Haul Lie Sprague w/ Re visiOn Eve in/n

it cost me money and time to go to court and strategically prove a liar

so that she would leave me alone as all 0ne as i am fr0/m e the begin in g. 

The less 0n s0 w0n e t0 w n, is to keep her from creating a scene on me p articular ly


t hen i find, Avesta thru Haul Lie "et al" is creating a scene on me to t (h)ell.


i quest i on e d the use of the court actually, however, since me-shell was 

escalating in that direction, i chose it as the path to cap her imp-ass-e-


it didn't make me feel better t hat she apparently listens to the -law- and- will

provide no dignity t0/0 another 0ne 0n her 0wn. it actually caused me deep chagrin,

understanding her e("in" heir)r ent as s under p-i-n-n-in-g-s-t hat she knows better but won't

t re a/t 0 t her e s unless she has "2" effect-ive-ly-e-s-0-w-e-g-0- for no re as on t0/0 app r0ve 

as an0ther e way e t0 s-w-


now i se e, Avesta secretly champions her efforts to create a scene 0 pen lie 

t hat is why t hey are h-old-in-g- me ceremoniously accountable to be scene,

among t-here lee-gall advisory-e-

for t-he-i/r- w-hale bein-g-e- 


leb = live in german use e in con tin u i ty e 

bein = leg 

ein = one

ei = egg 

e = e very t hing e in me in re all i ty e t0 me 


i question the petty ness of Haul lie and appologize in advance of taking the scenic route

to tell the store-y-e- in co m p lee t e n e ss, f0r as i am k n0 t he m/ess-age t0/0 mistake pear~0 

re l at e / X is T / act u all y e / i get angry fora re as on e p-lace-d-up(e)-on-me t0/0 be account (en) able

for t-heir miss-takes you don't see from the unScene / to just be squatters in re all i ty e 


you are only as g0 0d as you r pr0 duct L in e with foll0w thrU & hUe t0/0 comp lee t e f0r t e 2


put d-own you-r-e-we-a-"pon"s-in-yew-e-vain-e-gating-gain-all-s0w-e-g0- 




all though i quest i on e the leg-i/t-i'm-a-c-y-e- of the "examiner" fe-ed to be nothing more the diss pen s ed per-pet-u-all pit-y-e- for a sh-ho-out-a-ha-bit-* displacing e very e b /0 dy e in re all i ty e t0 be s 0m e t hing e, the m-e-an-0- m-an takes h-is -t-ime- (out)-on - nature-he-can-re-ly - e t0 /0 st and in ne r f0r e x 4 as the d0g g0d in just reflection e is all 0n all f ours and  re ad d y e t0/0 g0 ne c t0 c facing is all way e s 0


*for e x 4 t hey are not putting an end t0 this habit u all dis grace to take place, writing on the trauma "2" nature, wit -h0- advertisement t hat is not intended to promise m00r r00m in ni habit at hap pi ness with in/n u d/e live / r e l0ve in-s-t0re- yew-it-less-poison-t-rue-in-pose-ss-i-0n-e-


p f0r/m/e is p lace 

t here f0r e 

pr0 0f pr0duct i'v i/t~y e =

p(lace) r/0 duct


c ables fr0/m la tin lea d in g 0n

t ears te ares conveying h20 sap 0re r air ra re 

i think it is unique t hat the tear is to tear something apart re in the seen

and to tear something a part in the scene 

and th e ye 0f dilation is spre ad 0ut a par t 0 wi' den in dependent lee 

f0r e serve vie in g ist in pr0 visi0n e


in/n 0f by the way e s is en 0ugh g0ing f0r e war d/0 in act i 0n e

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