heap calculation, "he" vetted "him-self"-in-to-o-l-arder-) on hade while hades wile hade goes unseen in net worth as means 2 x too/the better part of keyeper of origin (0riginally e w hat' wood bees~poken symmetric ally literal to/0 the spiritual to aspire h ear~t h 0m en j0y e b/reath w/continuities bespoken d well being w/interest inbetween the 'to's' of inner vent i 0n ein g's)

Hade is a geological term for the inclination of a mineral vein of a shaft or fault from the vertical, and wouldn't this "fault" from the vertical, ben-t another way to "ark" by & buy arc competive-ly as story line to support literal storey building upon stories building too/the face togethere rise skye high the hero of our esteemed estimation and repose in/k based on the observable observation of our very own one nose to espy, & now fro/m t/hen being scene re supplying the known 'seen' before our eyes together as rad focus & destination, serving as (ou)r/adi-i pl0- powers eXposed right'han/d apparent ly a ware serving a/in nation & hero defined by man's estimation alla long...with no claws beak and maw serving vein functi0n 0n the parallel of communicative reducti0n -e- t hat apparently cannot supply by unnecessary fxf 0bservati0n e broadside in any vehicle, 0n the same venue for the purporeted "devil" to go on living in river's_re-verse as seize/sel-l lived- cur-rent-ly- on lo-cust (lo-cost-customers-2-focus-st-0ne-0n-s-ave-s-appearing's-0/n-) sane & same sustenance forge-i'ving supplied for/t/e` & company e diplo matic ally e~say e~ all-"t"-ime=c-lime-b-matter-0-flat-ly-e-with inflayted interest -to/o-pr0 0f/f kn0w thing w/here address as if tin ear n est

communication is a potent for/m 0' acti0n 2 dayT~and relayT for a sense 0f completi0n elementarily inn 0/f/f paying t'attentione tw/0ne self e vein unseen for just being re at tach ing things inherently e transpired ewe & d0 win re lease t0/0/u/r e fl0were fl00r e fl0/U/r e rising just b.c. ewer kneaded by Miss S/taken digest able a pr0w tin time 2 remayKe f0ur eyes impr0ved f0r/t/h/e ad0 wing a ware in *f0cus t'mayTe

*f0cus t0mer vs l0-cost-cust0mer-alt-he-time-s-ave-vain-more-l0-cust-2-t-apparent-ly-prow-t-by-berth- in watt air emotions c-ain-t- seem 2 reap pair -0re- find value in the 0/b serve, but st-ill want your yurt -2- c0urt-/ ire-on-ic-ally-e- rec0gnizable on t-heir -x- t-here scene sounding as "necessary" turf of s-aid interests-(w-)erve -t0-x-2-d-fine you s-0we-t-hey-e-c-an-w/ear-your 0riginall virtue & your relax e t0/0 kn0w in every shade t0w e & n-0we-in-theeir-e-p0-s-s-ee-t-h0se-

The first 0ne scene as unscene ie justifiably that people "need" to work unquestioneed enough without thinking tu`be formatively as grace wood e/b the would bee the be verticallye. g.race ~s~ graciously e see & use e very e t hing e like the yew/e t re e (which in part is poisonous, when absorbed pore / poor us e sel-ly-e-, and it pays the mere merit w/rit of attention in knit 0 pay attentione t'act u ally e speaking 0/ defined as 0/ne 0n e in 0 pen transparently a relayT in gravity e with grace u/s/e~e as the se/am see m see k industriously ap~praise with honesty's ave t0 plan~t with 0ne c0nditi0ne t0~g ave t0 w/ear it w/here 0n your face frontally t'dayT as the nest you mayKe in re all i ty e = you kn0w what eye mean in the answer we are a reap p/air ring : fr0/m a-industriou-sly-s-lat/e-2-literally-steel-time-tu-be-scene- 0ne- way- of- speaking-as-p-b-ran-d-i- verse' suss a way e ste/all "alla" and the "devil" and the "god" that made "hi'm" spec-i-all- against woman and nature/ as nature cant recant the "ch-ant" because it can't literally speak fore re all at = wile-t-ime-pass-u- reall Miss Tarry is written-0-f/f- a "mystery" too-the-bridge-t-hat-can-t-ans-wear- & -con-st-ant-ly-fid-get-fee-d-e/b-t'-f-lat-ly-hex-on- fieri facias tare (the f/airs make us)qu/are living wise/dome face 2 face rightly -ore- w/rong-ly unapprehendid f/air e~in meye ware apparent hare

This is how it looks if i have my say alla l0ng as I saye it another way t0 run the corollary strong 0/n e my a ware in 0.f/f e = my pan, my sifting, my requisitioning f0re uplifting already in place 2 apparently see 2 see k it 2 dayT with as p0reT'all am sayT my creativity applied creatively in my own time with my 0wn rayK to me mem0 maKe fine & refine with p/lans i system t0 planT an/d refinance along the same w/cell u lar w/ave lengths and c0nstructi0n e highwaye s/lice a si` lent lines 0ft my contract i 0n i pulled simple thru "0ne" 0n 0ne re duct i 0n e at anye g.i'ven di'me t~ie/r ti'mer e seen f0re sayinT 0ss0 sane yeT a break in the first place : your l0ve has n-0-n unity e with0~ut me 0n e the pr0w L iving f0re the. g.iving's 0we vein 0.f/f~e we~e kn0w e.~g.i'ving 0 pr0w tau t'h0rity e with' stability 2 rest0re as everye a state of min e debt 2 fee l ee & furthere intenti0ne. g.0/n e/ne 0/we tm~t'0r e all a m0re Tall i fe at u/re/ten/ti/0n/e t0/g~ether's 0le i bl00 min e b/0d/dye pr0w tas e'ye bee sting c.l0ver and~0ve~r @ first g.lance ll and L a st ance 0f/f (h)0ur perfect gilt type genius e inn 0ne life 2 p0were c0mpleat' sh0weres the w/aye. g.rasses nose gaye t00 the 0x @ p/lay in the m0/ment0 i'll take 2 t0 pass(h) 0n est/he rest and c0urage 0 de t0r e in ein inn advance

p.s. eye i am the m0neye L~ender ad th're~ad d0ck cue meant s~ender (0rigin inn mind fend air e/e fair e the square 2 square in 0 pen plan~ares~hare~s~)

p.s. we are in court -2-day-t- because t-hey insist i haven't paid a "debt" too-their "face" 2 mayKe t-heir relati0n ship-rat/e- more malfeasant-ly on my plate 2 te-pid-apparent-ly-e-w/hat-e-2-relay-T- while I am tired of earnest potentiall am-aid- 2 day-T- hat myT disc0very has hade maid a made in vert i call 0 vein f0re t-hey would "like" to inn-cyst didn't hap pen on t-heir w/*-atch with n0 interest 2 still relayT -ext-cept- for/t/he-with- big-0-try-st and must~y lift hade' s~had0w~ inclinati0ne s/ink wit~had hade hadda b/rain debt' p~rove in dept 0/ne in nature thrU le inn = meye fl0wer e inn vent~i 0n e~ re L ax e & give my shaft presence 0 verticall access and *i menti0n e~ = my m0untain, my t0r t'0re my shaft 2 ha have i w/aft~ elleven e m0re! 2 re p0re T' an/y e w/e back 2 back 4 p0ur eT'alls, with all a sTall and e all~awn e my dayTable a functi0n e t hat I alls0w/ am an eXpert in/n threading 0 fish all~ab0ard fall 0 w e 0n e in reducti0n e v ein sm/all a need/le 0/le punch "a" h0les and s0w el~lea ther e all t0 e. g.0 t0gethere 0 at m0r0 we st0ke

*(watch with h*atch in i/t = t'define it and tie i/t~ with re Miss Match eaven s0w/e allthy e time. g.0)

in the light of discoverye s had o w life lifted sum t mus the deb t-hey cant erase ar-tiff-ice-only be removed apparently by taking me to court as my "theoretical" "mistake" in my own disc0very i did "and" did not apparent ly make~ ye t0/me = 2 rayTe & rayKe & s/hake & bayKe & w/ayKe & mayKe & consequent~ly in my own universeall approvall tayK in thank~s~11 estate

i have the right to pay my money for rent and have its value returned to me, as i have the higher order to square their lot for what they have made-dup-e- and having worn as such, which = deceit, not just of the land use their build on but every one residing in it w/a pretense for e vein sum 4 assumption to build on literally figuratively theoretically ie the relation ship pings need sowing seen, vs built in contempt over running c-overing h-overing with invasive indignity -2-con-spire-hi-re-

if i hade a brain and an h2' 0we spare pr0w t in e would give it / -it- a proper name in my vertical vein s and s0w/ h0 e w/e 0we 0ut ear t h and e/ar e p0's~e a mirth

if hade sowe 0 had a b/rain hade would take a s/hare of i/t 00 the say e way e = 0wn ly e tu` de~ dayT' mayKe~

argue ably it would appear hades thru shade-as-e- on hade for "just being" in his s-ha-d-ye- coun-t-enance apparent in the fir-st- p-lace too-the-yew/-ood-f-ear-e- & interest has been compounding all these. g.-ears-i-re y'ears "ie" your -ears-tooth-e-pr0-0f-e-with vision~send vie w/~in seeing prat-turn-s-0l-d-ap parent ly e 0n eye t has kn0 t in ten t and try eye ate

hades s-aid to hade d-eye hope your c/ar-rot-s-thrU (with a shad-ye-s-i-de-all for a kar-at-e-2- unf0l-d-ep-th/e-mpty e-(h)and-e.b-tw0-man-na-me-n-s-t-ill-and-s-ue-) & hade hear d car/rot f/0ra re all karat in the s~aim. 0. pen vein in re c0/very e s had 0 w e t/h 2 0w/e. g.0 t0g ether the mt interest may ke~el~ent a shape d's~ent mate. if a carrot rotted it was all in the same recovery e vein dia.m.0./n~d/ate ~ hade had e~w/0re kin fait/h 0 was 0/n~s~0/m a/t e


i h/ave digressed lit/tell from my 0riginall plan t/0/r/e t hat 00 th'as~ pr0 verb i all a the 2 as star ha bi t0/me in g/race

taurus tear e tor e vein~s/te all a st eels w/hale 0 st0ry e re bell ye'ave c/leaves 0we nd/0w e inc : w hat 0r~us e.g. w hat w/0re us e perceptable ly et tu`be x 0 dus~t'00 the w/account en ability e complete


i think the action of di/gress is interesting to e/gress as/t/hen i b/rave th interest make ta/ w/h a ware ness n0re g.an0~se a shell cells h'0le ly


in th' 0 pen e my e ff0r/t f0re s00t h e see~ke in e my e t0 me tu`be r00t and (h)asp r00f air et hr 0ne c0n~s~pi re 0n e b's~p0ke new/ an 0f/f's~pring's i re tire t re a.d. fi re d's~


the h/aw/ e/as/au h/edge w/edge -0- gain historical_ly_ e.g. -k-ept - lept - gues-sing-get-gat-bet-tier-b-ear-ing-s-at-x-act-c-0-st-2-/-t00-the-speak-up-


the tie r/e. g.rist' sup ple eye r/e a.d. haw/e t0 me w/(h)i reference f0re gress tyes naked~ate a.d.dress w/(h)eat sweet suss ten ants~0ng's~


the essene scene welling' seen s/welling lint 00 the n j(h)0y e n0w e re p/ea~t p/l/ace pre si`eve d/ate table vein s0und e/b t0 me in/k e fir/st ly e~h~and figurative ly e tu` de DayTe am~aye/ke~ the m0/de m0~dell and s/Take at L~ass~0 re raKe


dont cha think eth-e ssene is just another scene sowe-d- in the same -t-im-e- vane - 4-sight-fo-re-see-in-g-'s-uss---- s-h00-t-empty-b/lan-king-im-pi-re-s- p.r.-0ut -&- denying's 0/m~e & s0/n~e "s0/me h0-w/-e-"d-av0id t hat w/0ne-t-i-que-tt-e-f-f-0-rit-i-fi-e-d-with 0/n e -c-l/ip-s-e-e-d-quaintly e ten-d-er-0ne-s-leaves-aid-e-at-law-st-fir-sty-ly-e- Re the de/a.d. sea scr0lls have n0 deed too the fall 0 w e, un less t-hey ma-ke s0me 0ne L is ten f0/re f-e-e- se/am/in/g f0/re necessity ie the "protection"-0-0-se-e- but can apparent ly e never lee 2 lea n0w inn 0 pen act u ally e b/besp0ken t0 gain sa.m.e inn~s


the pas ta serial fed conduit in/k in g as s0w e in/c(h)aste t00 the pr0w t re/a.d. tbd a head~0ve n0w e pt present fl0/U/r/e~s~0/n~e~nd's~ing's~eye f0re s00t h e a ll a whi/le he-le-pt-in-de-v0te-tie-0n-e-statutes-too-th-st-and-f0ra mySize s0/ng~i'ven d's~


sweet suss ten an/c/~e~ (h) dus t~en d~0n/e s~un t0 me

wee pee w/e in ten ti 0n e 2 may/ke thr0ugh 0ne ye


the rich sayeth vs -h-ave-s-eth-and-0ubt-re-fer-en-ce-0-f/f- capitalizing on si-lent-re-t-re-e-men-t-2-sus-stain-in-sole-l-ence-0-t-


f0r/m/e it is easy to see the per-pose of the "law" that will not let gracious saye abide int0 e den eye : the "law" must make you (vs "you") ironical ly "a coun t able" -ly as the f-act-t-hat-wont-serve, own-lie-swerve- 2- lie-n-cap-s(0)ule-ate-fo-re- re-el- serving its lack of necessity as action e vain, too-the-serve-a-destine-nati0n- e -that eXisT(h)on(0) re all valUe con-d-en-s-in-g- people pt part time defunct on their 0ne time 0riginall


2/9/2015 S0we this is probably not the "best way" too toothe the win and influence friends~e vain, however i am not endeavoring to have friends & reg"u"ard for no re as on. Sowe lets continue. I have reviewed the website, and the points i rewrote several times regarding court, have apparently crashed, sow e tooth~e bbe these thoughts to make a wh0le and h0ll0w thr0at 0 w/all 0 w/heel an dec keel 0 w/hat eye feel~eaven p/r00f/ing with0~ut bro-ken-t0t-s-too-the-st-all-t-im-e-re- in-s-0le-in-si-de-0f-ya- = one- direct-i-on-e- (and kno t = t00 the t00th in ri.g.h~t~w/h20w/(h)inge~seen f0r/t/he see in gravity~s e g/r/ace inn s0/m~e vein~sigh t in e~ 0

I am going to spell out the technical aspects of going to court, the conversations that happened in private, the effect of dealling with inn-fancy which I will in the warp an e w/eft an/d the w/rap give a bye for inexperience but not too-the-kno-t-n0se to not nose w/your name or another you apparently care over and care under and continue with t-hat-e- d-eflecte-d- to wear on s0me 0ne else's~aid f0r e c0mpleti0n e maid x made & k/eye/p inn reflecti0n f0re s/h0w/ing the path t0 get 2@0n e building the relati0n ship as the valUe 0 m/0ne/ye 0 transparent ly et tu`p 0/U/r e thr0ne vein~s0/w/n. // I brought D-avid-s "novella" unopened to the court for Judge Peter Darvin to begin the conversation f0r e re all an de all 0 w/e all th~em/p0were s thrU min 0m in all a wt 2 car~rye t'fl0wer e~step pan pest~s~h0weres~ p0res and p/0ur e bye the metall h0u/r e b/righ t per fume s/take in f/l/am/e w/heat re e s~T0r e~at~e~ 2 day T~ooth 0 ll 0ws~pr0ut` up an d/rink up~ i/th~and fig & b re a.d aye w/in e~ min e~0 ra/ke~

H20 me m11 v