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in essencee getting my refelcton out from under "your" rock and i have the right to own my invention hen~ough 2 0we very e 0ne in 0 pen

rent can seem y service clear, ask rent becomepensated in taht avesta curred lease vioatiosn wth me to sowe on clear for relanding i see are with a note in my virtuall fle hear

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giving m e too much work to spn with restitution built in so hare me the first time own ly


12/23/2017 this page has been provided a link so it can be found on the web, and notes have been pulled in from the margins. i think, this was a working notes / thoughts page, which i didn't finish when i got word from court, that i wasn't being evicted

Haul Lies Prague w/ Re visiOn Eve in/n


I have started uploading, as you may well have read on my website, the beginning communication exchange up to the newsletter being taking from me by Avesta management, with no mention of censorship for doing it. The newsletter was voted by residents in a resident meeting to give it to me to write, and Avesta management reached inn and took it away out of everybody's sight, end of story, on t-heir-end-any-e-way-e-. Please duly note, a continuous example of my original responsive communication with follow thru thinking I was relating to/o x 2 integrity, note the turn around time, note the congeniallity to foster connections with action based on said theoretical communication, note the relay to relationship made as the known loop as inn tended and transmitted debt paid in advance to hope fully offer 2 re scope and proffer running smoothly e hall marker e *can e c/ar~rye~ if own ly 2 comp/any~e servicably in my st/ride t'actually eaven dactyl ly a ware my pre/sent stead/dye. g.est/ate in dentin sPeaks~ well intention e~* in a rears e t0/me t00 the becall min as habit bit app/le inc0mf0rt~ing t0/0 x tu`be in 0ne the0ry e response sable in continue~ unitie~ seen stable 0 ware s/cent t0/me 2@0ne me in functi0n served the necess/cities~hues 2 s/hare 0n s/0n e be lea f~an/d may Kup as pr0 0f~e at ar0und as p/l/ace~s~aid ab0und bef0re the recepti0n ears and b/(h)0rn e with e Miss Taken ta Pres Miss a with and gave th'ave t'wise~am~aid ap~t hat' tat t00~t/he ad/d ate. g.0t t0g a vie w/e fi/g i/n sc0pa~ ble~d b/l00 due`very e w0rker eb~&~be/e/t~0'0le i~nn advance 0/me tu`ber tha m/arr0w~e in/c an d/rink in f/air x f/are t00 the r0/ewe/all undere wee stand a wild e/b thrU min si`g~nature t0/U/r~00~fan~g'~sw/(h)all0w/e'd~eed~i.d. fall 0's~s0we b.0ne thr0ugh~tw/h0~e vein kn0w t'aro at he sit ate d 0bserved tu`be r00t 0/me all s0w/ tm 0r0 sea t0ss0 see side win/d i/n g's and~es~w/inging 0 all~a w/aves wift with~ inges~tew/ in/ga/there ring cad/ie t0/0 cc00k ie ff0r/t/u`ne inn c0me in 'sum mitt' g/l0ve vein e w/xy0ke~z/inn e *b/r/ei~t~ en 0n e tet0n e ttu`be.g.in~ aye baye bee (h)ear t h/undispute/d address w/(h)0'0lent' le~ per scales lept' rosy stem mets~ells and c~ells~ pr0ut ight ent pr0visi0n e all a rich divisi0ne in sigh~t eye inn c0mV p/eat gracious~lye~art eye f/act' act' all t'hyme nem e tall st eel~an~g0 ad/d Miss Tarry e st'all and tart an gle am bee sp0ken f0lk us's just b.c. and t.b.c. 0res cue keyep ew/he w/h'0le it m0tif 0re x f0/U/re yes 0we in kn0 t ~e~ pr0 vie di.d.~ye 0n ere verb 4 cast/le verb 4 bezel~0/d/e/n~ed 0 b.c.0mpleat' all s0w e.g.0 wan e marigold ucky e withe ave in~see bee have the sav(i)0r e g/r0ve~nd gr00ve ti'me with tw/h0~0f/f~ed the0retiCall~yea st/and t0/U/r~ecipe pi ece x peace 2 / t0'0le x cell ent w/h0 pen are si den~T~ly e s0w/e@ gem st 0ne ms h0ne b/righ~te.g.0wn & ad/dress just b.c. eye can e.g.r0wn up et tu`p.r.e~ science pe/r s/pi ca city inn land & fan git ether everie t hing e state t0 g0 all a l0ng the. g.uest is ~t~ your e reception e just b.c.~ individually in ch0ice say eye myT annin s 0ak in de/pen/den T ly en0ugh igh g/r/ace si`even d/ark and i pl0!a.m.atic as~tar k 2 beattrue my sides~hroom aven~s0n 0n sigh t~0w 0n/der stand the destiNati0n is n0we b/right -0re-b-ligh-t-en-d-ead-ebt-2-x-t0-0-sir-cum-fer-rent-s- with0~ut a pen/nye a s'trait en d ear e

tenable tenacity should a s/aid/0 w hat it had ata ll end s0w e. g0/n eve in~say in it = saint ly e tu'be a ware very daye Miss Take mayKe~cc lea re~ar/se. g.0ing f0r e ward ear ring bezel ed eb tw/h0's lee p a ware d0gg0d ly e b.c. c air e 0n e f/air e tw0 each and every e n0stril reap aire 0ne & 2 at a time beck 0ne ye ars e baceous tall 0 w/hey e T

vs embezzeled "misap-propriate-ly-e-ste-am- all-2-em-ploy-e-g-0-d-ebt -2-make-someone else where your p00r -et-and-vet-for being n0 go/d ata n0 // t hat' aught k0 g.f aire t here in kn0w/ h0 0/f/f 0ra m0uth 0 pen ly e streak 0'strich e~ad 0wn fe at hers aid

*strich is german orgin for streak (run naked) but translates -2- 'deleted' -c-up-i think with0~ut pr0 0f~e dew e d/awn~ing's w/ay eT

*indisputably our nares are nose resident dentin makes and area ears are arse pr0vide 0ne t0/0 tu/be eye Miss Taken D0/ne 2 any ti'me separate ly yet singularly and dually at the same time as s0w e. g.0 all eaven t hr U mins a una v0id able integrit'eye let dew eft 0f/f an/d r0ne thr0ugh~be in e man nee times aw/e ar 0ne c0m m0n functi0n e'at and p00 hap pi le aster s'trait an arr0we a l00p 00l and c00l l00/k 2 m/t/m ear se in vent~i 0n e necessitys app as p0reTall the. g.0all 0 de~n e control and common function e t0 0f/ f0stair e integrity e p.r.i'ce sum e an/d' s0/m~e in essence saye/as axis eessent~i~all ye fi re 0n aft er afters in pr0visi0ne arse e Mrs. B/r0ad S~ides even seen f0re the. g.i'ven t/d~0ve tell and be/at 0n e hem eye Ah 0~e very e t hinge by e na.m.e s0/n~s~0we (the fl0at in b/0at' t00 theoreticall ceilings end s0und ar0und like make cup 0n? principal eye det 0n ate) x (application self sav(i)0re. g.0/0dd in ten ti 0n e pre ten se the0reticall as the fr0nt 0/m e ti'me` vein 0ne dun e t0/0 t'pr0 0f~e directi0nally e is 0bservable with 0 ar0und t'0w e. g0 none the less~yn/the/sis kn0 win/g's um mitt 2 assume n0ugh en0ugh eave n~sigh i/re ad dress et tu` fi re 0n principall a cr0ss t f0r/m/eye sell fish spirit in *c0nverge. g.ent's i circ/le peep h'0le secret eye 0n a vesica piscis b/l/ad:der 0.0fe in palate s0/me meye mitt pr0claims uss & sum e 0n 0 pen ly e tm use sic allow aft~f~0rd h0! w/ing's uni f0r/m/all ye lichen an t'el l0pe n's lat~e nature ally t'at 00 th' all0w "0re?0"rigin st0ma ta d0/0/re in kn0wn-be-half as/p bee have never ad a chance in all t-he-c-hang-e-cur-rent-see-d-ate-

*converge = mathematics, of a series, approximate in the sum of (m)it(t)s terms (& turns with directi0n all interest a ware in th'0 pen f0r 0nce 2 retern~i~ty~e f0reward eb t0 ear n est in c0/m p an ye) towards a definite limit (pi ece x peace w/ 'x' fig. inn depen/den T ly e vein 0.f/f~e i/r/0n e meTall eaven s0/m treacle a r0se th0rn et eye nest feel ass 0 much eel et tu`p/l/ace fal-l-sel-l-y-e-s-0w-e.g.0/d daye by e & buy e in t0/0 ti'me): the p0weres of/f i t/here f0re converge very e sl0w ly e (res0lutely are as 0n e the ship alms as/p barge 0 head -0h-ad-0ck-et-2- charge fr0m ? kn0w ear eye 0n eye vein f/lat ly e)

*indisputably t0 t0me my efforts, the indigenous simp-tom not ret of my intelligent~s is, the~w/ sugar can cane if you carry your self fi.g. & vera causa was/p bee~s~p0ken tw/heel ie in 2 ti'me tu` burr' stick & twig's i reward all i ants w/h0'0le ly a ware vein e w/ith twyla t'har parallel le x i c0n tin u e w/heft weft here aft w/h0 c0t t0n 0l lep r0s 0le inn ti'me d~b/l00min e w/arp~an/s~w/ear e add andy e ti~tan et tu` fall0we art -(h)eft~an/s_cene "II" st-uck -en -2- k-en "sue" the fib-u-la-dance-f0r-t-u`ne in advance~p~ thrU / "perm"anent-due-d- ie didn't want s-him part of the we w/hale 0f the st0reye to advance a civilization in g-l0re-wrye- well f0r the magi/c/i/an s0/me "vs" the char-lat-an- *

*char = burn, tea in britain, fish : lat = broad back 2 fig. t hat with : tan 0 = the reall work in c/lea/n live/in/g t'each 0ne in s0/me with the a directi0nall flav0r e t00 the sav(i)0r e pre sent* act u all y ease the 0wn ly e way et tu` p/l/ease unc0nditi0nally e tu`be a pr0duct a ware ness all 0ne & al0ne at the same ti'me w/e

*t act f0r/m/e is not being essentially toothless in re all i ty e, t act is tacting int0 the w/ind w/hind id~eall ye = it involves basically being present for every f00t steppe / you tact inwardly & 0utwardly e with the pre sent mind ewe~e keyep~ f0r/m/in g's

Miss Understand's Miss Take's of "one"on her e mayKe kiss the future s0/n and t hen s0/m e n0ugh~ten 0n e t~hen 0ugh eaven pear~0 "seen" from another-e-directi0n 0ne can see the Miss Stake car rye seen in re all i ty e w/ singular maid vert x (times = crucially) virtue = t-hey -e-want my plum bum not for its apparent lead i b/ring butt -2- g-rind-up-e-f0-re- posterit-ease popularit-ease in solidarit-ease' s-ire-on/ic-ally-e-t-hey-are- not looking for(e)ward f0re the future of t here posterity at any e.g. iven ti'me actually & consequently couldn't care less as their j"0"b- all"0"ws t-hem -2- p-ass-s0n- Miss F0rtune, usually sight unscene f0r/t/e t-here x t-heir- Miss Handling~ame ly a/she. g.0t a le.g. in~c

the reel hubris "x" stupidity of the par-t-akers of the scene, is they "think" the unscene is undeserving "due" to their un projected "t'al-lent" am0ng t-hem t-him t-he' s-him-my-e-

sugar can cane fi.g. c/ar~rye the stick and are able. g. it 2 back the black people w/ nolo b-lack among thru ironically cane sugar white-tea-&-coughf-e-e- com-mode-i-ties- literally but no spiritually 2 ga-t-her-e-pre-face scene-i-there-4-wrye-0t? write-tof/f--- ri-ot-here- st-ill-a-r0und-

there are many references on the web about the "sugar cain industry" b-lack-m-&-m-ark-e-t-a-bide-s-igh-t- well fanaticull-and-fantastic-Al-l-s-h0-w-e- undress a nati0ns pers0n all p.r.i'des~0we t hat wee k~ly e n0w e = t0 w hat s/h0ws f0ra re all interest lent'~e/all eaven 0ne reducti0n~specUlat~i0ne broadly e sh0uldering the c0h0st alla l0~ng in 0ne wen directi0n apprehensieve tin c0nnect~i0n e wile-a-men-con-tin-use-the-quest-i-on-e-ye-s-"wheat"-ly-e- : http://www.nytimes.com/2014/06/15/travel/londons-legacy-in-the-slave-trade.html?_r=3

*breit= broadly all s0w e/ar e & reit = ride & ei= e.g.g i/n gravitye ttu` re/st/0re compleat by e compeat in c0re p0re ate d fe at her e pearl lye~speaking's wine f0ra re al/les son = the lesbian gave habitat equally if she c/an e vein seen f0r just being in th'0u pen

zinn is wine, is tin in german~y,& tin is all s0w e figurative ly money e in ste ad e thru e?sc0pe vein 0 pen

*ca abbreviation = circa = preceding a date or amount & chemical element calcium atomic #20 and is one of the alkaline earth metals that occurs nature ally in limestone, fluorite, gypsum, and other minerals. Many physiological process involve calcium ions, and calcium salts are an essential constituent for teeth, shells, and b/one (by e (h)ear t0'0le i/nn last re/st 0re met'all i've ins ave t'f0rd inn depen/den T ly e f0r/m fr0/m star t with Miss Under Standing ards hard ually e debt -2-diss-charge seen for te "second" ca-ca-come-in-g-le-in-s-0w-e- can take a pr0 per t/vacation from the "cast"- knock- cough-s-ire-in-g's-lea-ze-2-re-lease-)

p.s. ca / calcium is 'lime' cause stick in 0rigin apparently eve in~igh~t/pre ten d~0n/eye pre ten~se ed aye. g.a(i)n s/t~en 0n e w/het ans w/(h)arr0w/ ing's~sup plye~(h)d* and hinges av0 re p0re t'all a dew e

*dan he brew just. b.c. 2e~ i quest i 0n e 0 pen ly e s0 d0/my T' pi le dew e / this is how you bi de b the part on your own time to pass of ten on enough even on the inside as awe t

This positions broad gestures in timely measures re constituting communication with an eye for ret the dew/ing can also infer that if I am terse it is because I do not have "2" have "2" be a "p.c." s-him for no reason as if I were depleted of ten "yewes" in "time" and can own lie stand t-rite-in-the-time-i-make-to-lie-n- and if I am angry, it is with reason e vein tu`/be transparent 2 sh0w it~w/all a with 0 hall and 0 with a hale 0rifice 0 stand tall come for t ably 2 set sail and brake 0n the same sure~face f0ra re as 0n e twh0 deall with and have heallth 2 surmise w/he~all in tow e vein sow e/g0 as provision for w/heallth as kn0w kn0wn 0wn fair e & square ly a cr0ss the b/r0ad br0/ad be = 2 allay e t0/0 thrU. Which is to say, I put my time into relationships as a precursory extension of independent faith in people to/u/re relay as aid the desire tome make money e that way ie meaning fully & transparently to dayT, which is all sow to say, I w/here x w/ear who I am on the same face maid with pr0visi0n et tu`rest0re in c.l~asp a d0/0/re guarding fl0~0/re in/g's wift w/it ness and 0 w/(h)all am00re in h0me vein s0ar e choose 2 think well of people, from my position of being 0ne in completion all ready streaming and offer that format of completion with every limb and a whim~aven until I find it is actively used against me, or ignored on the "premise" that my conscientious ness (and every thing that goes gamiss-and-e-very-e-t-hinge-t-hat-goes-all-long-wit-hit- 2 be in c/lea/re free fr0/m f-ear-scene-2-ab-h0-re- with my right x write 2 ab0rt t-hey-e-st-and-awn-fo-re-mo-re-s-2-b-light-in-for-s-e-e-) is thought useless to t-hier convictions with no act/u/all interest in it 2 pr0ffer 0ne 0n 0ne (h)ear in undiluted sUm and s0/me

Which ironically finds me on the other end of "perceptive" spectrum, and my simplifed to its essence Kaizen x0 with reuse and recycle marks orginall graphic art and product design, is viewed as patently too simple minded to mean something in reality 2 interest you? in the market place as a reason to throw s0me m0ney e thrU.

Firstly, while anyone can appreciate the accumen of Attn David Chamberlain presenting and prefacing the witness' testimony with their illustrious attributes to be of service in the universe, and partaking in community with merit first, 3 of those 4 witness that said the communication / relationship is broken and pointed at me as the broken party, have never had a conversation with me, have never intentionally breached any surface of ways & means known to man to 1. contact another person 2. communicate as a potent form of action, as that is what communication is fore in essence to/o x 2 hap pen with presence.

I need to dilate here, presence is defined by both being present and lending to a presence although not seen. I bring this up because at the feeble mismanaged 'heart-h' of all Avesta does and does not due / do, is an issue of dignity even 2. The dignity is rampantly missing as I have cause to ensue in listing, as I have lived over 2 years under their homeostatic girth, with no real reason to b/earth as a conduit of support to the people they purport to serve graciously. Additionally I think the heart of the problem, is those obviously living close to the financial bone, to qualify to live in their buildings, may have self esteem issues in their income vs abilty to express upon, and are easy prey for management to care less any way // as with the competitive rate of exchange they do give their apparent care and concern a way, they can replace easilty

they make the homeless aas well as fund the supply to keep the appearance of continutiy serving as necesstiy a-lie-ve

While I have no beef in their professional ability to build a building apparently, I do have a hook-line-and-s-inker-problem with their management. The witnesses, 3 of the 4, that have had no communication with me ever, yet "con-cur" in solidarity for me to continue to measure vanities lie-sure, are vetting from the professional in house aspect of Avesta, and I cannot say they would understand what it is like to be managed by the hand, the refuses to see it honest follow thru even and. What I am saying is, as a management aspect of said company,

for/t the rapport to be stable tendered

Mean while, what is happening on the same continuum

little video brought to your attention to make me look trite in reflection, going forward and back, in context, michelle razed me yelling at 6am on the floor that (vague ly, abeit her "way" to get her "way" to be scene, which is to say to get attention, with nothing meaningful to say)


razed, i collected my senses, dropped off the questionare at the office, and went to the under ground parking area, saw michelle and did want to speak words to her, regarding her that when her saturn return , if you believe in such things, at 28 all you have been comes back to greet you, that she shouldn't butter up to me to view her problems compassionately )

the words didn't happen, she threatened to bash my face in, yelling exactly that, and mock opening her door and slamming it with her hand,

i stood to the side of her vehicle, and she sped off, with no impediment in front of her car. she then called the cops on me, and i was called at work, for "blocking"


from there i sought the video retrieval via tom moulton that owns the property, i have the emails, and tom has slept with mishell or she with him, to get a reduced rate in her parking.

this information is broadly known at osl, as michelle tells everyone the score, as it were. and this information is contained in information to avesta as part of more infrmation,

tom, said i was attractive and wanted to meet. i wanted the video. as it turns out for my court case and to clear my name with avesta, by the tom got around to checking with his "company" that reviews the video, that video for that time period was rewritten with new video footage.

michelle then, that very same day she rzed me for being "vile" and "vulgar" for leaving a note on her table (that read that i and another (respectfully) moved her table (4"), she of her own volition, went into the art room, where i was trying to get my multi piece faux finish completed, and placed an her sketch board on my table.

ironic, yes, and as you can see in other tenants emails to avesta, this petty, vindictive, intentional abuse of trust meant to get under the person's skin, relentlessly, then, whine to avesta that none of us will go in mediation, and that is our "fault"

is exactly what david is doing, he has charged me with character assissination and harrassment while he has ruthless ly abused his write to see rightly, and with entitled assumption (no matter how long his tourney as a lawyer, he has not done one whit of open honest measure with me, only an assumption that i have never had an upright to be -and- from the premeditated -there- because it is obvious to me he does not intend to think fair and relatively square) says that i am "vile" and "vulgar" using michelles words which were abuse, that i put in my complaint to avesta, for which avesta now "honors" david with my honor actually, to be divested from myself, and he prates, he rates, for a just living prow by proud.

this is the first indicitive that he actual ly rate falsely.

as for charlote, charlote has been communicated lengthily by me because no matter what i say, she sees me as abusing michelle, with no view to actually view michelles past mischief. this can be reviewed that the attorny pulled up the petty video, ie he included the video that i wanted charlote to search (as their bumblings for turn around, ie when michelle broke my art and left in the art room broken on the floor couldn't be found within a workable time frame, again) and when i requested the video of her yelling at richard for my court case in teh parking area because he wouldn't share his parking spot, and she got an undeniable lease violation, avesta, gave me a video of richard staring at art in teh gallery, days before my court case, and when i said, this is not the video i asked for, i was told, they do not have the one, that actually blatantly shows michelles character (she told richard he had no right to be here, is not an artist, and hopes someone gets him ie that he would die / and she would get his parking spot)

please notice from david's point of view, to submit this one reference to this video without context, to make me look petty, and not avesta in having to wrangle requested subpoeaned information from them with 2 emails, and no response, 2 phone calls and no response, and going down there in person, in an angry lobby, as charltte tells me she sis going to call their lawyer and i tell her her lawyer can call mine.

charlotte, while introduced to you as a vetran of many years on teh job of resident management, couldn't be more feeble and despised for uncouth and incompetent presentation for just plain trust, and this is not just by me. unsolicted, i have heard of 4 people on my floor alone that express disgruntlement along with the entiltelment htat avesta feels to "manage" by preying on ignorance of tis tenants.


please note, while i am asked to produce witness if i have nay, the tenants that would speak have issuses unrepaired with avesta and their testament, would be used agaist their right to pretend they could voice hteir persepctive respective ly without an assoication that would care in the first place

charlotte, i will include emails asking for small gestures, that goes without seaming ears, over and over, frank last name so i can subpoena him for my case with michelle as he is sorely abused by this woman and when he sends emails to avesta he gets no reply, (and he will forget to show up if i don't supbpoena as he is a reccoerying vet), asking for my doctor papers so i can get the dog certified to accom[andy goes without response for months, so i send again to hollie

regardign hollie same thing, the turn around or askng about the removal of the lease violations takes a month and a half, for me to send another email, and wait ...


the people that david got to provide witness in court to say communally that the communication with me is broken, in deed, must wear the point of reference they portend to command. 1. i have not had a conversation with any of these people except charlotte.

charlotte // putting the vice on me, while i communicate the highs and lows of my work situation, that i am in a high now, flaggin on roads, i am up at 5 if not on the job sight at 5, it is an all day affair in the sun, and i know what waves of heat stroke feels like, and to deal with michelle and preparation for a court case that i passed onto the last buck as avesta wears the face of safe an affordable and i might non discrimination comfortably without at resoudning peop out of the tenants,

i am saying, i had a work able time frame to work on my project and get it out of the art room, however thru the enabling of avesta i felt every time i went into the art room, albeit walked down th hall i was preyed on michell

case in point, after michelle razed me 6am, called the police on me, told avesta i was "blocking" i reiteratded to charlote waht really took place and reiterated because kept acting like i was the liar, and i notice michelle put the mdef board on my work table, because she can appaerntly, stir the shit, and make you wear it too, and call authority to break your day, then cry how inflexible you are for not wanting to mediate in a way that was culled to undercut self management with inherent domestticity. ie her methodology is to reign unnecessarily, and make you pay ie the person taht can.

the hyper inflation of her personality will not work as support by just aany one.

that night i went to the police station to meet the police in prson. michelle calls the police on every one, and i wanted to have a long convresaton of the lay of the land, and i was told by the police as it were obvious. that avesta is enabling this perosn and i must seek a pho and i was shown how to do that too

i procceeed to do this between working long fatiguing hours, and the leanings of avesta management to overstep the boundaries of my ability to provide balance in my life as a person taht responspbile y plays my rent and for the art work ** in communication, that the disregard _AND_ have the nerve to say my communication is "now" broken, when their communication with me has notorilously been nothig but broken, and conveniently passed on off over and away for another "rented" day e

come back to this, call the time schedule , deb, dennis discrimination // money relationship building

knowing that michelle is a skilled liar and the only way i think she can be seen with continuity apparently, is rifting on others peoplse seen, with ehr scene streamign. by the way, i have a psych degree, emphasis is sports psych, and by introduction as i had not one to intoduce my vertiable accomplishments as a sentient human being on the stand and the illustrious ( goat herder) david did for each of his clients that have not had a communication with me, only to bear testimony that my communication with them is "now" broken,

** my accomplish

it took time off of work to sort the 2 years of my emails, her ommisions and negligence, going to the sherrif, all this time required time off of work. and while i do not earn money to stock a cabinet of lawyer in my till, i am and have been put out trying to complete this circle so that i can go free of it my own way, not suspecting in the largesse of avesta that they quite possbly are the exact culpable reflection of michelles mismanagement in reflection

charlotte tome her motivation read direcitonally ie somone that dosn't think to be meaning full on her own keel, as the only ** direct action and communication i got from her was to serve me with an eviction notice when i sent my last full personell email to notify of the website.

i anticipated this, i am familiar with petty people, that do not stand on their own, and the combination of "right-us" hubris combined with an bottomless array of stupidity to error on (my) right every time too present well, as fore and aft inherent as with apparent individually sown and uniquely creative in my own time 2 make, and thus secure the same right to take away.

sow, i got the eviction notice, was it that day? and i had already ordered the business cards, to let them know, what action i took as a counter measure to keep owning myself as so aught.

the roller blade incident, i was not unfreindly and neither was charlotte so if she was filling this way when i talked to her in the office, (i assume as a tenant here i have reasonable right to enter the open door, i can turn by my wee little hand -- the same one i had to have avesta check the video when michellle prevented egress by yanking the door aout of my hand, and she did this because i went to the police after she called them on me for a made up reason... which states to me over and over again, i cannot win homeostatis by being apparent to this person which is to say i will loose every made of measure she can "think" with observation among the crassly unthinking that pretend to draw a living substance as wage on me, lieing wihtout thinking "exceptionally" does not make the lieing more "ok" to draw a rake, in my life again i do not afford to have th means to upend the disgrace legally.

charlotte was to write what she saw on th video they apparently no longer had, for my court case, and what she provided was that "Angela" yelled at richard, not mchelle, so i sent her an email to ask her if she could actually get the facts straight for my court case, for which i received no reply and no usable contribution by charlotte

sow whle charlote is presented by the "honorable" david to be meritorious of providing, i bleive hse said "8" solid years of service nd presumed experience in resident management i have to say she consistently falls with deaf ears as a "said" remedy "to and fro" and provides a direct link for providing defunt commumincation

for reference plase see my website / i** in the begining , whre i have communication with the arctitecct and avesta to produce the month ly neewslwtter, and other people as i field responsive communicatin as a reference for waht commincation looks like. in essence cmmincaaiton is a potent form of action.

i seemingly brown beat charlott e nad her fodder for doddering wayes, yet, in my illustrious accomplishemnts i have been a 4 x all am erican in 3 sports, a first for any femail at the divicion 1 (most competivie) universeity, tiawain nantional champ in 1500m which was not an easy thing to do eatingg apple milk with no expiration date, and chocolate lime "oreas" for days, and a member of the 4 x 800 relaty team that bork the world records, and i wouelf flat out say N0 to charlotte as a person i would relay my good work to x 2 show, as she could't qualify on any reptutable meaure 1 to be fi/t 2 to carry the baton and understand positon 3 with reflection to keep balance 4 with intuition, 4 i can't teacher the imporantce of payiing attention with the motivation braod and sound and in this way i would absoltuely not run a relay with charlote as i would abhor my effor spent for a reason to ownly spite my face with it, and the face as just the tip of the ice berg i have earned, demonstratively with is unapparent at every self serving hack, comfortably vpoisitoned on my o pen grace to pursue thru (they made the"rulses" i not be heard the first time i convetyed 2 eyars of insight to be sat on my haullle)

charlotes work is unredemptive among me, it is hazzrdous to continue actualy aas being seen as servicable, and is sorely as with boradly in need of independent review, not from her supposed peers that encourabe her sleepy ways.


i do refute the witness david proffered for his distinctive quality to deney life on my side, and i aske that the previous tenants complants to avesta about michelle be considered, as although you ad david detemined they woure not present to represnet actually in ther court room, as davids were present with no real integrity to weigh in a quality of conversation that they never cared to abound,

and would still like to deny, i am the one with no history to draw upon and forth in produicng as with procuring a quality environment profound

thesr prevous tenants, when i requested the subp comunication i realize the theme of miche that she does the same harrassment of me and others in teh art room, in 2 years i have foremed views as why i believe she does what she does and i put this forth supplement all to avesta thainking they cared apparently

these previus tenants that leaved because of mischell and because more importantly avsta would not protect their measure to be heard receptive , they did not provide this temstament to aveata for my court case, they provided it to avesat because they were under the "misundrstaning" that avvesta stuood in position as the safe and affordable and non discrimintion provider

respecfully, they do provide the arc of my aligned motivation to be heard, along with the current tentants thhat will not testify of their disgruntelment of avesta management for hear their living sitatuon with my compromised.


Their are a couple of points of mystery that we need to clean up, that define an axis and fulcrum~b that keeps cropping up and keeping every one cross apparently at a total law-st-/-this-time-ye-forgo-t-2- (as I cannot apparently be heard responsively on my own vane while climbing the publicly accessible communication tree, at Avesta prefaced (unless my eyes deceive what I read) to make contact 0 pen ly & relay T) ~ the same T image, they at Avesta are now taking me to court to apparently be known as independently and independently providing with // but not with me, eye am declining, on the same premise thay haven't met~ actually tu`/be maid on merit in my own fruitfull time in g's supplied as cent~0wn lye vein see/n for/t/h as henceforthe~ seeking.

And while I did not start with all the employees I could get my hands on apparently, I do plan to publish all the emails that show the decimation of communication along the way from one management head to another even -a-gain-and- which do not just entail the lack of responsiveness, but the lack of meaning full responsiveness t-hen stepping on your right full tell (tu`/be the noun renown apparently as a verb b/all representative as the word's first as proclamatione Miss Take makes s/ieven e well) -as-their-virtue-to-proclaim-even-knew-well- seen as my well to make well and well (as I am meant to go my own way and means without any forthrightly given to me in my 0wn made time *for/m fro/m completition ).

The process also shows the missteps by Miss Steps take, in line with a boundary, Avesta would be well advised to ponder at any day are ate & gi'ven ti'me. I am pointing at a problem that Avesta abuses people here often in many numerous wayes, by crossing boundaries, crossed by assumptions, they shouldnt make with their all-purpose-ray-k-e- with the advantage they have that in this financial condition to rent from them i "should-kno-t" complain. I am stipulating, Avesta not only proffers from the pore to be made poor-t-all-eaven-, they make them pour in spirit -2- take-t-hem-0re-m00r-r00m-in-u-te- & from this position of them putting the squeeze on me in the height of my money making season, long hrs standing in the sun, squeeze of enabling me-shell to reek hell and share-s0-me-0n- during my off time now made vain / theiven from my kind countenance, my gap appeal to feel and fill the deall, my finances, my time & energy to not even be able to sleep in for reall, "AND" they want to wear the value of my consciousness thru their Ordeal, they saddled me with?

I have a lot to say about this, more than any writ of arguement will emotionally suffice to be found honorable in my station in the courts eye, although that is granting a well earned foundation to continue as~igh~t myT able stability. For me the conversation needs to take Place fundamentally inn place, and the problem here is inn-sole-nts- universal, and sow e then is my industry tre verse all.

For me the corollary of Me-shell's necessary-actions-to-make-haste-to-make-traction-to-dilate-on-a-competitive-vane- cut off from kind countenance to w/hey in on that disgrace, as people for completion don't think that "way" ie, Me-shell prominantly makes a scene on someone, then complains that no one she created haste on for no reason to dayT "wants" to or "will" not sit in mediation with her offered by Avesta, to make the person she razed for no reason look like the intractable to be observed "one". Crazy, right? The honest person is like, "she" ill-willed-an-incident that wasn't necessary, and now wants to be seen scene with me relayting, effectively owning the value of the LY suffix to make relationships seam / and more of her ill will seam necessary to me? and for me? and every body? (I hear complaints where Avesta leaves them to keep s-willin-2-the ethers with no return for personally putting consciousness with a time date stamp marked for returning on the same dime transmitting, which is to say "2" y-ears-is- en0ugh, and Hollie's pithy remark, when she finally got back to me, simply illustrated the lack of caring in the first place and-the-indignity-that-was-all-wayes-there-2-reap-pair-in-the-"Second"-p-lace-). For me the corollary between Me-shell and Avesta is a parallel mirror -2- ignore for no reason -or- to relay-t-for no reason -x-cept-2-ease-0n-e- standing on the same actuall Pre Miss with the standing~ive in.

My presents required in court is tertiary to so many aspects of Avesta management being an active gap in responsibility, with built in indignity for their residents. The gap they do not manage, they leave for the residents, and when the residents get upset, they effectually ignore them, and hold their slice of lie-f-they had to live thru at Avesta's indulgence to not be present, as Avesta's paper t-ails-2-remake your image in writing -2- their - maligned provision of not caring to care in the first place even square with the air e: If you are going to wear caring as your market provision, then follow it thru. Do not stand on the side lines of a constant stream of complaints, and when things get bad enough for a want to tan "you" to "Your" lack of responsiblity for not being your word 2, "You" suddenly act, from a personall point of reference, and proclaim, you are a Person 2! and have Feelings 2! -and-and-and- lo!ok! at what you marketably do! (own lie what you want to be visible / the other you stand on virtue = in essence the suppository position to screw, the squatter is the ruler that let "rule" due- unto the least among you). Please note, my ire is amplifed, for struggling to have a place to solidly call my home with stability to sow and so/wn. My ire is amplified because I think Avesta is taking advantage of people that live close to the bone. People living close to the bone, may not want to compete for no reason except to deceive, as any one can see Avesta's-hallow-moves-0n-me-thru-d-avid-and-the-courts-with-"said"witness-2-tooth-eavens presents without actually providing any know ledge of virtue in ste ad eye with it. And, the witnesses that I could ask to voice their complaints, here as residents, do not want to be put in the position I am now in, on Avesta's p-late-2-drop-kick-and-re-place-as-easy-as-make-

With write ton e merit, I am upset about the lack of responsiveness, the feeble theatrics of Charlotte, who has to be the most somnambulant resident service person I have ever met, Hellen Keller could out pace her in communal service palpably vet with a take away that had meaning that she gave and got get. I do not know where to start with Charlotte as being an "expert" as presented in court. I will let the emails with veritable time lag speak for their self. Highlights I can provide:

1. November / December she mails residents to meet to sign up for their yearly recertification, she uses legal terms stating that if you do not sign up to meet, it is cause for a lease violation and eviction. Two mailers go out, more than a month in advance, and there was never a sheet of paper on the office door to sign up for a time slot to meet. I checked often, even the day before.

2. I subpoenaed complaints and communique about Me-shell from Avesta for my court purposes, emailed twice to get a response as to when I could pick up the materials the week going to court, with no response, called twice Charlotte and Hollie with no response, and went down in person, and Charlotte regaled me on the phone that she was going to tell her lawyer ...

3. I asked for video / all along, when Me-shell broke my art work, Frank another tenant had a time stamp when it happened, as my art work was fine when he was on the computer and it wasn't when he came back a few hours later. Avesta was not able to find the video in time before the camera's retape. I asked for the recent video of Me-shell yelling at Richard in the garage, for which she got a lease violation (finally!) for telling him he was not an artist, didn't belong here, and hopes some one gets him aka causes his death. Avesta supplied me a video of Richard staring at art in the gallery. I replied this was not suitable, and they digressed that they "lost" that video and didn't have it. My thinking is, if they are so afraid of giving a lease violation to this Me-shell, they wouldn't surreptitiously "lose" the evidence to back it, although they would surreptitiously lie to me to deny wit. I asked Hollie and Charlotte for a recap of what they saw, in writing for court purposes. I did not receive it. I emailed again. And Hollie emailed Charlotte and me, telling Charlotte to complete my request. Charlotte, the day before court, and right before she left for home, emailed me a copy in writing of what she saw take place in the video of Richard and Me-shell, and stated that "Angela yelled at Richard."

Angela wasn't present at this altercation, and I was not able to use Charlottes presupposed contribution for court purpose even.

4. I want to get my dog certified, and request reasonable accommodation papers from Charlotte. I don't hear back, I inquire again, I don't hear back. I inquire of Hollie, and put this task on the back, back burner.

5. In court, Charlotte mentions the video they were able to find and supply, and that is of Me-shell putting a small sketch board on my working table (that has articles with glaze drying on it / so that I can complete the many layered process and move them out of there). Attn David Chamberlain presented my quest for the inconsequential video as small and petty minded on my part, and Charlotte in her half hearted sway, concurred amenab-ly-/ as she gets paid any-e-way-e-.

The consequence of the little video was 2 fold. First of all I emailed all after the court case that I got granted the pho, that the video was indeed consequential In Context, as I knew I was to carry the burden of proof against a liar, and she denied everything, even the video she told the judge "that's not me!" The other consequential part of the video that Charlotte would know if she cared to pay attention to that day as with any day to h0 with reall relayTione in t0w e, is that day, 6am Me-shell razed me loudly, for every one on the floor to hear, that I was "vile" and "vulgar" and "leaving notes" is "vile" and "vulgar" and that I should know better ... (i left a note, that i and another tenant moved her art table 4" on her art table).

Me-shell then went to her car outside, as I ironically dropped off a service questionnaire as to how Avesta is doing on a scale of "1" to "4" or was it "1" to "10" -- does it really matter if not one is a wh0le number even? -- under the office door and went to my car. In that time, what happened ie Me-shells art-i-vice- sank in, and when I saw her passing thru the underground parking where my car was, I had words I wanted to leave with her, based on past experience, when she brazenly abuses a person one day, and then is sweet the next. I have seen the cycles enough, to not believe in her apparent goodness. I think she is sweet to gather access off of others she just pissed off, and when she pisses someone else off, she makes "new" friends, to eventually to-e- off. Which is to say, I don't really think she makes friends any sane way.

Charlotte in her vetted testimony in court by Attn David Chamberlain weighed on the side of Me-shell vaguely, as that is Charlotte sway re on what happened outside after the loud hallway incident. I explained to Charlotte, I did not "block" as Me-shell stipulated to Avesta, but not to the police department or the police department did not mention it: Me-shell calls a lot, and they said they had to call, and I explained I should be the one placing the call against Me-shell. So after the razing, Me-shell yelled at me from her open and closed door that she was going to bash my face in with and sped off, then called the cops on me.

I have the emails seeking the video from Tom Moulton's building. I can tell this to Charlotte until I am blue in the face, however I have learned not to Miss Spend myself as I understand her bi-as-any-sway-e-. Suffice it to say, I have the emails to T. Moulton to get the video. His response isn't fantastic, it is tricky as he sleeps with Me-shell, or she with him, so she can get a better rate in his parking lot. These, I also have emails as it is prominently known dating back to 2102, here at Avesta, as Me-shell tossed her conquest as it were, around a lot.

I was not able to get the video from Tom, he did say I was attractive and wanted to know what I do for fun.

That day, Me-shell razed me for putting a "vile" and "vulgar" note on her table, and I should know better than to put something on her table (when she leaves half eaten food items in my bicycle basket, and is suspected of throwing little rocks at people's parked cars in the covered parking area), then threatens to bash my face in and speeds off unimpeded straight away, & calls the cops on me for "blocking", then "gamely" puts her sketch board on my active working table with glazed items drying (as I am trying to comply with the wishes of Avesta) that Me-shell has constantly also primed the pump with that I am taking up too much space! shows her volitional follow thru ie she did it to m-ark- her-e-way-as-thr-u-e- because she can -2-

Amazing, to me, write ly, so I can keep the facts from entering fiction if fi/g to do my own pruning s with a t0g 0 tm e rit. How did this become part of the ethos-hand-ethics of making a promising c-0ur-t appearance, f0r me? I am positioned to work with "it" as with every ni-t-wit-h- 0 pen ly as with kn0wing ly.

I went to the police that night to introduce myself, and they said Avesta was enabling this person and gave me the paper work and how to proceed to get the pho. I informed a few residents about my visit to the p.d. and the next day, Me-shell pulled the door handle out of my hand and slammed it harshly. I didn't follow, I called Avesta, waved my glass water bottle at the camera, and explained to them in a message what happened, and that I have the right to unencumbered egress. I spelled it out, the reasoning, for Charlotte in the phone message, as even in court, she can't seem to make 2 and 2 fit together even in her memory: Her gaps for me are larger than the facts pre sent will ever be.

The problem that Charlotte doesn't want to see is the continuity, that her lack of presence allows to take "place" and rate-and-rate-and-rake-and-what-have-you- I mean, that 24 hours of my life, Charlotte and Attn David Chamberlain want to roll-over-as if it were m-ear-ly-e- nothing, except to make me look petty, as pity full I have all ready taken off the docket t0/U/re place it with healthy industry if you ask me without a-skewing me.

The poop-loop- of Avesta is at heart/h they do not live in the gaps they far-t-, they are not compelled to see or pick up the sh*t and place blame on the people that are angry at being overly vexed because they are able 2 tend the stable they care inn / not as a fable wile Avesta fakes conscious ness as scene in the 0 pen market (with no address they will hear from inside to say stop "it") = the american-sway- and it is a universal problem -2- day T, none the less, eye rate, and attempting to "own" my pate is unG0dly at best-least-rait-e- and marks every -one- as t-heir -e-b-ait- / un-fortune-ate- for t-hem, as I have all wayes faced twith my pr0visi0n e vein

In regards to the poop-poop, lets talk about the schizophrenic woman that went off her meds. Apparently the mentally ill have the right to be ill. That is all well and fine, however Avesta needs management on the line to care for someone that lights their apartment on fire, smokes out residents around them, hails the fire trucks, and an assembly of residents to wake up! when they are usually sleeping well on the way to rem.

For myself, this resident took art from a show I was hosting for other artists in the gallery, ripped one art work in half, and posted it on her door and told the cops, when I called them, that her husband made it, although she has never been married. It took months for me working with Avesta, reviewing camera's to figure out where the art went. I decided to take a stroll and saw half of the art on her door.

Another time this woman bought many bags of groceries. They were left in the foyer from the taxi and occupied practically all the floor space in the foyer, and she was sitting in the gallery and I inquired, and found she was tired. So I loaded her groceries from the foyer thru the gallery and into the elevator, and when this was accomplished there was hardly any room to stand in the elevator with bags piled up. I blocked the door from closing as I motioned to her and asked if she was ready, and she asked ready for what. And I said Phase 2. She didn't understand. I said I need her on board to go to her apartment and open it up. Phase 2 is up. '0h' she brightened up.

Thressa a tenant was coming out of the laundry room and helped get the groceries in this woman's apartment as Cheryl from Avesta walked by and callously wouldn't be a part of having anything to do with assisting this woman.

As I was talking to Thressa at the elevator, the woman we just helped left her apartment. She had steaks, frozen goods, perishables, and there was no way she could have put it away. I asked before I left her moments before if she needed help putting her groceries away. She said she didn't.

I bring this up, because, out of context my emails to Avesta are no more alarming than the schizophrenic woman lighting her food and apartment on fire, and failing to put her groceries away, and that stench permeating every which way (when I called the police to retrieve the art work, her apartment was unsanitary). And, Charlotte herself condemned my emails as "nonsense" / with her writ I have all ready made apparent on my website as it happened. Sow, is it gibberish, and do i have the right x write to be gibberish on Avesta's "time"? I might ad, I have not added an "commune-all" gibberish since announcing my website, so in effect, my "gibberish" is cured, with my right to be mentally not ill in my own zeitgeist times till. Besides, art is considered very therapeutic in some people's eyes, as is journaling / blogging with personallity e // are not the 0pinions "expressed" but not represented regarded as the reality? i feel i too can b/l0g to me hearts content just b.c. and if Avesta is own lie fictionall merit, who are they to really complain that i stole thare fer/ret 2 wear it.

All said and aired out even 0 ggin, I believe it is important to post the emails about a month before, particularly regarding what communication was made regarding the art in the art room lease violations, and the time lag, also I specifically stated the ways I would address this going foreward and I have.

6. I spoke of in court, I have a healthy disrespect for Attn David Chamberlain for using the same words in his cease in desist, that I am "vile" and "vulgar" that was used by Me-shell and my complaint to Avesta about what Me-shell said to me. I see this as bitter malfeasance on Attn David Chamberlain's-par-t- & he can no more vouch for the solid ethics of Avesta than he can sup-lie a back-handed-shaft-and- for a living -to-o-keep-awn-gat-giving- scene unquestioned in the 0 pen f0rum as just plain giving, where my insightful lending should have been deemed sustainably rending, right beneath my feet any where i please.

It is no secret, what I said and have on tape, I called Attn David Chamberlain a S-him to dayT. Bridge-t-t-e- and C-harlot-t-e- were aghast that I wasn't afraid of having t-heir b-ad-m-ark against me as an eviction would mean certain death for re-renting-tit-seams---0f course he levied the 46 exhibits and 4 witnesses he would now call, and it was a "bad" sign if Pinetree wouldn't represent me gat-all-

All I have to say, knowing that judges like brevity, if "you" need "46" cherry-picke-d-exhibits- you are just ill-u-strating your weakness.

Let's consider the after math of what goes thru a person's head, they have an "eviction"// it just sending the mess-age that the wh0le w0rld is unjustly skewed to be d-read-. Lets' consider the after math of what goes thru a person's head by going to court for no reason, but winning e vain // it is a hollow win, like when i theoretically won with Me-shell, I have that email I expressed with Avesta management and friends as well. I experienced deep chagrin, because Me-shell apparently knows how to treat people decently, however she will not unless the "law" t-ails her to-no-el-

7. I need to discuss intermittently the art process with a conversation I had with Deb that takes up floor space the size of 3 tables, and Avesta overlooked that, along with Dennis' free bicycle collection he ads to in the parking area. Deb paints large canvas, typically 4 x 4 from what I can see. She said I could stack my 9 cubes and 4 shelves and 2 rails on her table to help me comply with Avesta, and offered to be in there to circumvent Me-shell. She gave me her time. In doing so, I spent time in her area, I commented on an art piece stacked under the table, that I liked it and why I liked it. Deb commented it wasn't finished. She didn't know why, but it was finished yet. I can resonate with that in my own process.

Artists take time looking in a project and outside of a project, it is not uncommon. They step away and come back. I find it offensive on top of the enabling of Me-shell to infringe on my ability to work in the art room before my paying job picked up for the season, then Avesta turning the screws on me to comply all-things-considered- and not any one else taking up space, just the person Me-shell continuously pointed-0ubt- as I am emailing them my current circumstance that do not lend me to comply on many levels at the time, including a planned trip to pick up my dog, that didn't allow me to sleep for 28 hours straight (due to the Charles Bridge construction in NY late) ... I find it offensive that Avesta is now "managing" the art process without any knowledge of it.

For me and my project it was faux finishing, many layers, that need to cure in between the layers, not just on one piece, but on each side so I can turn the piece. I am offended at the "overt-and-penalizing-pacing-" rendered without a tracing of g-raft-erasing-. That I am meant to consume their bull shit, constituted on my back it would seem and constantly hovering for no reason 2 be, for tackling their work load they couldn't or wouldn't se/am for any one of us here, yet, would st-ill come -2- the -for-e- 2- ste-all- my virtue, my merit, my e w/heel, and scrabble in court that their tech guy had to "work" "8""whole" "hours" outside of "work" "2" "empower-e-"--- w hat "feel"? fore reel.

8. Feel. I have had a human anatomy class where I dissected a human being. Faire to say in the class I dissected several human beings. I have held a woman's brain neurally connected to her eye balls in my hands. Feel. I feel for the news I hear in india, that a young woman boards a bus and is raped, by several "men"and pushed out the back end of the bus, dis-pose-able-ore-bus-t-able- but not before the rod-and-staff-lets-not-forge-t-a-bout-t-hat-e-, t-hat-app-ends her internal organs for just apparently being, as what that very delicately means in no average way of relay T in g, except-for-how-e-some-peep-pull-surfeit-2-speak-0-pen-ly- is that the rod went thru somewhere in the perimeter of her vagina up to and in her rib cage to do her such harm she couldn't consciously recover from "organ-i-c-all-ye-" from the st-art-. It may be worth while to note, the epithelial tissue of your mouth is the same as your intimates without a doubt and ironically the word in origin is from 'above' + 'teat.' 2 0ut i am pr0w t

9. Combo effort here: I have provided the art room contract that we signed to participate in that room, and that I was also formatively present at its inception in resident meetings, and it does not state a length of time or space to use. Deb informed me that at a recent resident meeting which I no longer attend, that Me-shell vocalized about my faux finish 7x7 foot furniture wall unit, as not being art, and shouldn't be in there. Deb informed me that Charlotte gestured for her to hush, as Me-shell has been relentless in finding someone to single out and harrass, and I put forth, after 2 other tenants have moved because of her and her ill will in the art room, with targeted emails complaining specifically about her, her tactics, the same abuses meted on me, that my 7x7 project was an obvious target to both hide her ill will behind, with the attached merit of "doing it for the people" aka other artists. Me-shell stirs the pot, makes chaos, seeks authoritative observation (with persecution hidden in her recipe-2-advance-it-per-pet-u-ally-e-) and Charlotte, for her part in court, doesn't recall -it- but leins vaguely that i am the "responsible" party at the "seams"

10. Long way to get here: The lease violations in the art room have been "cured" as Hollie stated, but they were keeping a record in my file. Repeat, the lease violations in the art room have been rescinded albeit with a notation. Then, they were restipulated to be in effect, Lease violations again. This is sod. This is a false measure sup-lied more lie -2- lein-2-lein-in-g-at-g0ve- This is not how a reputable comp/any in the 0 pen keels fore re all. This is how a vain company re-distributes it unmeritorious k-ill with mater matter of fact ill-u/s-i-on-e-2-"steel" = just saying your building "Avesta" isn't hierarchic ly f0re re all.

The "cease and desist" because it is official-ly "nonsense" in Charlottes words, built on top of the made up art in the art room lease violations, that were "given" and "taken" and "given", columbined with a-sense-of-given-take-with-it- = none of this makes time, makes time for completion, makes time fine for refinancing even by e vein as the nit-wit- m-aid of/f my peace of mind, and the own ly way to reclaim mitt is provisionally in the same time on the same bee line eye make it kn0wn as mine. In essence, Avesta, their toxic enabled poop-loop- has made it possible for me to see the only way foreward if I want to just be, and that is to tan them with their b.s. 0 pen ly e 0n my 0wn platf0rm apparently as with capably which is to say, without question you see.

As to the "re-dud-dance-y-e-" of the "cease" and "desist" // I had no reason to communicate to the nit-wits now that I have land marked on their sh-ape & pre served e vain by t hat eye may/ke announcing the website tu`be my pr0clamation too the habit @ Miss Take 0rginally. I am free to poop 0n it, & have ceased and I predict will desist a "need" for conversational-measures-that-held-me-host-age- on the continuum of merit I am free to/me make wit~h. I do not "need" their "consultation" "reservation" "hesitation" = this is my product, min e, and any one is free to comment on it, or pass on it, or pass it on, accordingly x lee x lea x lei per ret

11. self esteem, maine has put a dent in my financial self esteem, the first thing that gap apparently impressed on me when i moved here from the west having previously worked for a dentist, is the number of toothless people, how did they get that way, it is hard to concentrate on what they are saying, try as i may, I am aware I am trying, how did this person lose every tooth on one side of their upper deck canned palate left? followed by the discovery of hacking people picking up discarded cigarette butts for the possibility of a little puff on congress street, tossing it back too the ground and hunching over to hack lower to weave so were sewere, does it matter much inn-gratiating-ly grievetational-ly, and the drunk and stumbling yet mnemonic functioning bill-i-yard b-owl strolling down the street, picking fights with himself ni-an-morn- (does the "time" of "day" really matter -2- pick fights that don't mater-after-) when he isn't singing badly off rentd keye cover-t-swoons apparently, eye don't know for ewe for rem me r eye me : I am hap pi Avesta has a professional place to establish their working frame of reference for all to see_parently. It still doesn't make heart unless you merit it in follow thru even 2 square it as wear w/here it in the round uni/verse seen for the say/in/t would be saint and street in ste/ad appreciably, vs scene sowe wait d-own- unwholesomely on the people that have apparently lost the connection to habituate in a proper frame of reference, be it a building or a budding affection to s/mile and wave because you have the w/hall to do sow e~ vein & daye. g.ain Twith personall reference

if avesta cannot provide safe affordable housng they cannot deny accept thru court -as-double-play-e-d- 2 by "to/o" jeopardy-is-re-st-ore-d-competive ddirection-all-a-b-r0ad-b-(h)ored-e-vain-

pick people up off bottom -and- give them a whole lot of reasons 2 be angry at "you" with your reall b-lack on white fallow -e- thru -e- 2 day t -&- you all so hold them financially and deleteriously accoutable to your unepth narc povint-of-vie-w-e- w/ no rational wiggle room, and no voice whatsover 2 x too complian 2, in the first indignant place you actually due "due" "due`" due-t" "due-two-e-" = "to/o" x "2" solid-bite-che-lie-thrU -le- unable to be heard to be considered to be question able and held questioned accountable and account recieve re sieve able in the same o pen vain of sure face service you are intent to keyep ay able // 4 a ficitonall service provided, on people that clearly are not competing, unless meshell the "artist" whose dad bought her art aeducation and she "knows" partying and drugs, and whose dad bought her a new car, and she feels entitled to park on anywon honestly trying to ear/n by eXtension their mark by heart h

lawyer law-y-ewer-e- doesn't believe in teh redeemer (to regard or consider in a specific way, yet tog ather by and with a holistic day t make in my image o/de lay t

re deem aire , are mer

mishell doesn't beineve in artist 2 re member t here and plan-t-s herself 2 diss member a pro duct unification by t-ac-sit- x tactit core-all-ate-i-0n-e-

she makes you squeal and then she takes hol-d-of the-w/heel-ie-

in her own way she doesn't belive in the art or artist in her "self" fact-u-all-ly-e- and is acting "out" perhaps as a way to forgoe meaning 2 escape? -ore- fore-go-meaning-2-'s-cape-able-at-any-t-raid-fors-e-able-

avestas that could actual c are molest a miss take they are obviously not the mangers of their st/able at any t rait in the light of Br0ad Day Ly

christ hb hemoglobin = christ blood e vein lye hades christ hb want your christ b your christ~g christ in g type genus genious ingenious 2 ingenuous if ewe yew e please genus service capably


the relationship eye express is fundamentally in the service of my said reflection est sight n seen and they have no sight n seen own ly scen 2 make wihtout me in the o pen noose -u/s/e-e-ye-con-unquestioned with the high right tu'be too be beck on and 2 be in 0f / same leg same vert tu` all direction virtually speaking's aim ame (mame in of it self is(h) an(d) apple by the way e) x (dap is to fish by letting the fly bob lightly on the watt aire without letting the li~ne touch the water and dapples is to mark with spots and rounded patches that per haps got rub e d0f/f e~ b.c. t-hay-as-k-ewe-d-ay-lo-t- from the own ly per s0/n t-hey t-hot-they-could-knock-cough-t-

t(h)en on/es un till thrummins end b re ad ew/heel adder e gilt m rad~0ve

hollie can keep note on file in building of construct and same on eye w merts hand o/f/f at m'side s

one hollow vain noos for use see bee

the short and b/lo!g

c harlote t ired of "ha" bit push pay-per-work all over the place irrelevant 2d ayt even as eye make w reall inention 2 rayke by my eye rayT and visa versa Stake Miss Take. g.ain 0n e w/hup take II f/act may Ke = kinetic dame s'trait prophetic as s/hake & a ke 2 say e un verse all y e si lent maid nigh~te vein ly e s lee p streamin s ave h ave h eye h aye

alot to get off my c hest 2 b hest b est cb returning same iterest as cent actually e t hey are not obviously even interested in earning

i didn't start off tart tan a away to speak plainly nor bi planar ly to/me o pen ly e at the very least

redeem er re deem a systme regarding f aire x faire in the round circu lar and square by making the time firstly e t here 2 rebound singularly and continue thru the same vein venue/ to w/ave

i am building fair e art are & by right laudable miss stake 2 checkmate 2 to/wn are set 2 continue

every burr tells a storye where i tl eft / lept 2 tell the stories weft in original with warp ed ness of a 'mistake' kerning g-lore-ye-sake`-

lexcellent vs inn sole lent-s-

largeess, charlote coulnd pronounce words, call me nonsense, why am i ffaulted by being capeable and orginall in my self feeding as fed that is used against me, as away to arrest progress to day t// it is not my fault charlote has nevr apparently been given rise to use her noggin by and with her own enterprise, yet she takes special bi-as-s-against me with meshell, and in the c-ou-r-t- she efficacios-ly represents with "perfect" sagacity interrupted to be misconstured nd continued along the supposed framework of vagacity (vague city) "ii" the more i state independently it wasn't me that "made" your "day", the more they seek to have me "pay"-e-to forward their "time" competitie as all ready made, but don't want anyone to see if for their FACE // stealing my consttant face inthe process to "date" with a "rate" that will never at u all y rake, & raK~e x0 x 0k thorough ly e

divested of avesta theoretically that their competitons pro of relationships e X is T apparent ly 2 your self seen 0 pen ly they cannot now claim their lack of virtue unless they take me to court "2" deny it thr u?

and i can see the rapport, you work together often, art if it is good is that of the magi cian vs the charlatan, and on my a Pres Miss all one, i call into question the apparently known competitve heirarchy, and say quite frankly, it is charlatan art, and the only way it is approve-d- o n the same time t able, is by c-over-ring-the 0 t her es hear t as 2 be scene not necesssary from the "st-art-" going for competiton own lie in the dna exchange of information, which isn't taking place or palace sustainably from th/rone too co/rone/t tu`p an sup an speaK up as aptly a cross the plain sow e too the speak ewe dew 0ne d00 tw/h0 in some me as ure of deliberately consuming and pooping on fe at her e bounding charms universe all ea/ ssure

t-hey at avesta, b-an-k on any one of ewe not seeing w hat is missing thr~u relative ly speaking -&- not act u all y h/ear ring w hat they "due" fo-re-no-re-as-on-2-excpet-g-amble-w-it-have-virtue-dis-pose-able-to-0-due- nd- due- and -due-

their manaement is the b-an-k- civil-ly-e- their "getsation" any way you want to put-ttit- is the st-range-on-e- practical-ly irrelevant / 2 dayte and thus culling a Miss Take t/o/u//r e t-heir x t-here re p/l/ace * this has taken more time to bring to light than erase, theirfore i would like the courts to refinance a half life to the 2 + years taken away from me, and noted file per each party, pay my rent for the next year actually for the 1/2 of 2 taken from me.

my debt alloted hall-ted -&- tre-faulted on the right to skea, and write pursueant on me me

(i am pursuing my originall ebt to just be b.c. just being makes sense x cents to me literally x spiritually even 2 x tend virtually they way i would like to be known as being actually)

"now" made minds up will not accept my m one y e as if it were there x their choice t/oo x 2

we are all rich if we have a leg in our own repast too x 2 by and buy break fast and braek b re ad on/e w/ the waye w/hey e self sufficient ly wakes and w/aves aid ew om b make an improvent 2 day t tu' due t

sym bowl movement which is too illustrate my way avesta is shiting on me to day-t-e- in on one follow thru makes shit-up-on-every-bodye seen yet virtue tu be vert green inn dependent ly seen as place same see k in g

pre-dater stall-king the pray = those that be lea fi/n the i/r in self an/ny e way e

avest see-k-2-replace-me-&-t-raid off the place i filled - with their own "person-a-" effictive-ly refmoing me form from fe at u/re s me ars / merit extending 2 be returning to remove my means 2 regard that they will wall and serfeit-ff- as the value orginally due me to be de them-now-apparently graciously / meshell my art rollerblading the feeling the c-over was pre-dater-stall-king- like can't encapsulate my frame as her s-hell unless s-he dismantled me as w-ail


fot xyz in my orall hospitality as 2 project onto anyone apparent from e, myself andeve eye may k up 2 cathch and receive me thrroughly tome X's to me in reflective cap a city i land granted apparently on avesta because they w/ land use are not dong anything e write x right by and buy me or any one else reprsent their self w their one sole to just be not part-i-al-ly-e- pear~0 h0 ly you / use / yew / ewe / see x sea transparently compeat x complea tl ye

the roof that fail in more than one "ways"

throne and cornonet hight lows in orgin both run off the eaves of the gutters eve in ly e with leaves of trees meritoriously restate the evidence too the be as t re e vein bee sting if ewe don't hap pen 2 0 see k meaning full, the sting is another way e to.o speaK up actually, and like slats of shutters to any degee si lent and (h)one st utter an gutting in test i/n all ea perfect ly

water and oil dont' mix? water tan soil / watt air tan soil t here dew mix f air e just like com-mode-m-aid-2-/eb-t-0il- for no reason 2 x too "f"oil oo t oo le dewe // t-hey vanquished the faux-and-now t-hey ant to inhabit my for ray by and buy thinking "habit-u-all-y-e-" in the realm of my stipullated meritocrasy -2-speak-om-&-of-f-it-2-use-e- & it will do not "one" at avesta just-us personally / howeaver just to pr0 0f/f e point (their errors are as ingrained as i state and cross examine on the same plate tome) it s-till doesn't stop them from ste-ad-i-ly-e- purse sue ing eggregiously in vain with-amp=le-x amp lea f0r/m/e~ in depen/den T ly e t0 me t0me

if my website is formative "conclusion" = "nonsense" as charlotte has written with a "cease and dis-order" writ-2-riot-some-one-sme-w-here-else-w/-, my bantering should qualifiy as meaningless, and they will have no problem going about their bs ness as i go about mine

what i am getting is no one personally to speak with regarding the made up lease violations given taken and give again...

in essence the on-ly thing m-0ne-ye- can by is more "time" to shit on earnest people for no reason to ole apply living s/trait on e the li0 n~s/hare may T

as is avesta is sim-pull-ee divested 2 day t and can only be seen to/o x 2 causally e relay T with me 0n e the same wayT and i do think there should be some restitution for the constittion they have so ad-mire-able-ly-ate-s-core-recti0n-e- (yates correction is: )

avesta does not listen and will not let one be miss spent wth pen as a possibility ave puts a bandaid

peoples depression not zesty enough to pick up after their self is because you are not reason enough to supply even and yet you com-man-d- insigna of thoughtfullness to dispense al loft with no reall pre sents oft /en,

you car-rye the symptom and b-lame t hen for not laying eggs of appreciation for your ten-man-ure-st-w/rong-

you arefeeding the depression and pro-vie-d- judgemental behavior from a positon of i-did'nt-c-rap-iss-honest-ly-e-on-e-the-p-eon-pawn

david consult the law the "lexicon" to me / he is not linking by as and with necessity

everything he does is "ear-m-arke-d-" for an insular den-i-all of being present with t action in it 2 the dna eXchange actually pre sent

everything c harlotte is to deny progress b/right

t-hat- bl"0"ws humor me as i am doing that myself, being fed b.s. without an outlet 0/0 d0/0 & d0ck lea r / which has led eb t oo this artistic intervention for many f aire re as on s for me name ly i ste all

ti'me to buck up son for t hat you sowed but didnt actually h0 e in any 0ne ligance mer i mer ry mari time is min e

shake the yew tree and generate the leaves to fall -and- sink into the relief 2 not have same..

cant sowe who time a mouth peaic all sow

nene goall den goose raised in captivity

doing reall work bring light 2 earht dont' think it shoud be under cut by a fiment of my imaginatin "just b.c." competition "ray-k" is now thinking "s-trait"

the guuter is cur/b under the last raw sunder

trite "write" of avesta 2 displace them for no reason on their p-art and the womans ability 2 be objectily conscientious is to be made perpetually homelss on thier l-as-t

the "s-cope" is clearly a-rope-a-dope- to-honor-nope-

the eye of the needle is the thread asp r0 vie did ia m

conversation not take place singularly = bro/ad and b/road side by side

very unsanitary how fiscally get in the way of people relating sustainably 2 day T

b lock from head c lock

court printing a miss

eye~s~lept the whold daye as proof in kno~wing's flyeTe~

looks like my signature style but wouldn't know unless you were really payng attetnion 4 a wile you were being sown along a continuum you have no right to speak "con" in teh 0 pen

had hades strif stick w/it for a life


nit witted celebration

taxed to core, rent wiped for janus january not have avesta have residents do their work of managemnt to dayT and then proclaim it was theres

x mediated by 2 dishonest people, meshell the "artist"-a-ware that doesn't believe in a artist (ironically, as her art education was funded by her daddy, and the new car she drives, "additionally" and from t-his, she -bellives- that she will not date someone that doesn't have a car, not having earned an education or a c/ar aTall

and the corpporation that doesn't believe in the person of integrity they propose to be all-sowe-unless they cull me into court to make-me-pay-full-

self esteem financially certainly not conscientously i question no reason yet? i am the home that i keep companye with complete a ware ness eye, just for the say in it

money we contribute to gove subsidy which avesta receives a boat load in advance of building the building, = say , not good enough rescind to keep note court whe i didn't have time to give or time not to give via the meshell escalang and avesta escalating on my personal grace to afford paying attention to the balance in mmy life as a way to keep it on board and not trite for their "vision" wth out circumscision, if i may have a clean rendition without any h-orders-

consceintiousness take place bc observed be accountable not part of hteir take

apt check rot not showing not being

self estem dealing w people that feel on seme level that they have to take waht they can get even if it is your boat load of nconvenence because ther merit said merit 4 desire appaent lost hall your bldgs get

wo weares the face wheres the c lock any way

to say i am a mistake as with any every woman before mean any-e-way- 2- resotre-t-hen the egg? the rate - perpetuall question is where she on my tun

picking up threads seen in orgin 2 c/lo clothe and cover e in reflections pre supoose sit ion e vein

frank and thressa indignity is preserved, while reall work that requires reall attention is panned off tothe residents to put up with / do hte work, thru the court,s that avesat then will appended you joined in the problem for going to court e vain?

tanyas roof falling, frank not his clothes smell like smoke from jacobo the / frank in his appartment gets a note for his smelling like smoke. frank smoke, and not in his apt, / that is rude, come to franks home, and append a "note" with apparent ly civil reg"u"ard, that his "clothes" -smell-like-smoke- // avestas cloak smells like smoke from a fire to diss misss on the discovery of desire 2 live refinanced as they kn0w wit 2 speaK UP

rollerblading meshell charlotte th reality of it

H20 me m11 v