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Trans p0se

a Pre sage : This is right as R/e as 0n e be/a my T~ye f0ra k n0w 0 / t her e b/be e s~0/n~ne t ing 2 app r0v e ve in/ns0 wing 0 pr0 fit 0 pr0 wt in re all i ty e t'yews it up in~k n0 wing lea min~0~w/t i'm~e alla L(0ve2f0st.air)i've thrU~hew (as) r/i/t/e (h)and~i visi0n e 2 c0me pass TL ever y e La Sting 0/n it as k w/h@av.e we~aVe~n~t0/0 th e ar t (h)2 0! h0! e! _cstaTic L anD em.0. c0 st 0n~t0 T' L as T L augh T : yew must grasp the asp in habit at 0/r(t)e b:be "": st i'll it 4 X for e stile it is 0' l0!t t0' w/0rk in 2@0ne t/0w ne/e~Je-e-r King 0/f(er)

a h 0m e




r/ight, right~in


R e all


for a

fora, singular of forum, not for-um-


ins , insurance, in s ee~ing, s eeming & being

yew you litter all in spirituall 2 ret ear n

min 0

min n0w


meal, me all


all a


h = 0ne rung L.adder 2 c li'me b cause stick act u all y e, 0ne rung Ladder is ring ing 2 g0/n h0~me in desiire : h2h0 ne in deed

come, c0m e, c0 me, c/0m e

pass pas sap

c0mpass : 0rientat~i0n e w/ith eve R/I b 0d ye

di dye die

nit k nit

aught a laugh t


as p~lace in e very e thing e t0 me in re all i ty e

jer -k-


king k-?ing a b0ut


g0 f0r

g0 f0r e t'each er 0h as be calm in L and' Win ta b0und

0ne per pers 0/n eve in 0d/d 0ing s0 0n e'bea my T in the 0 pen &


tat t at


ha bit


style, stile, estil0 span is h0e vein

leit / german

leit / m0tif X 0hear t

"" the 'st' is La st, and the quest-i-on-e-pre serves - - - -

l0! st. here st. a/r/t h ear

s0, s0l, s0l0, s0le, 0le, le, e, lee, lea, lei, L0vie~

l0t / w h0's j0/b is this? 4 X f0r e all s0w e g0~


t0w t0e t0/0 tw0 win the c lea r

c hem i/c all abbrev. ab0und * * * 2 f0st.air ent 4 c heap air

kin as k in

att0ne at t0/n e

0 0n ne nee

trans 'acr0ss' un t/0 p lace w/yew/right all 0w

t~a ll k in ste add

acr0ss, bey0nd her 0 transc0ntinentall


0h p0se e 0ft en such as i`~ 2 may k

ns nan0 sec0nd ap pr0ve d w/ st ate 0f m(e)in d ay T 2 till and c0ntinue in direct current m0 ve: a double u is 2 V's cuneiform w/edge sa.m.e ad dress' dayT X dayT 0'em/b/race~n v is age 0de t 0ur et in A special ate N igh t angling et u` = f/ace t0 f/ace = ly A line d/0 un tri angle es0 falsett(h)0o tin g/ad ness blime ye tu~ beck 0n e0n e~


in ten t~i 0n e all ay e 0 pen ly per sieve d key den mark it 2 relay T