Re visi0n Eve in/n e~ use e~ w/ circumference in~0ve n's~upply 0n e the same ten0n et tu`be re under e stand e/b~ tw/h0 dew/ing's~ end's~t0/ma t/hew e~nd's~

(the cur-rent-me-d-ia- revision-s-on-the-same-ten-0n-e-all-a-the-way-e-t/tu-)

revision e vein after e more L awes have been p/as/t eye have the right to use the word in my hand with scope and scopa fall 0w e palpable

And Sowe I have made notes, with revision, of the previous unanimously accepted platform for/m/e as the -law- all- sow- e-becomes- // the edits tight en the course per directi0n e

first notes of late:

avesta can't have their "say" in reality without me, and does not constitute the communication breakdown "lender" as myself,

avesta can only continue to claim their weal=l of authority valiant ly pre ten d ing to go in the direction of completion, but not with me et' all or e vein s = aye r-use-e-

they are stepping on re all right -and- actyl ly discriminating against the people they believe to be less than them financially speaking = b-le-$$-ing-scene in t-here x t-heir - e - vain- w/ buildings that don't speak "2" hol-d- wit-ness-end-curr-rent-f0r-competition- x's-h00d-0ver-t-w00-d-

stupidy and vanity and hubris -wear the same n-am-e to me 2 make a meall for e free // and then want to "e x press" my expressing makes them feel the guilt e vein ? ly? w hen they-e didn't stoop 2 relay T i 0ns they e w0uld sym met tree ever tu`be r 0n e c/k 0n e w/are ness w/ift the w/hey time t/hey may ke~si` re all am 00r 00me teXt eX pan Di.d.'s~0ar e


For me, it is Clear to see, if Avesta cannot provide *safe *affordable *nondiscrimination *housing of your mind & body 2 be in the same place relatively st/ate/d f0r e all a The only way they could deny i/t (as me in this hear e c/as/e~) in reality is with observation you see in court, ie that would be the only way for Avesta to have "apparent-too-t-hem" observation with consequences *public_ ly *as their use of the *word to/o -2- use every e t hing e 0 min mine mind / and taking my inherent write x right tu`be bl00 d beLeLeLeL' s 00 t h e (ash/truth/be calm in eyes applied in te.g.r/i~t~ye directi0nally e f0r/m/e

(they has-ben-m-aid-2-L-end-the-say as seem actually in the first p/l/ace you see / use e very e t hing e In Re all i ty e)

Sowe the faux-stir-d- w/he-el- le-g0-st-eel-


The problem has been stated by CMP as the problem of the building itself, and therefore they do not have authority to fix it. However the first time there was an energy loss CMP was called along with Avesta and CMP while observing Avesta people fix the breaker, relayed too the aside "you can expect this to happen again." Reliably, it has, however for the equal say (but not p.r.ide in provisonal place for Avesta to say any way / at the same time w/ t0/wne s end in g's~us/s end~ s0/n~e~b/righ~t~en~0n~e~f/air~e~), CMP is not an employ of Avesta, and can perhaps pray with a better fore casting rate of observation to both say and make manifestation of their word on any given sum day, as the merit really invested in knowing their energy business trade provisionally to both speak too the problem with inherent action to radically observe, measure and be able to mend its delay with the self same reserve of knowledge, experience & legitimacy they present their foray, to/o in fact say in effect that there is not (in this instance) the right (0) way, and predict its cause and failure to be in existence from afar actually in the relief~(un seen or unscene if your a miss on pre miss 2 too/the mat the w/(h)eave n p/arts 0we by e s0w/ing i/n kn0wing' sus stain~s the nano second inn comeing' s0/n g's~end's~)


The only variable that would not support this fact of alignment to tooth the sooth on principal as if to pursue in gamely measure to be read as spoken capable at conversational leisure at any where in any one's head on any time table & share on payable x sustainable, is if CMP's observation of the problem of Avesta were the problem itself. If CMP is competent in providing the gift of presumable light to the community, the only way their observation could be seen as making shade as the soul purpose of making shade to cast on Avesta is if CMP fiddled with a breaker toggle (ie with the function of perception to skew what is to be perceived, masterminding an opportunity to cast shade that is not seen for the scene contrived "tu-be" by any onlooker not in on their scene making -2- dupe on thr-u- e-very-thing-now dispossed in 2- x- t0-0-m-aid-e/b-t-competitive-2-tog-together-e- w/ no reall a relation ship to ten D er and be the m/anger transformed competitvely as the gavage tu` be compeat x compleat w/omB e am e~in p0tential~l0ss i even ly e 0n e 0n e ) before Avesta would be seen apprised in their lack of function that it was to be perpetually broken on their account receivable, for fun unbeknownst to them, because CMP is not in competition with Avesta electrically speaking as they service different 'houses' in one community function. Then apparently after the toggle boondoggle CMP happens to be in the neighborhood just to be "present" at the right time to cast shade on Avesta while casually talking to Avesta tenants about the problem they at CMP sees as Avesta's low capacity.


Haul Lies Prague w/ Re visiOn Eve in/n

January 30, 2015

Judge Peter Darvin,

A memo to foreward the argument at a toss 0le. I have been working online to present my side of the arguement as honorably requested, at the same time the electricity in this building and to my computer has shut down 9 times this week, each time with about an 2 hour turn around before I can resurrect my work on the computer to start again complete. Notably it is worth mentioning, although I save my work often as a practice when working on the computer, I lose my last unsaved work with the abrupt loss of energy, placing a gam gambit gamble on my table being made unable to deliberately dock and save the vein of thought salient and sable with continuity capable, and instead sit in the dark with a currently and seamingly arbitrary useless socket I know is t/here somewhere even underexposed to the dim resolution I did not seek -momentarily- imposed again (as I have the means to read the trend trending in front of me, a few days in and out and I can make these simple gains unerringly), to erase, at any given moment 2 tome my s'trait tm make presentable at any spoken rate to meet the measure you have made.

The problem has been stated by CMP as the problem of the building itself, and therefore they do not have authority to fix it. However the first time there was an energy loss CMP was called along with Avesta and CMP while observing Avesta people fix the breaker, relayed too the aside "you can expect this to happen again." Reliably, it has, however for the equal say (but not p.r.ide in provisonal place for Avesta to say any way), CMP is not an employ of Avesta, and can perhaps pray with a better fore casting rate of observation to both say and make manifestation of their word on any given sum day, as the merit really invested in knowing their energy business trade provisionally to both speak too the problem with inherent action to radically observe, measure and be able to mend its delay with the self same reserve of knowledge, experience & legitimacy they present their foray, to/o in fact say in effect that there is not (in this instance) the right (0) way, and predict its cause and failure to be in existence from afar actually in the relief~

The only variable that would not support this fact of alignment to tooth the sooth on principal as if to pursue in gamely measure to be read as spoken capable at conversational leisure at any where in any one's head on any time table & share on payable x sustainable, is if CMP's observation of the problem of Avesta were the problem itself. If CMP is competent in providing the gift of presumable light to the community, the only way their observation could be seen as making shade as the soul purpose of making shade to cast on Avesta is if CMP fiddled with a breaker toggle (ie with the function of perception to skew what is to be perceived, masterminding an opportunity to cast shade that is not seen for the scene contrived "tu-be" by any onlooker not in on their scene making -2- dupe on thr-u-) before Avesta would be seen apprised in their lack of function that it was to be perpetually broken on their account receivable, for fun unbeknownst to them, because CMP is not in competition with Avesta electrically speaking as they service different 'houses' in one community function. Then apparently after the toggle boondoggle CMP happens to be in the neighborhood just to be "present" at the right time to cast shade on Avesta while casually talking to Avesta tenants about the problem they at CMP sees as Avesta's low capacity.

t00~the fi/X in c/an/dye st0re she added t00 the 2 e vein just b.c. t0/me thrU le x i c0n e at/m t/p~00 fashi0n e seen e f0ra re as ea~s/0n~e~

Does this make the mugging muddler muddling for more of an angle or for more of a forum fandangle to perform in? As Avesta trudges on, making an appearance and not fore casting from their aptitude much, as the breaker breaks repeated lay, by possibly CMP that masterminded a point of view on the slanted interest too throw shade out their inscrutable ass-ets- unknown to any passer by, as it all sounds the same to the ear being sown, that CMP "regardless" in its own corporate "soul" & own "time" has the public image t/own & therefore most know sight on seen apparently what it is talking about, or at the very least have the right to its opinion to throw & take on an angle with their hoe, as they have marketing provision to be seen as sowe with a repertoire of buildings and owners in tow/n with know all sowe.

(Fact for Fiction or visa versa even : Avesta still couldn't fix the broken breaker / maybe CMP knew / whether CMP broke it for their flavor focus pokus on holy hokus future or not Avesta couldn't do the fixing sum per active necessity summon) & I think somewhere their inertia & or lack of provision for this revision had all ready be-gun-2-be-in-arears-0f-

I note this, this observational forecasting, as the merit itelf to speak in health as with a wealth of health and the wheel w/heel of knowledge to tooth apply it well and 0ften even mira* miracle intendon e intention e'ye would lend a purview o' worth t' use thru & thru lexicon for re all relationship en/ough to be seen for a p0int of view too

*mira is a star, latin origin for 'wonderful" and the 'acl' contained in the miracle word itself, is the anterior cruiciate ligament intention e well 2 d0 well in know/ing~ist for 0rigin all as kn0t in would to make set sail and car~rye ringing w/rye T 2 Tell eave~n~d~well tw/h0 y0u /use / see k

as far e as sit seams a ware vein ly e in fr0nt of the nose that see k's too the same degree to/o just. b.c. is 2 be / tu`be a ware of vera causa in the snakings~ and possibility e weigh~t0 going forward directional ly 2 make the weigh 0 w/ave & with have/s aves as place seen = t'each t'aught w/ their one senses e X is T' actually measure in g/0n & 0ff attenti0n's inn come with sensati0n e s0w/0n e ink n0w/ h0 e X amp/le 0

I need to dialogue about what is not being said in the example given with a leg in viewing Avesta apparent provision, spoken or unspoken with CMP and myself as an observer inside the 'house,' even too/the apparent contrast what an Avesta representative is not ever saying, but are being apparently present nonetheless I expect for the appearance of continuities sake to gather a circumspect interest round it -looking in to it- par-lay- / for the pr"o"blem to keep on being a pr"o"blem any way and not get bet tair, bearing in mind, socially per the reap air e t'all time & t'all a time the week meek~n0we t00/the~n0se, Avesta cannot rely on their own employees to fix the air they didn't extend as a way T'actually to/o x 2 carrye 0n f/air if their words not supplied are now scene for the taking "for" t/hen just say inn. Witholding is all sowe a rake if myT may say e well knowing communication is in essence is a potent form of action e with pre sense for purposeful t'action e thru 2 s0w e 0n e t0/0~ the re s0w e in g0

So, it is 3pm on Friday and the court house closes at 4:00 and I need to trudge through a snow storm to deliver this after going to kinkos to pick up a copy. The power went out 3 x yesterday, as I took the day off of work to work on this, I missed income and the opportunity to apply myself. The power went out again this morning when I was on the computer and again at 11:30 when residents received notice from Avesta that we would lose power at 12:00 to put a new breaker in. My work was wiped.

I have more to continue, my arguement for the court case as it were. I am taking it to my forum at www.holliesprague.com/c0urt0.html to continue // you will be able to regard it there. I need to bring awareness to a recurring problem with the details of Avesta management and namely Charlotte in this case, as she was put on the stand in testimony to apparently have a wealth of resident managment experience, that she continually takes special license to make up her own rules, rewrite contracts, streamlined where you are told what you will now do, and they do not need your signature 2. The current provision of proof of mistake, will be posted online, as with the rest of the argument / provisionall as parable in tome 2 use e reflectively

Needle less to say, as I have the thread in the fray & foray and the nee dell a ware in reap air ing tu`be calm in e my d'ear e t0/Ur e integrity.e. g0all den g0/s~ling future are~s. I have good work to supply, regarding the presentation as knot a lie paramount 2 diction and distinction with direction fore vein 0 see k in g's~

I anticipate uploading by 9pm tonight. It isn't finished, and will continue working on it this weekend +

I will provide provision for this argument that the building of my story, is actually reall to the illusion of a steel building the wheel 0 working grace with follow thru that w/heys in provision to actually make credit with Miss S/take sustainably in the foray, and why the growing story as my body of work should be considered in projected ballast and girth as project of my birth & the ongoing basis to review my past with my future working worth in the courting present we are regarding for the said turf 2 do/o as i please in my integrity in 0 pen purview that way my marketing becomes my presence actually and known regard and i am heard for just being *& w/(h)all at means fore said keep 2 stay in my veins 2 repleat rite under my fe at... 2 plan to earn my provision transparent ly e thrU le x i con eye we~see, just like Avesta uses the facts apparent you can see ie t/here buildings that visually stand upon the as/is axis of their meritocracy they have made to/o/th x 2 apparently to interact with you in working worth

and not with me = "key-e" too-the-slant-y-e-keep- of "3" witnesses that say conclusive-ly "the communication is broken" = me, and they have never extended theirself 2 be spoken nor see k 0ne conversation with my w/heelie / ie these 3 people i have never met and visa versa. In that I do not want to be "miss-read" for Miss Read, please understand, when CMP casts shade possibly on Avesta tech's, and the shade they casts comes to pass, it is an indication of their compass and the skill to read the compass (they had hade, if you will * hade is a verticall minerall vein), and I do not see sanity vie~ing to take CMP to court on the same merit that provides their upright function with the give and take of observation that is the skill to elevate and reuse transcendently, if it suits your integrity as with your compass and orientation if you please tu`be actually e // the actual t/act of the awareness speaks for the contents rsvp the discerning b/reach all things considered that haven't fully vented in my virtual leisure (to eXpannnnD), is necessary for/m/e to re *L ax e, rather wait for the-next- bumble-led- disregard to not pay attention on my place age intention = page L a TLarge. Avesta as with anyone is free to contribute with me as on me contextually, on my page, in the 0 pen, where they can be seen (vs scene) in context for completion, which is too/the say if t/hey want 2 apparently.

*the L to me is the right angle to Love use e

The other "key-e" too-the-3-wit-ness-sayes- is first of all, they are management in house at Avesta, not a tenant in one of their safe* affordable* nondiscrimination* (their words /initial ly/ not mine) housing units, and are familiar with their inn house poop-looping-system- and I don't believe, as with Attn David Chamberlain can personally vet the experience of the other foot saying they are the "best"when his-&- t-heir -2- feet -are- in -0ne-p-lace-2-compete- on my integrity with say to be heard by any body that I haven't found in the employees at Avesta to dayT.

It is an hone-st conformity to stupidity posing as saw/ a ware ness in ste-ad-dye-st-ate-, and it deflates the interest Avesta is pretending for you the judge at large & small in all, to see that they want their image with reason they have earned it/ from their building projects / that discount & discredit's the occupants inside it with rude disregard inherent, built on the bias that their renters do not make as much "money"as t-hem in the "first-place"-&- are not contributors in the "0" place. It is true, but the reflection of perceived value is skewed on the continuum of competition as presupposed value seen as necessity, when it is scene, with an "working" entitlement -2- not think in terms of 2 in fall 0 w/e thru, unless it is fictionally imposed so they can be scene -4-t-hat-2-x-to/o- meaning the scene are getting the high/low and across the plains value of scene and unscene, squatting on those that dont live to compete but complete, and compeat if necessarye use e~ye speak

I use Charlotte's turn around time on the evicition notice she posted on my door right away (as the only thing 2 dayT regarding me (by actively disregarding me) when usually her response is just a passive lifeless disregard. Notice right after the '2 dells i kno well' email to announce the website in which I effectively have no need to communicate with Avesta directly any more, as I can be seen for me & land granted a virtually mel0dye, if I reverse their squat scene not actually being seen for what it "is" by doing the same thing being seen as necessary for & with this conversation 2 take place if only to me re p0se n0se directly as with meaning fully in opportunistic reflection se.g.0. = I have created my own poop loop on their "dime" transposing into mine vs "mine."

Further I suggest the "cease and desist" is a practiced ruse -2- apply as have "2" ie the inevitable predictable dilation of competition is to make haste towards "law" if you are apparently civil, and war. I really do feel that was a practiced c-over up. And there was no reason for this to go to court, if Avesta management and etc, cared to look at the con ten ts with in knit befoe t-hey- b-luster-ed-0f-f-

The website t hat b/reached wasn't perceived as gibberish "nonsense" in its b/reach of fall 0 w e thru/m min e me, the "response" i knew would be forth coming to t-hose comfortally entitled too-t-heir vanity-e- & I waited until I received the 1000 business cards to announce the website in prognostication to be able to w/(h)all s0we answer prominantly -2-the-hew-in-the-0 pen 0ugh // with an acti0n of my own that speaks 2 sp0re me vein s0w e in re all i ty e.g. 0~

The other "key-e" too-the- k-eye-p- is the built in contempt and indignity for their residents. The presupposed strength of Avesta to build and keep on building with government provision paid in advance of the building to be built, is effective in a way, made to look like sustainable grace but their management is duplicitous at best to honestly be responsible to sowe in -2- ways- & k no w/ go

Succinctly, Avesta doesn't seem 2 need to honestly care in its management, and so, using Charlotte as an example, you get ineffective paper pushing ie Frank gets a complaint letter from Jacob the maintenance guy that his clothes smell like smoke. (Frank does smoke but not in his home). Indignified on its own, but the context is Jacob knocked on Frank's door, gave him a sniff and a "ticket" in his own rented home, and the means to the "ticket" went to head-quarters and was written up (to mean s0me ? thing i sup pose), given the grace of the tree to be t/ether for an unnecessary gesture -2-t-own-. It adds up ie "sup" with lin-k-s-2-suck-see-d-. Mean while Me-shell is running people out of here, but not without creating ahh "creating" spectacle after unprecedented spectacle, with a wave of complaints, and she stayed on with ad-mire-able-spite- to keep doing the same damn thing to every one s0w-0e-scale-ate-in-g-

Two plus years of complaints and you think someone their would put their nose to the paper trailS 0ss0 sh0al and the many people regarding this pers"0"n with her reap"0"se, and Thressa gets a complaint from Avesta that her cat's paws are too loud. When Thressa got it, she was baffled at the uncommon un-sense-gesture-. This sort of communication would go over better personally ie in person, rather than from an inpersonall ticket dispenser / m-ailer of the absurd. If a heads up needs to be given, then give it up. The pendulum-bum-mer b-alls of not-e- fixed vertical position, would be so nice if-it- stopped h-0vering and c-0vering and d-0ver-t-ing- and g-0ver-t-ing and c-hanging with no purpose to just be one leg in re all i ty e speaking (as if you cared enough)

The speak, Charlotte has identified my website email announcement as "nonsense" and the "3" witness found no merit in it ie in my self apparently running right allong side of the emails I sent to Avesta regarding Hollies pithy reply, that she was going to keep a note of my made up lease violations for having art in the art room, held out of context to see in the subpoeaned communique that Me-shell has a theme to her mad-ness-2-day-t-. The Speak in Court, sounded quaintly like gibberish, when the witness were asked to read my emails, and I do appreciate your question that is sending gibberish, is that cause to evict someone. I put that question right along side of a schizophrenic woman that was a tenant here for 2 reasons.

1. Avesta didn't evict her when she almost burned her apartment down, smoked out her neighbors on several occasions, lived in a filthy sty as she didn't know how to take care of her self, stole art from a show I was hosting for other artists from the gallery wall, ripped in half, and put on her door, and when questioned, said her husband made it for her although she has never been married. Thankfully, I did get the 2 pieces back, but it took some time, and thankfully, the one that was ripped, the artist was ok with. Not to digress, apparently the mentally ill have the right to be mentally ill. (she stopped taking her meds). And with due perceptible bi polar right, supplied by the left to supply it, the mentally fi/t have the right to exist in their own zeitgeiste vein topically i myT all~igh~t~

2. This woman went shopping at the grocery store and had so many bags of groceries in newly purchased shopping bags they filled a 12 x 12 ft space of the foyer. All new shopping bags, about 15 seemed a disconcerting purchase as you would now have to store them, and one wee woman in a 400 sq ft apartment proportionally doesn't really require the redundancy burden to host w/the duration ratio as it would just take up usable space even for the luxury of nothing to take place. In scope she all sowe bought enough food to need another full size refridgerator.

I was coming in the front enterance and saw the bags on the floor as I couldn't miss them and had to make my way over them, so I asked her, as she was sitting on a chair in the gallery, what was up, and if these were her groceries. She didn't have much to say enthusiastically but offered in a disinterested way that she was tired. Judging her dithering energy, I could see the groceries weren't likely to be moved to any destination, and to provide a facile concourse for any body to be able enter into the apartment building, I volunteered to get her groceries into the elevator. She put up no resistence, was vaguely interested and mostly indifferent.

From there, I wedged the elevator door open with a bag, and I motioned into the gallery for her to come with me. She didn't know why. I said Phase II, and she wanted to know what Phase II was, and I said were going Up. She kind of liked that and I got her into the crowded elevator with me and her groceries.

Thressa was coming out of the laundry room and volunteered to help put the bags of groceries in this woman's apartment. Thressa recoiled from the unsanitary environment. It looked like the woman had a cat without a sand box, and she had neither. As we were putting the groceries in her apartment, Cheryl from Avesta comes down the hallway, and I let her know what we are doing, and she callously puts her hands up and offers she is having nothing to do with this schizophrenic woman. I asked the woman if she needed me to help her put her groceries away as there were a lot of perishables, steaks, frozen vegetables, flowers, and she said she didn't. I was speaking with Thressa at the elevator and 2 minutes later this woman is leaving her apartment to exit the building and I know she hasn't put her groceries away and

That is going to create a stench on somebody elses foray, besides the smoking out, the fire alarms when your entering rem sleep, and need to file out of the building, the permeation of her apartment boundaries on other tenants, and the unspoken disregard by Avesta. IE They have placed this woman here. She needs assisted living -&- Avesta management has personally left the burden of management on its residents.

This along with miss-may-hem- Me-shell that really tries to extradite s0ul in her ear-nest- sup-p0se-i-sit-i0n-e-with the petty articulation "nose" to nose on Frank's 0, the lunar landings of "loud" cat paws in criminal-re-pose-2-make-note-, and honestly, if Avesta is going to give a complaint to Thressa's cat, they should vet their own building with the same responsiveness and awareness, as When Tanya's ceiling caved in, due to someone, ultimately when all was said and nothing done, as the emergency response # was not that responsive, by the time a representative from Avesta came, the whole roof collapsed, and so did the one underneath it: the drywall wet, is quite a slurry mess, caused by someone not putting enough sodder on the hot water pipe. Which is to say, before Avesta sends a -d-ink note that they can smell and not care to see you 2, or they can see you -and- they dont care about you 2 regard you, and pull you on their-e-line-2-not-app-rove- the paws in question e with a pause in enlightened direction s0we t0 & t00 make 2 0n 0ne built in e X ten s/i0n, might need to take into consideration their own buildings quality construction between the seams. For all I know, someone could have forgot to put a little dab of insulation between the aparments, ie just a consideration to think formatively outside of the -box- you don't know 2 n0 & don't get -"owe" with the (my) righ~ t0w~n e my 0wn ten0n e intenti0n e s/h0ne.

Inn regard for the provision on my website when i speak to/me which is to say, regarding me actually, this/that/it/i/am/ eye is not in a state of disrepair of my own doing competitive-ly- that I can make these distinctions 0 pen ly in a timely manner as I make that time too x 2 complete in my own manor indigenously, manor orgin is 'remains'~peak in 'd/welling'), and Avesta does not bring the buildings to speak in court (they let the buildings speak for Avesta / their self) nor anyone that lays their head nightly on the beams within it is seen as being a contributor to the s-Peak. These previous tenants had as have something to say & T/hey didn't grow their storye/ their say/ it for court purposes (like the-wit-ness-ayes-Ave-st-a-)

They do rely on their x there body of work you can see exemplum particular ly prow tin clear right of way. I report. They were speaking 2 re p0re T, as they thought Avesta cared for t heir / t here rented l0!t in ear n est re all i ty e -via- using the word they did not represent earnest ly to me,

re spec t i've ly e si` speaK up

Angela Cook


Addendum : I called the court house today, they said they would be open until 4:pm. I arrived a little after 3pm, and they had closed. I called, no one answered. I asked a Deputy? Lano at the Sherrif's Office, and he said, due to the storm, the court had closed early. I walked home in the snow, retrieved my mail from the box, and Avesta is informing the residents we may continue to lose power frequently thru February 5th. Which means the breaker that was supposed to be fixed at 12 noon today, due to the post card say, and the power was turned off at 11:30 and I lost my work again, that wasn't saved, hasn't been fixed yet. My option is to go to the court house again on Monday.

That said, I haven't received David Chamberlain's written argument, per the mail or personally, However Let Us Pro/ceed.

dept 0 ddepth 2 0 ddebt a working c's c00p 00 p 00l 00p i sigh~t 0r i gin's t00 panned part d/raw/e pt Up awn ares t0ng a ware fi/t in sit u/0n e si te vein see the f0ra y0ur e self e/ed ew/e den say e.g.~

fair air e

fair writ e

fair ret here

a ware ness t0 re spec the sT0Re and rye ye w/here sup ply e t00 the feel eaven' sir/re all at an's h0ulder's ing e/a ring t 2 ruth 2 0we d eb tm 00r elay T an/d c0ntinue~T'all0n e ride w/ax ecstatic all ye

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i present my t/rite x tw/rye the rub rube ruby b/right inn f0ra grass e g/r/0wne dbe lawn and l0ng i/n functi0ne in~g0 t0 g 0/n ~e~ s0ng's ~ai ~d~ irecti0ne ~all~ ar~ent in a retina w/ no true sec0nd glances 2 surrendere ed e/b t'L end~e~r/0ne tw/h0 beck 0n e st's~i even ly ye


eye yaw e t0 w/ake y'are all are ad dye dress up an/d rink Up ar0using's~l0ve thUp in knit


she simply took her T and F tw0 rest0re c/Up i/n e in g t'hie directi0nally e clearly a read f0ra w hat it lend s~end s~ and s0/n e 0ver ti'me w/hie f0r/t/u` & f0r/t/e`yew e dew e w/hew/ing's~0und b/righ~t~0/wn ~eye~ ht/0 h0 ly ebbe b/0m/b~circumference c/i/all~ye~


she wish ear "david' s/lew goliath" could c0unt bet tair vs as-c0t-can-t-ie-p-id- punishing mistakes and misdeeds cur rent ly e 0n e n-d-


c-an-d-nick-el-and-i'm-ing-s-integrity e


w/(h)e w/(h)eave n d's a.m.e as u/re rent in a retina 2 tog together e~ d~ well' sign ifi can T an ~d~ well' s pen t re / ad/0~ve t'hie~ se as 0/n ~ net d0wn e bust 0/n/e x 0 f/f ten 0n e 0n e s0/m~e~


the snake s/l/0ve~nd's~hear t' all a way e seen f0ra re all i ty e & k~eel 0~aves 0cean inn kn0t 0le ~s~ 0le ~s~ea~m t0r 0ne fl00r e c0ntainer 0le r0ll circle square c0 reck0ning' s~h0/re~


s0mething e w0ven 0f an0there s hue is just a c0untenance with sav(i)0r e ten j0y f(l)av0re s0we in c0re p0re ate d's~ledger e vein's~hear~t~h/r0ne


the meth/od -2- lo/o-k- fore seen four s/core & 7 heave ny ears is by f0r-scene-circumstance-re/ad-cur-rent-ly-e-

ScreenShot20150131at92005PM ScreenShot20150201at120823AM

Whe at me/as/u/re need to talk about the debt tu`be sp0ken, the dept 0 depth 2 at 0ne measure writ in lite of having rist. We need to talk about the bel ly & bel lie, the ten danceye to surfeit a need from the trust of inn deed. In this I am t/rye trying to eXplain e thrU min e 0wn st0rey e vein / vane all/ye & alley e per haps w hat/h disregarded since the beginning of time use-e- and consequent ly take for granted in -see-k-ing- ever so s"l"ight ly an ad-d-vant-age- that could own lie be sustained as the "roof" and the "flooring" a fib u la that would other wise be abhoring, for any e woman treated like the relief of nature that c-ain-t- speak either to be heard ie her-d-as her own nose sight see see-n- and has no pore tall to discern e with parallax from the scene~

There is something about the redundancy here, that I can add to/o, change, rectify in the 0 pen apparent, and nem con e the sledge sled slide be 0n e t0 me in sUm e s0/me an/d continue directly~

And I believe it is similar to the re-solve 0f Avesta's unspoken assumption to "think" as it were / to ply no valUe in the 0 pen market among the people it serves, just con-t-ain-s-too-the-re-serve- as t-hey are free to concentrate on building more industrious~sly to people that need their affordable housing services, for which, Avesta doesn't have any competition here that I can see, there fore, throwing the nene goose before the bus to run over it has become outdated, and t-hey are in effect, without noticably being be spoken in the w/heel ed well, have contrived the nene goose and t-heir bus (-t-) tu`be 0ne at the same t-im-e- thoughtlessly encountering an 0rigin t-hey cannot conceive inn, for my e net oo the worth 0 working word's ay inn g's~

If Avesta considers this a "necessity", it is inn deed a necessity too-the-sit-0n-e-me- as the container e provision all, sowe t-hey-e- can continue in the 0 pen e with no quest i 0n e t hat can be seen, among the ever -X- pan -d-ing' scene -t0-ken-ly-e- shooting blanks as hue man e being.

0nly the Seen can make t-hey-e- think 2 think, and add re all 0 aves~0/ve valUe with said be s/poken e w/heel in the re all and criticall resounding functi0n e ten0n e re all a tend0n e. That is the problem, t-hey will take the g0/0d you have to offer t-heir -e- proffer, but will com-plain too-the- honorable judge, that you (in your apparent ly undemonstrated net worth to have a working value among t-hey-e-scene as and with your e all necessity to love in this life as a working value actually) have no right emotionally (too the supply) of the "god" shit they do not pick up on t-heir account of w/-rit-e- on your account of not panning, financially 0ut apparent lie. (and's 0we ye laye i/t 0n the li0n)No m-one-ye- too-t-hem = you do not c/are in t-heir-e-yes-i`-even-an-d-f-lat-ly-e-st-ate-d-ate-&-continues to poop in e all00 p, Frank ly unrelay Ted.

Frank, by the way is a vet, that lives here, and the person Jacob the Avesta maintenance man, knocked on his door, and sniffed, and repoor-t-ed to Avesta too-the-de-all-a-with, a note on the t-re-e- too this dayT if fi b Frank, is scene being abused 0le layT. Ted on/e the 0ther h/and, is an older retired gentle man, and the person CMP talked too the as/ides~ and relayed t00 the me in the make shift night, of losing electricity all the time (and kno t your e all i/fe). S0w/e the weft Frank ly e stipullaTed en0ugh t00 the may Ke ye's it e in h0ur 0ne ti'me de light.

The thoughts in the container. Does Avesta or the Court of Law n/0w/n the thoughts inside of my be have i 0/re? to till as their r0ne, maye ye ne myT i'me 0n e cessary e n0we~ek 2 w/he at a kn0w e?

tak / is thanks in sweden, and tak/ is branch in dutch, ta/ is thanks as a childe would give th/e s0/m e much t/0uch 0. s0we, lets look at 'th'/it see/ms 2 add leng~th 2 0wn universe all c0nstruct to look at de/p/th in kn0wing~0 wing unscrutable e debt fr0m sh0w/(h)inge s~t/ate tan taint similarly from the same bi w/hey e w/hew t'0wing e w/hinges h0w in g t00 the n0w/ing's~

g0wing = this word does not look go/od to me

what i see is go with wing and hinges and for that de part meant u` be right x write, g0w/ing needs to convey e, go with e very e t hing e s0we w/ith 'h' at a steady eddy dye ye st ate to may T / may K 0k = the g0, g0's w/e w/he at e very e thing e which t0 me ye w0uld be act u all y e re h0w does one call the other 0/0f without using the 'H' literally as hydrogen apparently that is in universal abundance but not on earth, unless it is combined with 0xygen. just saying, the wh0le h0 needs ~ s0/we a t'act i call converse sate ye 0n e vein 0/f/f~e/e/L 0~ aves velte t0r/t/e~ ye mean if we are talking about the gentle supplication supplement between the sheets and the re/am/s~ just say inn e c0m peat 0n e me w/ the same s/aid inn ilustration apparent ly e in the unscene, as w hat o else c an i be e~ if i c-ain-t- am0ng the t-re-e- root nib lea d i/i see k in 0n e seen if fi /t ye~


th'r0ne. g.utter 0nes i`eve aves era r0und aye w/hey es~t0g 0/d's 0/n e & s0/m a t'hewe b/0n ee d/le thrU le intenti0ne t/tu`p in/n difference 0wn ly e ast/ate/d~0ve in's a.m.p/lea p/age 0n e t/tell ans w/ear ing's elf fish all 0~aves end's~


it was kn0t her e pr0blem t hat "ew/e" could not conceive her 0rigin e ttu`be.g.i/n/n & let the seen sleeping's ledgere reed~ye in 0rigin s pen t~ag/ain~s~every e t hing e~ vein~s~h0ne vein s hine d's 2 shin sell fish all 0~aves~end's


the s0/n's ham mer the scenes layeya t00/the w/hall and 0 w/all0w t/w/hale nd' telling' striKe w/ fi re t/tu`~de wit w/h0 w/it h0lye.g.h0st~ing c0me all i've in vain's pr0ut w/ith e mye be lea fi/n's~insurance tu` be seen f0re the air eye b(w/)reath e f0r/m/e ta ffr0/n/e/t a tw/(0)in stall a t' star t~


apparently date less, she sledge 0n sledgering ledgering edgering earin' gerunding circumstance 0 qui te nature all ye t00 legger a 2 re/ad as the aft f0ra menti0ne d e/b t~ in sentients c0pe n0w/ c0mpass aids t0~me in e my sell fish interest all ab0ut me with a reference reap air e c0mf0r t able e d/0n e inn c0me an/d beak 0n e b/right an/d 00 kn0b ell~ing ram ramen 00d/le s~ing f0r am e ns c0pa ble e d's cent fi/n ~e~ withinn d e w/h0 0le in e m0uth 0le vein's 0le a fr0m r0ne rUn ans w/eare f/lat mat hew/ in cap/p an drinK up in pure riT~eye u/sage w/ p/l/ace' sUp f0ra re as 0n eye. (h/ave) g.iven t'Up w/h0~ut w/h0 e supps and supplye s~0f/f i/t~l/eaves l/eaven face in c0(h0)st 0/f/f~e~ve ram 0re d;)s


she quest i 0ne d the scene s/aga serial ? l 0ver t i'me & she questioned the "debt" before 0re after it e as e` men matter 0 f/act and t/act w/(h)inges 2 arise pf r0/m thr0ne just b.c. eye c0n e & r0d dye ye s~taff in cab in dbrittain 'sup per t/he yeT 0 geTher e tin a bet t/air e vein's ta/ke & re c0rd y0ur e s0ul's hue f0r/t/u~eye~ti 0/u/s lye slide w/art 0 a.d. in the question the ne ne s/p/arc~ L aid c/leave d's h0~p/ping place t0.0 x 2's 0/n g's~

to read the light lent to you defined fora kn0t/her/e D aye.g. e~X amp/le x i c0n e vein's and vend's seen f0re seeing's~ the pi/an/0~se play er:ran/d fi/x i/n g's laye re t re at/e~ (kn0wn eat by ate =your re t re at in sum e w/want 2 x t0 me as pr0 0f e~d ens f0r rest l0ve inn sure ants end's in ten t~i0n e & L end's 0 we. g.ain inn reflecti0n e w/ pre miss Maid e with and "e" vein are s~0/f/f i/t the eaves th/r0ne t0me run e cessities 0/n s0/m e`veins~nakeds~l0ve nd' sl0ugh -on-the-s-kin t0me w/ere t w/0re tre c0m pen~s~aid's~elle.g.ance 0 just b.c. g's aid it t0 me a culpa nee d's m0re l0ve inn's~end's~i`eve i L/eaves tan d tannins ledge in(h)all0 debt 2 traces h0 w/h0 0le~inn s0we b/l00min's 0we e kn0w e t0w e nd's~eras~

there words not mine except too the behave as pre store actions laye be f0re f0rray 2 renew the for got ten


the she inn i/s a cut a b~0ve in re tern ight ye intenti0ne c0mp/eat ly e w/heat en0ne 2 tend0ne. g.ain/n supp/le last i city' si` new e reflecti0ne (h)and' stretch~the w/-retch-ead- 0 w/h0~ut aga/inn gam e 0 surrendarse 2 pr0 0f/f ender e invent0r a head~in tw/h0 cad ie t0/0 them

chiefly the complaint is the debtors 0 problem 2 not levitate x light int0 the (h)an(d)sw/ear ing's 0 ggin 0 ware the re all a.D.avid' sewes and's h0wes e. g0 t0g eTher e acts II's~apprise tu~de b


i need to talk about de of deb debt o me contextually of deb t eb ben t' ly. The debt of moving nothing up a hill for no net worth to be a merit s till to me seen ora valued for doing the reall working i/n re all i ty e. I need to talk about the de, even though the next page for c/our/t I haven't presented yet, as said electicity presented a problem consistently and had to change my communication, too literally fit the contextuall situation on e my plate presented as part of the arguement, as it was w/hat eye had to work with. The next page has been mostly complete for presentation, however i have a more depth of understanding, just the same, w/heel w/ill and h i'll relay T fore the same say, i just felt i should make this kn0wn segue platten plate, and doc/k/ue meant it in a way that throws the bus T in front of me without thinking it ste/all a works for the perceiving's~

the new information is looking into the bible for reference. which is not my normall protocol too look their too know what to say to be acceptable to-d-ate-, however, eye know e -you- look t-heir / 2 deny me sigh~t assay myT in re all i ty e write by right 0n e ti'me fi/t~e.


*safe*affordable*non discrimination* housing*s/0we are their words not mine, eXcept too the behave as previ0us ly be g0t ten e maid Aye W/eall s0we in 0ne measure inn kn0w e in c0re p0re ate d~0 si`sees d0 w0uld eye w/00/d in e measure t00 the n/i mem.0.=rye.g.rist' rise the fl0ur e fl0! aves an/d cc lea r ly e 0n e w/e relevance 2 relayT (h) ear i m/e/nd f0re future s~pr0ut an/~inn' sw/ear ing's understanding's 0we de in nature all tar 0se w/hey am0ngst ar/es t00 the f/air est eX amp/le teXt ample af0re seen e bef0re tu`de fi/ne the/n e X change X's 2 inn c0me f0r/t/e~as pi re all eye re Miss f/act/i~0n e seen as/s fault i re ride f0ray ea st/raw~e ye ste ad's aid bye difference et tu be am a ware in si/de


Using my de tone ate d re all i ty e~ b/0m/b, is ra el (everything love / would have to be g.lan de de b/ T 0we pt~a pr0 cee d i think e~ more informatively be.g. i/n s/tan/ding if fig ist repeating e without gif T in g) well figure this lat ter, ladder a the too the.

Reading this bit of bible reference, if an 'e' can be an 'a' any e day e me` vein e may Ke s0und's aim s a.m.e intervent~i 0n eye, Israel can all ass 0we bb e Is re all a t0 me regarding the t re e 0n e/e de ed.

The dance of romance clearly needs 2 too the tang0 wan e marig0ld's aim e t0 me et/a haye w/hey e say e~

Deb 0ra h, was a pr0 fi/t in (h)ear 0ne way e, before the m.o. narc hic cup st-ate-t-up- force-scene-0-lat-e-... wife of Lapid 0/th (which makes me think of Lapis Luzuli, the gem stone of honesty and truth online referencing, and Lapidary / the stone cutter) x (of the same cut as cutter as the medium use e/m~e/me~)... ac/cording too the b00k (which should be square t0/0 le l0/0k in/n act u all ye w/ e~

Ja(w) bin, king of can naan (a flat lat b re ad, if e/d en de b/t 2 be re all 0~ aves at the w/heeL~ , and Sis sera (= w/hey e n0w/e ft my d'eare fr/i~end e b/t are ~x~ f/air e t here)

The song, is interesting reference as it sustains the 'H' 2's~h0w0ne0ne = do you get it? the s0ng is carried across the plains in~s 'H' 0ne (shone, if you c/are 2 c/air e 0n e throne), however, i believe singing & carrying the 'H' in saying's is by charm~ t'actics if my fib u la t e ll ay e s/trait~2 dayT w/hen eye 0 pen e my 0ra m0uth apparent ly e t00 the sea the w/th0ugh~t fully e w/ear nest re/lat/i'v~i/t~ye

woman are used as the constant question in any counter attack (-2-keep-constant-stat-e-) with apparent reason, ay-T-an-D- keyep -t-he m-ark-er / n-arc-er, in place d-rug-&-d-rag-0n-e-p-ear-l-s-0we-0n-e-gif-fig-et-wig- & no re gifT in g inn's up p0rt w/here t here would other wise be see-bum articulated and d0/n e/a way e with the reall necessity seen in place, and the scene maker's e-x-y- just seen as a t-ill-it-lat-he- on every e thing t hat lives h0nest ly e at face value 2 relay T f0re re all a p/l/ate~at e de ben t0 me in e my a re all i ty e.

for reference in my head, deb & eben moss is an artist here at the l0fts and ben is the architect aught. deb is all s0we my sister and bertha is my mothers real first name, which she hated, living in reno nevada, as "Bertha the Big Elephant" performed at "The Nugget" Night ly e. Bertha changed her name and went by her middle name that she changed from the biblical spelling to Rebecca, she signed as B.Rebecca, my sister, is Rebecca Jean, and goes by B.J. last es sene, My brother is Michael Curtis, my dad is Curtis Rudolph, and his grand mother paid his mother a cow, so that she wouldn't name his first name Rudolph. My dad, a double, if not triple gemini, reads history thoroughly and knows nothing of what i speak or think with any relativity to hold a conversation (for action) with me. My brother, when i wrote a little tribute to the family history, forgot to mention that I had been born, and when I pointed it out, he still hasn't found the time to re appear it. Deborah, my sister, her name was later changed by my mom not to be the biblical name with the h at the end 0ve... Deb accidently killed bob by e w/hen she was little re ad. My dad married my mother in 1949 and paid $500 for the rings at that time. Debbie died at 49 if my memory e some what serves me. I think it is interesting L / 50 roman numeral, D / 500 roman numeral, and I have identified L as the right angle to (tooth, to ole) l0ve inn 0./f/f i/g~0ve / there is more to the story as to how bob by e died, and conversation with what Avesta thinks they put on me to guilt me in Hollie's apparent pregnancy rights to give birth x bertha rights at any T i'm e mewed -ef-inn-s-keepting-s-too-the-pessimism-0b-serve-d-

DominicK is thy neighbor unseen, DominiC has~t'his 0wn f/arm fact0rye, T0rrey e Utah is w/ear w/here my Dad grew up & it has a st0rrey e a/such~

He-brew-e- The St0rrye writes itself. Jael (Jaw/ ell hell induced'said lay-bore) interceed's with He/b/er a ke/n/it/e ten/t may ke? r/e. Jaw/(h)ell killed Sis/sera by driving a Ten/T Pe.g. thr0ugh his "temple" as the last thing he re-ad-ap parent ly e cape able, as he s-lep-t- probably. Deb bye the teeth to me translates e too bee tu` be r00t act u all y e. Deb 0ra h's dimensi0nless number is DE


online google reference for lapidus lazuli, many to choose from, this is the first, while it is metaphysical in current application, is runs as long as the historical reference re the stone, you can't deny it exists, just like it would be absurde for me to deny that any u haul lies Prague, just saying, I cannot deny Prague exists, and it would be absurd to ask me to "due" sowe, with my own pre/sents seen swift (w/~ the undeserved 2 day T a ware ness i` vein'second coming le ins : w/h0 me ad e the mar b le wh0le


0rnith0l0gy ease answere s quare weare in functi0n e all the thyme 0n e the se am e reducti0n e 2nds a way e say e in add vance sas ayes avannus l0e~in liveryes table a.d.e yew/e inc Up b re a.d.'s~0ver ate de n'second's~Up~

who was the dod der fo/d der e that got ashed a way at the same time / all these bi-b-le-pat-turn-s are missing the same goddam e thing e & i do think the key e = pi ne all g.land i.d. c-ain-t-see-m-2-re all ye see ms~mew/ e re membering's~


beak 0n e w/ax e in 0ne reducti~0ne th/r0ne vein~s~ight f0ra i seesing f/air e cera wax 0n ew e dew e


r am e n 00d/lees~lat 0 pull inn's~end's~0we.g.ain e with game/n sing u lar ly ewer e fresh air e in side & d0~0ut men tally uni que rye & demarkate a mer i ca ca w/right imitative i/t answ/ears e all s0w e d0


let the write x right tenon e w/h0le d e/b the ten0n e c0 h0 st an/d's ans w/ears h0ne ye thr0ne in eye vein's~end's inn e min e thy/me telle s c0pe rendering's m(e)all and s~mears~es c0p a b/0at' h r0at~ inn a.d.vances~ aid's~ lept re passes e g0/d by e. g.0/n e ten0n e in kn0we~e's p/ lend 0/r e = all am 00r e in g.c/all t'rawl as trial l in time w/hall and w/hale dew e in/c (l)as pr0m e'yes aid eb t0 livery ew/e. g.i'lT perfectly = d0'0ve~ trawl and liveryes~e~X capable a delivered T'all 0/ne c/law/~sai destiNati0n e t0/0 th 0rn~s~ chew/hinges inn land's hy/n e b/righ~t pr0visi0n's~~~sailing's~~~c0pe/pen/den/t~ly a ware in receiving's and~0 vend's a.m.e~ too make your house and home` vein d's~ 0we 0n in/ni you inn last and in eye 0wne time seen forthe beeing iven d/well/ent pr0w t~ from the start 0 employ e asters tar eye s am e in 0n am e 0n e b/f0ld ye.g.'s~ee k in's 0we .g0 comp eat and compleat a gain = you are being employed for the time w/e ar0und' s0und i/ne all's lept re building eve in s0und f0re s/lee/pin/g's~et w/h0' sell counter e tail~2~tell an 0 t/here rayT e


for all g0/0d countenance as such t00 the se/at 0we ft~0ve, my sister BJ is BC additionally , yet without a cad (eb) tu`be from her root as a lesbian, in all g0/0d c0nsci0us ness eye pre sent he e~ and in her proven worth (iq of a genius in high school, for which my dad offered the sage advise as direction, to keep her job at kentucky fried chicken making biscuits -e/ven-d- for a living, while she has much love to offer, and the "church" won't allow her e t/wh"0"?. make a/rns ate tooth on or of/f air e measure in relati0n seen 0n its plate for(u)m in the be lie vie~ye wit (h)0 pen e measure t00 the p/lea/sure ring's~


DE by e the way e (my e way e) = D/ate able ly = DayT / DayT~e~

E by e X amp/le = e very e t hing e like the yew e t/re e = is p/art ab/le a f0ra g0/dd & insurance s0/me sUm e vein 0 b/le ast able~0n e capable ten0ne 0f tm~eye very T 0/wn Tend0n & the Le.g. 0 pr0visi0n e vane.

g0/0d s0/n s0/0n s00n as p fable bel lys able inherent ly e in~sPeak in st0rey e t00the belly for/te g/l0re ye~


twigs b/room too c/lea/n up hear e in gathering t'ime all0 ft en 0n e t hat~ y0u 2 kn0w e. g0/0d dye ~ly ~e~ w/ear n/est' salutation's~end's~


debt is the chief complaint use e know/ing's up ply e w/sustenance 2 rest0re moor e t' sh0re fore sure too the avenues~ end's~and's ync(s) eth' ink in ene me~ f0re.g0/d dye ye Think 0 pen ly e if 0wn ly f0r/me in e m0use of (l0use) residence m/aid tu be a myT~weet / et t'each 0 b/reach t0 me t/wig the0retically e sPeak // debt is the saw all t in the would / wood wounds without sav(i)or e t00 the tw/h0' s/pit~all i ty e den / the fruit pit in fr0nt 0 me as well inthe wh0le pi/t dirt an/d earth' sand's ink in e me~te~ tiff kn0 t'meet mi rati0n ally e st/ink : the aster n' star e pr0ffere ad ewe d far see k in g's aid 0ne yew/e t/h(r)ead~ if you are going to be well rad and well read in the w/heel of bespoken, you must be a spoke in the re all w/heel and w/(h)ell in kn0w en 2 w/hing e 0 pen d's~0ak inn's~


your moneye in the marketplace competitive to day -t- is only used as (distracted) indifference to pass on at any t-rait too-the-some-one, that is 2 pay 4 the hairless thoughtless- p-ate in th-e-wer-e- "first-p-lace) -2- top-0f-f-at-a-l-lat-er-a-day-t-oo-the-too-k-premis-at-e-tan-re-plate-as-the-f-ates-w/ literary -r-0-pen-0-pe-p0rt-uni-ty-e- 2 relay T w/an e mari0g0ld acti0n e ta/ke as comfor t abel ly e may ke d's ayeternal-l-ay-e-g-g-s ewing whey e with hinges too tooth t-(h)00k-a-wa-iste- and scrutinize woman with a right to0 See s'trait! that they are not beautiful l in the ye c-as-t-f-ate-scene-s-pi-nning w hat you are not b/rave enough to 0 pen ly and h0nest ly e may ke 0ne 0n e if fi/g's ay


pit had vances with t/wig of the b/ranches awn 0n/0ff-st-ance-s-with no need ffor second glances.

with spongey e X acT~i~tu`/de she let the pithy present 0 ward ad re ad f0ra what it means among the presence s'aught u` be/an~s~w/ears e rally e w/ relativity second passes aye as/sayes make square a circ/le in meet in gc 0m play & rec c0n an0 t here d/ay e f0r/m/e~ lad/ye~with the m0st deep thr0at' aught a n0


apparently you can do the act of sotting on your own (ie : no object s h0w n) in a public democracy s0 wed 0f/t-ly-e-0w-e- ye can T see st'rait in 0 pen ly e w/rite 2 measure it would see -m-e- the drunken frequency of "owner-e-ship-"is on lo-an-ere-ship-s-" launching an art-i-fi-c-all- habit-w/h0 w/~ s0we' seth ave vie/w too the say f0r e yourself e~ as a rich man to dayT / just "fease sable bill i tye t/est/ing t-he h-0ver-t-raid-ing-s- be s0tting the f00l in the f0l-d- of the -m-a-kings-


y-pres-s for rest r/eel (emotion ally e?) eye bequeath e/0 pen ly e s0w e bequeath e bequ0th e bequ0te t0t e & tan 0at en 0te f0 all ad 0e dad 00 d0te n st/ink n0w/in s00t from s0t e/ri0l0gy a brand e new thr0at with destination sc0pe / she s'augh the 'ave habit much

regarding depression, (& the o-p-press-i-0n-) e/we take care of our self for a reason = to me/et ruth~t any e way e w/p L ease. howeveer that doesn't seem salient ly as saw/hall and e w/hale nd's T'all = this is not possib/le with0ut the trawal ler capable the h-0ver-turd-air-e-c-0ver-t-urd-air- e c0n t here f/air & square in the r0und eye c/an s nake d a ware t0/0the spec tac/le c/laws take fe at hers ine maw air ent fr0m 0 bs~erving thair e inherent 0 gether e m/are c.l0ven h00f sire vein d's~am.0./n g's upp ear~ec0 nose, the law in the0ry e with the re all t0 e cc lea r ly e t'h0se for fal-lse fi-re-al-l-arms-eg-0-at e n0te (hel-l-d-scenes-ave-as-safe-e-f0re-free-0-0-l0-ad-e-)


even though she did't have a lot to apparently say, she had thoughts to cover the day in her one way e she laiD in the 0 pen at any -t-rait an/d 'cept 0ne.g.0ing like a pig with a ke nevertheless e w/ch/arm in e`


i think the place of lace at the neck line, speaking ist like a head ab0ve being serve-d-0-0-r-e- severe-d- with the "debt" mispen-t-


My D/ad 0 grew e up in Torrey e U/tah and 'taw/' e met my Mother e in Kearns all an/d contextually e the s/ame w/hey eT f0r/m/e t/His Torrey e f0re ward ad 0 re ring the same d0/0r e inn~sUm e s0/me mic'all's 0/n e all eaven th/air e 0n under e st00d. His Torrey e Kearns and L'earns 0 w/h0ne gentell e x cept~i 0n e/ne in c0h0st aster rafter e flect i 0n e vein~s~e/a/mins as serve d/ata table too the L 0/b serve d. F0r/m/e d0g bie. g. 0 PooP e w/hat~y u/re 0n the d0tted line vein ly e 0ra re as 0n e t0 pr0 0f e/e de n = e = man u/re tooth e my h0 st0ry e has t'augh~t0/me ad e~all 0t' L0 de n's~aid is (re) c0very e 0n end's~ history's kerning that own lie cares to get the 90 degrees on the cross "right" for working worth tu-be-calm-in-sum-e-


Feb 1, 2015 walking the d0g captain~min0 re minn0w ear e by afar, and he is discoverying 00 pige0ns and the see d it draws up 0n an d0/n e the 0ther s~ides~ lid/e re legi0ns unb0und, beak 0n e~ all a to t/ry e w/h~it an d fly e t'rawl as the w/ave & w/ake in high way & by e waye truth flight patterns aught all 0t met a seed's 0ss0 wed~0ve tail ead' sh~eaven d/ate able w/h0le scrim s0/n s/cram and 0 gently stayes tall eaven t an/nin ad dress's~ 0we. g.0 // time passed knot a lot, met a man, his name was Moss i`even, and i eye. g.(h)ave him my busy ness card with knowe loss too tha plan aT plan T on/e d line eye represent in thought, all though n/aught in my name pear~0 e f0r/m/e & I supply ed him my spoken aim eta f0re him to per hasps pree member if ans w/hen ne takes aw/hale haul lie s Prague. It is ok in his 0wn time that he t00 k, st/range wither no-0ne-to-take-a-way-a-f0-0t-e-0 inn stance

e~ben moss is the other name for deb the artist in the lofts aye bye the re nt day eye believe~ be leaf is h0 l0aves h0l0 g. rams t00 the f 0lks e'ye y0lk's tu`be r00t in inn y ease st aye b/all i ty e s/wayes~

met Jeremiah, he has a big dog, he walks deceptively calm in town, as the dog is a bordeaux mastiff and towes him allas~ 0/ng, as/s large dog that appearances stand force seeing something. we let the dogs play off leash together, as i related, my dog, is dominant, dainty in build, mighty in spirit, and he is going to try to mount your dog, as he has sow 0 many, in every position conceivable including giving head back to beck 0n e, which is a funny skew, because the dog he is doowing can't see thru his over, under on top of another. my dog min0 has a manacled grace leads with his slim forearms that clasp onto his desires p/l/ace, and he doesn't just try to do dogs in different positions, he wanted the tatooed arm of the man that thru his frisbee well, we call it free is rise bee, and min0 is very single mine did about his free is rise bee, however he won't pick it up with snow on it wee f0und 0ut, sowe we change up our game 2 exercise 4 relaxation and not tu-be-root-pour-ead-bore-d-bort-e-d-en-sit-ye-s-aid-e- 2 keep as e/ra is e paws and ew/ claws and maw_s e with 0 p full 0 de/n~d's~end c/0ver y e.g.ain an d's~ee bee the m/ark are t0 me & my 0 may ke/ye paw are pi le y ea r0und's~sea s0/n~sailing's~0/n e t0 pr0f fair ing's t/re/am~ line~d's~

Jeremiah's dog has a unusual love for the golden retriever he tells me s0we, and peculiarly loves to suck on its goall den toes, i said it sounds like a foot fetish, as my dog, for the first time can't figurrre out how to mount his dog that is oblivious to my dogs intent. just the same i preface, min0, he doesn't have the goods pear~0 he has the mega drive, pear~0 he d0es not kn0w here t0 g0~ e x cept all a l0ng 0

Jeremiah has translucent earings, milky b l00 min appraise w/ears hin/d ears~ he makes me think of the money e tree that p0d's~seen transparently e t0/U/r e layT. Our e d0gs had an 0uting s0we 0bserved. The big dogs playing, growling for dominance & we saw several examples of the (male) owner grabbing the tail of their big dog, to make it understand better than a leash wood, the behavior (l is ten 0n e t0 me bee lined time st~ing's~uss f0r an0ther e bee fi ne 0n e the di me 0 ti me w/hey e w/e naturally & we all the suppurate addition for dignity in standing just fi ne in 0n e ti'me w/heall thy/me t0gether e. Today, I also observed that love has knot been made (b) too con text u all ye 2 fall 0 w e in l0ve vein s0w e in c0re p0re ate d's p0re th r0ne st0re a.d.'s~ be calm in 0n e c0mpleti0n e s/says~ air ye all 0 w e~

s0we this would be interesting, a pet peeve is the common usage of media now, to ask the vi/ewer/e to "weigh" in-n-e- with 0 pini0n


she wasn't given a berth right s0we g r0w an gle a.d.e/b t0g~et/ether e~s' ai d's ai d~ang.le a path y~east 0/n e ten0ne tome tend0ne 0 sign if/i can T 0/w/n~s 0/n ~ net tell 0! ave s0w ee k an 0 te~


b ie g/race fully e T'day T in 0 pen end's~ seen f0ra w hat it's w/hey~e~s

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the dad0 is 0bserved t0 be the same and turn history eternity kerning's with relativities-way-e- seg-way-e-s- containe-d- within the competive counter -2- too-the-l-as-t-urn-d- ie think it is interesting, kern in origin a a corner to mi-t-er-0ne-0f/f-e-directional ly-e-w/ no returning interest in gap e./ the U/p0n e was pawned 0f- asp-b-f0-re- / & kern is a b-an-d-0f-f0-0t's-0ld-ie-r's- 0ft-en-0n-e-g-race- is true ly a disgrace 0 all the races for ni c/ate b-line-d- every measure y-0u-t(h)-ake- 0 -fish-0-all-ly-e-2-dayT e


b/ear th eaven th ell eve n thr 0ne c lea re in s0w e. g0 w/an 0 & kn0ck 0n the p ear ly a gates with the same gest ate i 0ne ray T hat passes eth day e seg w/hey e h0n0st ab/le w/h0le ly e b(w/)reath 2 0/m ay ke vein e birth the d0cks cue in ten d e/b~tu` be (h)0m~e~


f0r/m/e while the "opinion" c-ain-t- 0 be (ap)pr0ve -d- ither-e-way-e-2-x-too-the-ad-dress-ent-i-men-t-scene, I bel~leaf the trunk 0 t t0n e t re a.m.easure installed e/b t0 gether e r0s era singing's w/hinges Peak, and t hat is the ssene essence 0 th0ugh~ thing~e~s~w/hing e 0ut an/nin's 0/ng's 0/me w/hale w/hall0w e ll 0ng's~ and's~ 0/n e vein's~aid just b.c.~ b/ ear th r 0at en c0urage 0de sturg~e 0n e mt 0r e spurge st 0re m/r/0ne c/as/t m0r-0n-2- b-ad-f-


history e kerned with s-hank in sythe w/-en-sue-t-pr0-0f- vanities is not vain if it c-ain-t- be crossed in th' 0 pen sT0r e vein s0/ar ~ te~n0/n e creates hear tas p0ken d's~ seen f0re the same speaken t0w e all by e myself e vein : the competitive d0 not see k the r0se tm ay ma/ke n0se e dayT figurative ly e 0n e at ten ti~0n e

F0r/m/e the "b-0m-bs" are still going 0-f/f- literally & social-ly-e-with-skewe-d-inter-rest-, the right 2 people are kn0 t' h/ave in g the c0nversati0n e. I believe the c0n verse sate i 0n e need's t00/th tw/h0 take place between a man and a woman that stand 0n e t/hear 0ne t0 get b/0m/b as s0w/(h)0ne c0mplete ly e. g.et le.g.it i'm ate. g. 0's~


the bye is my gift in si/de~seen in difference~s~aid measure x 2 with t00/the's~say e ware tp~r00f~e den/se as igh t0/me tw/h0 d~t0g/eTher e tu`de in c0ntinuities~aid sir cum ference t tu`g~w/it an/d a w/hit en0ugh thru de t00 the a disc0ver t~in e/be a my e w/heather an g/r~ace as a ware inn ann ye ye t here ~s~ave the a d0/0r e inn interest Peaking t0r e ran fr0/m any e way e si lent ly e just b.c. eye can~s w/ear an d/e ligh~t all a l0~0ng's


f0r/m/e the key e n0te de t00 the b/0m/b st ranger t0 me "verse-suss" plan-t-ing-for-the-next-b-om-b- with kn0w h0nest sec0nd glances t00 the make f0r a dvances aid e without "miss-re-pre-sent-ate-i0ne-d-avid-


love vein's a ware t00 the resT0re righ~t 0 get her e/in/n ti'me met' fe at her e n t0r e inn 0.0f/f~ten0n e c0pe the sc0pe t00 the inquiry e c/lever in di/me in/ten/ti/0ne f/air e thrU min's i.g. nature bye afar et tu`kin c0mf0rt e & d~0ve tu`be calm inns 2 x t00 t0g e t/her/e fl0~w/ere lay T00 d0 t0r e resp0nsieve t0r e just inc as e tu` be a ware in 0ne all i've

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