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While I specifically subpoenaed these emails from Avesta for my court case long after Tenant A moved away, I was not aware of the specific content, ie Me-s/hell-s- way-e- of harrassing people has the same method-"0"-logy-e-t-i.e.-, the throwing of things at people's d0 0/r s, calling the police for no re as on e "X" cept to deny life w here in it is p0/sit i 0n e/d "by" lie-i.e.-i.e.-ing in the "r" 0 pen-0n-a-gain-an-d-en-y-in-g- re all i ty e n ear e act u all y e see in t0/0 begin in g r/0 un/d ay e very e t hing ei ie bb e e, by A pre sum ed association to Life to be pre sent at all eave n t sm all vs t0?be?a?t"0"t?2?t"0"ll 0le -a very e b0dy e wit-out-de-lay-e-0-v-e-r-an-0-u-t-. weigh-t-in-g- for the n eXt -0-f-0r-e-S-c0-re-2-be-h-0le- d-in- the- s-a.m.-e-t-c- for-e-lie-f-an-d-ad-a-versi0n-e-tu'-marr-y-e-christ-heist-em-asses-an-d-be-co/n-an-y-e-ti-2-re-st-0re-in-naggin-g-0/ink-ing-for-e-war-ing-in-vain-i-ty-e-2-"X"-"pose"-a cover up dues "kno-T"-a-gain-an-d-0f-per-pet-u-all-y-e-T-is-R/Ue-2-sir-vie?-v-e- in/n? i.o.u? pr0 w t? all 0 f all 0? write x right 0/0 L and*he r e ? as a c0 h0 st 0/re w hat? for e rot ten "pr0 tech ti 0n"-e- ? 0ne 0n e? in sign if fi can T s aid? 2 f0ster e/0 h0use & h0 me in s 0m e? and kn0 T0/0 f0e st air? faux st ar/e? 2 f0ll0w t 0wn and f all 0 w in reap air e b right in n0. 0n (universally speaking)-g-out of lie-ne- 0f $"1"0000000... h-0le-e- reflect-i-on-e- (e in my 0wn igh ti'me t0/0 dr0p in & serve the saye me with ear t h and/0 wh0le e h0 me re pen t'nt 2 b 0m b4 e X pl0y t & quest 0n e with0ut quest-i-on-e-facetiou-sly-e-slanted-2- "c/leer" f0-re-L-an-ding-) X ' s ? -sir-vive-?- f0ra "p.r." ic-e- set 0 wn e? the sa.m.e s0w as i? nature rally e? re ly ? et tu ? without your 0wn H t0/0 h0 e? t in the g/round such as eye s?* f0ra re al ly e? cause stick t0 me / in ste ad es cent ell i'm e revel lance 0t b 0il af 0il-i/t-aXes 0wn fi ne in ad g lances even s0w e g0 : t0 e ar n? t0 0l e ar n? an ear n est return in re all i ty e sPea k in g? 0 all ? ease 0? inn/0f all s0w end &? g0? p lace? as st ate ? in g race? f0r e g0 0d? p.r.i'me in re flect~i 0n e all the ti'me 2 see k? in ? d? 2 fl0 we r e all(a) i've in? t/h r/i've in/n dependent lea f0re the ma kin g?

i seee what you are doing, earning people indiscriminately so that you don't have t t0il for a living c0 st (and-h-and 0f-f-)t0 me a L0t t0/0 till augh t ;) at ten ti 0n e t0gether e in p lace 0 parallax is ave pr0 vie d i'd /in e by din ne r t~i.e.m e t0/0(th:as ap)f all 0 win d0w ne ve in/0f ten c0mp any e...

i quest i 0n e t hat "you" are vie w ed with my w arm th in/k n0w in g 0 pr0 vis i 0n e all T' each eaven s 0w e in g lee as e e p ine all s 0ak in g(r) as pr0 vie deed as i' de ed si' lent inn my 0 ni p0ssess i 0n e snaked~ c0mpleX nave all grace says : a g-ap e in p(re(ass)ss)age "2" ass u age the lee gall ease 0 daphid in f0r um an def uncti0n a/i lent-2-t-ill pr0w t inn i tus k 0f imitative 0rigin in the 0 pen ne p lace 0 c lea r 0ds and c0 nes 0f ten 0n c0nvicti0n un t0/0 Le t h/at L and/0 : watt air e ne wh0le a gain ann a ve nt u/r/in/e in t0/0 x 2 d is c0 ve ry e t0 me in ri(2)wrye t 0ne ti'me me t vi.e.R/a/ll 0p p0rt unity e with trust in a p.0.r. t all s0w as apr0 vie di'd i/nt0 x 0 time alls 0h = h0pe p.0.r. is e' p0int 0f reference c.c. sea 2 see buy & by e heart heart' all0 w/h al0e alla r0und us/k unst cnc an be f0und in dust ry e, in/n d0es trust eye, in/n d0es trust try eye

in dust try e/ye

(e)f air et tu reap air an D ate re st 0 re ve in m00r X m0 re in re gUard in g

*(on the d 0wn l0!, dh i foster fi ne as *dh* doctor of humanities & designated hitter) t0/0 x 2 a b i'd e in p.r. i'd e

*pi e is for every body in gi've in g/0/n e w0rld wi'd e & s0w 0n e & does not diminish in value for being share d 0n e t0/0 th ink in s 0m e all a r0und e the w0rld i'm sUm in p lace 0 & with ear t in re flect~i 0n e fi n e & g0ing (i)st r 0n g lea f0r/t/e ' te at e

m/0ne/y e f0ster 2 rest0re in 0/f ten 0n in re flection eve in

The perpetual question that doesn't get answered in the "free" competitive marketplace

(because it is not all 0 wed 2, 0ne on 0n e ve in sUm sustainably sPeaking with right in deed mer i/t 0/0 s0w 0n e (mer is e` sea re t0/0 see emotion ally e thrU & hUe / & hew a re-t0r-t- from e X is T 0n ear n ed Pre Miss un di vie d i.d. a.c. t/i/c 0 pen 2 pur e vie w e g0 all the s a.m. e in functi0n e) 0~

Con-verse-ly -mer-i/t- is t0/0 see-d-emo-ti-0n-all-y-e- for c-heap (in pr"0"vis"i"0n-e-t-wo-e-)(which is to say frontally, i feel haul lie discounted people's feelings hear for just being, and did not way them in her context of right of way inherently and actually as that is not her p.r.i'de for a living, discounting my di me in the giving fr0/m its 0wn mer it s0w 0n in i/t: it is not ok to treat people this-way-e- because they do not have m-one-y-e- to rest-ore your lifeless integrity sole to soul and feet t0 fe at in premeditated w-ailing for-s-h0-w-in-g- (you are apparent - ly far from establishing -i/t- t0 your t-i-t-) x (w hen t hey would actually be well on their own dime t0 tell ti'me a L0t t0 sat is fi ne m0 musings 0 w e g0 al)l and apparently far from the we all th you are making (as taking) as you g-0-?- sailing-lee? for-tu'-i-ti-0/u/s/-lie-n with the "time" yew are making apparent 0n me as with any b 0d(d) y e fi n/e)

re is dissplaced by eating you(re) all i've as a r-ace-s(scene)in-tim-e-vain-, ie the competitive marketplace app-ear-s- to w0rk with provision e contained in it, by -e- re place in g, right full p Lace / by making you g0-0d-as-de-ad- for the ne-x-t- gen-2-b-light-e-vain- in-n-defer-rents- in re all i ty e -t-w0-e-con-s/pi/r/e-all a round b-land-e(a)d-in-f-unct-i-on-e-t-w0-e- "for-a-Fe-e-"-"Lie-n" for no re as 0n e "X" (u/s/e)cept to-t-ryst fr0/m/e t-rust-ing-2- be as "pure"(pur-se) "as" "c-an" "be" t-he m-aster- of-annihilation-e-vainn-s0-w0e-e- far fro/m-k n0 win II : 0wn lie "X" c hanged f0r 0wn ly in ti'me "2" "now" a bide "you"-t0-b-u-y-e-t-i-2- see- as-be-4-and-take-to-the -ban/k- 0f-t-urn-stile-d- fractions of act-i-ons as numbers ie "numbers" un whole in valUe (lacking f0ll0w thrU nature all y e f0ra re all ye) -o/re- hole in val-u-e- t0 "rest-0/re" g-0-ing for-war -d- the-g-0-ld- (without a g0 all ee pre sent ly in functi0n e interchangeably ang ie) to-b/u/y-t0/0- re lay T in ti me-n-ever-in-tegrity-e-w ith 0ut quest i 0n e (t0/0- compete -2- be scene for no re as on/n e tw00 think a(/i?)-z-en-title-men-t- in the "time" to be herd and scene own lie as L-ease-e-be-4-t-hat-0l'-d-) as the answer is never in "pr0visi0n- tu-tu' defy con tri te ness wit hall lie c-harms ... use-sue-ss-ing me to s-hell-ter myself as a "mistake" of my own? function e t0mb thought full ly make on the inside? without a sound? in the 0 pen, unseen in integrity squatted awn biyou be a house & h0me serving function-ap-parent-lie- or i am lied as liened-upe-pawn fora my m 0ne y e as a pen all ty e f0r just being kn0w in g le a ware 0f air e(a)p air: the im age may be br0ken but a gate the truth st ands even in e t u' tel age rest0rie st.0ne in si t u c0mp lea t ly in time t0/0 th eaven un tw0 0d d0 ne / may k n0w Miss Take & Miss Trust ask Ti'me in g

P.S. The competitive market place is a theory that has not been t est ed t0/0 x 2 d ate in act u all y e relay T in g -and- it is a cobbled-awn-ill-U-s-i-0n-e-t-0-0-gather-U/e- for a spi-t-00n-e-vain-an-d- is a direct-i-on-e- for-a-reason-to-make-haste-for-a-traction-to-make-escalation-to-war-se-e-am-necessary-e-And- pursuing we-all-th is to pre ten d (you h ad nothing to do with t-ha-t-e-pi-d-lye-p-ass-ed-on-e-on-e-): t hus a need to rest0re brand a ware ness f0ra re as 0n E ve in/0v el ty e w/ vel0 city in speaking 0 to be heard figuratively

Please notice that these emails were cc'd to Haul Lie Sprague, which is to say e and s h0w t hat if she didn't "know" this problem e "X" is "T" -ed, (pr0 visi0n all y e sPeak in g)ist because she didn't c are t0/0 x 2 c air "AND" in-ste-ad-ead "a" cover up in the 0 pen, 0n me, as re ad equally for reel thoughtless-ly t0 re "store"aka steal for m.o -re- in my pre sents // to make time f0r l0ss ensue

to be Scene 0wn Lie as Pr0 visi0n e all and Pr0 vie D ed (Din ne re in Ti'me et h an d act~y L i/ne at a ti me/em ave n0.2 be c0 m e all a r0und in ri se t0/0 b re a k fast m0/0 r 0~E ve in/n just revel ate i0n e B~be cause 2 s ave as 0n e the si am a mais ein relevance fe ed at a c0 st *t0/0 x 2* k n0. t in/n my self act u all y e t0/0 asp ire as necessary e a spire as pi re luck t an t ly: b 0m b wit pr0visi0n ein p0 0p in g 0n e the e Line gi'ven T 0/0 T~ m.0. 0d d in ti

j/u st. the s a.m.e @ L as T in g i/st in re flect i 0n e: Ad(d) a.m. & Eve - Eve n by Eve n in g e thrU n t0/0 th e b est ew e c an an d0 e see d0ugh w he at e te a te te : My safe T~y e is in y0/u/r/e h ands : (a pre sum p t~i 0n e re garding the face of Avesta's pre sent at(e)~i 0n e in re all i ty e van e) when it is re all y e l0! 0k? in?g? as h-and-s- (as sham and t here f0r e X 4 shame w0uld be an h0ne st na.m.e in re flection e t0 me in re all i ty e S pea king at e L as T ar T in g): and h as been since my fir st c0/m plain t m.o./n ths . Which is t0 saye in reality by actions actually e that Avesta does not regard this pers 0n e as i'm p0re T an T 0/0 de all with act u all y e in the same reality apparent ly e be sp0ke n e f0r e X 4 all a r0und

comp mark pl doesn't have time t00 as has more imp ortant thing s to due like running all over you 4 no reason 2 and it is to be worn as your f all t -act-u-all-y-e-n-time-t0/0-t0w-e-w-e-

you will h ave t0 put y0u re time in min e way


just ice / sow the cost to sow one liar on in refleciton put many people out of their own s0wn dirction, ice you have made where kin d countance be have d in time an d

discounted because you didnt' pay attention di-vie-d-id-e-very t hing e

dec 23, 2017 providing links, pulling in notes from the margins to upload this website in process / product, which I didn't finish at the time. i think this was another working page of notes...

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