if you want to get a g0nad that rises appreciably with a woman in realitye you want to get rid of the g0/n-ad if you know w hat ie mean

g0/n e see d

et tu` brute i am a luucky shrew f0x

judge tri ing to make competition a stand ard w/out referenceing 2 be seen among me in the 0 pen in g

net gain garnet pleasures re main e in th' 0 pen et 0m e` vein s p0ke n in time f0r/t/e`~a

if you dont have the time to ret rent from me you do not make the time ac cording ly e fxf any boddy 2 be a ware use e


Haul Lie Sprague w/ Re visiOn Eve in/n

From: Angela Cook <xubrnt@me.com>

Subject: Haul Lie

Date: October 21, 2014 6:24:42 PM EDT

To: Ben Walter <bwalter@cwsarch.com>

Cc: ***

The ne (1 and 0 re spec t I've lee / eve in ly / the suffix if e we p lease / the chemical element of ne 0n)

The ne ed with ed s h0w in g possess i0n e


The ne ed in me as u re as y0u c an see k

is to make eve n by n buy evening


the evening

the a.m. administer to the p.m.


re past

re p as t

by and buy break f as t


b re a k fast 0 pen ly lee lea


Haul Lie is a turd face

is all i h ave t0 say e


Avesta does not provide co/m uni t~y e


T-hey caint rescind the l"i"ne of t-here lack of integrity

as it makes t-hem m-one-y without any b0dy e


Big S"0"ws! Avesta h-as no integrity e vain s0w


To gain traction to be competitive for no re as on e


T-hey must add re ss (to be scene)

(for no re as on e am0ng k n0w 0n e)


The last residual disgrace is that every b.o.die must be a dick in this p-lace


pre-ten-din-g-"2"- be-in/n


(a - gain - an-d- all-way-e-s "fora" no re as on e)


Thank for nothing, personally if fi (of fidesim) could be s0w in s 0m e in


Be it k now n // you don't h ave a "write" to/me




ly shows relationship in re all i  ty e


From: Angela Cook <xubrnt@me.com>

Subject: Haul Lie 0ver t "i'm" e

Date: October 21, 2014 6:32:15 PM EDT

To: Ben Walter <bwalter@cwsarch.com>


"Hone nest ly

i th ink


people would be interested in the

miss re pre sent ate i 0n e ve in lee

t hat Avesta didn't provide for act u all y e


I think people would be interested

in the false misrepresentation of "wood"

to b-id your administration to know a false veil "in/n"


the emails from other tenants complaining about this person

that you enabled, and h-ave thoughtless ly handy-capped

"0" fora 0 pen ly


ste ad ly e with y0ur l0t t0 pen ly eye w/ear ing your desire as your e past intenti0n e in re pr0#w t 0 pen ly e t0/0 be per ceive d/ i.d. inn deed as/the d0 in g lee just be cause you deserve the current rait 2 rate b/ay/e be e vein s/t.i'll : thus I c an re ad in ten ti 0n e we yew ussy. st/em i c all y e, if your face does kn0 t' wear your na.m.e X act ly e the sa.m.e 0n/e in the 0 pen and~i~late as kne ad/0n e st.ate an unfair advantage for what it is a lie-n- via the interest sought -0re-s0t-all-0t-t0- st.-ill-pr0-w/t- 2s?stall the time?e`vein an d (rive)r.i.sing e

as far as i c an per ceive in my 0wn eX per i e n/ce in re all i ty e/i certainly understand y 0 u r 0rientation e 0pen ly in ad t' appr0ach e in/ t0 make pieces of kn0w e relational inter- rest, 0r to approach to relayT & surpass 2 a ste ad ye st.ate 0'hap pi ness ate ve in gi've the f re e d/0m e t0/0 gate and gaye ze jus t be cause

i'm 0t w/ tem-p-est 0ssed & m0te vein if -e-we get me st.eaming 2 saw e dust 0/ff 0re x 4 my T L /0T.

i-r-on-i-c-all-y-e- a "gat" is short for a g-un, and a~gate is a st.0ne t0/0 be calm 0ne y in c0ntinuity~e b:b e sp0ken 0ugh in d' passing 0ft'

w/h0 c an c as t he fir.st. 0ne ? 0 pen ly e 0n my p lat e f0r/m/ e ? re ad a w(e)are as u/r e act u all y e ?

you know what is so nice about launching this web site in haul lie's "na.m.e" is i don't have to look back in vain eve in the sa.me in any direction':I have no need to communicate with t-hem ap-parent dire-ect-ly "2" despise -in/n-0/f- in.herent l(y)eve r s0/m~e~

& s0w i do not have to app pare rent (are) ly clog their def-unction with my emails sent to/o no one. it will be interesting to se what actions t-hey deem necessary to be see n as a valUe am0ng me in 0rigin 0 pen ly e relay T in g~ 0h0 t0 w/h 0le g~i0n e ch00se 2 levy in 0.rigin = me:em ark m(e) an y e & reap air e pLent~ye


the three w/i semen the 3 why's men

the threee y semen

magi c an => may k magic e enough actually e

Miss Givings fr0/m/e the 0thair p age:

Thank you for "thinking" the people dispossessed of an ear n est living

are not cape able of se ein g thrU the poison in yew and ewe

fund"a"me-an-t-lie (you are creating the situation of being in "ne ed" of

the services you caint act-u-all-y-e- provide to a "t")

(your teet does not have re all e st ate all "sow")

I believe it is bet air under st 0/0 d t0/0 say e the services cain-t- act-u-all-y-e- provide, pr0 vie (vie is rising to a challenge 0 pen ly, not 0-pen-lie, and naught on a competitive marketing platform own lie.

I am saying that Haul Lies te-et does not h ave re all e st ate in re all i ty e, no matter w hat she apparent-ly fosters 0-pen-ly-e-

re as with me act u all y e by my 0wn me an s t0/0 be see n vs scene 0n Haul Lie as well~ ------------------------------------------------------

No te s awn Die Di Dye w hat h ave we h ea re 2 re ap air: T here is as difference t0 me. I believe -D- is for-e- D-ate-un-abel-t0/0 reap air

-D- is d-ate-dead- to be (-h-) -0-ld-e-very-t-hing-e-t-hat-ne-eds-ad-ding-2-for no re as on to apparent-ly be scene to be self sustaining f0ra lla s eas 0n e the s a.m. e

t0 by t00 be ye s0und all a r0und / f0r e X 4 (re member X is p.r. i'm e in 0 ne i.d.en t i fi c at(e)~i 0n e) and f/0ur is e f are X f air and s(cue U)qu ar e act u all y e

Haul Lie makes people -0-l-d-in-ti-me- fora no re as on e, t hat is the "luxury" of being scene adding value / t hat is st"0"len as she c-an c-laim such as aw n igh

Her apparent est able is h me?an?t? all 0 w s her not to think 2 think as a value t0/0 valUe 0 pen ly am 0n g.


Additi0n all y e s U m

The last residual disgrace is that every b.o.die must be a dick in this p-lace


adds clarity w here it is thought les sly h-air-y-e-

Again the hyphen s-h0-w-s- a-purse-on-e- is unable to st and on the i/r 0 wn act u all y e. I quest i on e the "face" of the in c0 r porati0n without a per, per pers 0n e, and apperature t0/0 be ye wh0le a ware in ness*

*Ness is as w0rd e in dependent ly in/ni*

*N f0r/m/e equ(cue u)alls N0w it 0p ti 0ns

0f N0 w hat is Necessary all w ay e s t0/0 D/0 ne

as D ate 0 m aster full y e 0n e 0n e s0 w 0n e

a d-ick if fi may e re st ate vein 2 may T/e (h)0n est ly e

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-O-lea st-e/r-
H20 me m11 v b all S/y*system fi ne ScreenShot20141031at13039PM