For the honest that under stand the value of time as their rake to make and both dilate a yaw spiritually for the sake of all relationships actually, as that is what they have in insurance inn stalling gilt fora write with the hem of their own merit inn habitat made, deliberate ly

as the relationship pre dates the lying "man" among t hem,

F0r/m/e "trying-2-" deny my repast t0 me 2 be seen as sp0ken t'apparent ly e, is the "misstated" -&-uni-verse-al-ly-e-d-ate-rape-d-"opportunity" scene unmasked for the motive "it" k-nead-s- from me to supply it's "face" as ( & with my) virtue act u all ye -2-all-way-e-s-be "misstated" ie the very act of D-avid and the court system, had I not provided a wider apperature t0/me, is -2-t00th-and-c-0ver-t-2- deny I have a repast any 0ne can see that gives me the breadth of directional service to be the rad root read & be the very f0r/m/e complete.

The t-rap of t-heir den-i-all is to st-and-on-e-my pi le.

Do you get that? I get that. I get the s-lice of life court makes of me, with no history and no known her story workably to tooth the perceive as and with the reality of me, is made virtuall by what is allowe-d- e/b tu-be-r00t-rad-in-ste-ad-0f-me- =I "now-e" apparent-ly will all-wayes-be-miss-placed- for just being actually e with no reflection in reality e too/the w/heel and well f0r/m/e in gravity e rationally x spiritually x significantly e with 0 me.

D-avid would like to show the court that I am hackneyed uncouth and of no merit, and I just showed up that way (on my own) until his "fair" writ deman-d- that i go to court so he can pre-sent-me- with the (insane) competitive "right" stolen from my thigh~t leg i/n completion e tu` be seen e vein now for the speaking as with the just being since the beginning of my relations with Avesta 2 use e.

For/m/e when this "missha-pen-" hap pens -2- deman-d- my at ten ti 0n e, The write by inherent rationall right 2 people are not communicating in the first place si/eve/n. The competitive market place is prevalent. So prevalent, its apparent-ly upright con-ten-t-s- are entitle-d-2-not-think-2-think-convenient-ly-e- ie with no perceivable need fore the necessity to think in terms of fall 0 w e t hr U, just con-sort-he-i/m-age-2-app-r0ve-&-suck-see-d-ue-0n-e-due-too-the-

There is no reason D-avid is a lay-a-way-law-yer-2-tooth-e-pre-face-for another d-ate-r-ape- in slante-d- coun-t-en-ance- except pick pocketing in the name of cloake-d-service is convenient for-see-ing-his-stead-dy-e-ray-k-e-as with apparent observation (a sign of life for life) may-ke-

F0r/m/e I see people in the court simp-ly providing the service to t-heir-e-self- 2- point the finger, and not have it pointed at as we-all-th-

I do think this is a culling of people that do not want to compete, that are good hearted and find no relief as a place tu` be with the very hall0w of their thr0at and' st0ry e. I see this culling that D-avid can forecast a steady income from (thoughtless on the prover-i-al-l mount an top) I see it as the stipulated "t-ip-" of fornication. This culling is per-pet-u-all-ye displacing good people, that do not want to compete for a living. The continuity of the narcissistic service is maintaine-d- be constant-ly rotating the same g0/d people sight unseen, displacing them, making them wear h-is inconvenience. I find it appalling the lack of empathy. I find it appalling watching him work with Judge Peter Darvin, reading cases, and D-avid ecumenically presenting the paper work with the cogent and supple conversation that the case is close-d- one after another one (what and easy w-rap-e-) as the any one can see the unnecessary effort and length that one person would have to go to represent their self in the skew of D-avid-s- "one-way-the-0-ry-e-" -2- pus-h-0ver-t-

Ironically, like Haul Lie, he w-ill address what he "wants" dishonestly, in an attempt to make you part with your time (in completion) for his "time" in competition, which will never be returned 2 you any -w-ay-e- s0we in essence, you are fucke-d- for just being.

0ne would think D-avid would have s0me 0ne 2 l0ve 0r would like 2 e vein 0.f/f, and that is the same for B-ridge-t-t-e-. These "actions" that do not see K anD ayT able, what is this, a life-long-distraction-that-they-re-so-warp-wrap-ed-in, t-hey-e- justify not feeling? well, own lie feeling t-heir "need" to use you to c-over-t-up-the truth.

0f-course-w-hen-t-his-hap-pen-s- t-hey act with the com-bin-e-d- e/b -t- 0-w/- hubris -&- stupidity. T-hey think of their actions t-hey-sot-in-each-other-s-reflection-s- (for no re as on 2 be) as patriotic and communal, and as having pride and caring for family. (And definitely do not think of t-heir-e-self- as a s-him for re-hi-re-in-g-)

The irony as an artist, that is viewed as contributing the value of unnecessity among the competitive scene, is if the scene were not hemming the w/-h-0-le- con-ta-in-er-a- of just being so the just being could be seen 0 pen ly in the time for completion they e make 2, and without con-tin-u-all-y-e- being skewe-d- by D-avid- &- his male-linger-in-g-too-the-face- 2- seam - competitive-ly-e- provisionall, the art would be appropriate ly placed coming from a person recognizable tu` be the c/air ing tare weigh~t00 the speak in grace sayes awe all s0w e tm~ay ke~

For all the money making in and of the competitive market place that st-ills time thru & true to its place and face, it is -m(e)-one-ye- made to per-pet-u-all-ye- disgrace.. it is a distraction to any merit t0m0rr0w & t00 the marr0w e s/take. The competitive marketplace is nothing but a distraction of "possibilities" too/the fake pre-ten-se-e-m-ate-

D-avid is a liar, he cherry picked his exihibits, he cherry picked his 4 witnesses in "it". 3 0f those witness do not know the value of c/air ing 2 care 0 pen ly, and have never c/ar rye dayT able lye 0ne conversation e with me. T-hey also do not provide management services in there organization at Avesta, are introduced by D-avid as professionalls in their fiel-d-. The "one" witness C-harlotte that is managment was introduced as an expert of "8" years, if I remember. She does not have an eye for detail in her own sooth and savor paperwork. What I mean is she rolled over in her testimony per D-avid, reducing my request for video of Me-shell for my pho court case, lending that I was petty to insist she find it.

In truth, it was probab ly the on ly time C-harlotte ever was required to actually do re all work in all her "8" years of mirth.

C-harlotte is upset at me, because in the s-lack of her management with enabling Me-shell to bust hell on several tenants here, that when Me-shell did escalate over 2 years beyond the bounds of Avesta to do nothing with their provisionall posturing, that I went to the police and they told me, of course, Avesta is enabling and I need a pho, and they walked thru the process, C-harlotte finally had to look at the toll of the complaints sent to Avesta. T-hey even held a meeting in the gallery.

It is interesting to me, Avesta will let a known problem go on endless ly, put the screws on me to comply with their "new" art room "rules", based on Me-shells' complaints, & totally without consideration to the circumstance in my life to not be available to their now-we-levy-action-for-no-reason-, wile not looking at the problems Me-shell is known to make. It is interesting that after I notified Avesta about the subpoenaed information, and Me-shell razed a male tenant, that she finally got a lease violation, after 2 + years of women complaining about her harrassing.

The process of preparing to go to court took time to assemble 2 years of my emails, time off of work to deliver paper work to the court and to the sheriff. The little video of Me-shell putting her sketch board on my active glazing table, so I can get my items out of there, per Avesta, that did not review Me-shells same harrassament of other people in the art room, nor my emails to them that I am not going in there because of Me-shell harrassing me, constitutes a vio-lent ignorance in their behalf to enable Me-shell to further art-i-fact- inn lying sustenance e vain, that C-harlotte has shown to me to side with, even with her testimony in court, to make it seem, one ding dong day out of my life, when Me-shell put something on my table (out of context from the razing at 6am, the bash my face in yelling on the street, the calling of the police, and Avesta to say I was "blocking" followed by putting something of her's on my table, to simply show, she can get away with complaining for no reason on me too Avesta and every body, -AND- then do the exact same thing she complained about to Avesta etc : All this states to me is tweedle-dum-b's-upporting tweedle-dee-d-. To me the "f-act-or-e-" is on some level a premeditated insanity, that I am meant to perpetually fielD for being conscious as with conscientious 0 pen ly e. That this is in court, synce-d- with D-avid-s-will full pride in not thinking among me, that per hap, I am up set with reason, the same as before, the same as present ly, leads me to ownly think he loves his s-him of med-i-0-cry-t-e- as it serves s-him, or-e- it is m-aid- e/b t-oo-the-serve-s-him-

C-harlotte has a bias against me. She provided for my court case the video's I did not request. I received video that had no connection to my pho case. The only one I could use was the one Me-shell the day, she razed me in the hallway, saying I was vulgar and vile for leaving a note,. and that I should know better than to touch her table. At her car, Me-shell yells she is going to bash my face in, as she slams her door window from the inside and opens and closes her door threatening a follow thru.

I have the emails sent to Tom Moulton, that owns the building on Oak Street across from Oak Street Lofts. He has cameras. Me-shell made it known, that she sleeps with Tom Moulton to get a better rate on parking. He owns the car parking are to the side of the Lofts. I have these emails sent by myself and other tenants in casual conversation from 2012. In fact, while I do not have a lot of communication with Me-shell, I know every one she sleeps with on my floor + and what diseases they have. For/m/e I think she has a problem with boundaries. That, her limitless leg s-way that she doesn't find any depth of meaning in, and treating every woman in the art room like a sibling / rivalry.

When Me-shell was bashing her car window from inside, and yelling that she was going to bash my face in, and jerkign the car door open to threaten, I realized she obviously didn't buy her car, as she wouldn't be treating it that way ie with the "utility" to disregard with no apparatus to appreciate ie add value to the parts to make the whole a container to roll. I know she didn't buy her art education as she learned partying and drugs, and It makes me think her Daddy put her in art school because he didn't know where else to put her actually. Me-shell had previously told me she liked a guy at the Museum where she worked, but didn't want to date him as he didn't own a car. She got fired from that job because she wouldn't clean the toilets.

While I do not have an art degree, I have cleaned plenty of toilets, and do a good job, respectfully. It is a job, and I follow thru, unrepentantly AND I might add thank less ly in the unseen in the provision of D-avid mediating my Day -2- wipe his ass-a-way-e- T

When Me-shell was at her car outside on Oak Street and I had gathered my thoughts from her razing me, I did have words I wished to share with her. From her abusive rage, she sped off, and called the cops on me. For me, the motive of Me-shell is to not let me speak. I will be posting all the emails on line. The emails show the discovery and point to the same conclusion from which I assess her personality to Avesta presently.

Me-shell also called C-harlotte and told her I was "blocking." The police did not mention this, they said they received a call and there fore had to call me. It is my understanding with the people that Me-shell has called the police on here alone, that she is probably known at the p.d.

Unlike my own density, when the facts and negligent acts line up, C-harlotte constitutes a total-ly different density to pass off as grace less humanity disguised at best as effortless (for along "time" apparent-ly-e-) maturity.

That day, as with the day C-harlotte testified in court that my desire for that video as with any, that she didn't supply, was petty of me to seek, was one day, that was not finished, as Me-shell then went into the art room to buzz my station, so to speak. She complained creating a scene top of the morning for every one to hear on my floor and the communication that lent it self to travel thru the whole building, razed me outside the building, sped off and then called the police to call me at work, and C-harlotte to say I was "blocking" (as I explained to C-harlotte, no car was in front of her, she sped off, straight away, the own lie thing Me-shell seeks to "block" is me speaking as and with self representing to me/an s 0/me thing), then goes into the art room, the same project she complains to Avesta and at resident meetings, as I was informed by Deb here, that Me-shell spoke out against my project that it was too big, and wasn't art, and that C-harlotte made a hush/hush gesture, yet, in court, C-harlotte couldn't remember ...

C-harlotte couldn't remember to provide a written statement for my pho court case on her own. I emailed Hollie and Hollie emailed C-harlotte and I at the same time, stating to C-harlotte to write the statement. C-harlotte couldn't write the statement with the right contents. IE the video I wanted, that Avesta gave me of someone looking at art in the gallery, and it is a few days before court, was in no way appropriate to my court case, and I let them know this is not the one I requested. Then Avesta promptly says they lost it. The one I wanted was of Me-shell razing Richard in the parking area, that he doesn't belong here and that she hopes someone gets / kills him.

The small video per her putting something on my art table, in context of Me-shell denying every thing in court, including the video for which she said "that's not me" contextually gave me a leg of legitamacy. I got the pho. And it is ironic to this day, Avesta managment cannot put 2 and to/o the together, will put the pressure on me to "move my project along" while the only person complaining about me is Me-shell and she is the same person harrassing me. The fun, didn't stop there. I went to the p.d. that night, and the next day, Me-shell was upset I went to the p.d. and she yanked the door handle out of my hand and slammed the door on me in the back stair well / covered parking entrance.

For this, C-harlotte provided testimony that it was petty of me to seek that video, held out of memorable context of all that had happened that day, much less in 2 years previous, not just to me, but to other tenants that honestly had no rational choice to live here, per Avesta's "professional-management." to make you do their work, and they will kick you for it, if you complain about (even though complaining is not considered a lease violation). The point is, Avesta makes-up-pass-t-hey-p-lease-

I called C-harlotte standing in front of a camera after Me-shell yanks the door, and say I have a right to upright egress, and to please get this video, and what does C-harlotte have to say for her self, other than tell the court that she is upset when I see her in her office, which is an open door policy, and you would be lucky to find someone in it.

and it was with the circumstance to provide a written statement of the video with Richard, that Avesta "lost" on second thought -- C-harlotte provides me a written statement of what she saw in the video, saying that "Angela" yelled at "Richard" and not Me-shell.

The most cur rent C-harlotte blunder is rewriting my contract, the due date has moved up 15 days, from the orginal lease I signed, and C-harlotte does not require a signature from me to do this. Additionally, when I called to have a conversation with her about it, about the problem of her oversight or undersight, I am not sure which, she said she was too busy for a conversation. It was a brush off. It was the same brush off she tried to give me for putting the screws on me for having art in the art room, when I was taking Me-shell to court, for Avesta not providing the subpoenaed information without 2 emails, 2 phone calls, and going down there myself, and C-harlotte telling me on the phone that I could talk to there lawyer, so on their phone in their lobby I said they could talk to my lawyer, : I still want the information BEFORE COURT.

I gather, as I am a person that works concertedly for a living in an r'ole vs r-ole-, that C-harlotte doesn't real ly work. She is hanging her entropy on me, to be my fault to be cannibalized by the dearth of her iniquity. Again, I am not the one that requires her to be a dolt 0 pen ly. I see a very big problem that I am sending emails to C-harlotte, Hollie etc, explaining they look at the problem with the information they have write in front of them, and they disregarded it and put the pressure on me, as I am ramping up in my summer work, the opportunity to pick up my dog, staying up for 28 hrs straight due to road construction on Charles Bridge NYC (who new 2am would = a lot of sitting), needing to recover on the weekend so I can work again.

I have found an earnest derangement with the regard from Avesta. I am human, Amazing I know. And, I work for a living 2 s/0we. Avesta management has done nothing but disregard me concerning Me-shell, disregard other tenants concerning Me-shell, disregard my work schedule as a road construction flagger this Summer, and the physicallity of it and long hours. Avesta has added more pressure to the ordeal that they have also instituted to be my measure to deal with to go to court, to in effect do the work not one person their would or could do, and hold me accountable on their paper trail.

To me, this is a discovery, that really didn't care too the care personally. The has been a hardship. It has been a financial hard ship. And I should mention if your Honor wants printed documents, perhaps your Honor can tell me where D-avid gets them printed. I had 0ne hour to know I would be representing myself and to prepare to represent myself. I do not think in any way this is funny, your associated lie-sure on my F0raye 2 dayT.

The irrational actions of d-avid- from the malfeasant beginning to tooth his cease and desist with the same words of my complaint to Avesta about Me-shell (that she accosted me 6am in the hallway, that I was "vile and vulgar" for leaving a note on her table) all ready points to a willful immorality, to ironically do what "one-wants" without consideration of the h0nest consequence tu` be thr0wn under his "b/us-t-".

In court, I can observe, attny D-avid C-hamberlain works with the Judge Peter Darvin often. I can see they have an ease of rapport. I can see D-avid handles all the evictions on the court docket including the ones for Avesta. I can see Judge Darvin explains the protocol of court and identifies D-avid in communal conversation, that he is so willing to talk.

My conversation with D-avid was-him to tell me I am moving January 31st. I showed him my boot, next to his head, to describe my satisfaction in landing soul to inn sole with inn last/ing impression lent to point at my sole's inn last with my index finger. Bridge-t-te- can't hear what I am speaking, but informs me to put my foot down. I lift it again. It is just not a boot I repeat, what I said, near D-avid-s-hed- it is the choice of soul let inn lasting s0le reference in ste ad.

They sent me away for 2 hours, until court would have run out, had it not been for another man to direct me to Pine tree legal. D-avid plays his p-ar-t- "well" making the someone else carry his w/-ail for the stall where there should have been a conversation T'all.

As for Avesta, they presume (after eschewing the value to think primarily among me or any body that pays them rent "automatical-ly-e-)that the act of paying money to them, does not actually give them the right inherently to treat me or another with a built in contempt, to put me in their poop loop and pan me, and "reflect" that I do not have the right to complain.

P.s. No where in the lease does it state that a tenant does not have the right where with all or not, to complain.

needs my inherent value to think as seen and as being, to lend by its irrational -d-eman-d- the appearance of its act-u-all-ack-0- continuity.

My concern, is the over stepping of boundaries with Avesta management to begin with, making up lease violations, retracting them, and then adding them again, with a cease and desist, that has been noted as "nonsense" by the same management person that enabled a person to create unnecessary haste on tenants here, with a complaint file they have ignored, for over 2 years.

Noting the methodology of this person to harrass people in the art room, Avesta managment tags me as the problem for not getting my art done, however the only person complaining is Me-shell, and points out liberally (as she harrasses me at the same time I go in the art room).

The expert residential managment services of Charlotte - believes her, and bears a consistent bias against me, at the same time she doesn't do the home work of viewing previous complaints by other tenants, and is up set when I press to get the info I need for my court case, and uses this opportunity to actually have to think to work for the first time, as means to complain to the judge that my behavior, she can't really describe, just that it upset her, and she doesn't know why, was upsetting.

What I got from Charlotte after contacting Avesta 2 times by email with no reply and 2 times by phone with no reply, the week of my court case to get the subpoenaed information, I did ask her when I saw her in the building office. It is an open door policy, although she made it seem as if it wasn't (for me) just like the publicly listed emails are for apparently any body (except me)

12/23/2017 i think this page was meant to follow 'c/0ur/t1' then i thought i should lay the ground work 'inthebiginning1...'

12/23/2017 the partially worked page and notes from the margin were added to be uploaded


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the pers0n that merits the stable sable make sure it is pay able.

reveal to wrap, bye lying in court the attyny changed my honest time for compleiton into competition. in turning time he allwas appears to be be first ie in te lead iwth continuity to keep discreding me, he also shifed the burden of proof onto the defendant ill prepared to chase the dapplying lies his shim-mer made on my c/r/own, man nair of spealing false sell ly ie lie doesn not make merit there he alone as a liar transmuting the value of income money n building relations is sub scribin as sub prime money lender na document sender for no one to be conscentioin in follow thruadditionally his rapses epople livnng close too the m bone and he is diong amng hte least amond him = why this case is safely absurdly imoportant for seeeing all the other whitel collar murcher predisposing the containler to be witless and predivcabley penalizeddue to d-avid-sat-r-aape-pkg-ate making money and doing right thing are not mutually exclusive, and now we can se the liar f air e


I would further contend, Avesta and D-avid are pursuing a proactive-veil-lie against the time meritorious for completion I claim to represent actually, as the "best" way to c-0ver-t-up, their wrong doings all a long in t-heir dishonesty com-b-ine-d- 2- insult proactive-ly aka lie on the t-re-e- to tooth h/and prop doe of youth to at tone necrophilism his-story-eye-in effective s/on's scene -s-0we-

I believe D-avid that this would Their is no relationship they cared to merit or to espy and left the ordeal of dealing with this person on the recipent.

Because I stand on my own, and have cause to vent the duration of their negligents overstepping their residents boundaries, indulgently, as my own, I do feel they are discriminating on every word they do not own but front as a value to tooth their rake of in come. "Safe, Affordable, Non Discriminating, Housing, for Artists" I have to question each one of these words in light of no 0ne person at Avesta retention near to tooth the ear e vein sow/n.

It takes time to build the frame work and fretwork of my being on line, that D-avid can convenient lie cherry pick in his time to tooth hand make competition with mine for non evasive completion, and send me on a "novella" goose chase, to "again" "choose" to efface me earnest in arears and "afford?? me, I question a nonsequitur-too-tooth-his-follow-e-inc-

Dishonesty does not produce value to earth, to berth, to mirth, to merit to tow with mere writ and write make, a-miss-take- to pay for the false face of account (ten)ability e -2- d-ate-r-ape f-act- facetiou-sly-e- in the s-aid-con-tainer- of me-d-eye-o-cry-t-

I question the first miss-step of his manipulative, slanderous, dishonesty as I did in court, using the same words Me-shell yelled at me and were noted in my complaint to Avesta about her. D-avid was put on retention and in the loop of receiving my emails going into my own court case against Me-shell to get the pho. The use of the words "vile and vulgar" which Me-shell yelled at me in the morning for putting a note on her table that I and another tentant moved her art table (4 inches), D-avid incorporated into his "Cease and Desist" along with "character assassination" per Hollie. I think D-avid's choice of words are aimed at cavalier c-over-t-up-.

I think Hollie defined in emails that I had to meet with Avesta lawyer to remove the made up lease violations, for having art in the art room, after I did Avesta management's work to get the pho, after 2 + years of their posturing as provisiall (miss-take) enabling Me-shell to make haste on any one she deemed "necessary" to surfeit her "face" as (my) own. Me-shell doesn't create value, she stealls it and displaces the s0/m~e, to tooth the apparent ly inherently provisonall 0ne ie "seen" singular ly e in sUm x assume fr0/m/ 0rigin, yes, in the gracious time of being f0re completion~s0/n net t0~w/ e ave ns~aid valUe personal ly e represented.

If you erase my history with Avesta, or see "fit" to tooth the kno-t-eye- see it in the context of my own time met to return to/me, and what value that actually re/pre/sents, any one can cherry-pick a presentation to s-lid-e- toothe the ar-tif-i-call edifications-eye without parallax and depth perception apparent ly e fine.

(It is hear I question mere writ to tooth the write without merit in ink knowing it to own it and think 2 think among me 0 pen ly e.)

Hell! I could cherry pick that D-avid, is not an egregious manipulative over-extend-id-eunuch- of culling in the "name" of providing no provisional value among the least among him in this community* and doing "so" ie trading out the value for completing to fee-d- competing, he is taking basic rights from people that have cause to be vent, for a reason, they heard the word that was said and stipulated and signed on the line to tooth the represent act u ally e, and taken away audacious-lie.

(as safe context to see, the net worth of one person to show the "wee" problem of b-lan-d-m-ar-king-a-b-re-as-t-)

Just saying, without an honest look at timely context, I could present D-avid as not providing a con-tain-er that puts people living close to the bone, on the arrogant self-serving chopping b-lock of his provision to cull the problem dishonest-ly for every one, and force-scene his "opportunity" to all ways be scene with necessity and provisionally complete.

Either I am mentally incapable and send nonsense to Avesta publicly accessed emails (with no communication, I might add, perhaps aided by accidentally emailing news agencies etc at the same time), or I am mentally capable, and why would a mentally capable person pursue what has been facetiously stolen for 2 years be addressed openly, except that the value of what I have offered constitution consciousness and observation has been used against me.

It was used against me in complaining to Avesta about Me-shell as with other tenants that left here as Avesta did not provide a rational choice to stay.

prop doe too necromancy ing history

c-harlotte b-ride

right want to quesiton maturity is a whole lack of virtu you diddn't acc rue, c-harlotte maid to think for compleiton for reall working worth eaven and she would rather ste all the re cog nize

there is no bye heaare no competion there i have given myself the bye of a life time to com e and go as easy as i saye sowe pro vide

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3 wwintess 2 corss reference so nothng else on my website, there endeavor to communicate and see the problem in their self constitutes the broken measure, as with over stepping boundaries (rights) as their entittledment too-the-sup-

their "bye" is telling me htey get no "bye" in reality wiout making competin as a state of being c-over-t-gap apparent ly all-ways-reinstating-

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god of love ewe can't have what ewe cant restore

inn-security-e- in "god" we mistrust all the t-im-e-too-the-re-t-ail-eave-n-due-incorporeal-l-

not managitng just posturing to take peoples right away as you-th-e-may-e- effeictive in effective lie too the ad ayT 2 (you) didn't make and now me belieeves in waht oo say orginally is my ignominy and mistake w/no one in your org w/which 2 realy t?

d-avid is -2-2-ave-nue -2-face - with mine these people have never cared 2 care in teh irst place use e vs "e" and are simply trying to e dress up the tooth of expansion o pen ly to be e seen 4 waht it is ax act ly just b.c. you see k

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problem w/ conver-t-ing is word is not of value relaitonships image, reason as rationality is making "want" of an apppolgy from to enoble a lack of disre 4 life in reality 2 be reall in raelity as realityt , this abusuridity is insanity is to mask the we-all-th of lying for m-one-ye b-lamng the faux foe o n me -2- too-the-necessity-too-l-ie-n- as need- apparent ly- all the wile the m-one-ye and -time- are not making relationships t-hey-are de-grading-

c-0ver up didn't care to r/ate (h)r/ate h/our ate x t pan did covering up the fact eye did and i am honest toot the fall t line one line all as pro of e using thought less "pc" w-ears-2-make me se/am-you- instead dye m use

c are andy "man" stop putting energy fore reward into me to be w/h0le and putting into h-im == cratng a lack of trading value = caulling among the least among you

the one creaing as desireng they disriminat against w/ a will full lack of wareness sent-as-send-s-

that which is unnecessary is trading the valu of what is necessery tu be to/o be 2 be seen for the just being that d-avid has no inherent right to skew for a competitive measure to pr0-0f- an intention he would rather be "misread" per-pet-u-al-ly-e- never letting love last nor e X is T any e w/hey e

fighting for "god" o represing him no matter what he does or does not to be or be et not, to preserve the -d-ate-2-too-the-haul-off- / the changed deosnt tm time the time "he-makes-off and on b-al-lance" doesn't change, & inn-s-t-ills competition as necessity

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note to clean dishes wash toilet = not providing self sufficiency act u al+ ly e

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inexperience v memor of how this deall was made = effectively building relations in reality too the stand reflectioven as provide curttent value presnetly in ti me


merits stable sable make sure it is payable

*1 In effect forcing (for-scene) me to e X is T only virtually, for which t-hey also "want" to claim I should have no ownership in my feelings as seen with representation among any body relay T inn g including to me, 2 inadvertently contrast t-heir g-raft miss-management has not lent an ear 2 beck 0n e fine with 0 pen ly.


*2 without accruing any virtue actual ly 2 restore, ever 2 lend for/t/u`ne inn 0n e completi0ne matter of fact action for the just being tu`be. g./ave veins as pre sent make X amp/le affective ly e c0, c0/m, the c0mp, the place the love lace ace pan & pane the re c0m/p/any in rendition seen f/air e turn 0 min all a measure allay e b re a.d. (h)air e fall 0 w e


*3 Please note the irony in conducting without merit. D-avid makes me work against my roof of spirituall time too tooth the merit to abide sustain ably et tu`, to have not choice but to round up his lies, as my "work" g~apparent~ly~e as my con tin unity to tooth the return 0n e merit as pr0visi0nally 0riginally. He has made his lies on me, my work 2 pr00f in my time t0/me w/hale~nt'all 0 w e re tail' sw/all0w the per mitt the orginall context con text u ally e the per Miss Si`0n

I do not appreciate the cherry-picking by D-avid- "lent" in court to send me all over the place to address his miss-step- on per-pose-. His convictions, dishonest, "leg" to tool "lent" bye Avesta's vain-eye-ty-e-, as Avesta does not want to be seen as being negligent in not providing earnest management, inducing hardship, -and- in the "bespoken" aka broken communication, t-hey effective-ly-e- didn't care to partake redundant-ly-e- when necessary -ore- rectify one whit all along meaning full ly, are playing on my personality to be un p.c. when provoked dishonest ly *1


However, merit not with grandstanding on false me/as/u/re, and nonetheless 0 pen ly honest to/me in my dismay dealing with their quackery combined with long standing discovery, t-hey are now "playing" me to tooth their hem appearing as "maturity" without gracious end, and without accruing any virtue actual ly *2


D-avid-s cherry-picking of "evidence" can be contrasted with the whole of my body of evidence / built online with a website to tooth provide at the same ti'me, and therefore seen as necessity too stand among D-avid's motive of lying bye withholding desirable information 2 make the stand. Albeit if 2 could stand there would be no premise to be (miss-her-d-)in court.

When D-avid lies by withholding desirable aka whole information from counsel, he at "once" changes the time for completion to become "fore" competition -and- shifts the burden of proof onto the defendent. This is taxing honest ti'me and trading of value for every one (disapears)

I have many points to reveal with the lies stated before, that portend to this culling operation on the least among s-him.

I will be working on this online as my time for completions allows me, working agsinst the dgirth of his malfeasance to/me be co/m~ vein.

the culling protends to the false contaier (sene) for provsion whle merit is undone and this faluse contaier that does not alow or prife relaitons to toothe abd rpeditably prenalize any one

basicall this is a s-now job every false ste of it = a c-ver-t-up-

there is no ocmpetiton hre avesta nd d-avid do not radically want to let me just be. this forme point to the built i compt hty have for their residences' tenants.

there are many laues of dis rimination taklkin palce and now this cadse seves me memoir

from his s-ire-on-nic miss-representation to tooth your purview. -2- skew-e-. In doing so malfeasant D-avid has shifted the burden of proof onto the Defendant, with little preparation for his m-aid-up-e-0n-e-"intention-alla-rake-" -and- within his "time" x "frame" to con-tin-u-e- discrediting the value of my time for the make in/n honest completion given n/ear ly as Pre Miss to tooth's pre/serve me accordingly 2 x to/o continue vein sow e in core pore ate d e/b t0r a.d. just b.c. sanity is my resource full provision apparent ly e with premise to land berth in hand tu` be c0/m~e

As long as I supply the time for completion, and D-avid lies on mere writ/e to me without merit actually, he turns the time I have made for completion to be for competition which is use-d- agains t/m e = vain, wile D-avid assumes the apparent ly undisputed leadership position, seen as provison al ly e speaking, yet un fair air e ly e in pre ten/se to proffer 2 exp0nent i ally e 0n et t0/U/r e turn 0n e 0ffer and thrU le x i c0n e w/rite x re all right *3

W hen D-avid lies, he turns my word of merit to never return the value in my own ti'me, and this is not a funny Pre Miss too turn my tooth 2 urn his nit louse head di.d. lay on e me with universe all measure against all self supporting women and nature are m-aid to surfeit the cost of his lying -re-me-dia-l-ly-e- (aka m-aid for D-avid-s lying- w/ con-tin-u-i-ty-e-2-hack-spire-) for no honest relationship to abide all 0ne and all 0wn.


This portends to the culling of his operations on the least among him.  It portends to the con-t-a-in-er of provision, that s-now-jo-bs- to be scene as unquestionable. This questionable "container" of not allowing the conscious to 'ole land sustainably, denies the freedom of communication as problem solving, and it lends a container to be predictable to siphon off those living closer to the b/one, wile being able to penallize predictably them maul-sow-e-


There are many fine points I desire to bring up and articulate, and this takes time, to think, to bring the realization to consciousness and to lend the words of communication sound. While this case is fundamentally absurd, and should have not been brought to court, their are many layers of discrimination taking place on me via Avesta, which I am not happy about. 


 and I am consequently aware that I am being 


And I might add, no where in their lease, does it say a tenant can not complain, as that would be "re-deemed" unconstitutional in sum and s0/n's s0/m~e, and stand directly in the way of the reception of communication as a potent form and forum of action for problem solving. In essence, accountability.

and actually "serve" the "lender" of a provisionall lie and constructed life-to-ruin-as-they-p-lease-

in action of no words be spoken 2 relay T, stand in the way of problem solving as communication's potent form of action veritable in being just ly e s0/w 0n 0s e

and ideal ly with-hold-on-the-pre-miss-0f-miss-stating-on-per-pose-e- problem solving served by communication to tooth's fall 0 w e ar the resolution to make relationships that rate desire able ly e to tooth the return~sent


I present my website to provide the heart of the matter's desired insight. In D-avid-s cherry-picked presentation as slanted observation, he shifted the burden of proof to the defendant, at the same time my honest time for completion, was maligned in his dishonest measure to be competition.

D-avid / plaintiff's cherry-picking- a presentation as his honest observation he has shifted the burden of proof to the defendant, at the same "time" his "observation" is also discrediting the proof of roof ed~0ve, with no preparation. I am saying, when a person lies, they change the time for honesty aka completion, to be competitive. As long as D-avid lies on me, he can turn my time into "time" false sel-ly- AND - all-wayes-be-in-first-position-apparent-ly-e seen for the making fo reall relationships, especially when the burden of proof of palatable roof bespoken has shifted, unexpected-lie.

However, with D-avid-s tactics to be concerted-ly dishonest in his cherry-picked presentation-/-observation as plaintiff, he has shifted the burden of proof to the defendant, in a way, that the defendant is sent running, to ironically (ire on nick all lie con-text-u-al-ly-e-) not be able prepare a case according at the drop of his spat hat and hate for some one honest to allay for their hospitable life as all ready earned for/t the bespoken roof of integrity as apparent LY all along.

Ie the emails taken out of context, would require me to sift thru 2 years of emails on the spot, I had with me.. Just saying, I can locate the info, however for me, the important gesture to see, is D-avid-s first miss-step was on me, knowing lie. I use my website, notably, as the seen for the see k in g, to represent the toothe of integrity as the desire on actions fact and motive


For/m/e I see this as a perfectly safe opportunity to show how the working malfeasant prey on the least among their community in the same breath they claim to represent it virtuously. From this context, of, in effect culling the conscientious to not be with tooth in habitat, we can see the artificial merit of mere writ to tooth the write legal ly, and producing an ill fitting container for all to be miss-represented held in competitive time, and all ways tu`be miss-aligned, to the measures of D-avid-

H20 me m11 v