Haul Lie Sprague w/ Re visiOn Eve in/n

From: Angela Cook <xubrnt@mac.com>

Subject: first is last

Date: October 22, 2014 10:14:53 AM EDT

To: "gpayne@avestahousing.org" <gpayne@avestahousing.org>


it is easy to rescind

but t hen ew e ar e fight in g o ver 0rigin


wh0 pr0 vie des f0r wh0 m ave n?


t0/0 debunk your myth in ad vance 0f it

you would have no re as on e t0 compete with me

if you were for co/m/p lee ti 0n e first as last ly e


Haul Lie is vain

and she cant get traction apparent ly

to move ste ad fast ly "professionally" without 0 pen ly diminishing me

a gain in her vain


I do not de serve those 2 L ease violations to/o fall-0 me, premeditated

by her not act u all y doing her work as a wor kin g value in re all i ty e


She is holding me accountable to her malfeasance postulated economically.


This is not just u se e


I am un hap pi about your pre di's posed cir-cum-stance- to

A/ make "light" of me

A/ squat on me with your thin-king

A/ as with any body e


I am upset about being facetiously treated without dignity

because my income apparently disposes me to you to be "seen"

irrelevant ly


Haul Lie knew about the current problem here that Avesta has enabled,

and I eventually got a protective harrassement order against this person,

with subpoenaed content from Avesta to use in my court case.


Avesta has enabled this person to b-lee-d- on every body just f0r e be in g


I for one am just being

-AND- I get t-axed by Avesta b-u-y ass-0-c-i-ate-i-on-e-


It is the ass-0-ciation i am un hap pi a bout


I have put up with your largesse to be scene as purveyors of providing service

(with duress own lie). You disregard me for renting from your orgainization,

that my be in g me ans less, -AND- you "add" on t0 "i/t" for your seem-blance.


Haul Lie has con-vein-i-ently stolen my time, energy, and prosperity, and g0 0d me an s

t0 be SEEN vs her Scene 0ver-writing (without right as re as on e) me.


I am not ok with your false demeanor,

I am not ok with putting up with your can did be have i 0/r


I am not ok with the per pet u all de lay

I have to put up with to "d-ate"


Haul Lie takes with a diss hone st rake.


Haul Lie "0/k-ed" the lease violations.

It is a form of domestic ab use.


One on One, you have not earned your truth.


I see her refuse-all to rescind my lease violations that i did not ear n,

as a person all st ate me an t, except, it has no relevance

for the people she is apparently serving with in/n.



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